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Navajo Indian Werewolf Princess

 — Navajo female werewolf meets black man in Houston. by Samuelxin  NonHuman01/13/173.17NEW

Now I'm Scared Pt. 04

 — Arrebelle makes a hard choice. by Midnight_descentin  NonHuman10/24/164.48

Now I'm Scared Pt. 02

 — Things don't go well with the arrogant vampire. by Midnight_descentin  NonHuman10/18/164.37

Now I'm Scared Pt. 01

 — I meet an extremely attractive but arrogant vampire. by Midnight_descentin  NonHuman10/13/164.04

New Beginnings Ch. 03

 — Nials and Rosita join. Corliss approves. by Iread2relaxin  NonHuman09/20/164.72HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 11

 — Turning a new page... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman08/19/164.79HOT

Octopus Jones: Pack You

 — The tentacled agent of PIE fights against werewolves! by Agent_Hotshotin  NonHuman02/15/163.64

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 13

 — End Book four. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/06/154.87HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 12

 — Book four middle chapters. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/03/154.87HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 11

 — Book four - Warlock's Sacrifice. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/31/154.86HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 10

 — Final of book three by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/10/154.89HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 09

 — Chapters 5-8. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/08/154.85HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 08

 — Third book start Ch. 1-4. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/05/154.85HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 07

 — Bk. 2.5 Short stories and scenes. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/24/154.84HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 06

 — Bk. 2 Final Chapters. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/23/154.82HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 05

 — Bk 2, Chapters 7-10. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/22/154.84HOT

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 04

 — Bk. 2 Ch 1-6. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/18/154.87HOT

One Cage to Another Pt. 06

 — Kiernan finds out that he made a dangerous mistake. by CuriousBeautyin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/15/154.43

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 03

 — Final book one. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/14/154.89HOTContest Winner

Necromancer Chronicles Pt. 02

 — Chapters 3-7. by Magicwrtrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/11/154.88HOT

Night of the Wolf

 — Dogging on Halloween. by Corpse_riderin  Erotic Horror10/22/144.62HOT

New Life Ch. 04-05

 — Luna gets upset. Anya and Daniel try to become friends. by Loverofwolvesin  NonHuman01/24/144.66HOT

Not As Naive As You Think Ch. 03

 — Hidden secrets come to the surface. by MissWolfyin  NonHuman06/26/134.54HOT

New Territory

 — She finds her new home, and a wolf finds her. by SlyAngelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/03/134.35

Negative Space Ch. 16

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman03/25/134.77HOT

Natalia's Wolf Ch. 04

 — The truth and running from it. by LuvKaiLynnin  NonHuman02/26/134.57HOT

Natty Silver Ch. 02

 — Natty learns more about Donovan. by EverNoirin  NonHuman11/30/124.42

Nightmare Talk Show

 — Come see a talk show with vampires and werewolves! by Arcerdoin  Non-Erotic11/14/124.40

Out of Darkness Ch. 10

 — Kelly has questions, are the answers enough? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/08/124.83HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 09

 — Drago, what are they hiding from me? by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman11/02/124.81HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 08

 — The cavalry to the rescue. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman10/27/124.86HOT

Natty Silver

 — A young nurse's night out turns dangerous and eye opening. by EverNoirin  NonHuman10/26/124.38

Out of Darkness Ch. 07

 — The battle begins. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman10/20/124.83HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 06

 — On the lam in Amsterdam. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman10/14/124.82HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 05

 — Silvano tells his story. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman10/09/124.82HOT

New Moon Ch. 01

 — A werewolf wonders into claim territory. by wolfgrrin  Gay Male10/08/124.30

Out of Darkness Ch. 04

 — We shall have our revenge now! by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/26/124.82HOT

Not As Naive As You Think Ch. 02

 — Something inside me just wouldn't let me leave him. by MissWolfyin  NonHuman09/25/124.61HOT

Out of Darkness Ch. 03

 — Changes. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/21/124.76HOT

Not As Naive As You Think Ch. 01

 — What he is just might be the answer I've been looking for. by MissWolfyin  NonHuman09/17/124.41

Out of Darkness Ch. 02

 — Escape! by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/15/124.77HOT

Out of Darkness

 — New loves. by lilgirlsixin  NonHuman09/10/124.70HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 10

 — A real truth reveal.... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman08/18/124.78HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 09

 — Visiting a Past Locked in Ice..... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman07/29/124.77HOT

Negative Space Ch. 15

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman06/24/124.73HOT

Negative Space Ch. 14

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman05/15/124.77HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 08

 — Respect is something earned. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman04/04/124.74HOT

Negative Space Ch. 13

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman03/30/124.78HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 07

 — Training of all kinds. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman03/09/124.75HOT

Natalie Ch. 03

 — Villians, barbecues, and memories Oh my! by toofeeky4uin  NonHuman02/14/124.59HOT

Natalie Ch. 02

 — Not as hard as I expected it to be. by toofeeky4uin  NonHuman02/07/124.52HOT


 — Alpha finds his mate. by toofeeky4uin  NonHuman02/02/124.43

Negative Space Ch. 12

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman12/29/114.84HOT

No Real Monsters Ch. 05

 — My mommy always said there were no real monsters. by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/28/114.73HOT

No Real Monsters Ch. 04

 — Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/20/114.56HOT

No Real Monsters Ch. 03

 — My Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/15/114.43

No Real Monsters Ch. 02

 — My Mommy always said there were no real monsters... by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/14/114.26

No Real Monsters

 — Mommy always said there were no real monsters. by terowlin  Erotic Horror11/13/113.85

Negative Space Ch. 11

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman10/05/114.80HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 06

 — No healing is ever easy. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman09/13/114.75HOT

Negative Space Ch. 10

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman09/02/114.73HOT

Nature's Beasts Ch. 01

 — A portal is opened, a friend is made. by thabeast96in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/114.30

Negative Space Ch. 09

 — A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue. by _bloom_in  NonHuman08/10/114.79HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 05

 — Not so sweet escape is it? by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman07/30/114.76HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 04

 — While most would be proud to submit this way. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman07/12/114.76HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 03

 — Welcome to the family. by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman07/03/114.74HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 02

 — Run, run, run as fast as you can... by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman06/28/114.63HOT

Omega Pride Ch. 01

 — Omegas only mate with Omegas...right? by Canis_Crazyin  NonHuman06/28/114.56HOT

Nicholas's Hope Ch. 03

 — A dream and a reaction. by NightGalin  NonHuman06/24/114.54HOT

Opposites Attract Ch. 03

 — A war rages. by Gweallin  Gay Male06/06/114.70HOT

One Heart's Journey

 — The secret Niki must keep even when she has lost all. by willieonein  NonHuman05/18/114.30

No Escape From My Mate Ch. 02

 — She does not want to integrate into the pack. by EboniRin  NonHuman05/02/114.44

Opposites Attract Ch. 01

 — Enemies become friends. by Gweallin  Gay Male04/14/114.64HOT

New Moon Rising Ch. 02

 — Next chapter of the new generation, what's to come of Wulf? by AmbrosiaBloodin  Erotic Horror04/12/114.45

Nicholas's Hope Ch. 02

 — She awakens.... by NightGalin  NonHuman02/20/114.36

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 04

 — Lee talks to Priscilla. by wlo2001in  NonHuman09/21/104.36

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 03

 — Lilly Meets Chan's Beta. by wlo2001in  NonHuman08/23/104.55HOT

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 02

 — Lilly gets some answers. by wlo2001in  NonHuman08/12/104.48

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 01

 — Lilly loses everything to find love again. by wlo2001in  NonHuman08/09/104.29

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 08

 — Every war has a beginning, an end, and casualties. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/26/104.90HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 07

 — Rebirth and reunion. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/104.88HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 06

 — New allies and new decisions. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/20/104.87HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 05

 — The hunted become the hunters. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/17/104.86HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 04

 — A shift in the balance of power, and a secret revealed. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/15/104.86HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 03

 — Jenna's fight is happening very close to home. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/11/104.88HOTContest Winner

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 02

 — Enemies to friends and friends to enemies. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/10/104.83HOT

Nos Faux Ratu Ch. 01

 — They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. by Evil Alpacain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/07/104.81HOT

New Moon Rising Ch. 01

 — Story of Katrina and Donovan's daughter. by AmbrosiaBloodin  Erotic Horror11/30/094.73HOT

Never Cry Werewolf Ch. 02

 — Resisting temptation is pretty damn hard. by SmartyBluPantsin  NonHuman03/22/094.50HOT

Never Cry Werewolf Ch. 01

 — Mariana meets Bale - and Achilleo. by SmartyBluPantsin  NonHuman03/13/094.56HOT

Nights in Midgard Ch. 01

 — A vampire gets "repaid" for her kindness. by rebelyeller_89in  NonConsent/Reluctance01/17/094.41

Of the Earth Ch. 01

 — Child of nature meets her match. by JadeCatEyesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/05/084.08

Of Wolves and Men

 — Mercenary Team and sexy scientist in werewolf expedition. by TRIAXin  Erotic Horror10/31/084.30

Of Werewolf & Woman

 — A tale of beastly love. by SinsiousSirenin  Erotic Horror10/06/084.50HOT

New Member

 — An actress is seduced by a pair of female lycanthropes. by Scott_Harperin  Erotic Horror08/01/084.45

Niah Ch. 02

 — A birthing; feelings revealed. by sethskittenin  NonHuman12/10/074.32


 — A pack introduction. by sethskittenin  NonHuman11/23/074.36

Opposites Attract Ch. 01

 — Sub wolf Raul must fight for Koen's acceptance - and bed. by theevilpeachin  Gay Male05/18/074.42

Nightshade Ch. 01

 — Enter twin sister bounty hunters Bella & Sage Reece. by bella_de_los_muertosin  Erotic Horror04/04/074.07

Noo Howl Chronicles: Induction

 — Noo Howl chooses her mate. by KewlBlueTigerin  NonHuman05/31/064.25

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