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When a Wolf Finds His Heart Pt. 02 of 03

 — Meeting the Pack. by sinagainChris12in  NonHuman09/15/174.58HOT

Beautiful Young Alpha Ch. 05

 — Julie becomes a powerful Alpha the old fashioned way. by JonThomas_in  NonHuman08/31/174.75HOT

On the Run Ch. 02

 — New information and revelations. by kitty_kaitin  NonHuman07/14/174.41

Caged Ch. 06

 — Intimacy leads to... by PersimmonPixiein  NonHuman04/24/174.67HOT

Caged Ch. 04

 — Freedom is close at hand. by PersimmonPixiein  NonHuman03/26/174.59HOT

Storm of Shadows Ch. 09

 — Revelations and Decisions. by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/22/174.84HOT

Savior, Alpha Ch. 04

 — Attack at the McKenna compound. by KemMystin  NonHuman12/20/164.84HOT

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 27

 — Welcome Back Carlotta. by Sultrychocolatesistain  NonHuman09/14/164.74HOT

Dominant Species Ch. 17-19

 — Love and Loss. by partwolfin  NonHuman09/12/164.87HOT

Thorn Ch. 37-42

 — A few changes in the pack. by JanuaryMoon1in  NonHuman08/26/164.83HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 11

 — Turning a new page... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman08/19/164.80HOT

Beta Vows Ch. 01

 — Old flames meet more than once. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman08/19/164.73HOT

Thorn Ch. 19-22

 — The story continues. by JanuaryMoon1in  NonHuman04/09/164.74HOT

Running with Wolves Ch. 01

 — Dominic's day gets worse, and so does everyone else's. by BlueWolfDancer4454in  NonHuman01/23/164.69HOT

Simply His Ch. 04-06

 — Going back to Normal, Feeling the Fever, Feeling the Pull. by CalyPyin  NonHuman11/05/154.65HOT

Gray Lake Wolves Pt. 06

 — A trip to town and a surprise for Gray. by LittleRed12in  NonHuman01/18/154.71HOT

Dark Weres Ch. 01

 — Alpha Alphonso summons his daughter. by Iread2relaxin  NonHuman01/14/154.43

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 18

 — Lefyr Goes Home. by Sultrychocolatesistain  NonHuman07/20/134.70HOT

The Covenant

 — When a centuries old pact is broken, werewolves fight back. by lustandgloryin  NonHuman07/18/134.14

Everything Changes Ch. 01

 — Female things, first council meeting by KemMystin  NonHuman04/08/134.73HOT

Life as a Rogue Ch. 02

 — This just keeps getting worse!! by HexGlowin  NonHuman04/05/134.63HOT

Howl with Me Ch. 02

 — They meet again. by BeccaLovesWolvesin  NonHuman02/24/134.56HOT

Madelyn Ch. 05

 — A young woman's life continues to change. by FaireSansain  NonHuman02/15/134.65HOT

A Pack of Tales Ch. 03

 — Sunday lunch with the pack (story). by NaokoSmithin  NonHuman01/31/134.48

A Pack of Tales Ch. 02

 — Col was perfectly happy (scene). by NaokoSmithin  Romance01/30/134.47

Tammy's Wolf and Mate Ch. 02

 — Tammy makes plans and a discovery. by sexy_bosoxgirlin  NonHuman01/13/134.49

Life Ch. 04

 — Rashad finds a pack, what about Samantha? by KhaoticMethodin  NonHuman01/13/134.62HOT

Setting Moon Ch. 08

 — The beginning of their kinds. by Bloodwomanin  NonHuman12/13/124.66HOT

Interbred Ch. 03

 — Beginning of a new era for Weres and Halflings alike. by Aerianna69in  NonHuman12/10/124.46

Omega Pride Ch. 10

 — A real truth reveal.... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman08/18/124.79HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 09

 — Visiting a Past Locked in Ice..... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman07/29/124.77HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 08

 — Respect is something earned. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman04/04/124.74HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 07

 — Training of all kinds. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman03/09/124.75HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 06

 — No healing is ever easy. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman09/13/114.75HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 05

 — Not so sweet escape is it? by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman07/30/114.77HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 04

 — While most would be proud to submit this way. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman07/12/114.76HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 01

 — Omegas only mate with Omegas...right? by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman06/28/114.56HOT

Call of the Wild Ch. 01

 — His wolf calls out to her and reaches her soul. by hotmama72in  NonHuman05/11/114.50HOT

Serving The Council Ch. 05

 — Revelations and a bite or two. by catman71in  NonHuman05/08/114.68HOT

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 06

 — The truth finally comes out. by TemptedAngelin  NonHuman04/16/114.78HOT

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 16

 — Chris Whelan: Rogues in Town. by mokkelkein  NonHuman04/13/114.81HOT

Panther-Wolf Cub Ch. 02

 — Kira, and Jason met, are they mates? by Mega15in  NonHuman04/09/114.56HOT

Finding Love

 — A need to claim what's his. by durabluein  NonHuman02/28/114.76HOT

To Love a Were Ch. 10

 — Towards a path of recovery. by ArtFormin  NonHuman02/11/114.76HOT

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 14

 — Chris Whelan: skipping "classes" is so rewarding. by mokkelkein  NonHuman01/30/114.74HOT

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 14

 — Luc finds a new employee and Ginny gets bitchy. by Jaisenin  NonHuman01/27/114.76HOT

To Love a Were Ch. 06

 — He makes his move... finally by ArtFormin  NonHuman01/02/114.75HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 05

 — Emmett's a werewolf. by KemMystin  NonHuman01/02/114.66HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 17

 — The source is revealed. by DoctorWolfin  NonHuman12/16/104.87HOT

To Love a Were Ch. 02

 — Tensions within the pack. What's Dominic's next move? by ArtFormin  NonHuman12/15/104.67HOT

A Lesson in Hiding

 — Tristan meets Spence. by AngelkissNkillin  NonHuman12/11/104.40

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 05

 — Shayna hesitates but Jake presses on. by TemptedAngelin  NonHuman11/27/104.77HOT

The Hunters Ch. 05

 — What happens when Logan meets Kyros? by ArtFormin  NonHuman10/31/104.72HOT

Wolf Lake Ch. 09

 — Sam and Storm come face to face. by Gojenngoin  NonHuman10/30/104.85HOT

The Council Ch. 13

 — The Heart and Strength of She-Wolves. by JazCullenin  NonHuman10/29/104.87HOTContest Winner

Animal Lover Ch. 01

 — He drags himself onto her porch. by KemMystin  NonHuman10/23/104.46

Guardian Wolf Ch. 02

 — The Rites of Ascension. by DespairEternityin  NonHuman09/23/104.73HOT

The Council Ch. 06

 — Lessons in Love. by JazCullenin  NonHuman09/09/104.86HOT

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 02

 — Lilly gets some answers. by wlo2001in  NonHuman08/12/104.46

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 06

 — Luc and Meg deepen their relationship. by Jaisenin  NonHuman08/04/104.64HOT

The Key to Night Ch. 04

 — "Did I want to be turned into a vampire?" by MayaBeauusin  NonHuman06/26/104.33

Young Wolves Ch. 08

 — Cameron prepares for final showdown with Tyler. by sirreadsalot10in  NonHuman06/03/104.77HOT

Miley and the Alpha Ch. 03

 — Miley refuses reality. by LustforAlphasin  NonHuman05/21/104.56HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 06

 — Cameron's destiny is revealed. by sirreadsalot10in  NonHuman05/18/104.78HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 05

 — Sarah makes a mistake. Cameron on the defensive. by sirreadsalot10in  NonHuman05/16/104.70HOT

Connor Thomas Ch. 10

 — The Truth. by reverendaholicin  NonHuman05/07/104.81HOT

Young Wolves Ch. 01

 — Guy bit by a beautiful girl goes through changes. by sirreadsalot10in  NonHuman05/04/104.73HOT

Miley and the Alpha Ch. 02

 — Is Miley sick? Dante makes a discovery. by LustforAlphasin  NonHuman04/25/104.63HOT

Miley and the Alpha

 — A newly turned werewolf is taken by an Alpha. by LustforAlphasin  NonHuman04/17/104.54HOT

Crossing Moon Ch. 12

 — A wolf's news. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman01/22/104.57HOT

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 02

 — Shayna's awakening continues. by TemptedAngelin  NonHuman12/24/094.72HOT

Crossing Moon Ch. 08

 — ...A wolf's good-bye. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman12/18/094.59HOT

Crossing Moon Ch. 06

 — ...Of the heart and blood. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman12/09/094.56HOT

Whispers of the Moon Ch. 03

 — Skyler awakens. by kinkinesssin  NonHuman10/14/094.64HOT

She Wolf Ch. 02

 — Nitkita meets Fareon and something unexpected happens. by Kar626in  NonHuman09/30/094.56HOT

She Wolf Ch. 01

 — The wolves get her. by Kar626in  NonHuman09/24/094.43

Crossing Moon Ch. 02

 — Coming to Lexton... by Jayleen88in  NonHuman07/02/094.55HOT

Crossing Moon Ch. 01

 — Where humans and wolves collide... by Jayleen88in  NonHuman06/27/094.50HOT

Wolf Girl Ch. 05

 — The hunt for the runaway begins. by Anitolein  NonHuman06/16/094.19

Wolf's Den Ch. 04

 — A new day. by MissGivingsin  NonHuman05/09/094.53HOT

Renegade Wolf Ch. 03

 — They've escaped, but where to now? by Faerie_Queene_31in  NonHuman04/26/094.57HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 11

 — Family secrets revealed. by ingarlmin  NonHuman04/25/094.79HOT

Renegade Wolf

 — He's running, but she's not sure from what.. by Faerie_Queene_31in  NonHuman04/20/094.53HOT

Face to Face with the Full Moon Ch. 03

 — Lovers finally meet. by hvnlyinnocentin  NonHuman04/15/094.53HOT

Alpha Protection Ch. 04

 — Things aren't always what they seem. by tilliscreamin  NonHuman04/15/094.69HOT

Wolf's Den

 — A beginning. by MissGivingsin  NonHuman04/12/094.53HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 08

 — New information comes to light, but does it help? by ingarlmin  NonHuman04/11/094.78HOT

Dominic Ch. 27

 — Ellen's initiation. by Truth74in  NonHuman04/05/094.60HOT

Face to Face with the Full Moon Ch. 02

 — You find out what is going on with Angelina. by hvnlyinnocentin  NonHuman04/03/094.41

Friends and Foes Ch. 05

 — Learning about Sky's past. by ingarlmin  NonHuman03/21/094.71HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 04

 — They meet their long-lost brother. by ingarlmin  NonHuman03/14/094.73HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 05

 — Later that day... by cricketmusein  NonHuman03/11/094.78HOT

Desire of The White Wolf

 — BBW falls for a man who's part wolf. by justboycrazyin  NonHuman03/07/093.67

Howl Ch. 02

 — They get to know each other intimately. by DiMSuMoRein  Interracial Love03/05/094.74HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 02

 — A phone call shatters the peace. by ingarlmin  NonHuman03/01/094.76HOT


 — Chiara and Rualraidh get to know one other. by DiMSuMoRein  Interracial Love03/01/094.57HOT

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 11

 — The ending to a new beginning. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman02/28/094.69HOT

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 10

 — The Grand Feast. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman02/27/094.56HOT

Friends and Foes Ch. 01

 — Sequel to 'Cats and Dogs'. by ingarlmin  NonHuman02/21/094.62HOT

Just Being Wolfy Ch. 09

 — The arrival and the twist. by Jayleen88in  NonHuman02/20/094.68HOT

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