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back waiting (2)woman (2)asked darren (1)donna pussy (1)front zip (1)magazine looked (1)sitting waiting (1)hear head (1)desk started (1)service manager (1)young mechanic (1)front church (1)hard cock (1)guys side (1)covered fingers (1)deal (1)hand moving (1)asked marry (1)day (1)nurse (1)nurse explained (1)back wall (1)jessica (1)sonny lori (1)told (1)started moaning (1)watch tape (1)shoulders gently (1)car fixed (1)looked women (1)looked (1)small part (1)car wash (1)room chairs (1)doctor (1)hard hot (1)put feet (1)sandra back (1)men (1)lady looked (1)talking phone (1)feet stirrups (1)joe (1)climbed bed (1)cock rock (1)examining room (1)hard looked (1)gave big (1)agreed meet (1)make deal (1)sliding finger (1)sexual activity (1)fucking wife (1)thirty seconds (1)darren (1)poor pussy (1)eyes flew (1)sexual traps (1)breast trap (1)moore (1)trigger word (1)position front (1)entered small (1)suck good (1)squeezed hand (1)fucking husband (1)simply nodded (1)slid inside (1)continued minutes (1)wife (1)women sexual (1)felt pain (1)back opening (1)sat desk (1)thousand dollars (1)mouth wide (1)older guy (1)knock door (1)pat (1)trap (1)jenny (1)viewing window (1)started massaging (1)moved back (1)finger slid (1)henri (1)sonny (1)months met (1)started stroking (1)jennifer told (1)side pool (1)swung leg (1)huge cock (1)taste mouth (1)pussy wide (1)ladies room (1)pull train (1)loving wives (1)team captain (1)flew open (1)dimitri (1)give massage (1)walked sat (1)arrived home (1)eating pussy (1)finger (1)house empty (1)betty (1)pete left (1)knew needed (1)talented mouth (1)good doctor (1)slid hand (1)fresh pot (1)talking laughing (1)kind massage (1)knew meant (1)told step (1)head started (1)left breast (1)sank deep (1)plan motion (1)reached purse (1)began undress (1)pussy jennifer (1)smiled sweetly (1)body moved (1)pinched nipple (1)satin blouse (1)twenty minutes (1)joe mouth (1)cock (1)morning early (1)tender pussy (1)wedding day (1)wide open (1)felt warm (1)started laughing (1)knew time (1)fall asleep (1)cup breasts (1)pussy (1)couple months (1)gym bag (1)labor day (1)sweet lips (1)warm smile (1)jean (1)big smile (1)jeremy (1)huge load (1)big house (1)found good (1)legs slid (1)beautiful face (1)sat chair (1)back room (1)stood walked (1)bed joe (1)donna head (1)sexual fantasies (1)collin (1)long fingers (1)started fondle (1)woman doctor (1)spend time (1)give day (1)dabney (1)jenifer (1)nude modeling (1)nipple hard (1)back church (1)entire life (1)tongue quickly (1)building groin (1)olive garden (1)real good (1)ray called (1)wife told (1)mouth experienced (1)cock thigh (1)girl special (1)jennifer realized (1)back (1)blow jobs (1)silly grin (1)wife cheats (1)told pull (1)tapped foot (1)hand fall (1)wife sharon (1)find physically (1)bunched ankles (1)still fingering (1)guy dick (1)madi (1)dirty pictures (1)care car (1)hand (1)ron carolyn (1)lee (1)young guy (1)wedding (1)type guy (1)cleansing breath (1)crystal started (1)naked lady (1)long time (1)young couple (1)looked hall (1)time (1)henri wanted (1)darren asked (1)woman breast (1)cory (1)started (1)ass fast (1)plastic cups (1)put make (1)
waiting room

Broken Ch. 07

Dimitri paced in the waiting room.

Romance 04/04/2005

Petting Party Ch. 03

A man has to be a man.

Loving Wives 03/06/2005

Hypnotism Can Be Fun

Husband's trip to hypnotist proves fun for both.

Mind Control 03/05/2005

In-Depth Examination

Nurse gives very kinky physical.

Fetish 03/02/2005

Steve's Auto Shop

She got much more than a new set of tires.

Erotic Couplings 02/04/2005

Four Stars for Miss Dabney

He finds sexual delights with retired secretary.

Mature 01/26/2005

Travelers Ch. 06

Suze works in a brothel for a day.

Loving Wives 11/25/2004

My Wife Cheats... Ch. 03

He shows tape to Crystal.

Loving Wives 11/06/2004

Finding a Good Doctor

What was she smoking?

Mind Control 08/19/2004

Shelacta Tales Ch. 09

Victim's guide to sexual traps, Part 1.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/13/2004

Robin Goes to the Big House

She spends a weekend with a friend.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/10/2004

Adventures in Paradise Ch. 02

A couple's experiences at Hedonism 2 in Jamaica.

Group Sex 01/22/2004

Emma's Story Ch. 01

A day working at a massage parlor.

Erotic Couplings 10/15/2003

The Last Story Ch. 02

Still having fun....

Loving Wives 09/15/2003

The Checkup

It was just a simple physical

Mature 04/23/2003

Physio Ch. 02

She deliberately show him her chest.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/22/2002

The Challenge

Mr. Jeremy Faith is learning to control his boss, Ms Collins.

Mind Control 11/17/2002

Wedding Day Deal

Parted couple makes good on deal minutes before wedding vows.

Loving Wives 10/07/2002

My Best Medical Ch. 1

The doctor is unavailable, can the receptionist help you?

Fetish 08/22/2002

Joe Johnson's problem

Retired man gets relief from two nurses.

Mature 08/01/2002

Anal-yze This!

Wife sees shrink about her online porn-addiction

Anal 03/12/2002

My Favorite Doctor (Now)

Doctor is actually her lover's wife.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/06/2002

Getting The Car Fixed

The disaster at the garage.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/30/2001

I Exhibit: Gas Station

She gets filled while filling up her car.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/05/2001

My Favorite Doctor

Gynecologist gives her a thorough check-up.

Lesbian Sex 04/03/2001

Sara's Journey Ch. 09

Sara discovers her exhibitionist side.

Novels and Novellas 01/06/2001

Jenny's Medical Adventure Ch. 09

Jenny visits the donor clinic.

Loving Wives 11/12/2000

Jenny's Medical Adventure Ch. 02

Jenny visits the doctor.

Loving Wives 11/11/2000
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