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Girl in the Red Miniskirt

 — Sweet seduction to depths of degradation. by PaxNurglein  BDSM05/10/163.10

My Life as a Doll Ch. 02

 — Submission. by virginatsubmissionin  BDSM04/20/163.93


 — Desire is a destination and a journey. by arbenitrein  BDSM03/08/164.33

Lydia - An Episode of Submission

 — Married woman endures punishment session with master. by switchhitter420in  BDSM01/27/164.07

Candy Canes and Kissing Balls

 — Kinky couple find each other during holidays. by clipperdreamsin  Erotic Couplings12/18/154.29

Night Hosting: Claiming an R.A.

 — Female college student dominates a male residential adviser. by J_R_Ashunwhyin  BDSM11/05/154.60HOT

Hanson House Ch. 18

 — Lis and Grace forced to serve the guests. by mjar65in  BDSM10/20/154.68HOT

A Little Bit of Pain

 — He thought his life was well controlled, until this happened. by badgirlfoundoutin  BDSM10/05/154.11

Kaity at the Club Ch. 05

 — Kaity is the reluctant center of attention. by Chape1hi11in  BDSM08/04/153.79


 — Memories, submission to the present. by bluesdreamsin  BDSM05/26/152.83

Just Drive

 — The course of true love never did run smooth... by moonlitcloverin  Romance03/20/154.55HOT

Forbidden Desires Ch. 02

 — I want you. by FallenTreasurein  BDSM02/15/154.54HOT

I'm Good to You Princess

 — A master takes control of his slut at the computer desk. by Master2princessslutin  BDSM11/25/143.81


 — Beauty and her client in her dungeon. by femmenomenalin  BDSM11/07/143.21

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me A "Clue"

 — A humorous, satiric, parody about BDSM and sex. by Apple_of_Edenin  Humor & Satire10/15/144.39

My Fairytale

 — Young, inexperienced girl is shown her true self. by fgmntfmgnshnin  BDSM07/11/144.68HOT

12 x 12 Ch. 02

 — The Next Chapter: a submissive's first spanking. by Kobain  BDSM02/17/144.19

A Master's Punishment

 — A Master comes home to find he has to punish his slave. by Tameka_Pussin  BDSM12/28/133.67

Learning to Deal

 — Ella is taken... Home? by From_One_to_Anotherin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/12/134.14

Dominate Me

 — BDSM games between lovers. by curiouscuriouser5in  BDSM11/02/134.30

College Sluts Taken Ch. 01

 — Two sweet college girls get drugged and kidnapped. by gaggedKitty23in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/08/134.29

Dare You? Tina Ch. 06

 — I whip Molly, and Tina gets gang banged. by samdarein  BDSM05/25/134.70HOT

An Unexpected Visit

 — A thought-to-be stranger takes her. by Drewgaylord1994in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/10/133.32

SaM's Place Ch. 03 of 15

 — Evelyn begins her meal at this very special S&M club. by The_Technicianin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/23/134.03

Catcher Culture Ch. 07

 — Bondage sesion with Clara, Larry's cleaning, Clark's pool. by Sputnik57in  BDSM03/13/134.05

Dressed To Kill Ch. 09

 — Noella get's more than she bargained for at a party! by GRGraysonin  Novels and Novellas03/01/134.72HOT

Senses Working Overtime

 — Waxes and Whipping, oh my! by jbopin  BDSM11/17/124.12

Imprisoned Ch. 05

 — Her inevitable punishment. by Dark_Light27in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/12/124.11

Alice Screams Ch. 06

 — Alex is visited by Grophmechs. Finally meets "Greyhacker". by The_Technicianin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/12/124.28

Alice Screams Ch. 01

 — An avatar based on Alice is connected to her dreams. by The_Technicianin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/15/124.26


 — Erotica - Dom/slut. by Dhampiein  BDSM08/06/124.00

It All Went Wrong Ch. 01

 — A part time burglar's nightmare after a wrong choice. by ELauderin  BDSM06/12/123.83

Hotel Room Submission

 — You submit to pain and pleasure in hotel room. by tiarnain  BDSM05/16/123.89

Riding Lesson Ch. 02

 — Ashley gets what she deserves. by DeaGodivain  BDSM04/06/124.33

A Game within a Game Ch. 03B

 — A kidnap - a healing by doberincain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/06/124.76HOT

Riding Lesson Ch. 01

 — Ashley learns a valuable lesson from her riding instructor. by DeaGodivain  Fetish02/23/124.02

Becoming Father Michael Ch. 01

 — Michael finds celibate is the last thing a trainee father is. by abroadswordin  Incest/Taboo12/20/114.32


 — Darren and Samantha from top to bottom. by Darkforebodingin  Humor & Satire12/17/113.67

Saucy gets Bootz and More

 — sub meets handsome stranger at a BDSM conference. by saucysubgrlin  BDSM08/12/114.25

A Master and His Mistress

 — A rather sadistic Master gets his comeuppance. by kittenkinkyin  BDSM07/21/113.80

Master Says

 — A submissive fails her Master. by SimoneLisbonin  BDSM05/11/114.38

Sex Slave Ch. 07

 — Rees meets his son. by allusive1in  BDSM04/16/114.71HOT

Sex Slave Ch. 03

 — Keven meets a fairy. by allusive1in  BDSM01/27/114.62HOT

Sex Slave Ch. 02

 — Keven loses his virginity. by allusive1in  BDSM12/23/104.55HOT

Sex Slave Ch. 01

 — Rees becomes a breeding slave. by allusive1in  BDSM12/14/104.50HOT

Sarah: Party Bondage Ch. 06

 — Just the two of them by Falcinatorin  BDSM11/08/104.40

Concerto in F Sharp Minor

 — S&M session with a cellist backstage. by al_Ussain  BDSM11/04/104.00


 — I visit my sub friend and the fetish shop closes early. by Prejudicein  BDSM09/02/104.52HOT

Mr. Black

 — Two old friends get together and share more than dinner. by xsnmxin  BDSM08/19/104.11

Out To Dinner

 — An Erotic Short Story of Pain and Submission. by Masters_Lilyin  BDSM07/04/103.88

Always Faithful Ch. 04.3

 — Business lady and bitch - men and women. by BobNbobbiin  Novels and Novellas04/23/103.66

Always Faithful Ch. 04.2

 — Year of Turmoil - Laura whipped - bondage and exhibition. by BobNbobbiin  Novels and Novellas04/21/103.70

Joanna's Story Ch. 07

 — Epilogue: Witch-Bitches return to their Wicked Wiccan Wednesdays. by RavenSSSin  BDSM03/13/104.20


 — Love means giving her what she wants. by arbenitrein  BDSM02/18/104.65HOT

Master Ron & slave kim Ch. 02

 — College students starting a new BDSM life together. by DMaster_14in  BDSM02/08/104.45

Saturday Night

 — A romp through a slave/Master session... with whips! by AutarkisV42in  BDSM01/04/104.00

Men's Sexual Confessions: Eddie

 — Men talk candidly about their sex lives. by PositiveThinkerin  BDSM12/20/094.31

Disciplining Mom Ch. 02

 — Karen learns how to inflict more humiliation. by lesliejonesin  BDSM12/06/094.02

Eden's Nightmare Ch. 02

 — The priest pushes her every vampiric button as he begins. by silenceup2nogoodin  Erotic Horror11/14/094.67HOT

Eden's Nightmare Ch. 01

 — Vampire is punished by a priest with pain & pleasure. by silenceup2nogoodin  Erotic Horror11/02/094.52HOT

Mountain Air

 — A exotic high mountain BDSM experience. by Steelhead66in  BDSM09/02/094.63HOT


 — Have you held love in your hands? by arbenitrein  BDSM07/21/094.53HOT

Quite a Surprise

 — He caught her playing without permission - now, for punishment. by Abbessolutein  BDSM07/10/093.91

Dark Tangiers

 — (with a nod to Hermann Hesse). by Tio_Narratorein  BDSM04/05/093.81

Prison of Pleasures

 — Number 21 tries to escape the sexual pleasures. by Hypnotic_22in  BDSM03/18/093.91

Holy Orders Ch. 03

 — Nuns show Dawn a new path; the builders are back. by Mikroin  Group Sex01/08/094.22

Down in the Park

 — Britt and Summer indulge in each other's pain. by Morbid_Saintin  BDSM11/29/083.89

Aunt Sherry Comes to Visit Ch. 02

 — Aunt Sherry dominates her niece. by mollyjin  Incest/Taboo10/24/084.53HOT

Aunt Sherry Comes to Visit Ch. 01

 — A classic tale retold. by mollyjin  Incest/Taboo10/23/084.12

Sandra's Summer Job

 — She obeys her mistress, and her mistress's whip. by mollyjin  BDSM10/23/084.54HOT

Male Sub Ch. 01

 — Petite 4'11" Mistress controls her hunky 6'3" submissive. by John_the_Authorin  BDSM10/17/084.36

A Different Night Out

 — A very naughty group of kinky people. by Rings3in  BDSM09/23/084.31

Ibiza Holiday Ch. 04-05

 — Michael descends into sadism and sex. by RonClarkesonin  BDSM06/11/083.91

Marti's Owner

 — She loses a bet and is delivered to her new owner. by jerryjwjin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/14/083.90

Double Single Tails

 — She discovers whips, and understanding. by Crystal_L_Veeyin  BDSM04/01/083.95

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 65

 — Sandra's stag party, Part 1. by Goodhusbandin  Loving Wives02/17/084.32

Ch. 01 The Knock

 — Sarah finds herself in a predicament, with a new Master. by Mistress-Flamein  BDSM02/04/083.84

Date with a Doctor

 — An escort learns a lesson on her date. by samantha557in  BDSM02/04/084.08

Coupon Ch. 03

 — Ted uses his coupon. by MungoParkIIIin  BDSM01/01/084.26

Our Little Secret

 — Her identity is concealed from all but Him. by CuervoGirlin  BDSM12/01/074.27

Possesion Ch. 02

 — Father decides to teach his daughter a lesson. by bi_cherrypiein  Incest/Taboo10/30/074.01

Alex: Lessons in Submission

 — The real training starts. by HappilyMin  BDSM06/29/074.65HOT

Deadlier than the Male

 — Woman discovers her own inner strength and power. by Leedsladin  BDSM05/09/073.75

Hailey's Journey Ch. 18

 — Whys, wherefores and plumbing depths. by nanmarin  BDSM02/07/074.47

Hailey's Journey Ch. 17

 — Hailey goes public. by nanmarin  BDSM01/19/073.49

Charlotte's Whip

 — My wife loves to put on a show. by arashiin  BDSM01/10/074.39

Role Play

 — Daisy and Jack live out a BDSM fantasy. by Thorein  BDSM01/02/074.39

Sharing the Pleasure

 — You enjoy an evening with a Sybian. by ForeverHisLadyin  BDSM12/31/064.05

Hailey's Journey Ch. 15

 — Teasing, testing, tormenting. by nanmarin  BDSM10/31/064.58HOT

Lucy's Story Ch. 05

 — The dungeon. by erosdreamerin  BDSM10/25/064.00

BDSM to Gang Bang

 — Femdom session spirals out of control to a gang bang. by huntershessein  Group Sex05/09/064.03


 — Domme girl whips her boy toy. by nemoleptismagnain  BDSM05/08/064.21


 — Internet encounter turns into an erotic dream. by Janna  Gay Male04/19/064.00

Cracking the Whip

 — She teaches him his limits. by Prisonerofmymindin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/08/063.30

Double Up on the Slut

 — Lena's two lovers come together - inside her. by bytemybiscuitsin  BDSM02/26/064.18

Mistress Chiristine

 — Servitude in a closed space with chains. by sex slavein  BDSM02/23/063.33

A sub's Morning

 — A sub is bound and taught her lesson. by Gabbycatin  BDSM11/24/054.09

Bad Girl

 — You willingly gets punished for a mess. by ginslutin  BDSM12/03/033.95

Sarah's Education

 — A lesson from her Professor she'll never forget. by Jasmine30in  BDSM11/17/034.41

Awakening Desires Ch. 2

 — Carol takes her husband's dare. by Humblein  Loving Wives04/04/024.31

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