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Galaxy of Terra

 — A woman crosses the galaxy to save two worlds. by TamLin01in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/20/174.53HOT

Onus 07

 — The other eye opens. Sam's side of the story. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male02/03/164.82HOT

A Wider Sky Ch. 01

 — Walking towards possible death or a wider sky. by TalyisBagleyin  Novels and Novellas02/11/154.40

Quiet Waters

 — A love story. by jjcolejrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/11/144.52HOT

Once Upon a Time Warp

 — An old-fashioned lass magically lands the man of her dreams. by Smokey125in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/03/144.27

Centauri Ch. 03

 — Lovers on the run! by Amoronautin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/14/134.56HOT

A Person in Every Way

 — Paul discovers that a virtual woman is more than a plaything. by crogersazin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/19/134.72HOT

Andromeda 03

 — Final Chapter in the Andromeda Saga. by ufpein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/12/134.38

Andromeda 02

 — Continuing saga of a man with his alien gift. by ufpein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/11/134.41

Battle for the Known Unknown Ch. 25

 — Nadezhda discovers the truth about Beatrice. by bradley_stokein  Novels and Novellas10/10/124.39

Battle for the Known Unknown Ch. 24

 — Paul and Beatrice stay on the Moon. by bradley_stokein  Novels and Novellas10/06/124.43

The Second Time Around Ch. 06

 — Making Moves. by cassandraharperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/16/124.70HOT

The Outlander

 — I find myself caught in a time warp. by Cromagnonmanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/30/114.52HOT

Dealing to a Stranger

 — Sci-fi meets erotic, this story has everything . by ado2tooin  Novels and Novellas11/18/114.91HOT

Touched Ch. 05

 — Throw caution to the wind: Their illicit romance continues. by starscapein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/04/114.87HOT

Transport Ship Arrowhead Ch. 04

 — Tragedy strikes on the way back to Earth. by draconus_infernusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/09/104.72HOT

Idle Words

 — A tragic and post-apocalyptic romance. by SoldiersPoemin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/01/103.71

Amore Torn Pleasures

 — An erotic Valentines futuristic story. by Isabella777in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/20/102.67

The Year is 2020

 — The lone biker forced to make a decision. by ChadTheWriterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/14/094.45

Space is Majestic Ch. 02

 — A captain and his first officer have some fun. by calixtein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/04/084.40

Majgen Ch. 019

 — Love and Legends. by ellyneiin  Non-Erotic10/11/084.89HOT

Majgen Ch. 017

 — Home. by ellyneiin  Non-Erotic09/29/084.86HOT

Anna Ch. 08

 — New friends and old faces. by Carizabethin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/05/084.80HOT

The Du Page Affair Ch. 12

 — House calls continue. by Zeb_Carterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/20/084.67HOTEditor's Pick

The Du Page Affair Ch. 11

 — More House Calls. by Zeb_Carterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/084.62HOTEditor's Pick

The Du Page Affair Ch. 10

 — The first trip outside Du Page. by Zeb_Carterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/18/084.57HOTEditor's Pick

The Du Page Affair Ch. 09

 — The city is destroyed. by Zeb_Carterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/17/084.67HOTEditor's Pick

The Zone Ch. 01

 — Love in a post-apocalyptic world. by The_Magicianin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/11/083.54

Falling in Love Bit By Bit

 — A lonely human and a robot on the run. by HLDin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/03/084.79HOTContest Winner

Highland Magic Ch. 23

 — The reunion. by Luckie_Duckiein  Romance08/23/074.77HOT

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 05

 — The U.N., Derna'ala's wife leads refugees. by thehumpmanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/15/074.59HOT

The Preacher Man

 — The world is ruled by a single, global theocracy. by hammingbyrd7in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/02/074.90HOT

A and E Ch. 00

 — The prologue to the A and E series. by jone_z_jonesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/29/064.13

Rise to Power Ch. 01

 — Big change for Earth: an emperor of Earth & an alien bride. by vic_elorin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/24/063.85

Catch and Release Ch. 07

 — The locals call it ‘Hedo Cove’. by wildernessin  Novels and Novellas07/07/064.78HOT

Krystal's Thanks

 — Krystal knows how to thank a Fox. by leapingfoxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/16/064.33

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01

 — Sometimes what you want is not what you get. by PsychoticDreamerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/05/064.47

Just Feels Right

 — Friends grow close in an extremely segregated society. by crazypants06in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/18/064.07

Another World Ch. 01

 — Grace goes to an alien planet. by dragontattoin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/03/064.55HOT

When the Two Suns Touch

 — A castway and her protector grow closer. by Nigel Debonnairein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/19/060.00

Death By Fucking Ch. 03

 — A night of passion and romance. by thebulletin  Romance08/19/034.74HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 02

 — The gallant reaction: her story. by thebulletin  Romance08/08/034.67HOT

Death By Fucking Ch. 01

 — A chemical attraction: his story. by thebulletin  Romance08/08/034.59HOT

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