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A Plug and Your Belt

 — Wearing a plug in public as preparation for later... by naughty42in  BDSM05/18/174.34

West Valley High Day 23: Walking

 — Susan walks the halls bound and spread. by homeboundboyin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/02/174.15


 — You punish me with the pain I crave. by CalypsoInPhillyin  BDSM12/14/164.42

Teased in the Tub

 — She is desperate for him to let her come. by CalypsoInPhillyin  BDSM12/14/164.43

I'll Do You, You Do Me Ch. 02

 — A man and a woman experience anal sex for the first time. by sexmeup469in  Anal05/27/164.39

Weekend with Judy Pt. 01

 — Judy's husband lets her live out yet another fantasy. by TorMentor68in  BDSM02/12/164.64HOT

Bitsy's Inhuman Submission Ch. 12

 — Things take a turn for the worse as Tracy reveals her plan. by unpublaauthorin  BDSM07/30/154.81HOT

The Things Money Can't Buy Ch. 03

 — Karen becomes Ken's plaything. by BoxesAndBladesin  Erotic Couplings04/10/154.50HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 07

 — Kirsty's pain. by Tara_Nealein  NonConsent/Reluctance03/14/154.65HOT

Ӕgir's Captive Pt. 06

 — Mikael's Demons. by Tara_Nealein  NonConsent/Reluctance03/04/154.55HOT

Bitsy's Inhuman Submission Ch. 11

 — Stuart tells us when he first saw Bitsy. by unpublaauthorin  BDSM03/01/154.79HOT

Miss Piggy & Kermit Changed My Life

 — A cartoon starts a BDSM relationship between friends. by PDeanMurphyin  BDSM10/13/144.47

Tutoring Ch. 02

 — Lana submits completly by ljsubmissivein  BDSM04/08/144.33

Him and Her: Defiance

 — He finds a way to deal with her defiance. by Uncollared_Subin  BDSM02/17/144.09

Sexology 344 Ch. 01

 — A college student signs up for more than she bargained. by StoryofCin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/18/144.36

Pretty in Pink

 — Submissive wife is restrained and used all dressed in pink. by Louboutinsin  Text With Audio10/02/134.40

The Family Ritual Ch. 20

 — Margo's Punishment. by angelface195in  BDSM07/24/134.63HOT

Liz Is Willing: Liz Fucks A Pornstar

 — Liz has a black porn star she met at a party. by lizshusbandin  Interracial Love06/30/133.76

Inevitable Ch. 02

 — Chase and Zoe explore his issues; and someone else returns. by CumAlongPond14in  BDSM05/25/134.65HOT

Everything Changes Ch. 04

 — Sparring, Jo's return, Thomas and Lorelei, a baby. by KemMystin  NonHuman04/29/134.79HOT

Pushing the Ultimate Button

 — Two wrongs can torch a marriage. by Strapper66in  Loving Wives01/08/133.97

Night Job Ch. 06

 — Heather continues to accept more of Luke's control. by bluemonoin  BDSM07/22/124.37

Into the Abyss Ch. 02

 — The innocent subbie tastes his whip. by amazingrace1128in  BDSM11/04/114.72HOT

He Dominates Me

 — He takes his turn at making me his sex slave. by LadyAnalLoverin  BDSM06/06/114.40

A Precious Gift

 — He gives her a precious gift. by Chiara_searchesin  BDSM04/13/113.71

An Office Encounter with Consequences

 — Paying for sexual conduct on company premises. by snowbunny1975in  BDSM09/12/104.18

Masters' Hand

 — slave gets introduced to fisting. by mistyrayin  BDSM09/06/103.96

It's Charming. You're Charmed.

 — A switch mouths off in the role of uppity sub. by gnomedeplumin  BDSM07/02/104.25

The Good Doctor Ch. 02

 — She gives the doctor what he needs. by paeroticain  BDSM05/04/104.33

The Good Doctor Ch. 01

 — She gives the doctor what he needs. by paeroticain  BDSM05/01/104.28

Brandi and Kelly Ch. 03

 — A pet slave is trained. by StoryTeller07in  BDSM04/16/104.50HOT

The Little Redhead Ch. 01

 — The redhead wakes up shackled in the pedestal room. by SpeakerForTheDeadin  BDSM05/30/094.37

Kinky Experience

 — Dom sub bondage with anal encounter with dildo. by conikeshetin  BDSM09/13/083.65

Self Bondage with Agnes

 — Going for a walk leads to some fun. by kimnormundiein  BDSM08/03/083.91

My New Boss Ch. 20

 — What goes in...doesn't always fit. by DVSin  BDSM07/07/084.44

Asking Her To Play Ch. 01

 — Marriage leads to new toys, new pleasures, new experiences. by song_birdin  BDSM06/06/084.05

You, Too.

 — A simple, erotic description of a bondage encounter. by KiGirlin  BDSM02/27/084.19

The Scene Ch. 01

 — Anniversary gifts revealed by vixen4770in  BDSM09/17/074.39

i am His, and He is mine

 — Exploring the passion with pain. by Teddybearsubmissivein  BDSM07/20/074.47

Kitten's Submission Ch. 01

 — Curiosity captured the cat. by Dirty Kittenin  BDSM04/29/074.20

Enjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 02

 — girl makes his threesome ravish fantasy come true by garcher27in  NonConsent/Reluctance04/13/074.49

Art Project

 — Senior art project involves more than expected. by buzbybdsmin  BDSM11/11/064.46

Slave Hunters, Slave Preys Ch. 04

 — A phantasmagorical tale of sexual slavery. by Nikita_and_Wolffin  BDSM10/25/064.40

Slave Hunters, Slave Preys Ch. 03

 — A phantasmagorical tale of sexual slavery. by Nikita_and_Wolffin  BDSM10/11/064.45

From the Past

 — You force her to rekindle an old relationship. by Subcoliein  NonConsent/Reluctance09/08/064.14

Becky and Sam: The Beginning

 — An older woman is tied and loved. by Christina Samuelsin  BDSM01/16/064.29


 — His desires are enforced. by Apryllrainin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/08/054.18

Having Made Love

 — The gentler side of love between Master and slave. by not_so_innocent_flirtingin  BDSM12/06/044.37

Untie Me, Clayton!

 — He won't stop eating her pussy. by Selena Downin  Fetish12/06/044.30

Raw Meat

 — A slave is punished in a walk-in refrigerator. by WFEATHERin  BDSM11/29/043.56

My Day Ch. 01

 — Her dream day contains humilation. by Lexiain  BDSM11/02/043.96

Beyonce in Bondage Ch. 01

 — Beyonce encounters Mistress Mariah. by TheDarkCloudin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/31/044.34

A Girl's Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 02

 — Chris tells Gary all. by mstrspetin  BDSM10/01/044.28

Instructions for Our Session

 — Instructions from Master for a submissive. by Kobain  BDSM08/21/044.32

Master's Appearance

 — Erin's Master is conjured from far away to train & guide her. by celtcprincessin  BDSM06/21/043.70

Kate Ch. 03

 — Kate angers her abductor. by Shhhhin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/26/034.45

The Lesson

 — Master teaches his top Submissive a lesson by SirMarkissin  BDSM12/10/033.69

The Couch

 — Tied up with no place to go. by aerisxin  BDSM11/24/034.08

Bondage Gym

 — Donna finds a new use for a piece of gym equipment. by charles blackin  BDSM08/28/034.11

Making A Pet Ch. 03

 — She doesn't listen to her master. by sassyblueeyeditalianin  BDSM08/01/034.35

More Than She Bargained For

 — She does self-bondage, then someone comes in. by Apryllrainin  BDSM07/28/034.30

A Pain-Slut's Fantasy

 — A test in pain. by bekahin  BDSM07/13/033.75

Eyes Open

 — She has him do something he never does. by teisuuin  BDSM06/30/033.84

Our First Meeting Ch. 02

 — The girls continue their weekend of fun. by sexymichellein  BDSM06/13/034.30

Control by Candlelight

 — Master and slut enjoy the lighting. by lulubabein  BDSM05/01/034.43

Our Journey Ch. 08

 — He brings street man to teach her a lesson. by sabrina1in  BDSM04/06/034.16

Weekend Away

 — A little bit of everything to make you happy. by corruptive_mindin  BDSM03/09/034.24

The Dance Master

 — Woman gets more than a dance. by nitegazerin  BDSM03/08/034.46


 — She asked him for it... by sassynkinky84in  BDSM02/26/034.10

Judy's Submission Ch. 03

 — Learning to accept her Master's wolven side. by Blackie67in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/05/034.43

Soapy Spanking

 — Houseslut's spanking includes discipline for foul mouth. by TXPleasurein  BDSM11/30/024.17

Exhibition Bound

 — Debby's experiences of exhibition and submission. by DVSin  BDSM10/26/024.54HOT

Food For Thought

 — A first taste. by Sir_Nathanin  BDSM07/08/024.43

Mistress Midnite Ch. 1

 — Mistress teaches her who is in control. by midnite8765in  BDSM06/15/024.12

Naughty Maid Ch. 4

 — She can be taught. by EVASin  BDSM05/09/024.27

Punishment For Pleasuring Self

 — She is hung and teased/tormented. by mynameismariein  BDSM04/23/024.02

Pretty Pleas

 — Lawyers in love and other contact sports. by adrianhunterin  BDSM03/31/024.23


 — Mistress helps Her sub with fear of thunderstorms. by anna_in  BDSM02/21/024.08

The Tub

 — Antique bathtub becomes a pleasure center. by Makemydayin  BDSM02/09/024.13

The Abduction

 — She's taken and pleasured against her will. by angel_thigh_highsin  BDSM10/05/013.70

My Fishing Hole...

 — One man feeds his desire for underground fetish tapes. by vicdamizein  NonConsent/Reluctance02/22/013.92

Frat Boy Games Ch. 6

 — She awakens to a new day of pleasure/pain. by LansaraStarin  Novels and Novellas02/05/013.97

Teaching Sheila

 — Slave loves to be taught a lesson. by Misty Angel 77in  BDSM11/11/004.26

The Initiation of Bliss Ch. 1

 — He teaches her the joys of submission. by babyBlissin  BDSM11/05/004.21

The Party

 — Blindfolded wife enjoys many at orgy. by Slick3in  Loving Wives10/17/003.83

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