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Getting Back to Normal

 — James comes home to a surprise that will change his life. by Coconut_Joein  Incest/Taboo06/21/154.24

Fun on the Class Trip Ch. 02

 — Using Emma's mouth on the bus. by firebird68in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/02/154.20

Hair Today

 — Young man gets an unusual job offer. by 0ra11yfix8edin  Toys & Masturbation03/10/154.25

Futanari Academy Vol. 01

 — Teachers and Twinks. by DesoulTalesin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/07/154.96HOT

Goodbye, Miss Granger Ch. 10

 — Muck-up day - Jeannie goes on a thrill ride. by blin18in  Novels and Novellas03/03/154.83HOT

Goddess and Miss Jasmine Pt. 01

 — A vanilla white teacher is reintroduced to the world of Black. by CopyCat13in  BDSM02/21/154.04

Gillian Joins the Club Ch. 03

 — Professor Gillian gets instruction from the boys. by BeccaBonnorin  Group Sex02/19/154.61HOT

He Said / She Said Ch. 01-03

 — Lives are changed as the unthinkable occurs. by ajinomotoin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/18/153.78

Gillian Joins the Club Ch. 01

 — They need money. Gillian is their best asset. by BeccaBonnorin  Loving Wives02/17/154.35

Good Boy

 — Should she ask for help with a different problem? by 3x23in  Mature02/06/154.34

Goddess Lilith

 — A vicious Mother takes control at home. by JmtGryphonin  Incest/Taboo01/04/152.94

Fucking Ms. Miller

 — A high school teacher is used by her student. by babs103in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/08/144.09

Fucking the School Slut Ch. 01

 — I watch a girl being fucked then meet her in my class. by ericrodman101in  Group Sex08/28/143.55

Goddess of the Moon

 — A young Muslim girl's first time with her English teacher. by KierHardyin  First Time07/10/144.32

Fun with Teacher Ch. 02

 — Taylor learns how to please her teacher. by MsTeacherin  Erotic Couplings05/26/144.42

Fun with Teacher Ch. 01

 — She needed to be put in her place. by MsTeacherin  Erotic Couplings05/24/144.25

French Exchange Part Deux

 — Miss V and me, among others. by ilikeithot6308in  Mature05/11/144.78HOT

Good Student No. 01

 — Being the "cool" teacher can get you into trouble. by bieber_gomez_lovechilein  Lesbian Sex03/10/144.45

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 09

 — Finale... For now. by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love02/02/144.64HOT

Hallway Princess

 — Divorced woman is seduced by former high school teacher. by CamScorpin  Lesbian Sex12/02/133.88

Give me an A

 — An innocent student gets special help from her professor. by PrincessS85in  First Time10/11/134.43

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 08

 — Overloading... by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love04/02/134.67HOT

Grandma was a Teacher

 — A grandma/grandson story. by Momsthebossin  Incest/Taboo03/07/134.39

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 01

 — Ginger takes on a new job and loses control. by GingerVyein  NonConsent/Reluctance02/27/133.96

Fucked by the Professor

 — 19 year old woman gets fucked by her college Professor. by mars47in  Erotic Couplings01/17/133.30

French Teacher Nylon Tease Ch. 02

 — High school teacher needs to get laid by her students. by fanofpantyhosein  Fetish09/20/124.37

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 07

 — Dr. Winston loosens up on Ellie... by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love07/29/124.70HOT

Game Over with Prof Davis

 — Cheerleaders deal with a game loss. by tabberin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/29/124.43


 — What happens when forgiveness isn't an option? by double_entendrein  Non-Erotic07/17/124.21

Friendship Ch. 02

 — Lauren and Anna are told to fix their behaviours. by susannahtowersin  BDSM07/02/124.23

Gameday for Prof. Davis

 — Cheerleader helps Teacher gets ready for the game. by tabberin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/18/124.46

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 06

 — Marcus has a... date? by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love03/11/124.74HOT

Graduation Day

 — Teacher gives her student a special graduation present. by MaryGirardin  Erotic Couplings01/24/124.13

Gray Matter

 — Her former high school teacher. by Precursorin  First Time01/05/123.69

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 05

 — Trouble ahead for the forbidden lovers. by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love01/01/124.70HOT

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 04

 — A risky change of scenery... by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love12/31/114.81HOT

Golden Rules

 — Ready for University, Gabriella is in for a big, wet surprise! by peemypantiesin  Fetish12/01/114.29

Getting the Grade

 — Student needs help getting a better grade from a teacher. by polishprincess7in  Erotic Couplings11/06/114.06

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 03

 — First date surprise. by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love09/30/114.63HOT

Good Student Ch. 02

 — Pregnant teacher needs more of him. by lovingfingersin  Fetish09/19/114.54HOT

Good Student

 — Busty teacher seduces an eager young man. by lovingfingersin  First Time09/08/114.47

Fuck, This Girl... Ch. 02

 — Ellie and Mr. Hillman get more intimate... by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love09/03/114.70HOT

Fuck, This Girl...

 — Teacher struggles with his feelings for the Dean's daughter. by MrsStealyoMan24in  Interracial Love08/25/114.54HOT

Having Faith! Ch. 01

 — Sexy Mrs Neville, blackmailed for the thing they all want! by LEATBTin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/04/114.21

Girls Camp! Day 01

 — Outdoor instructor is the best possible guide. by mind_sexin  Erotic Couplings03/23/114.25

From Teacher to Mistress of Dungeon

 — A student falls for his teacher and gets femdom in a dungeon. by xperia2995in  BDSM02/20/114.05

Fucking My Teacher Ch. 01

 — He does his hot teacher. by mrswalshin  Erotic Couplings01/20/113.49

He Taught Italian

 — A professor and grad student have a hot classroom encounter. by cupcakesandcumin  Erotic Couplings01/07/113.72

Getting Fucked by Teacher Ch. 01

 — Hot teacher fucks her biggest and hottest students. by hornyhausfrauin  Group Sex12/30/103.26

Grapes O' Wrath Ch. 02

 — DeeDee spies something wild. by Stardog Championin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/06/104.61HOT

Grapes O' Wrath Ch. 01

 — Drama builds on the faculty. by Stardog Championin  Mature12/05/104.24

From Essays to Ecstasy

 — A student's move into the lives of a teacher and her husband. by brandain  First Time07/29/104.10

Hatchette Ch. 02

 — Roku pleasures herself in The Mosh. by Ducheauin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/104.33

Hatchette Ch. 01

 — Roku is disciplined by the Matron. by Ducheauin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/16/104.16

Gym Class Punishment

 — A gym teacher teaches her one hell of a lesson. by MKEguyin  Erotic Couplings04/18/103.43

Hairy University Ch. 02

 — Gladys the Grey teaches class. by motleymorganin  Group Sex02/18/104.44

Graduation Night Bloopers

 — Avoiding pregnancy is difficult when friends come togehter. by Tess_Stevensin  First Time02/15/104.07

Fourth Period English: Ms. Thompson

 — Ms. Thompson has assigned me detention. by dtatheizanin  Mature01/18/103.36

Friday Night

 — An English teacher is caught in a compromising position. by secret_ohin  Erotic Couplings01/17/104.66HOT

Fuck Me in the Asana

 — A yoga teacher bends over backwards for a student's cock. by Graf_Severinin  Erotic Couplings12/31/094.07

Fucking Dr. Wood

 — Erica seduces one of her professors. by oldemanin  Erotic Couplings09/21/090.00

Graduation Goodbye

 — You come to visit my classroom after the ceremony. by hafnium10in  Erotic Couplings03/13/094.12

Gnarly Toes

 — She had such nasty feet that they were beautiful. by mick60ain  Fetish01/28/093.57

Gilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 04

 — Rory & Paris put on a show for Ms. Peters, who flirts back by patricia51in  Celebrities01/07/094.53HOT

Gilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 03

 — Rory & Paris hide out, and make out, in the library. by patricia51in  Celebrities12/13/084.61HOT

Getting Ahead

 — Cock-sucking student surprises her teacher. by SlightlyDivinein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/08/084.28

Good Grades Get Rewards Ch. 01

 — A struggling student gets a surprising proposal. by tommcgeein  Erotic Couplings09/29/084.15

Gray Film

 — Two young lovers escape to New York for some private fun. by Raehnyin  Romance09/21/082.67

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 04

 — Someone unexpected helps Trisha out. by HiddenDevil_in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/12/084.54HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 03

 — Trisha is forced into some more extra credit. by HiddenDevil_in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/01/084.55HOT

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 02

 — Trisha is late to class. by HiddenDevil_in  First Time08/31/084.64HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 09

 — All good things come to an end, or do they? by SylviaGin  Mature05/10/084.73HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 08

 — A spanking for Gillian. by SylviaGin  Mature05/08/084.43

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 07

 — Was Gillian just a dare for Pete? by SylviaGin  Mature05/06/084.67HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 06

 — More dares; a student with an upskirt video of Gillian. by SylviaGin  Mature05/06/084.56HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 05

 — Don't you want to spunk in your teacher's mouth? by SylviaGin  Mature05/03/084.49

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 04

 — The dare game continues, & a school teacher talks dirty. by SylviaGin  Mature05/01/084.58HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 03

 — Pete gets his teacher into bed. by SylviaGin  Mature04/29/084.33

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 02

 — Gillian and Pete get close. by SylviaGin  Mature04/27/084.38

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 01

 — A schoolteacher, an 18-year-old schoolboy, & a dare game. by SylviaGin  Mature04/26/084.18

Happy Birthday, Baby New Year

 — Student and teacher wait until she's 18 to consummate affair. by Irinin  First Time04/21/084.17

Gym Teachers Want to Play, Too

 — Big black gym teacher offers herself to big white jock. by Archer2050in  Interracial Love02/02/084.48

Hayden Panettiere: Put in her Place

 — Hayden meets an Older Man online... by Nojin  Celebrities01/24/084.45

French THIS!

 — Teacher masturbates in diner with student. by LitEroCatin  Toys & Masturbation12/11/074.26

French Frolics Ch. 02

 — Male teacher is held captive by three female pupils. by Pussyriderin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/28/074.45

French Frolics Ch. 01

 — A male teacher is taken by surprise by a pupil. by Pussyriderin  Erotic Couplings09/20/074.11

Greg's Cum Laude

 — Greg's desires find a new focus. by cashcrunchin  Interracial Love08/10/074.71HOT

Further Education

 — He just couldn't wait anymore. by Mystique_Mavenin  Mature08/04/074.25


 — A student gives a present to the teacher. by Baxter72in  Erotic Couplings07/17/074.22

Getting Good Marks

 — How she teased her teacher. by kinkyjillin  Erotic Couplings06/17/074.39

Four for Teacher

 — After school projects between teacher and students. by likawriterin  Interracial Love03/19/074.42

Friday Night with Mr. Burke

 — Sara spends a night with teacher. by stoneypointin  Mature02/10/073.57

Getting The Grade

 — She's been wanting her prof for ages - will he ever notice? by Boojwitin  First Time12/27/063.90

Give the Student What He Wants

 — Charismatic student shows how to get straight A's. by dr_bitchin  Mind Control01/21/064.12

Good Morning, Teacher

 — Two colleagues find fun at work. by pk1729in  Erotic Couplings12/17/054.04

From Co-worker to Student Ch. 02

 — Scott gets intimate with Ann's mouth & breasts. by Innocent_Outsidein  Mature07/18/054.23

Frustrated Wife of a Ph.D. Student

 — A wild friend's idea leads to sex with a stranger. by quietheronin  Erotic Couplings04/27/054.29

Green Tea

 — Her students would be shocked!. by cygnus1976in  Erotic Couplings04/24/054.38

French Lessons

 — A reunion with a former French teacher ends in a new lesson. by starbelliedboyin  Anal04/19/054.33

Further Aggression

 — Continued encounter of older teacher & class tease. by jeeves.sounds.offin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/17/043.68

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