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Intrigue Among the Pyramids Ch. 03

 — An audience with Pharaoh, then afterwards... by neruval442in  Erotic Couplings09/07/174.39

Slave Girls of Earth Ch. 02

 — Submissive women and the planet that loves them. by Rutabaga72in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/16/174.21

Yvonne Strahovski's Slave Research Pt. 03

 — Yvonne is put to work. by Vitaxisin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/18/164.26

The Devil To Pay Ch. 04

 — Lucy makes Sure Slavegirl Anne Has 'Daddy' Issues. by TheDarkCloudin  Incest/Taboo04/22/164.38

The Magazine Article

 — Yes, it's a tough business, curing bad habits! by justincbenedictin  BDSM02/10/162.42

Island of Submission Ch. 01

 — She teases, as he watches slave girls training... by gorsonin  BDSM02/03/164.47

Letter from Santa Monica

 — Wow, a female submissive! by justincbenedictin  BDSM01/28/163.25

The Devil To Pay Ch. 02

 — Sapphic slavegirl sinks further into submission. by TheDarkCloudin  BDSM12/09/154.56HOT

Earning Her Master

 — A slavegirl takes the punishment she deserves. by Spmdsbin  BDSM07/11/154.02

Sir's Desperate Slavegirl

 — Master and his slavegirl can't resist at the airport. by Spmdsbin  BDSM03/05/154.14

Second Choice

 — Life is about to change, again, for an alien's slave girl. by Rutabaga72in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/15/144.52HOT

Leather Adventures

 — Two girls find their love of leather in different ways. by zakhrovin  Fetish12/12/133.67

Star Wars: Secret Negotiations

 — Senator Padme Amidala meets with Jabba the Hutt! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/06/133.96

Bad Penny Ch. 10

 — Swinging young couple question their lifestyle. by MVPrimetimein  Group Sex10/06/124.74HOT

The Mirror

 — A club where the slave girls serve the men's every desire. by slavegirlemilyin  BDSM07/19/124.31

Vongformed Jedi Ch. 04

 — Jaina learns to love being a ponygirl for the Yuuzhan Vong. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/04/114.59HOT

Vongformed Jedi Ch. 03

 — Jaina and Alema Rar are trained as Yuuzhan Vong Ponygirls! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/28/114.52HOT

Vongformed Jedi Ch. 02

 — Jaina Solo becomes a Yuuzhan Vong slave. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/24/114.54HOT

Vongformed Jedi

 — Jaina and Alema Rar get into some Yuuzhan Vong bondage! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/20/114.53HOT

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka Ch. 05

 — Queen Tenel Ka submits to the Empire, and gets paddled! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/06/104.66HOT

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka Ch. 04

 — Queen Tenel Ka learns to please her Imperial Masters. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/01/104.49

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka Ch. 03

 — Queen Tenel Ka goes through some BDSM training! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/27/104.62HOT

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka Ch. 02

 — Moff Fel offers Queen Tenel Ka some BDSM training. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/23/104.70HOT

Imperial Prostitute Tenel Ka

 — Queen Tenel Ka receives some unique gifts from the Empire. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/19/104.54HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 08

 — Jaina Solo has hot lesbian BDSM sex with an Imperial! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/25/104.66HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 07

 — Jaina severs ties with the Jedi Order, then plays a Domme. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/18/104.60HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 06

 — Jaina Solo gets tattooed as Imperial Property, and loves it! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/15/104.64HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 05

 — Jaina learns to serve the Empire sexually! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/12/104.56HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 04

 — Jaina masturbates with a dildo, and sucks dick while cuffed. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/08/104.74HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 02

 — Jaina licks some pussy & decides that command isn't for her. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/25/104.52HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 01

 — Jedi Knight Jaina Solo goes to Imperial Basic Training. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/21/104.49

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 08

 — Tenel Ka embraces her slavery to the Empire. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/31/104.58HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 07

 — Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka, and Garowyn visit the dungeon. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/26/104.59HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 06

 — Chief Daala visits, and Tenel Ka goes from Queen to Maid! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/21/104.65HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 05

 — Tenel Ka welcomes the Empire to Hapes, with KINKY SEX! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/18/104.76HOT

Star Wars BDSM on the Trickster

 — Jaina Solo, Alema Rar, and Tahiri have BDSM on a Vong ship by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/14/104.70HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 04

 — Jaina & Tenel Ka have a kinky lesbian bondage fivesome. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/13/104.68HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 03

 — Jaina Solo and Tenel Ka have a lesbian BDSM threesome by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/10/104.68HOT

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 00

 — Jaina Solo gets bigger breasts! Daala gets a new toy! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/19/104.38

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 05

 — Lesbian bondage sex; Syal gets her ProCorps uniform. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/10/104.75HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 04

 — Jaina Solo starts Syal Antilles on the road to submission! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/07/104.60HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 03

 — Syal Antilles visits, and Jaina displays her submissiveness. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/05/104.54HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 02

 — Kept in bondage, Jaina Solo services an Imperial Garrison! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/02/104.71HOT

Star Wars: Imperial Prostitute Ch. 01

 — Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 has a new assignment. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/31/104.64HOT

Star Wars: Decontamination on Duro

 — Jaina Solo is put through a humilating decon procedure. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/27/104.33

Star Wars: Hapan Crown Jewels

 — Queen Tenel Ka discovers something about Hapes slave past. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/16/104.83HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery Ch. 05

 — Jaina Solo is strip searched! by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/08/094.65HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery Ch. 04

 — Can Jaina escape the slavegirl outfit in time? by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/07/094.72HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery Ch. 03

 — Jaina Solo has an adventurous trip on the Maglev. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/30/094.71HOT

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery Ch. 02

 — Jaina Solo is TRAPPED! in a certain slavegirl outfit. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/29/094.62HOT

Master Always Wants More

 — He becomes increasingly strict with his property. by slavegirlemilyin  BDSM11/28/093.54

Star Wars: Jaina's Discovery

 — Jaina Solo discovers something in her parents' apartment. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/26/094.54HOT

Master Sami Ch. 02

 — Enjoying the Sunset. by Master_Sami_Leborskiin  BDSM09/28/094.36

Becoming His Slave Girl

 — Master teaches his girl to sexually receive and give all. by Lockitin  BDSM07/02/084.24

Ponygirl Ranch

 — He details his fantasy of having ponygirls. by Sodapop Zin  BDSM07/03/033.04

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