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Devil May Care Ch. 05

 — Dey and the USAF bring the hammer down on the bad guys. by DragonCoboltin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/21/174.86HOTNEW

Genesis Project 2.0 Ch. 00

 — Prologue. by JC_The_Continuerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/12/174.02

A New Encounter Ch. 09

 — Plots and counter plots. by DMaster_14in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/11/174.88HOT

Space Relations Pt. 13

 — Trouble on Edgeworth Platform. by CorvusTurrim777in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/06/174.56HOT

Space Relations Pt. 12

 — Getting along with Braxton. by CorvusTurrim777in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/05/174.34

Space Relations Pt. 10

 — The Bitch is among us. by CorvusTurrim777in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/30/174.54HOT

Devil May Care Ch. 01

 — Joining the Devil Program has an unusual requirement... by DragonCoboltin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/22/174.78HOT

Space Relations Pt. 04

 — Trouble on the Neptune. by CorvusTurrim777in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/20/174.49

Space Relations Pt. 03

 — The Captain scores! by CorvusTurrim777in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/19/174.39

Spatial Disorientation Pt. 01

 — Story of a Pilot in a somewhat dystopian future. by ThenaughtyDomiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/18/174.62HOT

Space Relations Pt. 02

 — The maiden voyage begins. by CorvusTurrim777in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/10/174.33

Crystal Ch. 16

 — The Planning Phase. by DarkMatter23in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/30/174.50HOT

Murphy Rules 02 - Taken

 — Murphy at his best. by Rugrat60in  Non-Erotic05/03/174.29

Shaza's Tears Ch. 02

 — The illegitimate daughter meets an unlikely acquaintance. by HipsterZombiein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/26/174.62HOT

Storm World Ch. 08

 — Plans are formed and agreements made. by RipperFishin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/10/174.79HOT

Shaza's Tears Ch. 01

 — A cargo transporter is given a rather delicate mission. by HipsterZombiein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/07/174.34

What It Takes Ch. 04

 — Luna comes to terms with her feelings for alien. by YKN4949in  NonHuman03/20/174.75HOT

What It Takes Ch. 03

 — Luna meets a bizarre-looking alien and they get very close. by YKN4949in  NonHuman03/17/174.63HOT

Slave Girls of Earth Ch. 02

 — Submissive women and the planet that loves them. by Rutabaga72in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/16/174.17

What It Takes Ch. 02

 — Space crew member Luna is attacked by a giant space spider. by YKN4949in  NonHuman03/14/174.73HOT

What It Takes Ch. 01

 — Luna walks in on a fellow space traveler with an alien slug. by YKN4949in  NonHuman03/10/174.66HOT

Surefoot - Secrets and Lies Ch. 06

 — Chapter 6: What Lies Beyond. by Surefootin  Non-Erotic03/03/174.91HOT

Surefoot 5: Secrets & Lies Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 of 3: Eye of the Beholder by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/02/174.83HOT

Gray Jedi Ch. 07

 — Bendu's lessons. by auguy86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/15/174.89HOT

Gray Jedi Ch. 06

 — Rex joins the crew on the way to Atollon. by auguy86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/03/174.86HOT

Surefoot 4: Sanction Ch. 03

 — Part 3 of 3: What Is Hatched Today by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/01/174.81HOT

Black Astronaut's Time Trip

 — African-American astronaut meets prehistoric woman. by Samuelxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/28/173.67

The Experiment

 — A space wizard does some experimentation on a female. by Milambriosin  BDSM01/28/173.54

Surefoot 4: Sanction Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of 3: K’Nuran by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/27/174.82HOT

Surefoot 4: Sanction Ch. 01

 — Part 1 of 3: You Are Cordially Invited by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/25/174.81HOT

The Forest of Ecstasy Pt. 01

 — Six astronauts find more on Venus than they bargained for. by thegreat_pretenderin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/22/174.37

Gray Jedi Ch. 05

 — The cave of the Dark Side... by auguy86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/22/174.83HOT

Fear and Loathing in Deep Space

 — Female scientist on a strange world explores. by nick_slaughterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/19/174.38

Gray Jedi Ch. 04

 — Old friends, training, and truths revealed. by auguy86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/12/174.85HOT

Gray Jedi Ch. 03

 — On Alderaan, is trouble brewing in paradise? by auguy86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/06/174.86HOT

The Forest of Ecstasy

 — Six astronauts find more on Venus than they bargained for. by thegreat_pretenderin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/04/174.27

Surefoot 3: Field Trip Ch. 07

 — Part 7 of 7: Get Together by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/03/174.80HOT

Surefoot 3: Field Trip Ch. 06

 — Part 6 of 7: First Impressions Last by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/30/164.76HOT

Grayson Sontang in Space Ch. 03

 — A big bang in space makes no noise. by Chimera44in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/30/164.82HOT

Surefoot 3: Field Trip Ch. 05

 — Part 5 of 7: Captain Fuzzybutt. by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/29/164.82HOT

The Pilot and The Princess

 — A pilot has to rescue the future wife of the prince. by Grillytillyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/27/164.72HOT

Surefoot 3: Field Trip Ch. 04

 — Part 4 of 7: Dealbreakers by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/27/164.71HOT

Surefoot 3: Field Trip Ch. 03

 — Part 3 of 7: Ghosts and Flying Monkeys by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/24/164.66HOT

The Lost Martian Ch. 03

 — Clara progresses. by PossessivePiratein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/23/164.54HOT

Surefoot 3: Field Trip Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of 7: Chemistry by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/19/164.68HOT

Gray Jedi Ch. 02

 — Malik and Serra come to terms with their feelings. by auguy86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/17/164.73HOT

Surefoot 3: Field Trip Ch. 01

 — Part 1 of 7: The Art of Being Sneaky by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/14/164.62HOT

Slave Girls of Earth Ch. 01

 — Submissive Sci-Fi Adventures. by Rutabaga72in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/14/164.33

Gray Jedi Ch. 01

 — After Anakin's fall, two young Jedi escape into hiding. by auguy86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/11/164.67HOT

Specimen 669

 — Events on a deep space research station take a sinister turn. by DrWeirdnastyin  NonHuman12/08/163.89

Storm World Ch. 05

 — Exploration continues and everything gets shaky. by RipperFishin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/26/164.87HOT

The Lost Martian Ch. 02

 — Clara's arrival on Earth doesn't go unnoticed. by PossessivePiratein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/26/164.50HOT

Surefoot 2: Imbarrazzo

 — Something's arisen among Alpha Squad... by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/24/164.74HOT

The Lost Martian Ch. 01

 — Clara was betrayed and sent back in time. by PossessivePiratein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/24/164.39

Storm World Ch. 04

 — Ben wakes up while the commander continues to explore. by RipperFishin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/17/164.79HOT

Venus Ascending Pt. 13

 — The Cartels launch a counter attack & the revolution is on by Oupa99in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/16/164.80

Miranda's Pickle Ch. 02

 — This time, she's got a plan. Will he feel her vengeance? by SunsetFollower511in  BDSM11/11/164.83

Surefoot 1: Ch. 05

 — What happened to Captain Hrelle seven years ago... by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/09/164.83HOT

Wishing Stars Ch. 07 Pt. 2

 — Purpose? Fuck Purpose. by NeverEversin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/08/164.56HOT

Surefoot 1: Ch. 04

 — Chapter 4 of 5: Friendly Counsel by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/07/164.72HOT

Surefoot 1: Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3 of 5: Welcome Aboard by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/01/164.68HOT

Violet Fire Ch. 02

 — A bounty hunter and a smuggler meet and raise a little hell. by c00ki3in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/31/164.41

Surefoot 1: Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 of 5: School Days by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/27/164.81HOT

Surefoot 1: Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1 of 5: Where To Put the Crib by Surefootin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/24/164.77HOT

Space Exploitation Ch. 02

 — Fumigation of pests and discussion of sexual conduct. by aarorin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/20/164.72HOT

The Derelict Pt. 01

 — An abandoned space station with ancient secrets. by PurpleGoatin  NonHuman10/20/164.09

Space Exploitation Ch. 01

 — Sacrifices have to be made to go to space: most of the men. by aarorin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/17/164.77HOT

Severus Ch. 01

 — Cdr Serverus acquires a slave girl at the spaceport. by Taunusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/14/164.02

Ted Online Pt. 11

 — Book three Ch. 21 - Epilogue. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/11/164.88HOT

Ted Online Pt. 10

 — Book three Ch. 12-20 by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/05/164.87HOT

Ted Online Pt. 09

 — Book three Ch. 1-11. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/29/164.86HOT

Ted Online Pt. 08

 — Book Two Finale. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/18/164.87HOT

Storm World Ch. 03

 — The cats try to make sense of Ben and then they go exploring by RipperFishin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/16/164.80HOT

The Pleasure Unit

 — He has become a captive but finds himself strangely content. by SimonTheDanein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/16/163.86

Ted Online Pt. 07

 — Book 2 Ch. 17 - 25. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/15/164.85HOT

Ted Online Pt. 06

 — Second book Ch. 9 - 16. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/14/164.83HOT

Ted Online Pt. 05

 — Second book chapter 1 - 8. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/11/164.87HOT

Ted Online Pt. 04

 — Chapters 25 - Epilogue. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/07/164.90HOT

Storm World Ch. 01

 — Old-style sci-fi adventure in the Savage Shore universe. by RipperFishin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/164.79HOT

Prism the Slime Girl Ch. 02

 — A violent man, a kind one, and a broken ship. by ParasiticallyVexedin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/12/164.35

Empire of a Thousand Universes

 — A space opera. by DetectiveSpecialistin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/07/164.14

Crescent Fall Ch. 00

 — Fall of the last caliphate and its ideology. by apendragongmxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/07/163.59

The Lorian Paradox

 — She could be as filthy as she wanted, b/c she had no choice. by PTWintersin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/03/164.55HOT

A New Encounter Ch. 07

 — Captain Mina implements Omega Four. by DMaster_14in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/28/164.76HOT


 — A mining crew touches down on an alien planet. by doctorplutoin  NonHuman07/23/163.87

New Horizions Ch. 01

 — The planet-wide orgy isn't the best thing Alexis will hear. by jramsay42in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/21/164.00

A Man In the Crew

 — A privateer vessel with an all female crew finds a "breeder". by EdwardianFantasyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/14/164.53HOT

Venus De Milo Ch. 02

 — Milo has landed on Aandora. What happens in dreamland now? by IAmControlin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/02/163.95

Prism the Slime Girl

 — A space journey where a slime girl gains her freedom. by ParasiticallyVexedin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/29/164.52HOT

Brave New World Ch. 07: Epilogue

 — Mankind has a future again. by themightyxlophin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/03/164.74HOT

Dark as Daylight Ch. 12

 — The Saga Continues. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas05/08/164.87HOT

Lady of the Stars Pt. 01

 — Fate sends a slave girl on a distant planet on a new journey. by Sevilles_voicein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/28/164.58HOT

Apollo 69

 — Apollo 13 parody but with female astronauts. by sheepyboyin  Humor & Satire03/03/164.46

An Unforgettable Melody Ch. 04

 — A fantasy in a galaxy far, far away... by auguy86in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/12/164.70HOT

Book of Flames Ch. 06

 — Keira goes dark. by sexy_skittlesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/06/164.73HOT

Book of Flames Ch. 05

 — The big bad comes. by sexy_skittlesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/04/164.66HOT

Dark as Daylight Ch. 07

 — Lost in Space and much more. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas02/02/164.86HOT

Aporno 13

 — Gene Kranz saves Earth from a sex-crazed Space Vixen. by Spacelingin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/30/164.40

Book of Flames Ch. 04

 — Keira faces her fears and finds more love. by sexy_skittlesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/30/164.73HOT

Book of Flames Ch. 03

 — Things heat up for Keira. by sexy_skittlesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/27/164.72HOT

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