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Fortnight in Utopia: Day 10

 — The group bonds; Leifang professes her love. by pacifist91win  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/11/145.00

Fortnight in Utopia: Day 08

 — Aquamarine! by pacifist91win  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/05/143.00

Bi-Curious Wife's Fulfilled Fantasy

 — Tina's first time with another woman. by GC66in  Group Sex12/01/124.14

George and Tina

 — Older man finds unexpected true love with an 18-year-old girl. by GC66in  Mature09/30/124.30

Confidence Ch. 05

 — Jeff turns Sanjit into a cuckold. by Boratusin  Mind Control09/17/124.73HOT

Confidence Ch. 04

 — Jeff becomes the Master of three sluts. by Boratusin  Mind Control08/17/124.57HOT

Confidence Ch. 03

 — Jeff shows Ali the fun of public sex. by Boratusin  Mind Control07/12/124.75HOT

Rosie & Tina Have A Lock In

 — Rosie Webster enjoys after hours Lesbiab sex in The Rovers. by RedSox04in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/14/114.42

A Writer in Love Ch. 03

 — A secret told, a relationship forged... by Lostinmichin  Erotic Couplings07/06/114.67HOT

A Writer in Love Ch. 01

 — The journey begins.... by Lostinmichin  Erotic Couplings07/04/114.35

Sinthia Becomes a Holiday Rep Pt. 06

 — Conclusion: a happy ending, but who for? by lickablelucy23in  Romance02/12/114.64HOT

Threesome of My Dreams Ch. 02

 — He fucks his wife and her hot friend. by nochance69in  Group Sex01/05/104.47

Sinthia Becomes a Holiday Rep Pt. 03

 — Sinthia's girl on girl fun turns nasty! by lickablelucy23in  BDSM12/04/094.02

Sinthia Becomes a Holiday Rep Pt. 02

 — More girl on girl action for Sinthia. by lickablelucy23in  Lesbian Sex11/14/094.27

Talon Ch. 06

 — Final chapter; the rogue is killed, but Tina is injured. by Dark_Angel1in  NonHuman11/05/084.55HOT

01, 03: We Are Adults

 — A new relationship brings new mysteries. by Callidorain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/23/084.38

aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 02

 — Moving on to college with the Asian ladies of my life. by bluedragonauthorin  Group Sex06/25/064.68HOT

The Private World Of Uncle Joe!

 — What Uncle Joe wants, he gets. by Jack Gatesin  Incest/Taboo04/13/053.89

Fly On The Wall

 — She raises her sexlife to new heights. by DJBlaxin  Fetish01/04/054.13

Her Mother's House Ch. 02

 — Sadie's horny daughter starts to snoop. by Nipplepumpin  Incest/Taboo12/12/044.24

Her Mother's House Ch. 01

 — Dressing for her daughter's pleasure. by Nipplepumpin  Incest/Taboo12/12/044.32

Naomi's Swinging Debut: A Sequel

 — They enjoy Mike and Tina's company. by happilymarriedguyin  Group Sex12/08/044.33

One Great Night!

 — Friends get robbed, but gain something great. by fancyboy747in  Group Sex12/04/043.28

Her Mother's Black Stockings Ch. 02

 — She spies on her filthy mother. by Nipplepumpin  Incest/Taboo11/28/044.42

Her Mother's Hot Twin

 — Aunt Bev cums to visit, or vice versa. by Nipplepumpin  Incest/Taboo11/27/044.22


 — Threesomes always turn her on. by NaughtyLovein  Group Sex09/15/044.04

Paying The Piper

 — Disrespectful wife is taught to obey her hubby. by SEVERUSMAXin  BDSM09/09/044.16

Three in Bed

 — She masturbates waiting for Ray, then Tina arrives. by normadelin  Group Sex06/16/043.90

A Sweet Temptation

 — It's her first time with a woman. by sinful_temptation_4uin  Lesbian Sex04/14/043.91

Luna's Love Life Ch. 03

 — The girlfriends come to California. by Sarastroin  Novels and Novellas02/24/043.90

Luna's Love Life Ch. 02

 — Luna has a cunning plan. by Sarastroin  Novels and Novellas02/23/043.56

Luna's Love Life Ch. 01

 — Must two life-long girlfriends be parted? by Sarastroin  Novels and Novellas02/18/043.52

Dangerous Longings Ch. 06

 — The truth is revealed. by Master_Vassagoin  Erotic Horror01/05/044.41


 — Mother figure at the office makes her move. by RussH22in  Mature01/04/044.43

Coeds at Camp Ch. 03

 — Tina & Margie learn the ropes at camp. by Spenglerin  Humor & Satire11/15/034.44

Tina & Eric Ch. 01

 — A sibling feud turns into family love. by SweetLenaAngelin  Incest/Taboo07/21/034.34

Tina Finds Daniel

 — Ex s club girl goes out to dinner. by danny bin  Non-Erotic05/15/034.00

Degrees of Attraction

 — He wanted her in his bed; she made him stay. by Otzchiimin  Mind Control02/11/034.36

A Business Affair

 — Business partners find steamy sex on a road trip by The Scrumptious Onein  Erotic Couplings02/09/033.97

Helping Tina

 — Ex-doctor helps Tina Turner & is rewarded. by Dar_Jisboin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/30/034.21

Tina's Hiro

 — After five weeks in the US, Tina comes home to Hiro. by gaigirlin  Interracial Love09/14/022.87

The S Club pyjama party

 — The S clubbers girls have a pyjama party to cheer up Hannah by theflyinganvilin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/07/023.42

A Doctor's Advantage: Tina

 — He uses his position to use his friend's wife. by ForceFullin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/01/024.16

Great Gratitudes

 — Older woman rewards her young helper. by footshrimperin  Mature07/19/023.87

Tina Just Got A Job Ch. 2

 — Tina models for Black giant. by TinaEin  Interracial Love05/05/020.00

Tina Just Got A Job Ch. 1

 — Wife becomes slut at new job. by TinaEin  Interracial Love05/02/020.00

After Shift Surprise

 — Coworker gets closer to the kitchen staff. by SamStuartin  Group Sex04/05/023.63

Diary of a Sex Therapist

 — She's here to cure what ills you. by JennyWrites4Funin  Erotic Couplings03/11/024.32

Slave To Passion Ch. 2

 — Tina regains her senses. by BamaManin  BDSM01/20/024.53HOT

Thanksgiving with the In-Laws Ch. 2

 — He continues afternoon tryst with mother in law. by jmorganin  Incest/Taboo01/14/024.50HOT

Tina's Tiny Tits

 — Husband lives fantasy with his sister-in-law. by jongagein  Erotic Couplings12/19/014.32

Finger Fucking Good Ch. 2

 — Two couples share more than dinner and drinks. by firein  Loving Wives11/19/013.94

Finger Fucking Good!

 — It started innocently enough... by firein  Loving Wives11/06/013.73

The Serving Wench Ch. 1

 — Lonely wife finds satisfaction with hubby & boss. by horndog1in  Loving Wives10/08/014.31

Girlfriend's Mom

 — His girl's mom visits, with lusty results. by Ricky Tin  Mature10/06/014.02

Turning The Tables On Tina Ch. 3

 — Preparing Tina's initiation... by cristenain  BDSM08/04/014.07

Turning The Tables On Tina Ch. 2

 — Lori & Debbie strip away Tina's resistance. by cristenain  Lesbian Sex08/03/013.78

The Ring Ch. 2

 — FBI is sent in to stop the schol sex ring. by stosh79_00in  Group Sex06/09/013.35

Truth or Dare

 — Game gets wild for three lovely relatives. by nasty1in  Incest/Taboo06/03/012.90

Second Swap: Consequences

 — Sue learns about Jack & Tina, & takes revenge. by Polarbear31in  Erotic Couplings05/12/014.05

I Spy

 — Bob catches his lovely neighbor having sex. by nasty1in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/08/013.55

The Sitter Ch. 2

 — The sitter is back, & this time with another job. by stosh79_00in  Group Sex04/25/013.66

Church Encounter

 — Choir member's lust for a parishioner is returned. by Longshanksin  Erotic Couplings01/27/014.12

Tina's Boardwalk Whipping Ch. 2

 — Ned gives a spanking to naughty Maya. by Deckerin  BDSM01/17/014.15

Tina's Boardwalk Whipping Ch. 1

 — Carnie husband gives naughty wife a spanking. by Deckerin  BDSM01/16/014.04

What If...? Ch. 4

 — The two of you go shopping. by ASKMEMAYBin  Group Sex12/15/003.58

Dining In Ch. 2

 — Married Tina shares her hot afternoon fantasy. by erictonin  Loving Wives12/10/004.10

Dining In Ch. 1

 — Tina becomes more agressive. by erictonin  Erotic Couplings12/09/004.17

Mothers & Sons Ch. 2

 — Mom, daughter, & aunt share sex secrets. by Nasty Momin  Incest/Taboo10/29/004.32

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