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The Punished Puppy

 — A pups disobediences results in a punishment by her Master. by Thepleasuredpupin  Lesbian Sex12/18/113.80

A Bowl of Cherries Ch. 05

 — The True Meaning of Christmas. by Slutterflyin  Erotic Couplings12/18/113.93

Spanking Story

 — So, you think that you'd like to be spanked... by Sometimesitfeelsgoodin  BDSM12/17/114.10

A Christmas Tail Ch. 01

 — Wife is auctioned off for charity. by Angelscuckin  BDSM12/16/114.07

Proper Punishment Ch. 01

 — I hire a daddy and his pet to give me what I need. by KittyBlueEyesin  BDSM12/14/114.06

Sigma Iota Omicron

 — Showing your private parts in public places by oriein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/14/114.64HOT

Gaze of Athena

 — My time with a goddess. by generic_name_is_genericin  Lesbian Sex12/14/114.23

A Re-Education

 — A naughty girl at a private school is taught a strong lesson. by franklincin  BDSM12/13/114.17

The Prescription Ch. 04

 — The discovery continues. by caring elfin  Fetish12/13/114.71HOT

Consequences, Sandy Ch. 04

 — Adventures of a polyamorous family. by Scorpio44ain  Romance12/12/114.70HOT

Batman for Halloween

 — A unique Halloween Party. by WantABWriterin  Fetish12/09/113.19

A Game within a Game Ch. 01

 — A cross dresser is being set up, but takes revenge. by doberincain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/08/114.61HOT

Service Among the Stars

 — Jala serves her Admiral well. by porn4funin  BDSM12/08/114.23

Christmas Holly

 — Man gives his friend a beautiful young whore for Christmas. by 1masterslutin  Anal12/08/114.10

Den of Delights

 — Snowbound and bound in the snow. by Bethybooin  BDSM12/05/114.56HOT

Ms. Nelsons New Boy

 — Trying to retrive his basketball, Paul gets an eyefull. by Peroxide_in  BDSM12/05/114.29

Degradation & Redemption Act 01

 — Blackmailing grandmother brings a surprising result. by bumblegrumin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/05/114.65HOT

Leading a Double Life

 — Young woman turns the tables on her boss. by 0131ajin  Fetish12/02/114.13

East End Lovers Ch. 05

 — New ways of loving for Cliff and his mum. by DoverCliffin  Incest/Taboo12/02/114.54HOT

Vegas and Unrequited Love Ch. 02

 — Lily meets a couple that remind her of her submissive side. by spoilmwholein  BDSM12/01/114.30

Both Shall Live Ch. 02

 — Young husband discovers that his wife is a closet sub. by Dasani_83in  BDSM12/01/114.45

Naughty, Not Nice

 — All I want for Christmas is.... by Bethybooin  Group Sex11/30/114.02

What a Girl Wants

 — A night of submission leads to anal fun. by Cynr69in  BDSM11/29/114.30

News Story Ch. 04

 — Jean's story is ready for submission. by DaisyMontoyain  BDSM11/29/114.29

Robert and Clara - Gaol Break

 — What happens after you break out of gaol? by Ctyolenein  Romance11/29/114.61HOT

The Adventures of Abigail Pt. 07

 — A young woman makes her way in the world. by LadyKaren50in  Novels and Novellas11/28/114.70HOT

The Poker Game

 — Master allows another Domme to spank her. by spankherDaddyin  BDSM11/28/113.95

Imagine There's Still Love Ch. 02

 — Five years earlier - how it began... by EdgarJames34in  Loving Wives11/27/112.63

"Daddy" and Beth

 — Beth meets a new Daddy to help her out financially. by lolaenglishin  Incest/Taboo11/27/114.02

Mixing Pleasure with Business

 — Laura likes it rough, and so do Jack's clients. by Explorer222in  Loving Wives11/27/114.39

His Butler, Cunning

 — Sebastian is bound to Ciel but Ciel pays the price. by monviebohemein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/26/114.50HOT

Chrissie's Appointment

 — Chrissie makes the appointment for a little fun BDSM fun. by sexiskyein  BDSM11/26/114.24

Fulfillment 04

 — Wed, Thurs, Fri - the Ross wolf, Erich and Madeline. by KemMystin  NonHuman11/25/114.67HOT

Dream Diary Entry 01

 — A tale from my subconscious mind. by freeofrestraintin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/25/114.36

Scott's Unique Christmas Present

 — What to get the man who has everything...a living present. by Bethybooin  Anal11/25/114.32

Just My Imagination

 — Frustrated Karen fantasizes about being used and humiliated. by zenmackiein  BDSM11/24/114.41

Elizabeth's Story Ch. 01

 — Confessions of a Developing Slut. by SplendidSpunkin  BDSM11/24/114.30

My Special Weekend Ch. 02

 — The naughty fun continues-edited by ifunewin  Lesbian Sex11/24/114.00

Adventures of Missy Ch. 07

 — Missy's father returns, Billa nd Missy get married. by lilrobbiein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/22/114.16

Herworld Chronicles Ch. 06

 — A new Home. by Sputnik57in  BDSM11/22/114.62HOT

Adventures of Missy Ch. 06

 — Tony, Alexandra and the Doctor. by lilrobbiein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/21/114.27

Birthday Strip

 — Birthday present goes awry leading to public humiliation. by awopasin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/21/114.05

Punishing The Unruly Son Ch. 08

 — Bobby's mother and sister begins his nasty reward. by RandomAuthorin  Incest/Taboo11/21/114.65HOT

Just You and Me

 — Interrupted studies for some punishment. by Shazearin  BDSM11/20/114.32

A Schoolgirl's Spanking

 — Miss Bloomenfield invites you to watch a girl's caning. by Totzmanin  Fetish11/20/113.98

Jessica's Punished for Misbehaving

 — Jessica's Master must punish her. by SmokinJin  BDSM11/20/114.19

Punishing The Unruly Son Ch. 07

 — Bobby gets his first spanking. by RandomAuthorin  Incest/Taboo11/20/114.55HOT

Dana & Charles

 — A husband and wife play. by integerspin_desirein  Erotic Couplings11/19/113.71

Cliff and Gillian Ch. 01

 — Cliff falls for an ample-bosomed older woman. by DoverCliffin  Mature11/17/114.39

Husband to Master Ch. 01

 — Joe takes his obsession to the next level with his wife. by MissBored88in  BDSM11/17/114.28

Tara in Porn Ch. 02

 — Black on White with a twist. by Tarainspacein  Interracial Love11/16/114.27

Adventures of Missy Ch. 03

 — Home at last. by lilrobbiein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/16/114.29

Dreaming About Daddy Ch. 02

 — She dreams about being disciplined by Daddy. by justalittlegirlin  Text With Audio11/16/114.47

Sexy Labor Day

 — Sadey gets sex-toys, spankings, and more. by SadeyQuinnin  BDSM11/16/114.49

A New Aspect

 — Showing the city a thing or three. by bellefleurein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/16/114.80HOTContest Winner

1st Tuesday

 — Once a month she unlocks his chastity cage. by LanceGreencastlein  BDSM11/16/114.01

Adventures of Missy Ch. 04

 — Bill continues to dominate Missy. by lilrobbiein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/16/114.27

Riding the Red Ch. 01

 — Just who is the Big, Bad Wolf? by vampwrrrin  BDSM11/16/114.37

Put Away Wet

 — Ride to beach ends with waves. by Sakara_Sablein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/15/113.77

He Asked...She Delivered

 — When fantasy becomes reality...painfully. by Yabiznessin  BDSM11/15/113.97

Another Dom, Another Fantasy…

 — BDSM Fantasy by lexi251in  BDSM11/15/114.27

Hesitating Leanne Ch. 01

 — Leanne's first taste of CP. by 69junkiein  BDSM11/15/114.15

Adventures of Missy Ch. 01

 — Petite Thai woman Missy meets Big Bill. by lilrobbiein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/14/114.14

The Sex Star Ch. 12

 — The girls do battle with Gerda's commandos. by pinatain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/13/114.44

Shocked and Surprised Ch. 02

 — Another surprise from Anne. by deadeye_76in  Erotic Couplings11/13/114.44

Meeting Sarah Palin

 — Help Sarah get even with Todd... by Gh0stw1nDin  Celebrities11/11/113.97

Girlfriend, Mother, and More Ch. 02

 — His big cock gets into more holes. by mybabyin  Novels and Novellas11/11/114.49

A Journey to Depravity Ch. 02

 — Trained and tormented by a mature couple. by CafeExtremein  BDSM11/11/114.67HOT

Retribution Symphony

 — A symphony of erotic sensations is used as punishment. by wolfbackin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/10/114.13

The Maestro

 — Soprano gets punished and taken. by barabajagal001in  BDSM11/10/114.73HOT

Rosemarie Ch. 07

 — A brief glimpse into Jake Collier's Uncle's life. by softkissesin  Novels and Novellas11/10/114.69HOT

I AM the Boss!!!

 — Husband takes charge of his wife, demands her to obey him. by wifelvrmanin  Loving Wives11/10/113.50

A Journey to Depravity Ch. 01

 — Trained and tormented by a mature couple. by CafeExtremein  BDSM11/10/114.42

Mr. X

 — No one knew my name... by Persefoniein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/08/114.12

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 09

 — Summer's first day back to school as a slut continues. by wilcox010in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/07/114.47

Elaine in Las Vegas Ch. 03

 — Elaine gets her wish of Hunter and Roy at the same time. by beygaze1in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/07/114.77HOT

The Erotica Novels: Elaine Commands

 — After the pub meet, our author is had for dinner. by Sputnik57in  BDSM11/06/114.00

An Exercise in Dominance

 — I take, tease and torment you, making you mine. by The_Dragon_Knightin  BDSM11/06/114.31

At Her Command

 — The birth of a new beautiful dom. by creepyrjin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/05/114.53HOT

5000 Words Ch. 05

 — A BDSM fantasy. by lexi251in  BDSM11/05/113.95

Business Conference

 — Business trips are usually pretty boring affairs. Not this one. by jack_be_notin  Erotic Couplings11/04/113.74

5000 Words Ch. 04

 — A BDSM fantasy. by lexi251in  BDSM11/04/113.95

5000 Words Ch. 03

 — A BDSM fantasy. by lexi251in  BDSM11/03/114.20

While You're Sleeping...

 — I come upon you while you're asleep, and begin to wake you.. by VintageGrlin  BDSM11/03/114.32

Well Deserved

 — She asks for the punishment she deserves. by dodekain  BDSM11/02/114.07

Captive and On Display

 — A man & his girlfriend seduce his wife. by Ubastiin  Group Sex11/02/114.36

Rule #3

 — A submissive is punished for breaking Rule #3. by LunaStarwolfin  BDSM11/02/114.22

5000 Words Ch. 02

 — A BDSM fantasy. by lexi251in  BDSM11/02/113.78

Herworld Chronicles Ch. 05

 — A Change of Owner- Homage to womanhood. by Sputnik57in  BDSM11/01/114.75HOT

Officer Joe

 — A policeman who spanks female offenders. by strictenglishvicarin  Fetish11/01/113.47

Queen Kiera Ch. 02

 — Will Kiera allow me to have a girlfriend? by PeterOmezin  Incest/Taboo10/31/114.11


 — Loving D/s relationship. by rcampbelin  BDSM10/31/113.70

Confidence Boost Ch. 05

 — Daughter gives her father a sex slave and herself. by clarkrobertsin  Incest/Taboo10/31/114.54HOT


 — An unlikely pair finally gets a few moments alone -Star Wars. by shereshoyin  Celebrities10/30/114.89

Confidence Boost Ch. 04

 — Daughter auditions new girlfriend for Daddy. by clarkrobertsin  Incest/Taboo10/30/114.52HOT

Her Victorian Bottom Thrashed

 — Something more kinky for his Victorian Wife to discover. by Ian56in  Erotic Couplings10/30/114.53HOT

East End Lovers Ch. 04

 — Mum and Cliff have fun with Aunty Irene and her nephew. by DoverCliffin  Incest/Taboo10/30/114.49

How Far Can Angel Fall

 — A rough first encounter with anal sex. by TheDevilsWeaknessin  Anal10/29/114.33

5000 Words Ch. 01

 — A BDSM fantasy. by lexi251in  BDSM10/29/113.86

The Wicked Witch's Wicked Ride

 — A long cab ride takes a slight detour for some fun. by Bethybooin  Erotic Couplings10/29/114.06

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