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Babylon Ch. 01

 — Jennifer meets an old friend and starts a journey. by darkmaasin  BDSM10/09/174.26

Kristin Continued Ch. 03

 — The Vestal Virgin completes training. by Carole99in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/06/174.85HOT

Enlightenment Ch. 01

 — He shows me the light. by EvilLittleWolfin  BDSM01/14/153.96

Bad Girl, Kim

 — Training a young wife to be a good submissive. by canemontin  BDSM09/16/143.98

The Submissive

 — Training to become a submissive. by RMHLTFCin  BDSM02/02/143.64

A New Pet Ch. 02

 — A new pet is tested. by YesSir32in  BDSM01/26/143.83

Do-Me Sub

 — A Mistress sets out to convert a “do-me sub”. by ted_subbyin  BDSM01/08/134.42

Charlotte's Story Ch. 01

 — I begin my path to submission. by charlottesbedin  BDSM08/13/114.36

The Training of a Young Submissive Ch. 16

 — Punishment. by RoughWriterin  BDSM05/14/114.40

Daddy Knows Best!

 — Daddy inspects his babygirl before their trip. by InConCvaBullin  BDSM09/27/104.02

Summer Home Delivery Ch. 03

 — Sarah's training starts. by PhantomOfMoonlightin  BDSM12/11/093.79

Introduction to Master Ch. 02

 — Her education continues. by vlawin  BDSM10/18/094.25

Babygirl: Origins - The Proposal

 — An offer she can't refuse, but more than she bargained for. by babygirlsmasterin  BDSM08/07/094.25

Sweet One

 — She was His gift - to teach and to train. by Victoria_2001_02769in  BDSM05/02/094.47


 — Tests to be accepted for training. by WFEATHERin  BDSM03/25/093.96

The Baptism of a Slut

 — Alison begins her training. by SplendidSpunkin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/30/094.03

Tied Ch. 02

 — a sub's training continues. by moonintheDarkin  BDSM01/26/094.39

Bruce's Backyard Ch. 01

 — Bruce begins arduous training of his new sub Lori. by DangerousCurvzin  BDSM06/26/084.34

Out of Control Ch. 05

 — Cheyenne continues her training. by rockbohunkin  BDSM01/24/084.42

Sara's Training Ch. 02

 — Sara, Andi and the security guards. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Interracial Love11/18/074.42

Angela's Education

 — Their relationship must progress or end. by Xantuin  BDSM10/06/074.53HOT

The Brothel Ch. 10

 — Submission training. by sherryjonesin  BDSM10/02/074.55HOT

Red, Red, Red

 — A Master starts to teach a new couple. by Valiantin  BDSM09/15/074.16

For My Master’s Pleasure

 — He's strict, but not unkind. by jp67bluein  BDSM08/20/073.26

Please Let Me Love You - Lesson 01

 — Her training begins. by junejunein  Text With Audio07/31/073.48

The Training of Rose Ch. 01

 — When young woman gets lost, her new life begins. by Pandora33103in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/23/074.16

Nights in Black Satin Ch. 01

 — She's learning to please him, one painful lesson at a time. by katgirl_23in  BDSM03/13/074.08

Seduction of Suriah Ch. 01

 — Will He help her become who she wants to be? by skittles_lmin  BDSM03/09/074.17

Me and My Master: First Lesson

 — She waits for you to train her. by Slave_Zoein  Fetish03/08/074.11

Training Day Ch. 01

 — Spoiled woman begins to learn the joy of submission. by Anophelesin  BDSM12/16/064.00

Teaching Lynn Ch. 02

 — The story continues as Lynn's training heats up. by Bayoububbain  BDSM12/02/064.52HOT

Sex Academy Ch. 01

 — Coed sex student prepares for night out with her Master. by adia_23in  BDSM10/21/064.19

Joe and Sue Ch. 05

 — A submissive makes her choice, by windwriterin  BDSM10/20/064.35

Exploring Tabbi Ch. 03

 — Tabbi learns to obey her teacher. by Teacher4Tin  BDSM08/07/063.95

Schooling Ch. 03

 — Young Victoria learns further lessons in submission. by VGracenin  BDSM05/19/064.32

Sweet Whore Ch. 01-03

 — The training and use of a sweet whore. by jadeangelin  BDSM04/30/063.98

Brendi Lyn Ch. 03

 — Brendi meets Amanda & their training continues. by dark suenosin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/13/064.25

Early Training

 — She recalls the early days of her training. by lilsubalexin  BDSM01/07/064.20

Den of Iniquity Ch. 02

 — Roger returns & witnesses a flogging. by Sir_Nathanin  BDSM12/27/034.69HOT

Seduced into BDSM Ch. 01

 — Young woman gets a peek. by Bibliophilein  BDSM11/06/034.50HOT

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