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I Used to be Straight Pt. 01

 — Straight guy gets seduced by a petite male classmate. by FreakyBiFantasyGuyin  Gay Male07/04/174.32

Beach Trips: The Final Chapter

 — Chad's brother tries to ruin everything. by Universal_Thirstin  Gay Male02/18/174.57HOT

Beach Trips & Sex on the Beach

 — Chad and Andy catch feelings. by Universal_Thirstin  Gay Male10/30/164.43

Beach Trips & Road Head

 — Unexpected passenger gets some. by Universal_Thirstin  Gay Male10/13/164.35

Me - The Inconvenience

 — My straight older brother has to babysit me for the weekend. by Gay_sex_onlyin  Incest/Taboo08/12/164.18

Straight Boy Blowjob

 — I convinced Dean (my str8 Aussie roommate) for a blowjob. by speedodavein  Gay Male06/25/164.10

My Friend's Boyfriend Pt. 02

 — The aftermath of Mark and James' night together... by whoneedsguysin  Gay Male04/01/164.67HOT

My Friend's Boyfriend

 — Mark's housemate has her boyfriend over... by whoneedsguysin  Gay Male03/21/164.61HOT

Jim's Jock Ch. 01

 — Straight man turns roommate gay. by dirtywordin  Gay Male03/18/164.43

Black Friday 69

 — First time blow job in the middle of a parking lot. by chimicawritingin  Gay Male09/20/154.22

Big Flipping Deal Ch. 02

 — Lindsey reveals her secret. Nick has a strange dream. by IanSaulWhitcombin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/02/154.74HOT

It Was The Summer Of '85

 — First time male-male sexual experience by Messier82in  Gay Male08/03/153.89

Lust and then Some

 — A guy finally meets the one who turns him out. by Thwiq1in  Gay Male06/08/144.54HOT

My Sister's Boyfriend Joey

 — Seduced by his sister's sexy, horny boyfriend. by NattySolteszin  Gay Male11/25/134.47

Bus Stop

 — A straight guy meets a charming older guy at a bus stop. by sniperwolf1979in  Gay Male01/08/124.53HOT

Bi-Side Affair

 — A straight guy drinks with friends and discovers his bi-side. by xcutestxonexin  Gay Male05/19/114.15

I'm Not Gay

 — Noah returns home to his straight guy crush. by blastinaglassin  Gay Male04/12/114.50HOT

Short-Term in Chicago

 — Straight guy is seduced by gay neighbor. by markindyin  Gay Male03/03/114.62HOT

Hotel Hook Up

 — Horny straight guys hook up hotel sex. by jm02201960in  Gay Male02/09/114.46

The Wet Dream

 — Straight male has help while dreaming by dreamingofblowingin  Gay Male11/22/104.49

The Chance of a Lifetime

 — Straight guy gets fucked for the first time. by xxvicexxin  Gay Male06/25/084.50HOT

Holiday Bi the Sea

 — Straight guy suprises himself and discovers bi-sexuality. by expector8in  Gay Male03/26/084.04

A Different Way of Making Up

 — It was an unexpected way to patch up their differences. by bbw4youngercocks1in  Gay Male09/30/073.96

My First Experience Of Male Sex

 — Straight guy gets an introduction to gay sex. by noody2005in  Gay Male08/13/074.45

Drunken Follies Ch. 01

 — A young straight man sucks dick. by overzealous20in  Gay Male07/08/073.89


 — Doing Sleeping Beauty. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/11/074.42

Friends 'til the End Ch. 02

 — A new job and new guy in town shakes Adam up. by HVidesein  Gay Male03/28/074.04

Jailhouse Buddies Reunited

 — The tricks Harry learned in jail are put to good use. by danielbluein  Gay Male03/07/074.41

My Girlfriend

 — They needed to teach a straight guy about bisexuality. by kandiein  Group Sex12/06/064.35

Straight Guys Are The Best!

 — How I ended up in in bed with my straight best friend. by ryanxxxin  Gay Male10/24/064.29

Roommates to Bedmates

 — Two roommates begin a romantic entanglement. by LoneOwlin  Gay Male10/07/044.54HOT

The Stuff of Life

 — Two brothers initiate a friend. by Eric_43in  Incest/Taboo09/20/043.77

Gay 4 Str8

 — Gay guy goes for some glory hole action and finds romance. by HungryGuyin  Humor & Satire06/10/043.74

First Release Ch. 01

 — Guy working at home gets an eyeful. by MajesticDeepin  Gay Male05/03/044.62HOT

Chat Line Leads to More

 — Video night shows him what he never suspected. by nowiamherein  Gay Male08/01/024.49

Bi Friends: By Accident? By Design?

 — Girlfriend arranges a taste test. by 99PercentStraightin  Group Sex07/08/024.00

Curious: The Beginning

 — A straight guy goes looking. by sub5000in  Gay Male03/03/024.28

Three's Perfect for a First-Time

 — A mind-blowing first with two great guys. by jay6877in  Gay Male05/29/014.46

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