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Officer Betty and Me

 — Black man and white female police officer become friends. by boogieman10469in  Interracial Love09/26/174.33

Revere & Cross Ch. 01

 — Blood, Drugs, and Ice Cream. by WolfFatherin  Gay Male02/27/164.46

Brandy is a Fine Girl

 — A successful author meets the young beauty of his dreams. by BrettJin  Romance01/30/164.59HOT

Online Love

 — Steve and Casey fall for each other online. by Rs1980in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/11/154.24

Savannah Ch. 03

 — Grace tries to deal with her father's arrangement. by frozenhero1in  Romance09/01/154.79HOT

American Gothic

 — Must be the season of the witch. by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror08/21/154.51HOT

Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 02

 — She'll drink your bourbon, she'll drink your blood. by stlgoddessfreyain  Erotic Horror02/25/154.88HOT

Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 01

 — Striking deals with dangerous girls and inhuman aristocrats. by stlgoddessfreyain  Erotic Horror02/10/154.74HOT

Speech and Debate Pt. 05

 — David and Daniel return home and begin to find their rhythm. by DAMackeyin  Gay Male02/09/154.84HOT

Learning to be Comfortable Nude

 — Learning to relax and enjoy being nude and admired. by eroswizardin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/26/144.30

Sudden Clarity

 — A bartender at a gay bar meets a pretty southern lady. by little_footin  Lesbian Sex08/24/143.72

Felicity Ch. 60

 — Southern Decadence. by jjcolejrin  Novels and Novellas04/17/144.82HOT

Defiling Krissy Williams

 — A conservative news babe accepts her submissive side. by kalkstein1970in  BDSM04/01/144.42

Lost in Georgia

 — Gina is lost on a country road, but finds a hot new friend. by SouthernPeachesin  Erotic Couplings12/18/134.29


 — A chance encounter with a dominant Southern cocktease. by JackBanditin  Fetish03/05/134.24

My Wife's Body

 — A man wakes up in his wife's body. by javawarriorin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/07/124.28

Angel of Mercy

 — Even Black prisoners in the Deep South get a taste of Mercy. by Shaboboin  Interracial Love11/01/124.41

Eye of the Beholder Ch. 03

 — Truth comes to light. by RaLaWritesin  Interracial Love06/29/124.79HOT

Bend Me, Break Me, Shape Me

 — 19-year-old woman and a mysterious man. by NymphoVirginin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/19/124.24

Eye of the Beholder Ch. 01

 — Renee starts over in Texas and meets Barrett. by RaLaWritesin  Interracial Love05/09/124.54HOT

Second Chances Won't Leave us Alone

 — INTERRACIAL: Southern Boy meets City Girl. by Channi7in  Non-Erotic05/07/124.15

Belle of the Ball

 — A story of a war veteran's great love. by PrincessRayvinein  Non-Erotic02/23/124.12

The Open Road

 — Newlyweds cause quite the stir in a small Texas town. by Odeonin  Loving Wives12/11/113.66

Country Lovin' Ch. 01

 — Group of friends in the south indulging in their fantasies. by NAhopkinsin  Novels and Novellas10/30/113.70

Build the Moon Ch. 03

 — I sat underneath the shedding tree... by dollfacedpandaloverin  Novels and Novellas02/14/114.40

Build the Moon Ch. 02

 — I knew I had brief moments of consciousness... by dollfacedpandaloverin  Novels and Novellas02/12/114.48

Build the Moon Ch. 01

 — She's stuck in a reinarnation cycle and hot vampires? by dollfacedpandaloverin  Novels and Novellas02/08/114.52HOT

Living by Principle Ch. 01

 — A romance for senior citizens. by RealDocin  Romance12/31/104.39

Thanks, That Was Fun... Ch. 02

 — Mr. Wright. by RenegadeBellein  Romance10/16/094.70HOT

Southern Comfort

 — Newcomer gets a dose of "Southern Hospitality". by UnexpectedVixenin  Erotic Couplings05/30/093.93

Kinky Uses for a Turkey Drumstick

 — Very kinky ways to enjoy a turkey drumstick. by ImaFantasyin  Humor & Satire12/27/084.13

Southern Girl Fantasy

 — A drunk wife lives out his slutty Southern girl fantasy. by SpartanWitherbyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/23/084.41

In Front of the Fireplace...

 — A Southern woman and her English gentleman. by TJsLilAngelin  Erotic Couplings10/23/084.00

Sarah Lynn - A Real Southern Lady

 — Behind her quiet, timid nature lurked a burning lust. by whitewifeloverin  Interracial Love08/20/084.53HOT

Murder in Magnolia

 — Death and corruption a small Georgia town. by Maximillian_Excaliberin  Non-Erotic07/04/084.67HOT

Colter's Choice

 — His addiction takes her places she never expected to go. by sticky_cherry_syrupin  Fetish07/04/084.71HOT

Angel, Stripped Ch. 03

 — Feet, food, and fun! by gradprofin  Fetish04/28/084.60HOT

Morgan Meets an Angel

 — He meets a hot woman on a hot night. by darkstone57in  Erotic Couplings04/27/084.32

The Gentlemen's Club

 — Sarah faces a difficult decision--with heavy consequences. by Banein  NonConsent/Reluctance04/26/084.10

Kissing My Cowgirl

 — Steamy IM cono between typical guy & innocent cowgirl. by candekissezin  Letters & Transcripts02/19/083.77

Climax in Climax

 — Lucas' cousin gives him a dose of southern hospitality. by constanthardonin  Incest/Taboo10/16/074.68HOT


 — A bright future endangered by a dark past? by juanwildonein  Erotic Couplings10/04/074.38

That's How It's Done

 — Regular visitor gets a dose of Southern Hospitality. by Papa_Caliin  Group Sex08/24/074.50HOT

Good Clean Fun

 — Bo and Luke Duke have fun in the shower. by Vinsmousein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/22/074.23

Oral Exam Ch. 16

 — Jessica and the Professor spend a night w/ Swingers. by gradprofin  Mature05/20/074.74HOT

Oral Exam Ch. 15

 — Sarah pays the price for her actions. by gradprofin  BDSM04/24/074.69HOT


 — Clay, become dust, sifts through my toes. by chocolateandrosesin  Non-Erotic10/13/064.00

The Pied Piper

 — The Pied Piper pays a visit to the Deep South. by Selena_Kittin  Mind Control04/13/064.06

Nothing Between Us

 — Two friends let it happen. by M-Y-Eroticain  First Time02/15/064.77HOT

Miss Lulu Comes to Hollywood

 — Southern ladies manipulate an egocentric Yankee. by jay.palinin  Romance12/03/054.77HOT

My Cousin Brandon

 — Coed falls for her southern cousin. by Traci Spencerin  Incest/Taboo06/19/054.06

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