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We Needed a Vacation Ch. 03

The four couples continue their fun on vacation in Belize.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/23/2018

A Night Out

Three friends have fun after a night at the club...

Group Sex 02/16/2018

I Should Never Have Told Him...

An offer of release leads to sharing too much of my wife.

Group Sex 02/15/2018

Sharing My Wife

A couple experience their first sharing with two mature men.

Loving Wives 02/13/2018

Staying Warm

Four friends stay warm in a snow storm...

Loving Wives 02/12/2018

Marketing Mistress Ch. 01

Long ago, wife was party-girl mistress of marketing exec.

Loving Wives 02/10/2018

Sexy Young Couple in Barbados

Naive couple learns about sex, shares all with friends.

Loving Wives 02/01/2018

Sharing Roni Ch. 03

Wife strips for Husband and two friends.

Loving Wives 01/27/2018

Sharing My Girlfriend and Wife

Guy shares girlfriend, gets married, continues to share.

Loving Wives 01/22/2018

Two Couples, One Cabin: A Seduction

Two couples learn to share on a Valentine's Day getaway.

Group Sex 01/22/2018

Wife Sleeps with Her Ex

Wife sleeps with her hung ex-boyfriend.

Loving Wives 01/20/2018

Delhi Nights Ch. 01: Match Day 01

Vikram shares his sultry wife, Sonali, with his friends.

Loving Wives 01/19/2018

Todd's Wife Pt. 01

A couple find they like helping a friend.

Loving Wives 01/18/2018

Lucky Man Ch. 12

Duncan plays at work, Kelly plays at home.

Group Sex 01/16/2018

Sharing Her Desire

Wife shares intimate fantasy with husband.

Loving Wives 01/16/2018

Solidarity Pt. 01

A kinky young couple tries cuckolding.

Fetish 01/11/2018

Sharing Roni Ch. 02

Young Wife enjoys being seen by others.

Loving Wives 01/11/2018

The Dirty Weekend Ch. 04

Saturday night goes with a swing.

Loving Wives 01/06/2018

Weekend in Munich

Fun weekend in Munich with two PAA stewardesses.

Erotic Couplings 12/31/2017

Anna does as Her Boyfriend Asks

Anna gets fucked at her boyfriend's request.

Erotic Couplings 12/30/2017

Wardrobe Malfunction Pt. 05: Surrender

Final outing as a hotwife.

Loving Wives 12/30/2017

Diedra's Birthday Present Ch. 01

Birthday girl gets gift of a lifetime.

Loving Wives 12/21/2017

Showing the Guys Your Girlfriend

You make a video of your girlfriend for the guys at work.

Text With Audio 12/21/2017

Recollections Pt. 02 Ch. 06

Alexa & Jeremy spend Christmas Eve with his family.

Group Sex 12/18/2017

A Loving Wife

It's all in there.

Loving Wives 12/16/2017

Anja and the Island

My good-girl girlfriend discovers a compulsion to be shared.

Group Sex 12/09/2017

Vixxen & Sam Ch. 01: Vacation

Vixxen and Sam on vacation, things get wild for them.

Interracial Love 12/03/2017

Mystical Gates

Husband secretly puts his petite wife’s charms on display.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/22/2017

Nothing But the Best

That's what Claire's son deserves.

Incest/Taboo 11/18/2017

Amanda's Massage

Amanda is shared while having a massage.

Loving Wives 11/12/2017

Holly and the Neighbors

Is my wife falling for our handsome neighbor?

Loving Wives 11/07/2017

The Turning Pt. 02

Ann surprises Karl with her eagerness to go further!

Loving Wives 11/03/2017

The Turning Pt. 01

Karl wants Ann involved in his enjoyment of porn.

Loving Wives 11/02/2017

My Summer Wife Ch. 03

Robert and Kelly take the dirt road.

Anal 10/29/2017

Mindy's Massage Ch. 11: Another Kind of Love

Mindy fucks her way into a conundrum, and enjoys it.

Erotic Couplings 10/18/2017

Marriage is a Contract

A marriage of convenience turns into something else.

Loving Wives 10/15/2017

Let the Game Begin

Engaged couple discover new needs and fantasies.

BDSM 10/14/2017

Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 11

Continued visit with Karl and Connie.

Loving Wives 10/13/2017

Sarah's Transformation

Sarah takes on her new role.

Loving Wives 10/12/2017

Wild Threeway by the Pool

A couple explores wifesharing.

Loving Wives 09/30/2017

Trying It Out

A wife wants to try out a new man. Husband agrees; sort of!

Loving Wives 09/22/2017

Who Are You?

Husband considers wife's bizarre request.

Loving Wives 09/20/2017

Wife Swap on the High Seas Pt. 07

Couples enjoy an unusual and erotic dinner.

Novels and Novellas 09/16/2017

Steve the Mentor Pt. 01

Steve teaches Dan what authority at home looks like.

Erotic Couplings 09/14/2017

Cindy Needed It

Husband helps wife finds out what she needed.

Loving Wives 09/12/2017

Pat and Jennifer Ch. 01

We're not like that, or are we?

Erotic Couplings 09/12/2017

Best Friends

They were best friends and shared everything. Everything!

BDSM 09/04/2017

Surprise in St. Tropez

Sharing fantasy becomes real when wife meets old flame.

Loving Wives 08/23/2017

Mature Shares Her Husband

Matures shares her husband with a good friend...

Mature 08/12/2017

Lucky Man Ch. 07

It finally happens, and then some...

Group Sex 08/12/2017

The Gym

I never believed that I would live out my rape fantasy...

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/11/2017

Wifelets Ch. 02

Continuation of male fantasies.

Mature 08/05/2017

Wifelets Ch. 01

Hopefully a realistic setting for male fantasies.

Mature 08/04/2017

Linda and Dave, Learning to Share Ch. 01

Long-married couple take some risks.

Loving Wives 07/29/2017

Dave and Linda's Different Views

Dave and Linda go further but see things differently.

Loving Wives 07/28/2017

Wendy is Here!

My girlfriend's BFF interrupts us in the middle of -- well...

Erotic Couplings 07/19/2017

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 01

A gangbang for my hot wife... and me...

Loving Wives 07/11/2017

Thresholds Ch. 14

the final segment in the Thresholds series

Erotic Couplings 07/08/2017

Colony Bk. 01

Cyrus arrives at his new home, surprised by the benefits.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/05/2017

I Dare You

My man fucked my arse while his mate fucked my pussy.

Group Sex 07/05/2017

Set Free

A married but bored woman learns to be a liberated slut.

Group Sex 07/05/2017

Party of 3 Pt. 01

Party of 3 will follow the sexual adventures of Bella Nicole.

Toys & Masturbation 06/25/2017

Chinese Wife Ch. 03

My wife's encounter with Asian couple.

Loving Wives 06/23/2017

Fantasy Fulfilled

Did she, or didn't she?

Loving Wives 06/23/2017

My Dear

A letter after an incredible night of sharing my wife.

Loving Wives 06/21/2017

Totally Hatched Ch. 02

The deep end.

Incest/Taboo 06/13/2017

Suzanne Comes Again

An awkward seduction alters the marriage landscape.

Loving Wives 06/10/2017

Our First Time Sharing in Cabo Ch. 05

Don and Marti meet more potential partners.

Loving Wives 06/10/2017

Fantasy Costume Party

Costumes help a shy woman fulfill boyfriend's fantasy.

Group Sex 06/05/2017

First Time Sharing Pt. 02

My husband shares me with our neighbors.

Loving Wives 06/01/2017

The Cruise

Wife lets herself go with guests.

Loving Wives 05/31/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 105

New Playmates. Story Ends.

Group Sex 05/31/2017

First Time Sharing Pt. 01

First Time my husband shares me.

Loving Wives 05/31/2017

Making of a Black Cock Whore Ch. 04

Valerie gets a new Master.

Interracial Love 05/30/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 104

Tom and Julie's Surprises. Prom After Party.

Group Sex 05/28/2017

EMP Attack

Husband and wife make hard decision in order to survive.

Loving Wives 05/26/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 103

Tori at the Club Infinity, Prom Prep.

Group Sex 05/25/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 102

The New Guy. Tori's Prom Dates.

Group Sex 05/22/2017

Claire Needs to Prepare

Claire submits to the Director.

Loving Wives 05/21/2017

Sharing a Man with You

Bringing home a friend to have a 3-some with my girl.

Group Sex 05/21/2017


A husband's hopes of opening up take a little time to bloom.

Loving Wives 05/21/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 101

Hot technology. Infidelity leads to an opportunity.

Group Sex 05/19/2017

M Club Ch. 08

Stranded, the club members play with the others' partners.

Toys & Masturbation 05/18/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 100

The prom and a private after-party for two.

Group Sex 05/18/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 99

Mark asked on a date by a teen.

Group Sex 05/16/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 98

Crash aftermath. Recovery in the Caribbean.

Group Sex 05/15/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 97


Group Sex 05/12/2017

Wife Shared by College Boys Pt. 04

Vacation escape with college boys ends with one more time.

Loving Wives 05/10/2017

Wife Shared by College Boys Pt. 03

Lonely wife fulfills the college boys' desires.

Loving Wives 05/09/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 96

Holidays. Teen. Fixing Things in Vegas. Trouble.

Group Sex 05/09/2017

Suhail Arrives in the West Ch. 03

Eastern colleague seems very popular with women of the west.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/09/2017

Wife Shared by College Boys Pt. 02

Lonely wife sets up the party with the college boys.

Loving Wives 05/08/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 95

New Candidates for the Family. Trouble in Vegas.

Group Sex 05/08/2017

Wife Shared by College Boys Pt. 01

Workaholic Husband leaves his wife alone while on vacation.

Loving Wives 05/07/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 94

Setting up the future for business and family.

Group Sex 05/05/2017

Tommy is Grown Up Ch. 01

Tommy comes of age in his parents' swingers group.

Incest/Taboo 05/04/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 93

Technology Breakthrough. The New Julie.

Group Sex 05/01/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 92

Comforting a Victim. The New Julie.

Group Sex 04/29/2017

Wife Sold at Auction Pt. 05

Wife goes home with her new owner to serve as his sex slave.

Novels and Novellas 04/29/2017

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 91

Kidnap and Rescue.

Group Sex 04/28/2017
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