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Confronting an Alp

 — A young woman seeks out her nightmare creature on Halloween. by J_R_Ashunwhyin  Erotic Horror10/02/174.21

Lost & Found Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1 of Lost and Found. by koekichanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/19/173.55

Three Square Meals Ch. 73

 — Back at Genthalas, and they start work on the Invictus. by Teflerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/28/174.85HOT

Master and Bitch

 — A man finds a shifter in heat, unaware of who she really is. by Lycandopein  NonHuman10/28/164.41

Edible Stockings

 — I am a potential victim of two types of female aliens. by oggbashanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/14/164.34

Three Demons Ch. 09

 — Some secrets are revealed though others are still hidden. by vulpesain  NonHuman11/09/154.81HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 19-20

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman09/19/154.75HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 17-18

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman09/08/154.75HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 13-14

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman08/16/154.66HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 11-12

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman08/12/154.69HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 09-10

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman08/04/154.75HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 07-08

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman07/29/154.76HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 05-06

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman07/26/154.73HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 03-04

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman07/22/154.65HOT

Bonded and Bred Ch. 01-02

 — A shape shifter story. by totallyateasein  NonHuman07/19/154.67HOT

XXXecil's: The CockOut Bk. 01

 — "Once you fuck me, you own me!" by xxxecilin  NonHuman04/24/154.51HOT

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 29

 — Kitty and Ressa attempt an escape from the Ishtan. by kitty_siamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/22/144.77HOT

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 28

 — Kitty and Kenna arrive in Na'Tal with the Ishtan. by kitty_siamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/18/144.81HOT

Unwise Decisions

 — The don'ts and more don'ts of surviving in a monstrous world by DrVulpynein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/15/143.91

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 27

 — The peace talks end and Kitty is betrayed. by kitty_siamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/07/144.82HOT

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 25

 — The battle for Grimsod Castle begins as the Ishtan attack. by kitty_siamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/30/144.83HOT

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 23

 — Kitty goes to dinner with the Prince and gets educated. by kitty_siamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/23/144.83HOT

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 21

 — The fallout from the murder of Lord Hetch. by kitty_siamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/13/144.79HOT

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 20

 — Kitty finds Lord Hetch alone in the woods. by kitty_siamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/08/144.75HOT

Memoirs of Kitty Siam Ch. 19

 — Kitty's road to the cabin takes a unexpected and deadly turn. by kitty_siamin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/03/144.83HOT

Flame of Cytherea 03

 — Chapters 9-12 by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/03/144.80HOT

Flame of Cytherea 02

 — Chapters 5-8 by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/02/144.81HOT

Flame of Cytherea 01

 — Justin finds himself on a new world. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/26/144.81HOT

In The Library Ch. 11

 — Alexandra meets her aunt, and there is a cat. by electricblue66in  Erotic Horror08/17/144.74HOT

Jane and Her Prince

 — Jane goes to a secluded lake for some privacy with her Prince. by Sean Renaudin  NonHuman05/17/143.98

Arms of the Ocean Ch. 05

 — Ronav talks, Vyla stalks and the girl watches all. by TheWanderingCatin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/28/144.64HOT

Night Walker's Woman Ch. 03

 — The pieces come together. by Tara_Nealein  NonHuman01/27/134.75HOT

The Wolf's Captive Ch. 01

 — Shapeshifter wolf and his human mate in medieval England. by anais_vin  NonHuman01/26/134.58HOT

Night Walker's Woman

 — Ancient forces collide when a shape-shifter finds his woman. by Tara_Nealein  NonHuman12/07/124.68HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 07

 — Eating Crow is a dish best served cold. by sylentpoetin  NonHuman04/25/124.78HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 05

 — Something to make me purrr. by sylentpoetin  NonHuman03/24/124.67HOT

An Immortal Heart

 — She stumbles on a beast while running from monsters. by AsherBlitz89in  NonHuman12/06/114.58HOT

Shift In The Right Direction Ch. 03

 — Despite her fears, she cannot resist Lucas in the flesh. by lamoureusein  NonHuman09/02/114.81HOT

Shift In The Right Direction Ch. 02

 — Charlotte's dream lover has crossed into her real world. by lamoureusein  NonHuman07/21/114.79HOT

The Mage and the Bear Ch. 02

 — Tom watches the results of an experiment. by maulkinin  Gay Male12/27/104.56HOT

The Color of Air

 — Mystery woman and space captain trade stories and more. by Silvermousein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/15/104.66HOT

Rescue Mission Ch. 06

 — Final Chapter: our hero finds his missing mistresses in Orgy Land. by WerewolfatNightin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/01/094.70HOT

Hunting the Skinwalker

 —  Steven hunts a monster and finds romance, too. by epiphany65in  Erotic Horror12/31/084.55HOTEditor's Pick

Body Shifters: C.L.A.I.R.E. Ch. 01

 — He was compelled to literally scream his lust. by xxxecilin  NonHuman03/22/084.67HOT

Ben'hamin Ch. 06

 — Meanwhile, across the ocean... by NymzanSusaurenin  NonHuman10/12/074.56HOT

Catching the Thief Ch. 03

 — Gabriel takes Max home. by kitten101in  NonHuman07/21/074.73HOT

Taming the Cat Ch. 02

 — Rider pursues Alexia. by kitten101in  NonHuman07/29/064.78HOT

Once Upon a Time

 — Two hearts, yet a single destiny. by fantasywriterin  Romance07/01/054.19

Cael's Star

 — Vampire finds & claims his mate. by sachiaikoin  NonHuman07/25/034.78HOT

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