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Awaken Your Inner Slut-Slutocracy

 — Advanced Slut Conversion techniques for women. by craigoolin  Text With Audio10/20/175.00NEW

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Power Slut

 — Advanced self help for women. by craigoolin  Text With Audio10/20/173.67NEW

Take the Porn Detox Challenge

 — 30 day abstinence for improved sexual health. by PanzerFeckin  How To09/14/164.59HOT

A Night to Remember

 — A wild night with the man I craved to have sex with. by GoddessAphroditein  Erotic Couplings03/31/163.51

Sex Prep 101

 — Has it been a while? Get ready to rock his world! by BatsandGlamourin  How To02/07/144.34

A Special Treat...

 — Give him a sexy 1950s-style Valentine's Day. by Tara_Nealein  How To01/30/144.33

Honey, I Have a Headache

 — 30 REAL reasons a woman doesn't want sex. by ElaraCollinsin  How To04/14/124.23

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 05

 — Outercourse for Jim. by celesteandjimin  How To10/17/114.38

How To: Make Her Wild for You

 — A simple guide to getting the sex life you always wanted. by ShyVixen33in  How To06/10/114.60HOT

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 01

 — One perspective on bringing up the idea of a threesome. by roomfor1morein  How To12/06/103.62

How to Stop Smoking

 — Stop smoking and start fornicating. by CuckoldGuyin  How To11/23/100.00

Rape Fantasy, Guilt ,& Shame

 — Failure to communicate with our inner selves leads to guilt. by LynnGKSin  Reviews & Essays06/16/104.48

How To Masturbate Better

 — A twelve-step guide to better masturbation. by Angelscuckin  How To11/14/093.62

Domestic Violence and Me

 — Thoughts on my life and relationship. by lottybooin  Reviews & Essays04/30/094.50HOT

Talk about Sex Before...

 — Exploration of how to talk about this sensitive issue. by wife2hotblkin  How To01/22/093.95

Three Ways Not to Have an Affair

 — Simple ideas for those battling infidelity. by wife2hotblkin  How To01/22/094.14

Let's Talk About Sex

 — Just when is it "ok" to talk about sex with kids? by Selena_Kittin  Reviews & Essays12/29/084.44

Online Safety - The Basics

 — A guide to protecting yourself online. by Selena_Kittin  How To12/27/084.77HOT

Addicted to Love

 — When it's painful, not pleasurable. by rachlouin  Reviews & Essays12/15/083.85

How to Give Expert Sexual Advice

 — How to be a sexual "expert". by Selena_Kittin  How To12/15/084.42

Letter to Myself

 — An exercise in self-appreciation. by Selena_Kittin  Letters & Transcripts12/13/084.62HOT

Why Sex Isn't Equal

 — Orgasmic differences between genders. by DeniseNoein  Reviews & Essays06/26/084.25

How To Lose Weight Fast

 — Freddie shares his quick weight lose program with you. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  How To05/19/084.28

Keeping your Marriage Exciting

 — Advice on how to liven up your marriage. by PrincessErinin  How To05/19/084.11

How To Ruin Your Life

 — Self-help for loser wannabes. by SikFukin  How To05/15/084.57HOT

Self-Review for Literotica

 — Honing your story for submission yourself. by sr71pltin  How To05/12/084.47

Giving Good Head

 — A few tips from a true cock lover. by dillythemonkeyin  How To12/22/074.44

Anorexic? Don't Blame Me

 — Don't blame men for female "eating disorders". by Boxlicker101in  Reviews & Essays08/03/073.35

O So Important

 — Wish I was a straight-up fucker. by HeartShapedAssin  Reviews & Essays07/27/074.44

Close Your Eyes

 — Fat, old, short, & ugly vs. thin, young, tall, & beautiful. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Reviews & Essays06/23/073.67

How To Make it Through Alone

 — You can learn to help yourself through a "low". by _Lynn_in  How To05/21/074.68HOT

How to Succeed at Life

 — Eight tips to heighten happiness and diminish despair. by sackin  How To05/16/074.71HOTContest Winner

Fifteen More Minutes

 — How not to kill yourself - surviving depression. by corky53in  Non-Erotic05/15/074.69HOT

How To Remember to Brush Your Teeth

 — A few fun tips to help you remember to brush more often. by quietbutkinkyin  How To05/14/074.27

How to Survive Depression Pt. 02

 — More tips for survival. by Emerald_Dragonin  How To05/13/074.75HOT

The "Secret" of Attraction

 — How to re-ignite the spark of passion in your relationship. by Selena_Kittin  How To05/11/074.69HOT

You CAN Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

 — How to keep (or increase) spice in a long-term relationship. by Hikergirlin  How To05/05/074.45

How to Make a Friend for Life

 — A how-to from an Eastern perspective. by l8bloomin  How To05/04/074.27

Hitchhiker's Guide To Men Ch. 02

 — One man's advice on loving men. by TheLordMemnochin  How To05/01/074.08

Give a Blow Job

 — I hope this helps you! by partyfairyin  How To02/06/074.35

BDSM Open Communication a Must

 — Build BDSM relationship on a foundation of communication. by Master_n_Mentorin  Reviews & Essays02/03/074.25

How to Survive Internet Dating

 — ...with your sanity intact. by rachlouin  How To01/15/074.54HOT

How to Apologize

 — A step-by-step guide on how to apologize properly. by moonstormerin  How To12/09/064.36

Did I Hurt Your Virtual Feelings?

 — Virtual Reality - an oxymoron; one woman's experience. by lindianain  Reviews & Essays07/24/064.50HOT

How To Appreciate A Woman

 — What's the real truth about appreciating a woman? by Sex and Deathin  How To06/07/064.65HOT

Three Ways to Avoid Heartache

 — How to find out early if your partner is a good match. by bewindsorin  How To06/06/064.26

Vanilla into Butterscotch Ripple

 — Guide to help introduce stubborn people to new pleasures. by NightSpiritin  How To06/02/064.44

Toys 4 Us: Women Only!

 — Adult toys can help women find complete pleasure. by sexygodess06in  How To06/01/064.07

How to Find Mr. Right Now

 — It's a virtual world: come swing from a cyber star. by lindianain  How To06/01/064.25

How to Appreciate a Man

 — What's the secret to appreciating the man in your life? by Selena_Kittin  How To05/17/064.72HOT

Everyman's Handy Guide to Cunnilingus

 — It'll make her happy. by JazzManJimin  How To05/17/064.54HOT

Thoughts on the 12 Steps of Domination

 — Author's views on the Dom's daily role. by QuietlyMakingNoisein  Reviews & Essays02/24/063.88

A How-To Guide for the Aging Male

 — Do not read unless you are over 50 & male. by Dinsmorein  Humor & Satire12/13/054.62HOT

Male Mind for Dummies

 — For insight into the minds of men (well, one man anyway). by cashcrunchin  Reviews & Essays12/09/054.53HOT


 — Seeing the truth and healing the past. by ABSTRUSEin  Reviews & Essays08/05/054.85HOT

Am I Kinky? A Quiz

 — You think you are, but are you really? by lindianain  Humor & Satire04/29/053.98

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