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Amy Goes from Hair Stylist to House Pt. 05

 — Part 5. by THIRDCOASTin  BDSM04/24/154.47

Kidnapped Kristin Ch. 11

 — Kristin is punished. by sarpedomin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/24/154.33

Paying a Debt Ch. 05

 — Katie and Emily continue their slave training. by ClarenceDarrowin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/21/154.54HOT

Kidnapped Kristin Ch. 10

 — Kristin's second day of training begins. by sarpedomin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/17/154.39

Kidnapped Kristin Ch. 09

 — Kristin is introduced to slave training techniques. by sarpedomin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/12/154.29

Kidnapped Kristin Ch. 08

 — Kristin's sisters in training are taught lessons. by sarpedomin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/06/154.30

Kidnapped Kristin Ch. 07

 — Kristin's training begins. by sarpedomin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/04/154.22

Maeve's New Job Description Ch. 08

 — Maeve is blackmailed by her boss to become sex slave. by Wants2benaughtyin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/28/154.20

Zhou's Birthday Present Ch. 04

 — Mei and Xia are spared, but become true sex slaves. by gaggedKitty23in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/16/154.20

Faro's New Brother

 — Master takes Faro shopping. Faro gives Master a paradigm. by Gman26in  BDSM12/20/143.71

48 Hours on Blue Bayou Pt. 01

 — Slavers hijack a yacht and prepare 5 women for an auction. by Carole99in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/21/144.58HOT

Model Slave Ch. 06

 — Patrick turns over the Slavers & falls for Penny. by Oupa99in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/04/144.90HOT

Erica's Story

 — A slave recalls her training while awaiting her Mistress. by susanstorytellerin  BDSM07/31/144.08

Tales of Forced Sex Vol. 06 Ch. 02

 — Paris' slave training begins. by stevemike08066in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/25/133.48

BDSM Training B&B Ch. 02

 — The wild weekend of slave wife training continues ... by MasterTJin  BDSM09/29/134.32

Taking His Ass

 — Mistress anally trains a dominant man and makes him submit. by SoCalNaughtyHottiein  BDSM05/26/134.37

My Only Talent Ch. 19

 — Returning to the Scene of My Prime. by conanthein  Mind Control02/14/134.76HOT

Fall Training in Cock Worship

 — Master continues His slave's training. by ditto79in  Text With Audio11/20/123.60

My Only Talent Ch. 15

 — I might like the new normal. by conanthein  Mind Control11/06/124.72HOT

Earning Forgiveness Ch. 05

 — She undergoes her final humiliation. by MechanicalAngelin  BDSM06/25/123.90

Earning Forgiveness Ch. 04

 — She is used by a whole nightclub full of men. by MechanicalAngelin  BDSM06/24/123.95

Earning Forgiveness Ch. 03

 — She gets displayed and humiliated at a party. by MechanicalAngelin  BDSM06/23/123.99

Earning Forgiveness Ch. 02

 — Her training continues, and she is humiliated in public. by MechanicalAngelin  BDSM06/22/124.15

Earning Forgiveness Ch. 01

 — She becomes his slave, to earn his forgiveness. by MechanicalAngelin  BDSM06/21/123.92

Training Ann-Marie Ch. 01

 — I go to Portland and dominate a Swedish girl. by LadyFrederikain  Lesbian Sex06/13/124.31

Mistress Kathy's Academy Ch. 02

 — Adam endures his first day at slave school. by ThoughtStormin  BDSM03/13/124.48

The Public Sex Slave Ch. 03

 — A young new sex slave is brutally initiated. by sss888in  BDSM02/06/124.04

The Public Sex Slave Ch. 01-02

 — A young new sex slave begins his humiliation. by sss888in  BDSM01/25/123.64

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 08

 — Amber learns magic and the shadows strike. by dweaver999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/28/114.70HOT

Saving Caitlin Ch. 02

 — Sex doesn't equal terror; punishment can be fun. by MaddieKimin  Novels and Novellas09/02/113.86

TXR-92U-2280 – Call Name: Sara Pt. 02

 — Sexual servitude and mass slavery in the 21st century. by epexiain  BDSM06/18/114.44

A Slave's Training

 — Submissive is thoroughly trained by a strong-willed master. by JenniferGreenin  BDSM06/14/113.67

Cellar Session

 — Oliver trains his wife for the first time. by Blue_Suziin  BDSM05/10/114.00

Future Anal Slut

 — Sub submits her ass to Master & Mistress for the first time. by scarlettesubgirlin  Anal01/21/113.91

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 05

 — Some truths come to light, to then horror of some Destrans. by dweaver999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/20/114.69HOT

Breaking Taylor

 — Her journey through forced bondage and falling in love. by turner28in  BDSM01/09/114.28

The Training of a Slave Ch. 01

 — The Business Arrangement. by darkknight0307in  Novels and Novellas08/15/103.82

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 04

 — Plots and schemes build as Amber continues training. by dweaver999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/23/104.54HOT

Party Turned Training Session

 — He invites shocked friends over to display & use His sub. by rosesubslutin  BDSM02/06/104.04

Summer Home Delivery Ch. 03

 — Sarah's training starts. by PhantomOfMoonlightin  BDSM12/11/093.78

Alice and Her Daughter Amy Ch. 04

 — Hellie's plans are revealed to Amy. by leatherteacherin  BDSM10/28/094.33

Amber's Enchantment Ch. 02

 — Amber is placed outside house Grantlo for training. by dweaver999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/25/094.63HOT

Introduction to Master Ch. 02

 — Her education continues. by vlawin  BDSM10/18/094.37

Far Away Ch. 00

 — How it began. by LornaSubRosain  BDSM03/10/093.47

Mia Meets Melissa

 — Mia, a new slave, meets the protege of her mistress. by pussynbloomein  Lesbian Sex02/27/093.95

Slave D'Melleca Ch. 02

 — Mistress and slave are taught a lesson. by MistressKyahin  BDSM01/24/093.75

Slave D'Melleca

 — A Mistress finally finds a personal slave. by MistressKyahin  BDSM12/29/083.50


 — Eavesdropping has it's rewards. by Dusk__Writerin  BDSM11/01/083.96

Owner's Manual

 — Master buys a company and the previous owners wife. by THIRDCOASTin  BDSM11/01/084.11

Slave Training Day 01

 — He wakes up hard and ready. by slave_min  BDSM09/26/083.98

Amber's Enslavement Ch. 06

 — Amber remembers her past & begins training as a slave. by dweaver999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/08/084.68HOT

Lost Underwear Ch. 02

 — Alicia is still blissfully unaware. by StoryTeller07in  Mind Control07/04/083.95

Devilbliss Ch. 01

 — A slave graduates from training. by xlilkittenxin  BDSM06/30/084.10

Rachael's Awakening Ch. 04

 — Training begins as Rachael finds out what she wants. by Victoria_2001_02769in  BDSM01/04/084.47

Humiliation Apparent Ch. 01

 — Some decisions shouldn't be spur of the moment... by LydSubin  Fetish12/03/074.19

Lena Ch. 10

 — Lena is cold, naked and l. by Buzzboyin  BDSM12/02/073.78

365 Days of Master Ch. 02

 — Training A 'tite chatte: Day Two. by Rendclaws_titechattein  BDSM08/17/075.00HOT

365 Days of Master

 — Training A 'tite chatte: Day One. by Rendclaws_titechattein  BDSM08/16/074.54HOT

The Training of Michael Ch. 07

 — michael learns more about his Mistress. by TheLadyVictoriain  BDSM08/14/074.65HOT

Anari's Predicament Ch. 12

 — Anari's test of submission. by ScarlettSlavein  BDSM07/26/074.60HOT

Military Engagement Ch. 01

 — Slave trader's secretary is lent to one of his clients. by freddie_cleggin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/24/073.61

Anari's Predicament Ch. 03

 — Obedience lessons for Anari. by ScarlettSlavein  BDSM04/28/074.39

In Ancient Alexandria Ch. 06

 — A new role for Bee. by jayce1066in  BDSM04/21/074.61HOT

Me and My Master: First Lesson

 — She waits for you to train her. by Slave_Zoein  Fetish03/08/074.17

Training Day Ch. 01

 — Spoiled woman begins to learn the joy of submission. by Anophelesin  BDSM12/16/064.00

Tightening the Bonds

 — Exploration of a Mistress/slave relationship. by WantonWenchin  BDSM10/30/064.00

Hailey's Journey Ch. 13

 — Hailey's training gets serious. by nanmarin  BDSM09/23/064.02

Hailey's Journey Ch. 12

 — In which Hailey learns her true self. by nanmarin  BDSM09/12/064.36

Hailey's Journey Ch. 11

 — Nick and the art of orgasm control. by nanmarin  BDSM09/05/064.37

Hailey's Journey Ch. 10

 — Hit me baby one more time. by nanmarin  BDSM08/06/064.50HOT

Hailey's Journey Ch. 09

 — A road less travelled for Hailey. by nanmarin  BDSM07/31/064.40

Hailey's Journey Ch. 04

 — Splish splash, Hailey's takin' a bath. by nanmarin  BDSM07/06/063.98


 — Part 2 of Emily's story of ownership. by MsVixen416in  BDSM07/02/064.44

Hailey's Journey Ch. 03

 — Ridin' along in my automobile. by nanmarin  BDSM06/29/064.15

Hailey's Journey Ch. 02

 — Strangers in the night, exchanging glances... by nanmarin  Novels and Novellas06/22/064.27

Hailey's Journey Ch. 01

 — Prologue: Hunka hunka burnin' love by nanmarin  Novels and Novellas06/15/064.02

Meeting of the Minds Pt. 02

 — Training. by LadyArielein  BDSM06/11/064.00

Day One

 — A slave in training. by buxxxomin  BDSM05/01/064.62HOT

Steve to Stevie to ??

 — Steve meets lady executive online who likes control. by gbr2004in  Fetish04/15/064.45

The Realm of the Fighting Ladies Pt. 01

 — Doctor wrecks on the coast of Amazons' kindgom. by blackbel2003in  Novels and Novellas02/27/064.67HOT

The Daughter Ch. 05

 — Her virginity is at stake. by hazel43in  BDSM11/17/054.55HOT

The Daughter Ch. 04

 — Master takes her ass. by hazel43in  BDSM11/16/054.35

Rancho Paloma Blanca Revisited

 — The adventures of a modern slaver. by Estaban Baccain  BDSM05/04/054.26

The New Slave Ch. 25

 — Training begins; Jennifer enters the story. by bullballs_1in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/10/044.53HOT

Meeting with Master

 — Wannabe submissive finally gets her chance. by Majicman55in  BDSM09/26/044.54HOT

Kathy & Me Ch. 5

 — Steve & Tim swap their girls. by Jigsin  BDSM04/20/014.33

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