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Lara Croft: Wrath of Freeman

 — Rematch with a baddy she thought died. by justtheonein  Celebrities08/23/154.40

Angelina’s New Assistant Ch. 01

 — Huge fan meets his idol. by KenGorein  Celebrities04/14/153.62


 — Her resemblance to Lara Croft gets her in trouble again. by justtheonein  Celebrities02/12/154.11

The Witches' Treasure

 — A kinky Tomb Raider adventure. by justtheonein  Celebrities01/29/153.85

Lara Croft: Church & Steeple

 — Paranormal investigation leads to erotic nightmare. by justtheonein  Celebrities01/29/154.00

Lara Croft: Eye of the Devil

 — Tomb Raider turns Train Raider. by justtheonein  Celebrities01/27/154.20

Lara Croft: Tribalism

 — A kinky initiation ritual for Lara and her comrades. by justtheonein  Celebrities07/28/143.88

Lara Croft vs. Jungle Girl

 — as the title indicates... by justtheonein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/27/144.24

Katie's Favors Ch. 07

 — Katie & friends get slutty to rig a gaming competition. by Faye_Skylarkin  Erotic Couplings04/02/144.74HOT

Lara Croft: A Tarzan Wannabe

 — She hunts a nut trying to imitate the fictional character. by justtheonein  Celebrities07/23/134.29

A Striking Resemblance

 — Looking like Lara Croft can be as much a hindrance as a help. by justtheonein  Celebrities06/13/134.15

Lara Croft & the Bad Boy

 — She is exasperated by a troublesome apprentice. by justtheonein  Celebrities06/06/133.92

Lara Croft: After a Battle

 — She indulges herself with two comrades. by justtheonein  Celebrities05/20/134.19

The Sacred Serpent Forest

 — Lara Croft is not permitted clothing in their sacred forest. by justtheonein  Celebrities05/19/134.08

Lara Croft in the Sauna

 — She confronts a bad guy after a chase. by justtheonein  Celebrities05/15/134.21

Temple of the Hawk Women

 — Lara Croft skinnydips in a flooded lost city. by justtheonein  Celebrities05/15/134.21

Tomb Raider: Mythology

 — The start of a new adventure for Lara and Nate. by inyotefiin  Celebrities06/09/114.37

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

 — Woman versus machine. by MJKAin  Celebrities10/04/104.30

Lara Croft and the Druids

 — Lara Croft seeks a book of a Druidic cult. by inyotefiin  Celebrities06/28/104.15

Tomb Raider: Uncharted Ch. 05

 — Hardcore action for Lara and Nathan in the tomb. by inyotefiin  Celebrities06/28/104.81HOT

Tomb Raider: A Taste Of France

 — Lara Croft meets her match in Pierre Dupont. by MJKAin  Celebrities04/19/094.40

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 09

 — Clara 'thanks' Jeff for setting her free. by mythtrav16in  Novels and Novellas10/06/084.78HOT

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 08

 — Clara discovers the ancient queen's tomb. by mythtrav16in  Novels and Novellas10/05/084.77HOT

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 07

 — Jeff's sexual game causes Clara some concern. by mythtrav16in  Novels and Novellas10/04/084.70HOT

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 05

 — Clara Roft gets to know Jeff, intimately. by mythtrav16in  Novels and Novellas10/02/084.76HOT

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 04

 — Clara starts searching for the magic amulet. by mythtrav16in  Novels and Novellas10/01/084.71HOT

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 03

 — Jeff brings Clara Roft home to England. by mythtrav16in  Novels and Novellas09/30/084.72HOT

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 01

 — An explorer gets trapped in a magic lamp. by mythtrav16in  Novels and Novellas09/28/084.67HOT

Ms. Croft Ch. 02

 — Lara Croft has you for an afternoon at the mansion. by farechildein  Celebrities03/27/084.73HOT

Ms. Croft

 — Lara Croft has invited you to the opera. by farechildein  Celebrities12/29/074.51HOT

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 06

 — Montier's HQ is treated to a shower from Laura's Pussy by leaky_onein  Fetish08/17/064.33

Angelina and the Geek

 — Angelina Jolies thanks her computer savior. by exdaytraderin  Celebrities06/22/054.35

A Nhyte with Rhona

 — Rhona Mitra meets someone special. by Darlantanin  Celebrities06/20/054.50HOT

Rhetorical Lara

 — The power rhetoric over the undead. by Scytain  Celebrities08/12/042.91

The Perfect Pill Ch. 10

 — All things must come to an end. by revolution9in  Celebrities11/17/023.67

The Perfect Pill Ch. 09

 — Gwen the tease and Britney the sleaze. by revolution9in  Celebrities11/01/023.44

A Closer Look

 — Guy wants autograph from Angelina Jolie, but gets more. by pzgenin  Celebrities09/22/014.04

Angelina's Orgy

 — Angelina gets some help on the set of tomb raider. by hotgod1816in  Celebrities08/22/014.01

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