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Everyone Loves Debra-Again!

 — Home & School. by sgrspc69erin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/10/054.39

Truth or Dare

 — Game leads to the fulfillment of a girl's crush. by Goldeniangelin  First Time02/22/054.53HOT

Truth or Dare

 — Vicki gets locked in to play a sexy game. by Leeleighin  Erotic Couplings12/26/044.22

Phone Dares

 — Strangers play truth or dare by phone. by Fitchmanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/18/040.00

Innocent Friends

 — Best friends get to know each other better. by xXcandayXx69in  Lesbian Sex09/23/043.89

Campfire Stories Ch. 06

 — Truth or Dare. by Good Burgerin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/07/044.13

Nights in Orlando Vol. 02

 — Jon & Kelly play Truth Or Dare. by jaetracein  Erotic Couplings04/04/044.18

One Wild Night

 — Not quite a threesome. But still a fantastic night. by LonDomin  Group Sex03/11/043.86

Tonight is Different

 — Two couples & fun games heat up the night. by RobHammerin  Group Sex03/11/044.08

Truth Or Dare Ch. 02

 — Game cums to its natural conclusion. by mollyismein  Lesbian Sex01/31/044.45

Truth Or Dare Ch. 01

 — Two roommates decide to play a game. by mollyismein  Lesbian Sex01/25/043.99

Late Night Pickup

 — Dana calls her brother to get her after a night of clubbing. by Master_Vassagoin  Incest/Taboo12/28/034.22

Bedtime Stories To Wake Us Up Ch. 01

 — Gianna's Finnish experiences. by Giannain  Erotic Couplings10/07/034.26

Three's A Crowd

 — Lucky guy gets a double-dose from two sexy witches. by JohnB73in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/28/034.30

Unexpected Pleasures

 — Truth or Dare has delicious consequences by EternalCabanaBoyin  Group Sex07/11/034.10

Truth or Dare

 — A childish game leads to adult situations. by sweetnpetitein  Lesbian Sex03/03/034.18

Brotherly Love

 — A girl party get invaded by her brother. by Screaming Gracein  Incest/Taboo02/25/033.67

Girl Talk

 — Party leads to discovery of sibling 'love'. by Songbirdiein  Incest/Taboo01/29/034.01

Spurred Passion

 — Woman's desire overtakes her. by ARaynesin  Erotic Couplings08/21/023.77

Sister & Her Friends Ch. 1

 — Sisters swim teammates come over for weekend. by stosh79_00in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/09/024.30

Fantasy Come True

 — Two internet friends meet for the first time. by lioness13in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/08/023.36

My Girlfriend Went Tripping

 — He samples friend's girl, while friend samples his. by pimpassin  Group Sex12/23/013.76

Truth But Mainly Dare

 — A drunken party leads to a night of antics. by lomuin  Group Sex11/24/013.85

A Little Faire Ground Fun Ch. 1

 — Summer at Renaissance faire is most memorable. by Humpagoaliein  Group Sex11/15/014.35

Lisa's Awakening Ch. 1

 — Lisa plays truth or dare with her cousin. by IrishGuy777in  Incest/Taboo09/15/014.24

Elle & Laura

 — Two cousins discover pleasure between each others' legs. by SierraMystin  Lesbian Sex09/02/014.41

Experience Takes Time Ch. 2

 — Bobby gains sexual experience. by ivanotherin  Group Sex07/27/014.11

Seducing & Wanting The Boss

 — Will a party bring Lila closer to her sexy boss Lila? by leanne2kin  Lesbian Sex07/12/014.11

Truth or Dare

 — Game gets wild for three lovely relatives. by nasty1in  Incest/Taboo06/03/012.90

Double Dare

 — Game of double dare yields wild results. by the_black_panther69in  Group Sex05/19/013.49

The Contest

 — Sorority vs. Frat in the ultimate game of Truth or Dare. by Anonymous Authorin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/18/003.59

Our New Friendship Ch. 1

 — Truth or Dare leads to encounter. by Amber Passionin  Lesbian Sex10/14/003.75

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