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In The Shadow of The Moon Ch. 01

 — No matter how much she wishes she wasn't, she is his. by silentlysillyin  NonHuman05/16/114.55HOT

A Classical Werewolf Ch. 01

 — Skeptical Lycan finds true love, or does he? by rosamundiin  NonHuman05/15/114.49

Wicked Weather Continues

 — Josh gives Britney what she asks for. by RedHotLadybugin  NonHuman05/11/114.57HOT

Call of the Wild Ch. 01

 — His wolf calls out to her and reaches her soul. by hotmama72in  NonHuman05/11/114.49

Bad Dreams Ch. 03-04

 — Their encounter int the woods lead to something more. by Adare2009in  NonHuman05/09/114.39

Serving The Council Ch. 05

 — Revelations and a bite or two. by catman71in  NonHuman05/08/114.66HOT


 — A future Alpha hunts a reluctant mate. by lovelemurin  NonHuman05/07/114.40

No Escape From My Mate Ch. 02

 — She does not want to integrate into the pack. by EboniRin  NonHuman05/02/114.43

The Silent Killer Ch. 02

 — Another mission gone eerily wrong. by WriterInProgressin  NonHuman04/29/114.48

Forgotten Ch. 07

 — An unwanted reminder of the past. by ladyofdark1981in  NonHuman04/25/114.67HOT

Finding Love Ch. 03

 — The truth comes out. by durabluein  NonHuman04/18/114.80HOT

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 16

 — Everything going well, before something unexpected happened. by bad_girl69in  NonHuman04/17/114.81HOT

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 06

 — The truth finally comes out. by TemptedAngelin  NonHuman04/16/114.78HOT

Feral Ch. 06

 — Wolf Girl finds her way... by theDuskyGirlin  NonHuman04/15/114.75HOT

Opposites Attract Ch. 01

 — Enemies become friends. by Gweallin  Gay Male04/14/114.64HOT

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 16

 — Chris Whelan: Rogues in Town. by mokkelkein  NonHuman04/13/114.81HOT

New Moon Rising Ch. 02

 — Next chapter of the new generation, what's to come of Wulf? by AmbrosiaBloodin  Erotic Horror04/12/114.46

Big Bad Karma Ch. 02

 — Dark dreams and the morning after. by darkgoddessnightin  NonHuman04/11/114.68HOT

To Tame a Shrew

 — Paranormal Menage. by Tianna_Xanderin  NonHuman04/09/114.33

Count Down To Moonlight Ch. 07

 — A moment in time. by fairydust22in  NonHuman04/09/114.67HOT

Shifting Fortunes Ch. 05

 — Terror gives way to passion. by sweeter_sensationsin  NonHuman04/09/114.74HOT

A Wolf's Tail

 — Classic fairytale with a wolfy twist. by Shadowsungin  NonHuman04/08/114.60HOT

Keith Ch. 01

 — Werewolf Keith gets caught by a werewolf Hunter. by LaLaLouin  Gay Male04/06/114.15

Big Bad Karma Ch. 01 Sc. 02

 — A new source of frustration. by darkgoddessnightin  NonHuman04/05/114.70HOT

Big Bad Karma Ch. 01 Sc. 01

 — Could her day possibly get any worse? by darkgoddessnightin  NonHuman04/02/114.59HOT

Dickgirl Werewolf

 — The full moon brings out a lot of changes in his partner. by conroy39in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/31/114.26

Queen's Night Ch. 06

 — The Aftermath! by Guybrarianin  Erotic Horror03/30/114.64HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 09

 — Will Kiera ever folllow orders? by cricketmusein  NonHuman03/28/114.77HOT

It Was Fate Ch. 06

 — Attraction, Anger, and Explanations. by SashaSOGoodin  NonHuman03/28/114.69HOT

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 15

 — Chris Whelan: Command and Conquer. by mokkelkein  NonHuman03/27/114.77HOT

Following the Feeling Ch. 08

 — The morning comes. by cricketmusein  NonHuman03/27/114.73HOT

Finding Love Ch. 02

 — Death Challenge is called. by durabluein  NonHuman03/25/114.81HOT

Another Cabin Visitor

 — A stray wolf needs a place to stay. by knottydoggyin  NonHuman03/19/114.49

Shifting Fortunes Ch. 04

 — Questions and repercussions. by sweeter_sensationsin  NonHuman03/19/114.76HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 12

 — Final chapter - Wolves are passionate creatures. by KemMystin  NonHuman03/17/114.76HOT

Skylar's Visitor

 — She gets a letter and an unexpected visitor. by BraveBrashButterflyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/12/114.02

Shifting Fortunes Ch. 03

 — She's driving him to distraction; she has no idea. by sweeter_sensationsin  NonHuman03/11/114.69HOT

Shifting Fortunes Ch. 02

 — Confused but safe, a cautious truce is made. by sweeter_sensationsin  NonHuman03/10/114.59HOT

A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 10

 — Kay's powers. by bearmad1963in  NonHuman03/09/114.65HOT

Free Wolf Ch. 05

 — The end, happily ever after. by toddstopin  Gay Male03/09/114.77HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 11

 — Trials and Acceptance. by KemMystin  NonHuman03/09/114.72HOT

Black Werewolf Princess Wedding

 — A Black Canadian Werewolf Princess wedding day. by Samuelxin  NonHuman03/09/112.86

Shifting Fortunes Ch. 01

 — Young shifter fights for her freedom; and for love. by sweeter_sensationsin  NonHuman03/07/114.62HOT

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 15

 — Many things are about the change... by bad_girl69in  NonHuman03/04/114.80HOT

Free Wolf Ch. 04

 — Kyle's turn to be claimed. by toddstopin  Gay Male03/04/114.78HOT

A Full Moon Ch. 05

 — Jon makes a huge decision...for better or worse. by Fantasyboy69in  Gay Male03/04/114.77HOT

Free Wolf Ch. 03

 — Tony and Kyle go all the way. by toddstopin  Gay Male03/01/114.74HOT

Finding Love

 — A need to claim what's his. by durabluein  NonHuman02/28/114.75HOT

Connor Thomas Ch. 15

 — Awakening. by reverendaholicin  NonHuman02/28/114.79HOT

Free Wolf Ch. 02

 — Lonely weretiger meets Alpha werewolf. by toddstopin  Gay Male02/26/114.68HOT

A Full Moon Ch. 04

 — Jon's change is more than his body. by Fantasyboy69in  Gay Male02/24/114.76HOT

Rare Breed Ch. 03

 — The final chapter. by willieonein  NonHuman02/24/114.43

A Full Moon Ch. 02

 — Jon meets Pat's dad after finding out they do exist. by Fantasyboy69in  Gay Male02/22/114.73HOT

Rare Breed Ch. 02

 — Continued story of a unique family. by willieonein  NonHuman02/21/114.57HOT

A Full Moon Ch. 01

 — An exec moves and finds his life really starting new. by Fantasyboy69in  Gay Male02/21/114.62HOT

Nicholas's Hope Ch. 02

 — She awakens.... by NightGalin  NonHuman02/20/114.35

Animal Lover Ch. 10

 — Can we get away? by KemMystin  NonHuman02/16/114.66HOT

To Love a Were Ch. 11

 — There are no endings... but new beginnings. by ArtFormin  NonHuman02/13/114.75HOT

The Werewolf

 — Tempting a werewolf. by 777shewolf777in  NonHuman02/12/114.20

First Heat

 — Female werewolf experiences her first heat. by Lilith_in  Novels and Novellas02/12/114.34

To Love a Were Ch. 10

 — Towards a path of recovery. by ArtFormin  NonHuman02/11/114.76HOT

The Saga of Kelly Ch. 01

 — BBW redhead gets more than she hoped. by anything_goes_loverin  BDSM02/10/113.69

Lovers' Oath Ch. 07

 — Transformations and Traitors. by FantasticFantasiesin  NonHuman02/09/114.80HOT

The White Wolf Legend Ch. 01

 — The Beginning by WhiteWolf2000in  NonHuman02/07/114.17

To Love a Were Ch. 09

 — Re-awakening. by ArtFormin  NonHuman02/06/114.76HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 09

 — Thomas approaches Lyssa. by KemMystin  NonHuman02/05/114.63HOT

Into the Jungle

 — Olivia finds the creature that was terrorizing the villagers. by antonia_pleasuresin  Erotic Horror02/01/113.98

A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 09

 — Kay's 21st Birthday. by bearmad1963in  NonHuman01/31/114.62HOT

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 14

 — Chris Whelan: skipping "classes" is so rewarding. by mokkelkein  NonHuman01/30/114.74HOT

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 13

 — Oh no...Surpise!!! by bad_girl69in  NonHuman01/30/114.78HOT

Soulmates Ch. 03

 — Questions. by Shyeein  NonHuman01/29/114.59HOT

Eternal Ch. 05

 — Loyalty proven. by gaelicvampirein  NonHuman01/28/114.68HOT

Soulmates Ch. 02

 — A wolf finds his mate. by Shyeein  NonHuman01/26/114.66HOT

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 04

 — The cellar is ready. by ladyofdark1981in  NonHuman01/25/114.73HOT

Forgotten Ch. 06

 — Everything back to normal ... apparently. by ladyofdark1981in  NonHuman01/24/114.70HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 20

 — An end to the past and new beginnings. by DoctorWolfin  NonHuman01/20/114.88HOT

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 11

 — She wakes...but what will happen now? by bad_girl69in  NonHuman01/18/114.68HOT

To Love a Were Ch. 08

 — The story of the beginning. by ArtFormin  NonHuman01/15/114.70HOT

Soulmates Ch. 01

 — A wolf waiting for his mate. by Shyeein  NonHuman01/14/114.68HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 06

 — Revelations and explanations. by KemMystin  NonHuman01/08/114.71HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 19

 — In the woods with rogues, again! by DoctorWolfin  NonHuman01/07/114.84HOT

The Color of Blood - Book 01 Ch. 04

 — It was almost midnight. by Niko_Drakein  NonHuman01/06/114.29

To Love a Were Ch. 06

 — He makes his move... finally by ArtFormin  NonHuman01/02/114.74HOT

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 13

 — Memories and solutions. by mokkelkein  NonHuman01/01/114.78HOT

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 10

 — Finally finding some happiness together. What can go wrong? by bad_girl69in  NonHuman12/31/104.67HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 18

 — Celebration interrupted. by DoctorWolfin  NonHuman12/30/104.84HOT

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 09

 — Arriving in Scotland...and already we are fighting? by bad_girl69in  NonHuman12/28/104.67HOT

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 08

 — First day with the pack, ending in a big surprise. by bad_girl69in  NonHuman12/23/104.69HOT

Dean & Erica

 — Erica doesn't know that she is about to turn into a werewolf. by Peccatoin  NonHuman12/23/104.58HOT

Animal Lover Ch. 04

 — Emmett's a wolf by KemMystin  NonHuman12/23/104.62HOT

To Love a Were Ch. 03

 — Meeting new families. by ArtFormin  NonHuman12/19/104.61HOT

Moon Children Ch. 07-08

 — Airuhmm enforces his dominance. by PurpleThreadin  Erotic Horror12/17/104.71HOT

Moon Children Ch. 05-06

 — Subduing the Beast... or Succumbing to the Beast? by PurpleThreadin  Erotic Horror12/16/104.60HOT

Bound to My Mate Ch. 17

 — The source is revealed. by DoctorWolfin  NonHuman12/16/104.85HOT

To Love a Were Ch. 02

 — Tensions within the pack. What's Dominic's next move? by ArtFormin  NonHuman12/15/104.65HOT

Moon Children Ch. 03-04

 — The Feast commences... Praise Themal. by PurpleThreadin  Erotic Horror12/15/104.57HOT

Moon Children Ch. 01-02

 — We are the Moon's Children. Bast's Brood. The Feline vampyr. by PurpleThreadin  NonHuman12/14/104.37

A Lesson in Hiding

 — Tristan meets Spence. by AngelkissNkillin  NonHuman12/11/104.41

It Was Fate Ch. 05

 — A reunion with Emma, but will it go smoothly? by SashaSOGoodin  NonHuman12/09/104.64HOT

Unexpected Turn of Events Ch. 07

 — Cullen knows....but what is to happen to Angel now? by bad_girl69in  NonHuman12/09/104.72HOT

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