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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 10

 — Sarah meets up with the real Tarzan and Jane. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/02/174.20

Batgirl '68 Ch. 04

 — Love potions and strange notions. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/01/174.30

Jodie Whittaker IS the Doctor

 — The 13th persona takes a feminine twist. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/27/174.20

Batgirl '68 Ch. 03

 — Lust and larceny in Londinium. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/14/174.09

Batgirl '68 Ch. 02

 — Enter Batgirl. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/05/174.41

This Ain't The Goldbergs XXX Ch. 02

 — The year was 1980 something. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/13/174.31

Batgirl '68

 — Batgirl is born 1968. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/10/174.28

Lady Penelope Meets Captain Scarlet

 — More puppet fun. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/22/174.60

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 07

 — Sarah meets Barbarella in the year 40,000. by 123zin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/03/174.00

Thigh Spy Ch. 04

 — Mrs. Peel finds herself in a bit of trouble, again! by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/20/174.50

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 05

 — Sarah meets the Sundance Kid. by 123zin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/12/174.00

This Ain't Steed and Mrs Peel XXX Ch. 02

 — Emma rides a horse, Steed rides Emma. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/11/174.12

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 04

 — Sarah joins Casanova in an orgy. by 123zin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/08/174.41

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 03

 — Sarah and Robin Hood's not so little John. by 123zin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/07/174.38

This Ain't The Goldbergs XXX

 — It was 1980 something and the women were horny. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/07/174.03

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 02

 — Sarah takes a ride on the Orient Express. by 123zin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/06/174.22

This Ain't Lady Penelope XXX Pt. 03

 — Lady Penelope discovers John's secret. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/03/173.83

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 01

 — Part one Sarah lands in Ancient Egypt. by 123zin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/01/174.36

This Ain't Lady Penelope XXX Pt. 02

 — Penelope flies to Tracy Island to meet the other siblings. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/27/173.80

This Ain't Steed and Mrs Peel XXX

 — Mrs. Peel you're needed, desperately. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/25/174.00

Lady Penelope Superspy

 — Lady P meets a certain J B. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/22/174.50

This Ain't Stingray XXX

 — A fun parody of Gerry Anderson's characters. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/21/174.20

This Ain't Lady Penelope XXX

 — Who could believe puppets could have sex. by 123zin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/21/174.00

The Challenge: Season XXX Ep. 06

 — The Challenge reaches the halfway point. by litcalurker1in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/15/173.67

A Celebrity Choir is Filled

 — A celebrity makes a difficult but pleasurable choice. by uksnowyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/05/173.25

The Slave Diaries: Brenda

 — Brenda spends the night with Mike. by shygirlwhorein  Erotic Couplings03/30/162.67

Big Bang Theory Season 02 Ep. 04-07

 — Raj and Penny hook-up, then Ramona with Sheldon and more. by baranbratin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/05/164.47

Haley and Max Pt. 01

 — Haley loathes Max, but they are actors... by Topdognycin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/02/163.55

My Wife Plays Around

 — Wife strips in TV game that continues with women fingering. by Rawdon_Crawleyin  Loving Wives02/19/163.53

The Circle Ch. 44

 — Stacy's visits turn sexy. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex01/22/164.80HOT

The Circle Ch. 37

 — Tammy the voyeur. More photos by Matt. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex01/13/164.75HOT

The Circle Ch. 36

 — Sex in a limo. Tammy observes sexy behavior. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex01/11/164.73HOT

Chuck S2E13: Sarah Versus the Suburbs

 — Sarah meets her sexual match in the suburbs. by Stories_From_the_TVin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/01/164.56HOT

Mythbusters: Tips for Tits

 — What happened after the cameras were turned off. by mythteriousin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/30/154.41

That 70s Show - Eric's Christmas Tree

 — Happy Holiday in the Foreman basement. by shaggy77in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/10/154.57HOT

Fred Sanford's Son

 — Lamont rewards Grady for his hospitality. by HerrPibbin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/19/154.20

Mythbusters: After Hours

 — Kari and Grant revisit the quicksand experiment. by ViridianQSin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/17/154.28

That Guy

 — Orgy caps visit by Don's frat brother. by HerrPibbin  Gay Male07/07/154.15

Where No Trans Has Gone Before 01

 — Deanna Troi helps Tasha Yar explore her masculine side. by tawnysuedein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/15/154.24

That actress from The Blacklist

 — Rachel Brosnahan. Not the Elizabeth Keen actress. by tim4in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/22/143.25

That 70s Show: Red Shuts Jackie Up

 — Red punishes Jackie, anally. by Stories_From_the_TVin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/24/144.49

Big Bang Theory: Penny is a Star

 — Penny gets a movie role by shaggy77in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/14/144.39

Lady in Red Ch. 21

 — Jordan stumbles, Paris beckons. by Harddaysknightin  Novels and Novellas06/19/134.83HOT

Lady in Red Ch. 18

 — Steve and Gwen expand their horizons. by Harddaysknightin  Novels and Novellas06/02/134.80HOT

Leverage Parker's First Time Ch. 03

 — Parker goes into more detail about her first time having sex. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/19/124.50

Leverage Parker's First Time Ch. 02

 — Parker loses her virginty to a sexy young security guard. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/07/124.62

Sarah vs. the Third

 — Sarah makes Chuck's ex feel good again. by smrtguy85in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/07/124.67HOT

Leverage Parker's First Time Ch. 01

 — Parker recounts losing her virginity while robbing a museum. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/16/124.00

Walking the Line

 — There's a thin line between love and hate. by Huedogg2in  Loving Wives06/03/124.29

Sarah vs. the Break in Protocol

 — Sarah enjoys a night with "Officer Naughty." by smrtguy85in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/19/124.70HOT

Sarah vs. the First Love

 — Sarah needs to know if what they did would stay secret. by smrtguy85in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/02/124.77HOT

Sarah vs. the Sandwich Shop Girl

 — Sarah is given an unusual yet fun task to protect Chuck. by smrtguy85in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/13/124.64HOT

Alf X-Rated

 — The continuing x-rated adventures of Gordon Schumway. by tawnysuedein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/26/114.57HOT

Kelly Ripa Wants To Be On Top

 — Kelly Ripa wants Regis Philbin's job. by Inishfreein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/24/114.83HOT

Review: Penn & Teller's Bullshit

 — With particular attention to sex and sexuality. by al_Ussain  Reviews & Essays12/03/104.56HOT


 — Mr. Monk takes a bath. by Hollow_Eyesin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/19/094.29

Sex Fantasy TV, A Play

 — Sex Fantasy TV game show, sixth stab at humor in sex. by Exakta66in  Humor & Satire07/19/093.22

The Office: Surplus

 — Pam will do anything to get what she wants. by JIM13in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/16/094.50HOT

Ghost Whisperer: Romance

 — Melinda meets a ghost with a request before crossing over. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/19/084.58HOT

Dark Angel: Heated Encounter

 — Max goes into heat and runs into some old friends. by supmanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/10/084.53HOT

A Thank You from Jessica Simpson

 — Sexy blonde shows her gratitude to two happy writers. by Boxlicker101in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/29/074.38

Fool Me Once

 — Fool him twice? He won't let that happen. by Longhorn__07in  Loving Wives01/26/064.76HOTEditor's Pick

Adult Reality TV Ch. 1

 — Three naked, horny contestants play for $1 million. by bamboomoonin  Group Sex06/21/024.25

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