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Staycation Ch. 03

 — Back at our pool, teasing goes too far (or not far enough?). by Gary_Alexander_2in  Group Sex07/24/174.59HOT

Weekend in Manhattan

 — First Time Foursome. by sar1953in  Group Sex05/09/174.02

Happy Anniversary

 — They make that night a date to remember, with the help of a sexy couple. by DavidHarris513in  Text With Audio03/29/162.80

The Game

 — One married couple teaches another couple a sexy game. by Sanomiyain  Group Sex09/28/154.75HOT

Staycation Ch. 01

 — Two couples, a steamy movie, and teasing wives. by Gary_Alexander_2in  Group Sex07/15/154.42

Two King Beds

 — Two married couples are forced to share a hotel room. by Sanomiyain  Group Sex03/24/154.64HOT

The Demands Ch. 02

 — Fuck-n-Me. by derek33in  Group Sex03/21/154.54HOT

The Ex-Lovers Ch. 05

 — Ben gets blunt advice from unexpected quarters. by thesidelongviewin  Novels and Novellas02/13/154.40

The Double Date That Didn't End Ch. 06

 — Two horny couples, one roaring fire. by bosombuddiesin  Group Sex01/28/154.78HOT

Four Together

 — Deeply in love, but falling for another couple. by TessMackenziein  Novels and Novellas01/25/154.77HOT

The Ex-Lovers Ch. 04

 — Ben and Hannah have friends in common - and secrets. by thesidelongviewin  Novels and Novellas12/23/144.69HOT

Felicity Ch. 27

 — Doris and Larry. by jjcolejrin  Novels and Novellas03/11/144.82HOT

George's Erectile Dysfunction

 — His wife needs a stiff cock.. by Stormysailorin  Group Sex03/01/144.08

New Birthday Traditions Ch. 01

 — Hot tub play between two couples makes for a great birthday. by RockArtin  Group Sex09/20/134.30

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 02a

 — The couples' weekend continues. by ava23in  Group Sex05/27/134.33

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01

 — Two couples spend an intimate weekend together. by ava23in  Group Sex05/16/134.15

Floor Show

 — Her boyfriend encourages her to perform with another couple. by all_for_sarahin  Group Sex03/22/134.44

The Photo Album Ch. 02

 — Watching Mom & Dad's old home movies. by theo_minorin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/27/124.48

Booze and a Hot Tub - The Hot Wife

 — Two couples wife swap and enjoy some hot action.. by SlyDog969in  Group Sex02/07/124.44

Carpe Diem

 — NY couple seeks friends-with-benefits...real? Heh. by cautiouslyimpulsiveunpredictablein  Loving Wives08/31/112.50

Cabin in the Woods, Sequel

 — A weekend foursome 'back home'. by theo_minorin  Group Sex03/14/114.62HOT

Cabin in the Woods

 — Two couples' friendship gets progressively more intimate. by theo_minorin  Group Sex02/21/114.65HOT

Weekend Orgy

 — A game with three dice leads to an orgy with two couples. by ltp799in  Group Sex02/01/114.60HOT

Sex Fifth Avenue

 — Chuck and Sissy have a holiday romp in the skyway. by skywayscribein  Erotic Couplings01/07/114.62


 — After the strip club, two couples continue the fun at home. by Fearandfortunein  Loving Wives12/21/104.01

We Start Swinging

 — Sexual exchanges with another couple. by shashi_a2010in  Group Sex12/08/104.19

Staycation Ch. 04b

 — Tina gets Jim alone. by Gary_Alexanderin  Group Sex11/27/104.62HOT

Staycation Ch. 03

 — Back at the pool, the teasing goes too far. by Gary_Alexanderin  Group Sex11/25/104.50HOT

Staycation Ch. 01

 — Two couples, a steamy movie, and teasing wives. by Gary_Alexanderin  Group Sex11/16/104.48

Share and Share Alike

 — Two couples friendships reach new heights. by joetgmin  Group Sex08/14/103.99

Caribbean Vacation Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Mary’s exhibition shocks hubby and their friends. by caribberosin  Loving Wives07/10/104.41

An Evening for Four

 — An evening with another couple turns into more than expected. by Naultin  Group Sex01/09/103.83

Awesome Foursome

 — Anal and other lessons from an older couple. by CafeExtremein  Mature01/01/104.46


 — My wife backed out before she jumped in. by morris40in  Group Sex08/15/094.49

The Picnic

 — I must do as I am told and enjoy myself. by tamazonin  BDSM05/12/093.90


 — Two married couples share a room on the way to a wedding. by Slickmanin  Loving Wives11/15/084.48

Welcome Li Ch. 07

 — The weekend continues. by teddyonein  Incest/Taboo10/24/084.15

Night Pleasures

 — Four in an orgy. by RobsRosein  Group Sex05/14/084.17

Before It's Too Late

 — A couple swing for the first and last time. by coolpenin  Group Sex03/18/084.57HOT

The Sexual Emancipation of Marie

 — Marie & Jack start a life-long sexual adventure. by EmmisDosin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/20/084.49

Best of Friends

 — Bi experience for two couples. by newwitch07in  Group Sex11/20/073.71

A Little More Than Massage

 — Massage leads to a foursome. by firefighter38111in  Loving Wives07/25/073.97

An Eye for an Eye

 — Unintentional sights lead to a bit of exhibitionism. by w_blakein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/01/074.54HOT

Villa VI

 — Blindfold birthday girl has three givers. by MmmmPerfectin  Group Sex02/27/074.13

Swingers By Chance

 — Two straight couples become swingers overnight. by aceriderin  Loving Wives06/07/064.44

Anna Ch. 02

 — The Parlor - Anna's sexual awakening continues. by The Marston Manin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/07/064.47

Another Adventure with Linda

 — They join another couple for very hot swinging. by oldfogeyin  Loving Wives12/01/054.37

Darling Dana Ch. 01

 — They savor another couple for the first time. by swingtime91in  Loving Wives10/04/054.37

What's a Little Sex Among Friends?

 — Two couples engage in a boundary-pushing orgy. by friends5000in  Group Sex09/27/053.65

Watch and Learn

 — Spying on neighbors fucking inspires them to do same. by Archer2050in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/03/054.66HOT

Pleasure On The Beach

 — Four is not a crowd in Lovemaking. by manavatain  Loving Wives05/18/053.92

Ski Cabin Seduction Ch. 03

 — Suzanne and Tim deal with the aftermath. by wdelanderin  Loving Wives08/06/044.26

The Heatwave

 — Two couples escape a midwestern heatwave. by jjsharshawin  Loving Wives07/29/033.70

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