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Opening Up: Morning

Aaron meets the day in a way he wasn't expecting.

Fetish 10/25/2017

Opening Up: The First Night

Let the fun begin.

Fetish 10/14/2017

The Wal-Mart Adventure

What happens when you try out public self-humiliation?

Fetish 10/08/2017

What Did You Expect?

As a sub-par beta male, I really should've seen this coming.

Fetish 10/07/2017

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 05

A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom.

Fetish 08/25/2017

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 04

A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom.

Fetish 08/24/2017

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 03

A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom.

Fetish 08/23/2017

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 02

A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom.

Fetish 08/22/2017

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 01

A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom.

Fetish 08/21/2017

Mei Ling Pt. 01

Wet adventures in the Far East.

Fetish 08/21/2017

Ellie Tests Incontinence Panties

Accidentally. In Public. Whoops.

Fetish 05/30/2017

A Cloudy Dream

Sometimes willful ignorance is best.

Fetish 05/18/2017

The Holiday Discovery Ch. 02

Anna gets adventurous with the day to herself.

Fetish 01/19/2017

Lilith's Challenge

She challenges herself to hold in her bladder in layers.

Fetish 01/12/2017

His Pet Ch. 02

She is transformed into His puppy.

BDSM 01/10/2017

His Pet Ch. 01

She loses herself and is punished.

BDSM 01/08/2017

Ariel's Wet Run

Too many people means no place to pee.

Fetish 12/17/2016

Midnight Accident

Lesbian wakes up with very full bladder.

Fetish 12/15/2016

Let's Play a Game Pt. 03

Kim and Jack go hiking.

Fetish 12/13/2016

Denise Pt. 02

Denise tries to hide her new fetish from her roommate.

Fetish 11/09/2016

Fun Games for Dirty Little Girls

Games and ideas for keeping your sub occupied.

BDSM 11/08/2016

Mum's Birthday Present

A special present for Mum on her special birthday.

Incest/Taboo 07/14/2016

Pissing at the Beach

Jeremy enjoys putting on a show.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/07/2016

Night of Pissing

Full evening of pissing with my wife.

Fetish 05/24/2016

Natalie's Desperate Deadline

College student frantically tries to finish her assignment.

Fetish 04/16/2016

Ellie's Desperation

Kinky bartender spots a bursting beauty on a night out.

Fetish 04/14/2016

Bound Desperation

Male captive needs to pee in the worst way.

Fetish 04/12/2016

The Longest Hold

Male pee desperation, wetting, holding.

Fetish 04/11/2016

Willow Wets

Willow gets wet and messy on her day off.

Fetish 02/26/2016

Holiday Mischief

Enjoyed an extra experience during my ski trip.

Fetish 02/02/2016

Denise Pt. 01

Denise runs out of options after being stuck in traffic.

Fetish 01/23/2016

Wet: A Tale of Desperation

She desperately tries to find a bathroom in time!

Fetish 09/10/2015

Daddy's "Accident"

Daddy's little girl has an accident and he shows her it's ok.

Fetish 08/27/2015

Strange Thoughts and a Wet Walk

A young couple tries out pee play.

Fetish 07/30/2015

A Night Of Debauched Domination

A Dom and his sub begin their night of fun in a wet way.

Fetish 04/14/2015

Proud Holders Ch. 10

The Proud Holders Course reaches its finale.

Fetish 03/03/2015

Proud Holders Ch. 08

The Proud Holders Residential Course continues.

Fetish 02/24/2015

Golden Shower Pt. 04

Wild wetting sex with a dirty woman.

Fetish 02/14/2015

Golden Shower Pt. 03

Continuing story about Golden Shower Partner.

Fetish 02/11/2015

Golden Shower Pt. 02

Story of golden showers and wetting.

Fetish 02/04/2015

Golden Shower


Fetish 01/31/2015

White Lotus Ch. 01

Scientist interrogated for info after creation escapes.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/31/2015

Accidents and Non-Accidents at Work Ch. 02

Alice explores her love of wetting and messing.

Fetish 01/04/2015

Secret Wetting

Wearing multiple layers of jeans in public.

Fetish 10/16/2014

Home Alone

My pee desperation while I'm in multiple layers of jeans.

Fetish 10/14/2014

An Angel's Fix Pt. 09

The project ends, and Ashley is fixed.

Novels and Novellas 08/01/2014

An Angel's Fix Pt. 08

Ashley performs and gets over 'flight fright'.

Novels and Novellas 07/25/2014

Desperate Gaming

Chad is desperate to piss while playing an online RPG.

Fetish 07/07/2014

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 08

An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/08/2014

Wet Kitty

Bethany likes to have little accidents...

Fetish 03/24/2014

Accidents and Non-Accidents at Work

Two women wetting and messing themselves at work.

Fetish 02/05/2014

Wedding Day Nerves

Late for the ceremony and desperate to pee.

Fetish 12/11/2013

Desperate at the Doctors

A full bladder needed for a scan.

Fetish 11/13/2013

Lacey Learns

Lacey begins to learn submission from her new Papa.

Fetish 10/13/2013

The Pregnant Teen Maid Pt. 01

Pregnant teen discovers her boss' panty and piss fetishes.

Fetish 10/01/2013

The (non) Accident Ch. 01

Adults DO NOT have accidents!

Fetish 07/15/2013


Colleen really has to go.

Fetish 05/16/2013


Protective parents put Emily in a desperate situation.

Fetish 03/30/2013

Series of Letters Found Waiting for

Instructions for a series of degrading public tasks.

Letters & Transcripts 01/31/2013

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 03

An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/12/2012

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 02

An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/26/2012

My Travels with Clytemnestra Ch. 01

An adventure with a human woman and a female centaur.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/08/2012

Asta Futa Ch. 02

He remembers how he met his pregnant futa wife.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/30/2012

Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 01

A husband is humiliated and regressed by his wife.

Fetish 10/04/2012

Swimsuit Shopping

A man with a micropenis shops for a swimsuit with mom.

Fetish 08/15/2012

Chelsea's Wet Diaper Fantasy Ch. 01

Chelsea discovers her kinky pashion for wet diapers.

Fetish 07/22/2012

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 03

Zoe has no choice but to let go.

Fetish 06/01/2012

Wet Stone

An ancient artifact leaves wet chaos in its wake.

Fetish 03/28/2012

Night Shift Pt. 05

A new girl joins the shift, will she fit in?

Fetish 02/15/2012

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 02

Zoe's fun leads to a wet bed.

Fetish 01/22/2012

Unintentionally Wet Vacation Pt. 01

Desperate girl wets on a plane.

Fetish 11/22/2011

At The Movies

Large drink. Small bladder. Big trouble.

Fetish 05/20/2011

Examination Desperation Ch. 02

A teacher wets her pants in class.

Fetish 05/20/2011

Examination Desperation

A student wets her pants during an exam.

Fetish 05/17/2011

The Feared '57' Ch. 03

Janet finds out how teachers are disciplined.

Fetish 05/12/2011

An Angel's Fix Pt. 01

Ashley's talent extends beyond the bedroom.

Novels and Novellas 04/30/2011

Wet and Warm

Watersports adventure with a man and a woman.

Fetish 09/06/2010

Baby Susie

Suzanne is sent to Hargreaves for relaxation therapy.

Fetish 09/27/2009

The Panty Club Ch. 06

The girls go panty shopping.

Fetish 03/10/2009

Drink: a Circle of Denial Story Ch. 02

Lady Anira plays a desperate game with Ellen's poor bladder.

Fetish 10/10/2008


We're going to meet, and get wet, in London.

Fetish 09/10/2008

How I Became My Neighbor's Diaperboy Ch. 02

He gets in deeper.

Fetish 06/03/2008

Palace Life Ch. 02

Sex in a service station, then she becomes a Horsewoman.

NonConsent/Reluctance 04/26/2008

From High Society to Whore Ch. 03

She loses control of her situation.

NonConsent/Reluctance 04/03/2008

Wetting Fun in the Sun Ch. 02

Emma makes new friends.

Fetish 12/28/2007

Wetting Fun in the Sun Ch. 01

Emma takes a gap-year and rediscovers her love of wetting.

Fetish 12/20/2007

The Panty Club Ch. 04

The girls begin inducting their teacher to the club.

Fetish 09/09/2007

The Panty Club Ch. 03

Amber explores her new fetish with her teacher.

Fetish 08/01/2007

Getting Wet in the Park

Park surprise from Emma leads John to a new kink.

Fetish 04/05/2007

Wetting Ch. 05

She wets in vignettes.

Fetish 11/24/2005

Wetting Ch. 04

She describes it for you.

Fetish 09/24/2005

Wetting Ch. 03

She has a different kind of t-shirt "wetting" contest.

Fetish 03/23/2005

Something For Everyone

His dream threesome didn't go as expected.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 03/17/2005
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