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Anticipating Beltane

Margarete uses seduction to help Lise heal.

Lesbian Sex 07/22/2007

The Long Road

Pilgrimage and healing lead Lise back to Margarete's bed.

Lesbian Sex 07/12/2007

Wild Geese

From 'Cardboard Hero'.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/01/2007

Laresa's World Ch. 25: Ben & Horace

Horace's lust leads Laresa down a path.

Chain Stories 05/02/2007

Highland Magic Ch. 20

Learning the truth about things.

Romance 04/02/2007

Highland Magic Ch. 19

Going a little insane.

Romance 03/27/2007

Highland Magic Ch. 18

Replaying it in her mind.

Romance 03/08/2007

Lamas Night

16th century outlaws turn Lise's Lamas into a nightmare.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/28/2007

Highland Magic Ch. 17

Cien discovers Rose is gone.

Novels and Novellas 02/03/2007

Highland Magic Ch. 16

Um, Nessie?

Novels and Novellas 02/02/2007


Margarete begins to take what she wants.

Erotic Couplings 01/04/2007

The Moon in Daylight

Lise and Margarete find sacredness and passion in the woods.

Lesbian Sex 01/04/2007

Highland Magic Ch. 15

The Loch Ness.

Novels and Novellas 11/09/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 14

Leaving for the picnic on Loch Ness.

Novels and Novellas 11/08/2006

The Consummation

Colin and Margarete consummate their marriage in the woods.

First Time 11/07/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 13

Cabin fever, or would that be Castle fever?

Novels and Novellas 09/17/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 12

Going against family.

Novels and Novellas 09/09/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 11

A wager of sorts.

Novels and Novellas 08/15/2006

On the Royal Mile: Accused

Lovers in Edinburgh face their greatest challenge.

Lesbian Sex 07/28/2006


1600's Margarete and Lise discover the depths of their bond.

Lesbian Sex 07/24/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 10

Regan wakes up.

Romance 07/23/2006

Maddie's Gift

Maddie learns what true erotic passion feels like...

Romance 07/16/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 09

Plans have a way of going wrong.

Romance 07/06/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 08

Alex talks to Cien; Regan desses up.

Romance 07/05/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 07

Sunrises in the Highlands.

Romance 07/02/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 06

Burned as a witch.

Romance 06/22/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 05

Regan cleans up well.

Romance 06/20/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 04

Regan meets Cien for the "first" time.

Romance 06/16/2006

Sweet Lass

What tempting thoughts arise when seeking that first meeting.

Romance 06/09/2006

The Visit

Online submissive visits her Master & his fulltime sub.

BDSM 06/09/2006

Heart of the Highlands Ch. 03

Colin and Robbie collide ... again!

Romance 06/03/2006

Heart of the Highlands Ch. 01

Juliana McKay and Colin Mackenzie meet at the fairgrounds.

Romance 05/17/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 03

Regan wakes up.

Romance 05/14/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 02

Regan explores the history of the castle.

Romance 05/06/2006

Highland Magic Ch. 01

Weary traveler meets mysterious man in her dreams.

Romance 04/30/2006

Donal' Ch. 03

Cracks and hisses came from the roaring fire.

Novels and Novellas 01/14/2006

Donal' Ch. 01

An 18th century highland adventure begins.

Novels and Novellas 12/29/2005

Onyx Dreams Ch. 08

Cyrus is on the prowl for his true love.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/11/2005

Onyx Dreams Ch. 07

Kennice and Cyrus' love is put on trial.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/10/2005

Onyx Dreams Ch. 01

Cyrus goes to a new home and sees a vision.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/05/2005

Science at St Mary's

A good doctor cures a Victorian teacher.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/13/2005

For the Honour of Clan Tavish

Highland warrior takes his clan enemy.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/08/2005

One Big Happy Family

Californian girl marries into a Scottish Clan.

Group Sex 05/03/2005

The Laird's Leman

A Scottish Laird & his lass.

NonConsent/Reluctance 04/09/2005

Rachael in Scotland

A trip gives her an opportunity she wouldn't miss.

Loving Wives 12/28/2003

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 5

Evil comes to play & truth is learnt.

NonHuman 03/29/2003

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 3

Love knows no bounds.

NonHuman 09/20/2002

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 2

Two friends reunite.

NonHuman 09/19/2002

A Trip to Scotland Was More Than I Expected

Two net friends meet.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/25/2002

Of Women and Men

Lise teaches Margarete the difference between men & women.

Lesbian Sex 07/27/2002

Margarete at the Window

Margarete and Lise make love and plans.

Lesbian Sex 03/07/2002
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