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Forest Pack: Tristan Ch. 01

 — Alpha werewolf finds his human mate. by emogirl13in  NonHuman02/04/124.33

Stormfeather Ch. 11

 — Amy intervenes in a friend's life. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman02/03/124.79HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 22

 — Kyle the guinea pig. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman02/02/124.78HOT


 — Alpha finds his mate. by toofeeky4uin  NonHuman02/02/124.43

Twin Tigers Ch. 05

 — That’s good Nat. So where are the girls? by XxEarBudsxXin  NonHuman02/02/124.63HOT

Fulfillment 06

 — Letting go and going away. by KemMystin  NonHuman01/31/124.66HOT

Fated Hearts Ch. 04

 — The mates become closer. by Giannianain  NonHuman01/27/124.64HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 21

 — What a fool I've been, to trust any man, even a Werewolf. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/27/124.78HOT

Jamie's Wild Adventure Ch. 01

 — Jamie meets Adam for the first time. by loranain  NonHuman01/26/124.24

Starcrossed Ch. 001

 — Love at the end of the world. by FangsAnarchyin  Gay Male01/25/124.51HOT

Stormfeather Ch. 10

 — Amy learns and spreads a little magic by TaLtos6in  NonHuman01/23/124.75HOT

Who Will Cassidy Belong To Ch. 01

 — A werewolf/human/vampire hybrid girl's journey to truth. by LadyAurora39in  NonHuman01/22/124.47

Wolf's Pet Ch. 20

 — Xylon has the answer? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/21/124.81HOT

Wolf in Red Ch. 02

 — Surprises around every corner. by TasteofHomein  NonHuman01/21/124.32

The Sanguine Chronicles Ch. 04

 — If blood and love are currency, a pure heart is a treasure. by LadySanguinein  Romance01/20/124.60HOT

A Touch of Lunacy Ch. 09

 — Katherine embraces her wolf. by c_kittenin  NonHuman01/18/124.66HOT

Sasha’s Voice

 — Finding her mate. by lickthekittenin  NonHuman01/18/124.53HOT

Extraordinary Ch. 02

 — The prophecy of Sabhail Treimhse. by HushRosein  NonHuman01/17/124.47

The Sanguine Chronicles Ch. 03

 — If blood and love are currency, a pure heart is a treasure. by LadySanguinein  Romance01/16/124.65HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 19

 — I will be the executioner. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/16/124.84HOT

Stormfeather Ch. 09

 — Amy's metamorphosis. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman01/16/124.70HOT

Extraordinary Ch. 01

 — When She Lie. by HushRosein  NonHuman01/16/124.31

The Sanguine Chronicles Ch. 02

 — If blood and love are currency, a pure heart is a treasure. by LadySanguinein  Romance01/15/124.69HOT

The Sanguine Chronicles Ch. 01

 — If blood and love are currency, a pure heart is a treasure. by LadySanguinein  Romance01/15/124.64HOT

Blood Moon Ch. 09

 — History repeats itself. by aaddictedin  NonHuman01/13/124.82HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 18

 — I've never actually seen a wolf in person before. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/13/124.80HOT

Felis Nigorakxe Ch. 02

 — The unknown myth continues... by kitteh_katin  NonHuman01/12/124.39

Breeding Season

 — Werewolf knotting, non-con, large penetration, humil, BDSM. by curtainsupin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/10/124.23

Wolf's Pet Ch. 17

 — The Vlkolak. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/10/124.80HOT

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 08

 — Two women torn, two determined men. by TemptedAngelin  NonHuman01/10/124.72HOT

From Dusk Til Dawn

 — A werewolf finds his mate. by KittenBitein  Erotic Horror01/10/124.42

Wolf's Pet Ch. 16

 — Gary's plan. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/09/124.78HOT

His Cajun Moon Ch. 03

 — Evangeline gets introduced to the wolf world. by NoirABNCin  NonHuman01/09/124.76HOT

History - Ulisi

 — Soulmates, Ulisi's History. by Shyeein  NonHuman01/07/124.71HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 15

 — The Council arrives. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/05/124.79HOT

Pawn Among Wolves

 — She's used in a fight between werewolves. by SmileWhenYouMeanItin  NonHuman01/05/124.67HOT

Those Eyes Ch. 06

 — The stakes are raised. by dreamsofbirdsin  NonHuman01/05/124.79HOT

His Cajun Moon Ch. 01-02

 — Black woman finds what she's been looking for in Louisiana. by NoirABNCin  NonHuman01/03/124.66HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 14

 — Carr, The Hunter. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman01/03/124.70HOT

Pipe Dreams Ch. 02

 — Meeting with Kane, getting closer. by Cia81in  NonHuman01/02/124.71HOT

Finding His Mate... Ch. 07

 — The End. by prettyinpink32in  NonHuman01/02/124.69HOT

Moonlit Visitor

 — Estranged woman finds passion when she least expects it. by RoseDarkfirein  NonHuman01/02/124.30

Slayer's Wolf Ch. 04

 — She gives in a little. by PixxiecooNymphoin  NonHuman12/30/114.64HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 13

 — Three weeks is not enough. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/30/114.77HOT

Negative Space Ch. 12

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman12/29/114.84HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 12

 — If looks could kill. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/27/114.77HOT

Fulfillment 05

 — Second Base and the Full Moon. by KemMystin  NonHuman12/27/114.70HOT

Felis Nigorakxe

 — The start of the end of a myth. by kitteh_katin  NonHuman12/27/114.24

Wolf's Pet Ch. 11

 — The pack is my responsibility. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/26/114.79HOT

Like a Wolf

 — His nose leads him to find someone he really likes. by skyfuryin  NonHuman12/26/114.49

The White Wolf Legend Ch. 02

 — The Plot Thickens. by WhiteWolf2000in  NonHuman12/22/113.79

Fated Hearts Ch. 02

 — By chance, never. By fate, of course! by Giannianain  NonHuman12/22/114.61HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 10

 — Meeting Sarah. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/19/114.79HOT

Forbidden Attraction

 — What happens when a werewolf and a young vampire meet. by 89asian_gypsy09in  NonHuman12/16/114.44

Slayer's Wolf Ch. 03

 — Awake. by PixxiecooNymphoin  NonHuman12/16/114.64HOT

A Touch of Lunacy Ch. 08

 — The "long awaited" continuation of Katherine's story. by c_kittenin  NonHuman12/16/114.57HOT

In The Shadow of The Moon Ch. 03

 — Her emotions take control. by silentlysillyin  NonHuman12/16/114.77HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 09

 — Lila gets a huge surprise. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/14/114.75HOT

Fated Hearts

 — A Love Story. by Giannianain  NonHuman12/12/114.46

Firestorm Ch. 03

 — Daemon Black. by Fatalityin  NonHuman12/12/114.72HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 08

 — He had never tasted anything so wonderful before. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/09/114.76HOT

Beastie Ch. 03

 — Kai gets to play the hero. by lovelemurin  NonHuman12/08/114.56HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 05

 — Confrontations and more explanations at Wolf's Hamlet. by maxicuein  NonHuman12/08/114.74HOT

Fangs of Hungary Ch. 01

 — Her life was taken, only for fate to start her a new one. by LovelyTuzin  NonHuman12/07/114.55HOT

An Immortal Heart

 — She stumbles on a beast while running from monsters. by AsherBlitz89in  NonHuman12/06/114.58HOT

In The Dog House Ch. 03

 — Jolee is no prisoner in the werewolf club. by nicecthulhuin  Novels and Novellas12/06/114.70HOT

It Was Fate Ch. 08

 — The clan prepares for the fight. by SashaSOGoodin  NonHuman12/05/114.67HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 07

 — It's all real! by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/05/114.71HOT

In The Dog House Ch. 02

 — Jolee spends more time at the werewolf club. by nicecthulhuin  Novels and Novellas12/02/114.71HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 06

 — If a wolf could grin... by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman12/02/114.72HOT

A Full Moon Phase Ch. 03

 — The Colonel's Lair. by maxicuein  NonHuman12/01/114.55HOT

Little Red, Riding Wood Ch. 03

 — Only Daddy can save Little Red from the Big, Bad Wolf. by Rob_mDearin  Incest/Taboo11/30/114.68HOT

In The Dog House Ch. 01

 — Jolee meets civilized werewolves or weredogs, eh? by nicecthulhuin  Novels and Novellas11/30/114.65HOT

Twin Tigers Ch. 04

 — Well they are back. by XxEarBudsxXin  NonHuman11/29/114.66HOT

Colby and the Werewolf

 — Colby finds a wolf injured, only to find he's not a wolf. by lane101in  NonHuman11/28/114.26

No Real Monsters Ch. 05

 — My mommy always said there were no real monsters. by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/28/114.73HOT

Stealing My Heart

 — A small crime leads to more. by Greenlyin  NonHuman11/28/114.67HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 05

 — Could someone love a wolf? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/28/114.70HOT

A Full Moon Phase

 — Mates first meet in East Berlin. by maxicuein  NonHuman11/27/114.39

Firestorm Ch. 02

 — The heart of a healer and mind of a warrior. by Fatalityin  NonHuman11/26/114.76HOT

Fulfillment 04

 — Wed, Thurs, Fri - the Ross wolf, Erich and Madeline. by KemMystin  NonHuman11/25/114.69HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 04

 — Is it all a dream? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/24/114.70HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 06

 — Home? by SilverDawnin  NonHuman11/20/114.74HOT

No Real Monsters Ch. 04

 — Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/20/114.56HOT

Wolf's Pet Ch. 03

 — Getting to know you. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/19/114.65HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 05

 — The ransom is paid. by SilverDawnin  NonHuman11/18/114.73HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 04

 — A moment in time. by SilverDawnin  NonHuman11/17/114.69HOT

Beasts Ch. 02

 — A rare phenomenon disrupts a peaceful evening. by Gotham_Succubusin  Erotic Horror11/16/114.42

No Real Monsters Ch. 03

 — My Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/15/114.43

Council of Elders Ch. 06

 — Bumps in the road. by bienclarin  Gay Male11/15/114.56HOT

The Silent Killer Ch. 09

 — Sometimes things happen before we're ready. by WriterInProgressin  NonHuman11/15/114.70HOT

Firestorm Ch. 01

 — Fighting against fate. by Fatalityin  NonHuman11/15/114.71HOT

No Real Monsters Ch. 02

 — My Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/14/114.26

Wolf's Pet Ch. 02

 — It's the most amazing scent. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/14/114.59HOT

No Real Monsters

 — Mommy always said there were no real monsters. by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/13/113.84

Fulfillment 03

 — Saturday through Tuesday - after the gathering. by KemMystin  NonHuman11/12/114.75HOT

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 03

 — There is always a price. by SilverDawnin  NonHuman11/11/114.68HOT

Danger Zone Ch. 03

 — Emma wakes up in a strange place...again. by vvolfein  NonHuman11/11/114.57HOT

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 08

 — Insecurities and Initiations! by mokkelkein  NonHuman11/11/114.82HOT

Council of Elders Ch. 05

 — Truth at last. by bienclarin  Gay Male11/10/114.62HOT

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