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Into the Vampire's Harem Ch. 02

 — Kerdia's training and first clients. by AlexClaytonin  NonHuman08/15/154.66HOT

Into the Vampire's Harem Ch. 01

 — Kerdia gives herself to a Vampire Lord. by AlexClaytonin  NonHuman08/14/154.55HOT

Angel of Daddy

 — She comes to terms with her father's impending death. by chocolatecookie3in  Incest/Taboo03/10/134.02

Finding Meridian Ch. 25

 — Does Love Last or Die? Conclusion. by Meridian13in  NonHuman04/07/114.79HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 24

 — Death and Fear of Loss. by Meridian13in  NonHuman04/06/114.73HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 23

 — Life Continues On by Meridian13in  NonHuman12/28/104.69HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 22

 — The Beginning of Families. by Meridian13in  NonHuman12/21/104.70HOT

Demon Whorehouse Transformation

 — A demon's bimbo faces off against a gargoyle's bitch. by darkheathyrin  Erotic Horror10/10/104.33

Finding Meridian Ch. 21

 — Early arrivals and a premonition comes true. by Meridian13in  NonHuman05/30/104.73HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 20

 — The battle begins. by Meridian13in  NonHuman03/31/104.65HOT

Forgotten Ch. 01

 — Michellle is abandoned by her pack and finds love. by ladyofdark1981in  NonHuman03/21/104.51HOT

Dark Dreams Ch. 09

 — Circe frustrated with her attempts recruits more. by Acalin  NonHuman03/03/104.58HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 19

 — Arrivals. by Meridian13in  NonHuman02/27/104.69HOT

Lupine Mountain Ch. 04

 — Closer encounters. by wiccanluvr1988in  NonHuman02/04/104.56HOT

Mirror Glass

 — An antique mirror makes strange things happen. by DreamerOnein  Gay Male01/29/104.73HOT

Deadly Sins Ch. 04: Lust

 — Thane meets his mate...but she's forbidden. by LoveBird1929in  NonHuman01/29/104.70HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 18

 — Transit and Trouble. by Meridian13in  NonHuman01/21/104.74HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 05

 — A dying race. by tilliscreamin  NonHuman01/16/104.69HOT

Katie Joins the Sisterhood

 — Vampires' victim learns the mysteries of Astrid's coven. by Abdulbentherein  Erotic Horror01/15/103.43

Forever Owned Ch. 01

 — A mysterious vigilante has two brief encounters. by JDTWin  Novels and Novellas01/12/104.38

Blood Moon Ch. 07

 — Finale: sex, a fight, and a promise. by secretlover222in  NonHuman01/10/104.60HOT

Deadly Sins Ch. 03: Lust

 — Thane meets his mate...but she's forbidden. by LoveBird1929in  NonHuman01/04/104.70HOT

Haunted Prey Ch. 13

 — Brethren Series: Installment III. by purefirein  NonHuman01/02/104.79HOT

Lost Angels Ch. 03

 — The angel of death is closing in. by Ikayin  Erotic Horror01/02/104.67

Blood Moon Ch. 05

 — Starting and ending...or not? by secretlover222in  NonHuman01/01/104.57HOT

Midnight: Vision

 — An illustrated vision in this Midnight Chain Story. by Middleagepoetin  Chain Stories12/30/093.82

Crescent Moon Star Ch. 02

 — A Felioness finds her mates and more. by Asymbiiin  NonHuman12/27/094.30

Demetrius Ch. 31

 — Negotiating barriers and other obstacles. by KirkEdwardsin  Novels and Novellas12/25/094.59HOT


 — A lucky lover gets an unexpected visitor. by Crissaegrimin  NonHuman12/24/094.11

Deadly Sins Ch. 01: Lust

 — Thane meets his mate...but she's forbidden. by LoveBird1929in  NonHuman12/14/094.68HOT

Haunted Prey Ch. 10

 — Brethren Series: Installment III by purefirein  NonHuman12/12/094.73HOT

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 10

 — Things start to get tense in the house. by yesmasterin  NonHuman12/11/094.20

Crossing Moon Ch. 06

 — ...Of the heart and blood. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman12/09/094.54HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 17

 — A rewind as they prepare for the island. by Meridian13in  NonHuman12/06/094.65HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 16

 — Bye bye love. by Meridian13in  NonHuman11/23/094.68HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 15

 — Powerful but not invincible. by Meridian13in  NonHuman11/22/094.66HOT

A Gypsy's Tale Ch. 07

 — Things heat up. by Ladytiger199in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/09/094.53HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 14

 — Let the training begin. by Meridian13in  NonHuman11/01/094.66HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 13

 — The healing of old wounds. by Meridian13in  NonHuman10/26/094.73HOT

Demetrius Ch. 26

 — "Take a Walk on the Wild Side..." by KirkEdwardsin  Novels and Novellas10/10/094.74HOT

Finding Meridian Ch. 10

 — When vampire mating goes bad. by Meridian13in  NonHuman10/09/094.66HOT

A Walk in the Woods

 — Aaron & Marcy go for a walk but are the woods truly haunted? by jayellfieldsin  Erotic Couplings10/09/094.07

Ben'hamin Ch. 09

 — A lengthy, complex debate of many items from their pasts... by NymzanSusaurenin  Gay Male10/02/094.46

All Horror's Eve

 — The prophecy can't be right. Can it? by Jenny_Jacksonin  Erotic Horror10/01/094.27

A Pleasant Fright

 — A taste of the forbidden: an ambitious girl and her cousin. by Bianca_Sommerlandin  Incest/Taboo10/01/094.02

Hunters Ch. 01

 — In the dark of the night, the prey also stalks. by Falcinatorin  NonHuman09/29/094.50HOT

Inheritance Ch. 02

 — Trent learns more about his ring. by Nox661in  Mind Control09/27/094.50HOT

A Creole Princess

 — The story of a Creole Princess Vampire. by Blondie2187in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/24/093.87


 — A dom and a wiccan. by Acalin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/19/094.08

Black Magic

 — Female demon gives Tim a good ride, until... by ctemplein  Erotic Horror09/13/093.46

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 07

 — Lisa becomes a slave to a ghost and a mortal woman. by yesmasterin  NonHuman09/10/094.39

Connor Thomas Ch. 04

 — Connor meets a vampire. by reverendaholicin  NonHuman09/09/094.51HOT

Golden Keeper Ch. 11

 — When Light means Darkness. by Marionein  NonHuman08/09/094.65HOT

Feral Ch. 01

 — Wolf Girl finds her way. by theDuskyGirlin  NonHuman08/06/094.67HOT

Freedom of Flight Ch. 05

 — Yay - shopping and fighting. by whitesabretoothin  NonHuman08/06/094.82HOT

Demetrius Ch. 16

 — A day at the racetrack. by KirkEdwardsin  Novels and Novellas07/30/094.67HOT

Ghost of a Chance

 — A meek man gains confidence - with a little invisible help. by CaptainKirkin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/28/094.59HOT

Demetrius Ch. 15

 — New life comes from shedding old skins. by KirkEdwardsin  Novels and Novellas07/24/094.65HOT

Daybreak Ch. 15

 — Goodbye. by purefirein  NonHuman07/24/094.55HOT

Blood Bonds Pt. 11

 — Battles and betrayals. by phoenixphairin  NonHuman07/23/094.85HOT

Found: The Story of Tatum and AJ Ch. 02

 — Tatum discovers AJ knows more than he lets on. by PinkPrincessCassin  NonHuman07/20/094.65HOT

Daybreak Ch. 14

 — Battle. by purefirein  NonHuman07/17/094.71HOT

Dragon Prince

 — Married to a stranger - maybe not even human. by dragonceltin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/17/094.68HOT

Found: The Story of Tatum and AJ Ch. 01

 — A sexy stranger lures Tatum into a dirty, romantic affair. by PinkPrincessCassin  NonHuman07/16/094.21

Night Eternal Ch. 06

 — Ryan and Coby Forever; Coby brings Ryan home. by JoshuaGlynnin  Gay Male07/11/094.75HOT

Nicoletta Ch. 02

 — Alessandro explains how and why she has come to be in his be. by jesstoyouin  NonHuman07/10/094.66HOT

Love Can Save the World Ch. 04

 — He's here hiding from evil and finds his soulmate. by AshiraDatyain  Novels and Novellas07/07/094.44

Fire Ch. 09

 — There's no place like home. by Enithermonin  NonHuman07/07/094.80HOT

Daybreak Ch. 12

 — A meeting. by purefirein  NonHuman07/03/094.75HOT

Crossing Moon Ch. 01

 — Where humans and wolves collide... by Jayleen88in  NonHuman06/27/094.49

Daybreak Ch. 10

 — Every plan has a setback. by purefirein  NonHuman06/19/094.74HOT

Night Eternal Ch. 03

 — Family Business; Coby gets a new job. by JoshuaGlynnin  Gay Male06/14/094.61HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 15

 — Chaos comes to a head, while some lose theirs. by I_Shadowin  NonHuman06/13/094.75HOT

Daybreak Ch. 09

 — Danger. by purefirein  NonHuman06/12/094.68HOT

A Love to Die For

 — A vampire brings Cassie pure pleasure and true love. by kelkel79in  NonHuman06/11/094.03

Daybreak Ch. 08

 — Knowledge can lead to bliss. by purefirein  NonHuman06/05/094.73HOT

Night Eternal Ch. 02

 — Training; the transformation begins. by JoshuaGlynnin  Gay Male05/31/094.60HOT

A Figment of My Own Imagination

 — Camping will never been the same again. by Many Feathersin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/30/094.45


 — A tale of prostitution, violence, blood and demon hunting! by sandalphonin  Erotic Horror05/26/093.75

Flowers of the Sapphire Moon Ch. 02

 — There is no escape from the strange cave. by MetaXerxesin  NonHuman05/19/094.29

Immortal Ch. 06

 — Elizabeth's transformation. by life_is_a_dancein  NonHuman05/14/094.76HOT

Molly Meets the Baron

 — A woman who survived a vampire's bite meets a Voudoo god. by Abdulbentherein  Erotic Horror04/30/094.00

Friends and Foes Ch. 11

 — Family secrets revealed. by ingarlmin  NonHuman04/25/094.79HOT

Gypsy Designs Ch. 14

 — Damone begins his subtle attack on Gypsy. by I_Shadowin  NonHuman04/17/094.77HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 04

 — Things aren't always what they seem. by tilliscreamin  NonHuman04/15/094.69HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 03

 — Getting to know each other better. by tilliscreamin  NonHuman04/06/094.59HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 02

 — Finding a name means complications. by tilliscreamin  NonHuman04/03/094.57HOT

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 05

 — Her visitors play rougher than before, or is it just a dream. by yesmasterin  NonHuman04/03/094.33

Alpha Protection Ch. 01

 — Woman found by Alpha's brother. by tilliscreamin  NonHuman03/27/094.55HOT


 — Her end. by WFEATHERin  NonHuman03/27/094.09

A Vampire's Prey Thing

 — Caught walking home alone, she's sexed by a vampire. by eroticaromancein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/15/094.16

Freedom of Flight

 — Kidnapped!! by whitesabretoothin  NonHuman03/13/094.77HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 05

 — Later that day... by cricketmusein  NonHuman03/11/094.77HOT

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 04

 — Edward and Albert's attentions get more frantic. by yesmasterin  NonHuman03/10/094.29

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 03

 — Edward brings a friend to play. by yesmasterin  NonHuman03/07/094.07

Desire of The White Wolf

 — BBW falls for a man who's part wolf. by justboycrazyin  NonHuman03/07/093.61

Friends and Foes Ch. 03

 — Their meeting brings unexpected news. by ingarlmin  NonHuman03/07/094.70HOT

Howl Ch. 02

 — They get to know each other intimately. by DiMSuMoRein  Interracial Love03/05/094.74HOT

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 10

 — The Grand Feast. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman02/27/094.55HOT

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 01

 — While husband's at work, she hears ghostly voice behind her. by yesmasterin  NonHuman08/05/054.00

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