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Remembrance of Things Past Ch. 02

 — Late Bloomers. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/03/134.91HOT

Remembrance of Things Past

 — The history of the Baxter Pack. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman05/05/134.86HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 17

 — Epilogue - Into the Light. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/06/134.88HOTContest Winner

Night Dance Ch. 01

 — Two lost souls meet, and begin their dance. by libra_ladyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/29/134.63HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 16

 — Darkness before the dawn. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/23/134.86HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 15

 — Drago and Kelly, together. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/13/134.83HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 14

 — Kelly's grandfather has answers. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/22/124.84HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 13

 — Drago's Story. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/08/124.86HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 12

 — Family reunions. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/30/124.82HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 11

 — Erobos seals his fate! by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/23/124.81HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 10

 — Kelly has questions, are the answers enough? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/08/124.83HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 09

 — Drago, what are they hiding from me? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/02/124.81HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 08

 — The cavalry to the rescue. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman10/27/124.86HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 07

 — The battle begins. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman10/20/124.83HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 06

 — On the lam in Amsterdam. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman10/14/124.82HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 05

 — Silvano tells his story. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman10/09/124.82HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 04

 — We shall have our revenge now! by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/26/124.82HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 03

 — Changes. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/21/124.76HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 02

 — Escape! by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/15/124.77HOT

Out of Darkness

 — New loves. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/10/124.70HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 08

 — Home is where the heart is. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman08/03/124.86HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 07

 — A savage end. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman07/24/124.84HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 06

 — Saving the Vlkolak. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman07/19/124.85HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 05

 — Dark visions arise. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman07/14/124.85HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 04

 — Under the Ice Moon. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman06/29/124.81HOT

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 02

 — Guillame finds some answers, but not all. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman06/13/124.81HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 10

 — The future of the pack. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman05/23/124.84HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 09

 — The end and the beginning. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman05/15/124.85HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 08

 — The beginning of the end. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman05/07/124.82HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 06

 — Anneke's worst fears. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/25/124.82HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 05

 — Are they done for? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/20/124.77HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 04

 — After Midnight. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/17/124.78HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 03

 — A safe place. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/11/124.82HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 02

 — The Jensen Pack. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/06/124.79HOT

The Twins Take Over Ch. 01

 — Trey and Troy take a trip they'll never forget. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman04/03/124.74HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 36

 — The Wolf Moon. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman03/23/124.85HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 30

 — The future has been written. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/28/124.85HOT

A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 12

 — The Escape and The Rescue. by bearmad1963in  NonHuman06/30/114.82HOT

Wicked Ch. 01

 — She discovers her girlfriend is a Werecat. by InkWolfein  NonHuman03/23/114.14

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