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How to Orally Pleasure a Man

 — Give a nice satisfying blowjob while using hands. by Intelligentfunguyin  How To01/12/174.30

Michael Ch. 06

 — The guys from the parking lot pay Michael and Louisa a visit. by HotLouisain  Group Sex09/19/134.41

My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

 — Three way sex between two bisexual women and a guy. by SapphicSexArtin  Group Sex06/21/134.38

Your Blowjob

 — Letter telling how much I miss your blowjobs. by mr_sexybeastin  Letters & Transcripts05/28/134.10

Sabrina Becomes Daddy's Girl

 — Sabrina becomes her Step Father's Sex toy! by sexy_mama_09in  Incest/Taboo04/14/114.12

Wife Fantasy

 — What I want my wife to do. by Okole83in  Loving Wives08/18/103.47

How To Enjoy Fellatio

 — Giving head: it's easier than you may think. by nancylondonin  How To05/04/074.55HOT

Your Turn

 — Marie takes her turn at being in charge. by DaveAMin  BDSM08/26/054.06

Peeping on Jennifer Ch. 02

 — Sister's antics get her watched. by JRobin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/04/054.34

The McGuffin

 — Assume the worst. Always assume the worst. by Mysti Foxin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/02/053.77

Bobby Wants It In His Butt!

 — They have nasty talk and nasty sex. by justin grimbolin  Anal12/12/042.36

Fucked By Candy

 — He's losing his virginity. by ixAELxiin  First Time12/06/043.70

Dream Come True

 — Her dream of steamy sex with coworker comes true. by Novacainein  Romance11/25/043.69

My Brother Kevin

 — Girl & her brother experiment with oral sex. by litpervgrrlin  Incest/Taboo10/31/044.12


 — Crack whore gets hers filled. by thick9in  Erotic Horror09/14/044.26

Dead Heat: Shattered Hearts Ch. 06

 — The showdown. by velvetpiein  Interracial Love07/11/044.62HOT

The Bet

 — A wager between lovers takes a turn for the best. by wingwagonin  Erotic Couplings05/02/044.38

The Anal King

 — Black man conquers asses of all size. by Asslvr84in  Anal03/10/043.56

My Night With Avril Lavigne!

 — Avril Lavigne gets some time alone with The Legend. by The Legendin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/18/042.34

Blow-Job Contest

 — Male stripper gets more than a tip. by jaybeerulesin  Group Sex12/20/034.30

She Pleases Him

 — sub has date with new Dom. by cthomasin  Fetish12/19/034.47

Valerie’s Payment

 — Valerie is used to pay a debt. by poisoned_monkeyin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/15/034.03

Anal Sex Ch. 03

 — Anally fucked by two teachers. by fox-for-funin  Gay Male11/27/033.68

The Handy Man Ch. 01

 — Fun with the handy man. by lesserknowengoddessin  Erotic Couplings07/22/033.86

Musical Chairs

 — A party game for adults. by Mantodeausin  Group Sex06/21/034.33

Love Thy Neighbor

 — Tale of two married neighbors in an affair. by barbinxsin  Novels and Novellas05/22/034.13


 — He catches sis having fun on webcam and joins in. by powderpinkangelin  Incest/Taboo04/30/034.47

Desire Rules Ch. 01

 — Slave learns lessons of love from his Mistress. by mz_treatzin  BDSM04/18/034.03

Sherri's Secret Ch. 01

 — Truth cums out about wife's interracial lust. by DerickXin  Interracial Love04/16/034.34

Lady at the Mall

 — A sophisticated woman looses control at the mall. by Andy5vin  Mind Control04/09/034.16

Keith & I

 — What two friends do while their wives are out of town. by Sugarbaby1966in  Gay Male02/10/034.36

A Jazzy Thang

 — A musical night ends in a wild anal threesome. by AGrownAzzManin  Anal01/12/033.86

First and Long

 — Doubting size leads to new experience. by cannon13in  Gay Male11/30/024.27

My Curious Encounter with Scott

 — He never thought He'd be attracted to a man. by .Mattin  Gay Male10/20/024.19

A Blow Job for Brother William

 — Sexually frustrated minister's wife sucks Brother William. by Spankxin  Erotic Couplings09/04/024.03

A Weekend in the Big Apple

 — Small-town horny girl has wild weekend. by Spankxin  Group Sex04/22/023.56


 — Shy accountant takes control of fitness instructor. by jakkinmdin  Erotic Couplings04/13/023.95

Perverted Old Men Ch. 2

 — She meet his nephew Henry. by bospupin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/09/024.34

Adventures of the J.A.P. Episode 2 Ch. 2

 — More details about the proceding chapter. by Femk9frndin  BDSM01/02/024.33

A Dog's Life

 — Woman's life has gone to the dogs. by Tallusin  BDSM01/02/023.94

Cumming Home

 — A trucker's fantasy comes true. by Hornytruckerin  Loving Wives11/23/013.65


 — Girlfriend brings a surprise cocksucker. by joeuser691in  Group Sex10/30/014.46

My Friend's Dad & My Lover Ch. 2

 — Jenny catches Dad in a compromising position. by Hotty0919in  Incest/Taboo10/28/014.28

Sister's Milk

 — Dalton discovers that his sister Dahlia is a hot number. by SexySecretaryin  Incest/Taboo09/08/014.00

Doing the Naughty on the Night Shift Ch. 2

 — He initiates revenge. by PtTgrsin  Loving Wives09/01/014.23

The Prostitute

 — Josh loses his virginity to a young prostitute. by Bones Malonein  Erotic Couplings08/28/014.09

How The "Sweet Throat" Thing Began...Ch. 1

 — How she earned the nickname. by sweet throat(f)in  Incest/Taboo07/07/013.96

Three Men, One Girl

 — Men roughly take a college girl in the country. by artificialbeatnikin  Group Sex07/07/014.12

Journal of an Agent Ch. 08

 — Journey back to the past diary of Dean's father. by carnagejacksonin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/29/014.23

The Ring

 — FBI investigates a prostitution ring in a prep school. by stosh79_00in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/24/013.33

First Gloryhole Suck

 — His initiation into the giving end of fellatio. by Peteoralin  Gay Male05/20/014.33

It's Been So Long

 — Brother and sister revisit the past. by bakerdanin  Incest/Taboo02/08/014.01

The Booth Ch. 1

 — Curious man tries other men. by C_Dukein  Gay Male01/13/014.17

Three is a Wonderful Number

 — He talks about his best friend Bill. by I69luvu22in  Gay Male12/23/004.02

Rough Trade

 — Wife enjoys a Jacuzzi full of men. by Wife Watcherin  Loving Wives10/17/003.66

Physical, Fun?

 — Hot nurse teaches Tom to enjoy his exam. by SM402in  Erotic Couplings10/08/004.18

Alabama Days

 — Man takes revenge on status-obsessed girlfriend. by Big Cigarin  Erotic Couplings10/08/003.63

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