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small cock

Match Dot Bomb

Controlling husband and sheltered wife see if a match.

Loving Wives 05/28/2012

The Arrangement Ch. 06

Jamie dreads Friday night, Tina enjoys the anticipation.

Loving Wives 05/20/2012

Paula 02

Young wife continues her lustful education.

Group Sex 04/28/2012

Paula 01

Timid young wife is led into a life of lust by mature neighbor.

Group Sex 04/27/2012


A girl helps her brother with his confidence issues.

Incest/Taboo 04/15/2012

The Cuckold Ch. 01

A married couple find a new way to use a fleshlight.

Toys & Masturbation 04/09/2012

Cuckold Striptease Game

Wife humiliates her cuckold husband with dirty game.

Fetish 04/07/2012

The Arrangement Ch. 05

A cuckold husband reflects.

Loving Wives 02/29/2012


A young couple and an older neighbor.

Loving Wives 02/29/2012

Family Bonding

Video game tournament, with a catch.

Incest/Taboo 01/31/2012

The Arrangement Ch. 04

Tina decides to party.

Loving Wives 01/31/2012

The Arrangement Ch. 03

Tina tells all.

Loving Wives 12/14/2011

The Arrangement Ch. 02

The cuckolding commences.

Loving Wives 11/29/2011

Having Faith! Ch. 01

Sexy Mrs Neville, blackmailed for the thing they all want!

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/04/2011

Daddy In the Dark

The visitor wasn't the monster from under the bed.

Gay Male 05/25/2011

The Woman Takes Pleasure In It

How she deals with a husband that needs to be cuckolded.

Fetish 05/23/2011

Humiliating Life of a Lotto Winner Ch. 05

Bedroom party sex with stranger leads to cock training.

Humor & Satire 05/13/2011

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 04

Zoey and handjob confessions with Aunt Debby.

Fetish 05/09/2011

Cuckold Heaven Ch. 02

My wife experiments with control.

Fetish 05/09/2011

Cuckold Heaven Ch. 01

My wife discovers my secret desire.

Fetish 04/29/2011

Meeting Mr. Smith

A teen's older lover shows him off.

Gay Male 04/27/2011

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 03

Jon transforms Timmy into a Slut.

Fetish 04/24/2011

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 02

First time with Aunt Debby.

Fetish 03/17/2011

Pounds to Drop Ch. 06

A night out on the town leads to more sex for Rebecca.

Loving Wives 03/14/2011

Pounds to Drop Ch. 05

A couple new to swinging raises the ante on their bargain.

Loving Wives 03/09/2011

Pounds to Drop Ch. 04

Wife fulfills her end of the bargain.

Loving Wives 03/03/2011

Pounds to Drop Ch. 03

Wife is ready to make her husband's fantasy come true.

Loving Wives 03/02/2011

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 01

Timmy finds out about his dick size the hard way.

Fetish 03/01/2011

Pounds to Drop Ch. 02

Wife will make husband's fantasy happen if he can lose 60lbs.

Loving Wives 03/01/2011

Pounds to Drop Ch. 01

Wife will make husband's fantasy happen if he can lose 60 lbs.

Loving Wives 02/28/2011

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 06

Small-cocked man gets revenge on girl who abused him.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/24/2010

Penis Enlargement

Doctor prescribes unconventional enlargement therapy.

Gay Male 08/17/2010

Soccer Mom

38DDs and a cock, Candi is not the average soccer mom!

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 07/15/2010

Mixed Doubles Ch. 01

A friendly foursome have dinner and more.

Group Sex 06/02/2010

Fran Johnson Ch. 05

Fran exposes herself again and gets a BIG surprise.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/22/2010

Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 05

Continued true story of small cocked submission to hung guy.

Gay Male 04/17/2010

Family Duty Ch. 01

Father's sperm is the solution.

Loving Wives 04/02/2010

Sheila's Story

An innocent wife begins her adventures.

Loving Wives 03/25/2010

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 02

Ex-girlfriend is back, but now has BIG experience.

Fetish 02/28/2010

Absolute Domination

Mistress Nastya dominates two men with small cocks.

BDSM 02/07/2010

Blindfolded & Naked

Brian is exposed in an all female dorm.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/21/2010

Watching Young Lovers

Seeing his son with other men excited him.

Gay Male 01/12/2010

Alcohol as a Crutch

It was my excuse to do what I wanted to him.

Gay Male 01/07/2010

The Job Interview Ch. 02

James' first day at work.

BDSM 12/18/2009

Night Moves

When Kenny stayed overnight things happened.

Gay Male 11/30/2009

Summer with My Nephew Ch. 02

Nephew arrives and is teased mercilessly by aunt.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/06/2009

The Job Interview

James takes a career change.

BDSM 11/02/2009

Center of Attention: My Boss Ch. 02

This is more of me cheating with my boss.

Loving Wives 10/19/2009

The BMW Ch. 03

Not the way he wanted it.

Loving Wives 10/12/2009

Hot Wife: A True Novel

Life journey of a hot wife and cuckold husband.

Loving Wives 09/10/2009

The BMW Ch. 02

Hubby worries about Lisa's date.

Loving Wives 09/02/2009


Be careful what you wish for.

Loving Wives 08/13/2009

Summer with My Nephew Ch. 01

Unfaithful wife wonders ponders a summer with her nephew.

Incest/Taboo 07/19/2009

Humiliated and Tortured

Dominant photographer takes control of a young man.

BDSM 06/12/2009

Adopted Brother Ch. 02

Mom intervenes.

Loving Wives 05/30/2009


Shouldnt a firefighter have a really big cock?

Humor & Satire 05/24/2009

A Handjob at the Doctor Office

A young man gets a hand job at the doctor office.

Toys & Masturbation 05/08/2009

The Landlady Ch. 01

Landlady discovers new lodger's dirty magazine stash.

BDSM 04/27/2009

A Harem of Men Slaves

A slave owner introduces a woman to her slaves.

BDSM 03/19/2009

Cleaning Up

Small cocked guy deals with sexy babes.

BDSM 03/14/2009

The Italian Job Ch. 02

My wife's adventure in Italy continues.

Loving Wives 03/01/2009

Humiliated by Boss' Daughter

Servant humiliated by the daughter of his employer.

BDSM 02/25/2009

The On-line Mistress

Mistress running experiments on her web site members.

BDSM 02/17/2009

Adopted Brother Ch. 01

Tammy's meets the meat.

Loving Wives 02/17/2009

Allison Swallows... NOTHING!

She discovers the beauty of a tiny hypospadias cock.

Fetish 02/09/2009

To Begin With Ch. 01

Our discussion leads to new ideas.

Loving Wives 01/20/2009

My Son's Best Friend

Discovering the reason behind their falling out.

Gay Male 01/09/2009

Mistress Takes Me To A Nudist Beach

Mistress took him for fun and games.

BDSM 12/21/2008

My Girlfriend's Dad

He saw something in me that I didn't know existed.

Gay Male 12/05/2008

Little Things Kill Ch. 05

Terry's back.

BDSM 11/12/2008

Steadily Shown His Place Ch. 04

Epilogue: small-cocked guy ties up details of his submission.

Gay Male 11/02/2008

Allison Sucks 100 Feet of Cock

Slutty girls finds small dicked nerds during cock marathon.

Fetish 11/02/2008

The Italian Job Ch. 01

Slow burner but worth it. 2 couples have fun on holiday.

Loving Wives 11/02/2008

Steadily Shown His Place

Hung guy steadily teaches small cock guy his place.

Gay Male 10/14/2008

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 08

Lisa's husband delivers her to her lover.

Loving Wives 10/10/2008

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 07

The black Director takes Lisa to the Club.

Loving Wives 09/28/2008

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 06

The black Director thrills Lisa again.

Loving Wives 09/22/2008

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 05

Lisa has her first interracial experience.

Loving Wives 09/17/2008

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 04

Lisa meets a new man in her life.

Loving Wives 09/12/2008

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 03

Loving wife continues to enjoy her new freedom.

Loving Wives 09/01/2008

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 02

The adventure begins.

Loving Wives 08/29/2008

The Willing Cuckold Ch. 01

Lisa enjoys the spice of life with hubby's blessing.

Loving Wives 08/26/2008

Dog Kennel Ch. 05

A young stud's humiliation continues.

Fetish 07/22/2008

A Midsummer Night's Reality

Satisfaction is found with another man.

Loving Wives 07/16/2008

Faster Than a Minuteman

Husband struggles with premature ejaculation.

First Time 07/13/2008

Shelly and Trent

Shelly's big clit is larger than Trent's small cock.

Humor & Satire 01/25/2008

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 06

Man is handcuffed, blindfolded, and molested.

Fetish 12/19/2007

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 05

Investigating the identity of the Mystery Girl.

Fetish 12/14/2007

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 04

Small man gets anonymous blowjob from secret admirer.

Fetish 12/03/2007

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 03

Little dick man proves he can eat pussy.

Fetish 11/29/2007

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 02

Coed takes virginity of small-dicked man.

Erotic Couplings 11/24/2007

A Little Man's Initiation Ch. 02

James Thomas is trapped.

Fetish 11/05/2007

A Little Man's Initiation Ch. 01

A young man with a small penis finds himself in deep water.

Fetish 11/04/2007

A Tale of Two Cocks

Debbie & Sue decide to switch husbands for a night.

Loving Wives 08/20/2007

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 04

Sarah takes advantage of small cock.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/07/2007

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 03

Small-cocked man forced to strip outdoors while girls watch.

Group Sex 05/30/2007

Living with a Small Cock

An explanation from a submissive man.

Reviews & Essays 02/03/2007

Woodland Landing on a Short Cock

A newcomer in a community of secrets

Fetish 01/05/2007


College lovers are now married to others swing.

Loving Wives 10/07/2006

The Equalizer

Small cocked husband's solution uses imagination.

Loving Wives 09/30/2006
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