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Amy and Michelle

 — Two girls cause a change in plans. by pat172883in  Erotic Couplings05/19/174.70HOT

The Sultan's Hospitality Ch. 03

 — The Harem. by Darianderin  Erotic Couplings03/17/174.77HOT

A Faker's Progress Pt. 03

 — I add another lover and take another virginity. by norfolkladin  Erotic Couplings12/17/164.77HOT

The Third Wheel Pt. 01

 — Couple picks up ex-girlfriend at local night club. by ThomasXXWilliamin  Group Sex05/16/164.17

Party to the Cemetery

 — Taking pinup girl for the ride of my life. by ThinkingDogin  First Time11/22/154.14

Getting Back in the Game Ch. 07

 — Sometimes you find fun in places you don't expect. by silverisgoldin  Mature08/12/154.67HOT

Miami Heat

 — Hot tub foursome... by JennyPiccoloin  Group Sex06/06/154.26

Worth My While

 — Awesome, slightly aggressive fun. by ScarlettKissesin  Group Sex10/30/143.37

An Affectionate Friendship Ch. 02

 — Kelly and TJ entertain Kelly's friend, Alexis. by Michael142in  Romance10/19/144.42

Writer's Fantasy Ch. 04

 — The threesome heats up even more by MJRobertsin  BDSM04/06/144.83HOT

Writer's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — A naive journalist experiences bondage for the first time. by MJRobertsin  BDSM04/04/144.78HOT

The Obscene Call Ch. 04

 — My daughter grows up. by Reefkeeperin  Erotic Couplings03/03/144.24

The Obscene Call Ch. 03

 — Business is booming. by Reefkeeperin  Erotic Couplings02/28/144.61HOT

The Obscene Call Ch. 02

 — Business grows. by Reefkeeperin  Erotic Couplings02/21/144.67HOT

The Obscene Call

 — Sitter receives frightening phone call by Reefkeeperin  First Time02/16/144.12

His and Her Pleasure

 — Bartender gets pleased and pleases right back. by Lily_Bloodin  BDSM12/15/133.55

Amuse Bouche

 — Hot friends team up to give him the Best. Blowjob. Ever. by GreyGoosein  Group Sex06/19/134.79HOT

Good Friends

 — Two friends achieve a new level of intimacy. by ava23in  Lesbian Sex04/23/134.40

Mary and Maria

 — Maria is seduced and has the best night of her life. by CountessPrimin  Lesbian Sex02/03/134.35

The Broken and the Beautiful

 — Eric's accident proves fun for sister and fiance. by dierollerin  Incest/Taboo12/24/123.81

Be Careful

 — A naughty surprise. by Enygma55in  BDSM11/04/123.84

Sandy Ch. 05

 — Orgasms. Talk: girls like it. Sandy too? Include Viv? by leBonhommein  Erotic Couplings10/18/124.50HOT

Country Store Ch. 15

 — Tracy, Ken, and a decision. by teachgirl1980in  Group Sex10/16/124.72HOT

A Couple of Bunnies

 — Master gets two bunnies to play with. by PSBurlesquein  BDSM07/29/124.07

When Plans Change

 — Who I spend time with when he cancels our plans. by TaraKokain  Lesbian Sex07/09/124.03

Mina's Muse

 — A Companion to Ethan's Reluctant Journey by Mina24. by lstorywriterin  Group Sex02/13/124.67HOT

Last Party of the Summer

 — A little booze and a lot of hormones. by Chimney Sweepin  Group Sex02/10/124.14

Educating The Boss' Wife Ch. 01

 — Jessica experiences her first orgasm. by Nyissain  Lesbian Sex02/05/124.09


 — A good son gets his first blowjob. by John_Henry99in  First Time06/03/114.17

Threeway Pleasure in the Mountains

 — Young married couple experience their first threesome. by atmosphere861234in  Group Sex12/20/104.23

A Seeker's Sexual Pilgrimage Ch. 04

 — I continue my sexual rampage with the help of the Internet. by brewster926in  BDSM04/17/105.00

Man's Perfect Fantasy

 — Him, his girlfriend, and another girl. by racer311in  Group Sex04/11/103.15

Sophie's First Brazilian

 — She gets her first Brazilian wax, and then some. by boonziein  Lesbian Sex04/01/104.46

Surprise Threesome

 — A surprise threesome with these beautiful women. by forbiden4uin  Group Sex03/29/103.11

The Five Year High School Reunion

 — A guy gets a surprise at his five year reunion. by JonC23in  Group Sex02/17/103.78

Nursing the Patient

 — Sick guy gets treatment after the op. by rockhard4ucin  Group Sex02/17/104.08

Two Lovely Ladies

 — A night and a day with two beautiful, enthusiastic friends. by sorobornin  Group Sex12/05/094.24

Lilly Ch. 05

 — Lilly in Public. by Nox661in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/04/094.29


 — Young man loses virginity to two girls. by CamLionin  First Time10/04/094.30

Adventures of City Girl Ch. 04

 — An evening with Becky and James gets out of hand. by city_girlin  Group Sex05/05/094.69HOT

Breastfeeding Niece and Her Mom

 — Her milky breasts were just within reach. by JackFlash1959in  Incest/Taboo04/29/094.62HOT

Band Parents Ch. 06

 — A surprise discovery after they install video systems. by BillyBobJoeEdin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/27/094.57HOT

Almost a Threesome

 — Three students share a bed. by JamesHunterin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/18/094.39

Photo Session With A Happy Ending

 — Two girls, one guy and a camera by EmmisDosin  Group Sex11/24/084.41

Going Back To School Day 03 - Later

 — Gwen returns in time for threesome. by westerntigerin  Group Sex09/24/084.45

A Taste For Pussy: Katie Confesses

 — Wife's erotic confession of first time sex with Jane. by pixandwordsin  Lesbian Sex09/14/084.41

Life Ch. 10

 — The Indian Princess and Little Miss Hellfire. by Jizaz_Jesterin  Group Sex06/01/084.60HOT

Virtual Reality: Dragon Quest V

 — Trying to stay out of a love triangle isn't easy. by LesLumensin  Chain Stories09/13/074.79HOT

Naked Hot Tub Fun

 — Bed hopping occurs on college friends' ski trip. by JamesSDin  Group Sex04/30/074.61HOT

Genie Valentine

 — Family in need of healing finds it in genie Laresa. by Darkniciadin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/24/074.71HOT

Pussy Motors Ch. 04

 — Jenna teaches the new girl how to sell a car. by bigdaddysmoothin  Novels and Novellas01/24/074.43

Chaperone Makes Three

 — Lingerie clerk watches horny young couple in dressing room. by Archer2050in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/25/064.54HOT

Becky and Me

 — Tim gets his threesome fantasy. by sexkitten3in  Group Sex09/14/064.52HOT

Escort Tales Ch. 05

 — Antonella and Kobi team up to take care of an old client. by bigdaddysmoothin  Novels and Novellas08/29/064.70HOT

Another Night

 — Second night with her fave couple. by Midnightoil84in  Group Sex07/30/064.44

Revenge...The Sweetest Game

 — Two girls getting even. by bluies101in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/18/063.21

Happy New Year

 — New Years Eve in the City invites public fucking. by sexyisabellein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/04/064.45

Danica Pt. 14

 — Facing the Nameless Ones on a tropical isle. by Darkniciadin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/24/064.78HOT

Blackhawk Hall Ch. 04

 — Ari is reunited with a recent beau in the Wayfarer's Rest. by Darkniciadin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/13/064.75HOT

A New Lesson

 — A former student and her friend need one last lesson. by MPoweredin  First Time04/13/064.53HOT

Our New Playtoy

 — Two girls use an unsuspecting young man for pleasure. by dilpicklein  Group Sex04/09/063.64

A Simple Experiment

 — A curious lesbian girl gets her first taste of a man. by dilpicklein  First Time04/09/063.73

Threesome in Paradise

 — Sun, sand, and sexual submission by two female friends. by JamesSDin  Group Sex03/20/064.69HOT

Long Over Due, Sexual Surprise

 — Boss sends him to the pool for a surprise. by KawGuyin  Group Sex12/16/054.31

Ms. Kitty's Sex Shop

 — She tries out the merchandise with female employee. by milfhousein  Toys & Masturbation11/27/054.47


 — Memories of a hot run-in with a voyeuristic hottie. by Flynn77in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/08/054.66HOT

Almost a Threesome

 — David plays drunk to see what happens. by Banshee7in  Group Sex07/18/054.01

Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

 — How a banana lead to his first MFF threesome. by Tall78701in  Group Sex06/07/054.03

Estelle's Rebirth

 — Virginal girl goes off to college and gets turned out. by solahsystah22in  Lesbian Sex05/29/054.31

My Husband's Dream

 — She enjoys her girlfriend, then shares her husband. by SweetAss21in  Loving Wives05/20/054.42

Cassandra and Annie Ch. 01

 — A college guy's first menage a trois. by Christian Blackin  Group Sex05/15/054.66HOT

Vegas Threesome (1st time) Ch. 03

 — Their night gets hotter than the Mojave. by EmeraldScorpioin  Group Sex05/11/054.27

Vegas Threesome (1st time) Ch. 02

 — Brunette at bar takes an active interest in them. by EmeraldScorpioin  Group Sex05/10/054.16

Submerged: Sarah and Melissa

 — Sarah's first lesbian experience begins with a party. by Miss Isabellain  Lesbian Sex04/21/054.40

Cin 24: 11 pm to Midnight

 — Cinnamon & Sally get together again. by GentleGeorgein  Lesbian Sex03/23/043.40


 — Hubby interrupts a hot lesbian love scene. by WindyDin  Lesbian Sex07/31/034.26

Beach Models: Photographer Needed

 — Bill comes across two Models in need of a Photographer. by BillnLynn03in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/21/034.38

Sex and the Secretary

 — A new PA gets on well with her colleagues - and her boss by Aelfwynin  Group Sex04/17/034.61HOT

Best Friends

 — High school friends enjoy their yearly reunion. by Areala-chanin  Lesbian Sex01/10/034.12

By A Mountain Stream

 — Hitchhiker gets his desserts in the mountains. by Hitchhikerin  Group Sex11/19/014.27

The Coves

 — Couple and her friend enjoy a wild weekend. by fl_mikein  Loving Wives09/22/014.00

Journey Resumed Ch. 04

 — Emma explains to Charlie that she wants to love both. by Charlyin  Lesbian Sex09/18/014.32

Foursome Away

 — Terry discovers her bi side in an erotic adventure. by dragoncplin  Erotic Couplings09/14/013.47

Journey Resumed Ch. 3

 — Emma and Francesca, back in each other's arms. by Charlyin  Lesbian Sex09/09/014.46

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