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tia smiled (2)tia asked (2)gene (2)tia felt (2)started thrust (1)tia began (1)asked tia (1)sister touch (1)nipples pierced (1)g-string bikini (1)plunge back (1)dick (1)thick fingers (1)turned vibrator (1)allie felt (1)parking garage (1)back harder (1)ample body (1)allie asked (1)anal beads (1)dick head (1)felt good (1)head mouth (1)large frame (1)tee shirt (1)danny cried (1)video taping (1)reached caressed (1)roy (1)andre (1)wearing collar (1)cum (1)damn thought (1)happen weekend (1)toll (1)working cock (1)hands knees (1)brown nipples (1)gabe (1)wife fucked (1)put back (1)fucked face (1)hopped bed (1)side bed (1)opened lips (1)tongue entered (1)vibrator still (1)jeff (1)love fuck (1)entered mouth (1)pulled end (1)tony lap (1)shoes stockings (1)inch long (1)toes mouth (1)dick soft (1)hole tongue (1)good shape (1)rock hard (1)ass cheeks (1)enormous cock (1)ordered pitcher (1)toll booth (1)allie (1)deep inside (1)special moment (1)fuck danny (1)reached bag (1)licked sucked (1)arms legs (1)turned sex (1)ass pussy (1)cock body (1)bed (1)cum deep (1)pale pink (1)car pool (1)answer door (1)felt knife (1)pussy made (1)cock jumped (1)cock (1)mouth feeling (1)smooth skin (1)put blindfold (1)single word (1)cabana boy (1)conversation turned (1)loud moan (1)reach orgasm (1)tiny bikini (1)pulled towel (1)feel load (1)bad boy (1)simone (1)phil (1)loose fitting (1)left hand (1)margarita walked (1)make beg (1)life forms (1)climbed back (1)naked underneath (1)tiffany moved (1)sat staring (1)stood awkwardly (1)head tony (1)danny cock (1)tia sat (1)work today (1)mouth neal (1)leaned whispered (1)wash cloth (1)hotel room (1)space station (1)girl college (1)cock phil (1)gene hand (1)tia wanted (1)ray lisa (1)leg began (1)asked phil (1)head swelled (1)dick throat (1)paul tony (1)tia knew (1)gene eyes (1)stream white (1)head swelling (1)orgasm tony (1)dick remained (1)tia gene (1)experience women (1)starting flow (1)danny stood (1)guys tony (1)phil cock (1)dick rock (1)splash cum (1)gabe asked (1)hear phil (1)tia looked (1)butt plug (1)front michael (1)call rob (1)finger inside (1)lisa home (1)

The Mermaid

The lovely Tia finally gets fucked.

Erotic Couplings 05/10/2005

AI Lust

A solitary space explorer falls for his holo companion.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/30/2005

Sister, Sister Ep. 02

Tamera is rudely interrupted by Tia.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 01/19/2005

A Reunion To Remember

He gets head in a limo.

Erotic Couplings 11/16/2004

Allie's New Life Ch. 03

The continuation of her sexual awaking.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/27/2004

Two For Tia

Couple fulfills fantasy of another women.

Loving Wives 01/09/2004

Teacher Learns A Lesson

College guy takes sexy older professor.

NonConsent/Reluctance 10/11/2003

The Horse

Tia, the slut, rides.

BDSM 12/22/2002

Michael's 40th Birthday

She gives her husband the birthday present of his life.

BDSM 11/17/2002

Party of Five

Curiosity turns into orgy after wild night of partying.

Group Sex 06/03/2002

Capturing The Boss Ch. 2

Lady succeeds in capture, moves on to fun.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/19/2002

Capturing The Boss Ch. 1

Lady kidnaps her boss in his bedroom.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/09/2002

A Lot of Love

Large couple find each other via the internet.

Interracial Love 05/12/2001

The Shared Ride Ch. 3

The ride gets harder & wetter.

Group Sex 04/10/2001

The Shared Ride Ch. 2

Carpooling foursome plays a new game.

Group Sex 04/05/2001

The Shared Ride

Carpooling can be fun.

Group Sex 04/01/2001


Tia and Haz play in Mexico.

Erotic Couplings 01/01/2001

Jamiaca Crazy

They spend anniversary at Club Hedonism.

Loving Wives 12/17/2000
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