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Someone I Used To Know

 — People change but sometimes for the better. by secretshy16in  Interracial Love06/04/124.20

The Violin Concerto 01

 — The snow is falling and the ground is scorching hot. by VeronicaLesleyin  Interracial Love06/03/124.43

The Pornstar's Girlfriend Ch. 08

 — Life goes on... by Bizzy_Bishin  Interracial Love06/02/124.59HOT

Those Eyes Alone Ch. 03-04

 — A storm growing and the ice is broken. by MzSapphiriain  Interracial Love06/02/124.58HOT

Missed Connection

 — Black girl uses Craigslist to find a missed opportunity. by Bizzy_Bishin  Interracial Love06/01/124.53HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 10

 — Mommy Dearest... by Bizzy_Bishin  Interracial Love06/01/124.51HOT

Ian's Trap

 — A offer that cannot be refused. by LadyReedzAlotin  Interracial Love05/30/124.50HOT

A Good Man Is So Hard to Find

 — Hot black girl hooks up with sexy white boss. by cocoa_delightin  Interracial Love05/30/124.55HOT

Eye of the Beholder Ch. 02

 — Secrets are best kept in the dark...right? by RaLaWritesin  Interracial Love05/28/124.62HOT

Those Eyes Alone Ch. 02

 — He finally knows her name. by MzSapphiriain  Interracial Love05/28/124.40

Those Eyes Alone Ch. 01

 — He is intrigued by the desire hidden in her eyes. by MzSapphiriain  Interracial Love05/28/124.23

Lucky Bastard Ch. 02

 — Could the day be as fun as the night before? by creepyrjin  Interracial Love05/24/124.80HOT

Unexpected Interest Ch. 03

 — Natasha meets the family, but it doesn't turn out too well. by CoCoNiy101in  Interracial Love05/24/124.61HOT

Katrina Meet John Ch. 04

 — Morning after. by cullensjonasin  Interracial Love05/24/124.15

Katrina Meet John Ch. 03

 — Scared, Uneasy, hello dangerous. by cullensjonasin  Interracial Love05/23/123.96

Katrina Meet John Ch. 01

 — There's a first time for everything. by cullensjonasin  Interracial Love05/21/123.84

Crazy For Her

 — White man crazy over black woman. by secretshy16in  Interracial Love05/21/124.54HOT

American Dream Ch. 01

 — Married Indian woman starts affair with American White Boss. by indianwifein  Loving Wives05/19/124.15

Queen Bee Sora

 — New girl from Japan seduces the most popular student. by Shaboboin  Interracial Love05/15/124.25

Quarterback Sneak Ch. 07

 — It's all out in the open. by HotSprings22in  Interracial Love05/14/124.77HOT

If Life Was Easy Ch. 02

 — A bad day. by MzMagicBeautyin  Interracial Love05/07/124.48

Struggling Ch. 03

 — Two beds heat up in Dennings, with one common body. by MickeyPinkin  Interracial Love05/06/124.58HOT

The Second Time Around Ch. 08

 — The "fun" begins. by cassandraharperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/05/124.68HOT

Unexpected Interest Ch. 02

 — Natasha and Bobby move slowly. by CoCoNiy101in  Interracial Love05/05/124.66HOT

Fated Hearts Ch. 08

 — Trouble in Paradise. by Giannianain  NonHuman05/01/124.63HOT

Meeting Him Ch. 01

 — Tasha meets Daniel. by msiswhooin  Interracial Love05/01/123.88

Unexpected Interest Ch. 01

 — Natasha and Bobby meet. by CoCoNiy101in  Interracial Love04/26/124.54HOT

Lucky Bastard

 — Down on his luck, but his fortunes change...dramatically. by creepyrjin  Interracial Love04/20/124.79HOT

The Left-Hand Way

 — Mature black lady rediscovers herself through young blonde. by newoldcenturyin  Mature04/19/124.28

Intrigued Ch. 13

 — The end... or is it? by Bizzy_Bishin  NonHuman04/19/124.77HOT

Shifting Hearts Ch. 02

 — No matter how hard you try, you can't fight love. by Queen_Vickiin  NonHuman04/16/124.47

Secrets and Magic Ch. 04

 — A brief skirmish. by savannuhin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/14/124.72HOT

Strictly Business

 — Two neighbours get together. by uksnowyin  Interracial Love04/12/124.12


 — When vengeance clouds judgment. by aparadisein  Interracial Love04/08/123.77

Doctor Does Diesel Ch. 13

 — It would seem to be the end, wouldn't it? by Satisfyablein  Interracial Love04/08/124.80HOT

Mike Coltrane Goes Interracial

 — A White guy goes decides to go interracial. by thehornyauthorin  Interracial Love04/05/122.98

A Bittersweet Love Story?

 — There's not always a happy ending. by DragonSlayer_OKin  Interracial Love04/03/124.28

Seashells Ch. 01

 — Not everything is black and white. by calibeachgirlin  Romance03/31/124.59HOT

Interview with a Mediator

 — Photo shoot with Sarah Shahi turns into wet oral sex. by JonB1969in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/29/124.23

Could It Be? Ch. 03

 — They were falling for each other. by zia27in  Interracial Love03/28/124.61HOT

The Arrangement Ch. 03

 — History can be a painful memory. by Quietmahoganystormin  Interracial Love03/26/124.75HOT

A Love Worth Fighting For

 — A love story of a man who won't do without his woman. by Quietmahoganystormin  Interracial Love03/18/124.61HOT

A Night Together

 — A forbidden love fulfilled. by ourlilislandin  Interracial Love03/11/124.33

The Second Time Around Ch. 07

 — Someone is an unhappy boy. by cassandraharperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/09/124.73HOT

If Life Was Easy

 — Two people with an not so easy past. by MzMagicBeautyin  Interracial Love03/05/124.36

Struggling Ch. 02

 — Briar and Gabriel meet- and a feud is born. by MickeyPinkin  Interracial Love02/27/124.70HOT

Shadows of Resentment Ch. 06

 — Family is what matters. by Iread2relaxin  Interracial Love02/25/124.49

Oh No She Didn't

 — Horny Black nanny fucks her White client. by JonB1969in  Interracial Love02/23/124.16

The One That Got Away Ch. 02

 — Leoni comes back to Matt. by JonB1969in  Interracial Love02/23/124.35

Doctor Does Diesel Ch. 12

 — Things spin out of control. by Satisfyablein  Interracial Love02/22/124.68HOT

The Arrangement Ch. 02

 — Bathroom romp, clarification made and a new development. by Quietmahoganystormin  Interracial Love02/21/124.75HOT

Dream Come True Ch. 05

 — Smooth sailing for Cydney and Taryn. by 2CHaNcesin  Interracial Love02/20/124.71HOT

How Much? Ch. 02

 — Revelations... three is company. by chocovixen90in  Interracial Love02/17/124.25

The Second Time Around Ch. 06

 — Making Moves. by cassandraharperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/16/124.69HOT

Shame Ch. 04

 — Making plans. by Lightbrown24in  Interracial Love02/15/124.65HOT


 — Black woman taken by a mysterious white man. by Quietmahoganystormin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/15/124.44

Our First Date

 — Her first date with a white man turns into wet messy sex. by JonB1969in  Interracial Love02/15/124.32


 — Rory patiently waits for Victoria. by AlmostTabbyin  Interracial Love02/14/124.61HOT

Fated Hearts Ch. 05

 — Trouble in Paradise. by Giannianain  NonHuman02/14/124.69HOT

Dream Come True Ch. 04

 — He won't go away. by 2CHaNcesin  Interracial Love02/14/124.72HOT

How Much?

 — Young woman falls in lust. by chocovixen90in  Interracial Love02/12/124.14

Twice The Charm Ch. 13

 — Final Chapter: Marking her territory. by cassandraharperin  Interracial Love02/11/124.69HOT

Cafe Lawyer Ch. 02

 — With help from Calibeachgirl. by shuttlepilotin  Romance02/11/124.47

City Lights Ch. 02

 — Yvette makes an offer to Billy he can't refuse. by JonB1969in  Interracial Love02/10/124.63HOT

Shadows of Resentment Ch. 03

 — Sometimes, you wonder if it's worth the fight. by Iread2relaxin  Interracial Love02/08/124.48

Twice The Charm Ch. 12

 — Finally getting it right. by cassandraharperin  Interracial Love02/07/124.75HOT

Open Window

 — Damien and Nikki finally figure out they should be together. by AlmostTabbyin  Interracial Love02/07/124.74HOT

Could It Be? Ch. 02

 — They never expected to fall so hard for each other... by zia27in  Interracial Love02/03/124.49

The Second Time Around Ch. 05

 — 1st Revelation. by cassandraharperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/02/124.61HOT

Twin Tigers Ch. 05

 — That’s good Nat. So where are the girls? by XxEarBudsxXin  NonHuman02/02/124.63HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 11

 — Scott wasn't the same, at least not to her. by cassandraharperin  Interracial Love01/31/124.57HOT

Midnight Pool Party

 — A very lucky white man swims with a chocolate beauty. by JonB1969in  Interracial Love01/27/124.54HOT

The One That Got Away

 — White Guy remembers last time with Black Goddess. by JonB1969in  Interracial Love01/27/124.48

The Pornstar's Girlfriend Ch. 07

 — Walking away. by Bizzy_Bishin  Interracial Love01/27/124.59HOT

Doctor Does Diesel Ch. 11

 — Things get a bit dicey. by Satisfyablein  Interracial Love01/26/124.72HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 10

 — Manni's emotions overtook her sense of reason. by cassandraharperin  Interracial Love01/26/124.49

Becca and Isaiah Ch. 02

 — Things get heated. by tinkerbexin  Interracial Love01/25/124.68HOT

Doctor Does Diesel Ch. 10

 — It gets serious. by Satisfyablein  Interracial Love01/22/124.74HOT

The Second Time Around Ch. 04

 — What's done is done. by cassandraharperin  Interracial Love01/21/124.70HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 09

 — Manni rushed through the doors of the hospital... by cassandraharperin  Interracial Love01/21/124.53HOT

Wake Up Call

 — A continuation of 'Anniversary'. by Quietmahoganystormin  Interracial Love01/20/124.72HOT

Shadows of Resentment

 — Sometimes keeping secrets hurt. by Iread2relaxin  Interracial Love01/20/124.33

City of Secrets Ch. 01 Illustrated

 — A tough, smart, lady PI hunts mind controlling kidnappers. by Contrarianin  Illustrated01/18/123.74

4 Nights Of Threesomes Ch. 01

 — White couple invites black neighbors to fulfill a fantasy. by DrHugein  Interracial Love01/18/124.29

The Second Time Around Ch. 03

 — Caid didn't realize how true Dante's words were until... by cassandraharperin  Interracial Love01/16/124.69HOT

Becca and Isaiah

 —  Becca and Isaiah learn to open up. by tinkerbexin  Interracial Love01/16/124.50HOT

Only One For Them Ch. 07

 — Progress is made and Tragedy strikes close to home. by PHAROAHTin  NonHuman01/11/124.77HOT

The Pornstar's Girlfriend Ch. 06

 — Betrayal and disobedience. by Bizzy_Bishin  Interracial Love01/10/124.54HOT

Jason's Story Ch. 20

 — What happens in Vegas... by EroticLitKittyin  Interracial Love01/10/124.77HOT

False Alarm Ch. 07

 — They finally go to the next level. by Lightbrown24in  Interracial Love01/09/124.72HOT

Lola Wants Ch. 04

 — Recuperating after the party. by AlmostTabbyin  Interracial Love01/09/124.68HOT

Logan and Lauren Ch. 08

 — A little more Tristan... by Bizzy_Bishin  Interracial Love01/08/124.54HOT

Intrigued Ch. 12

 — Keegan experiences Blood Lust by Bizzy_Bishin  NonHuman01/05/124.66HOT

Lola Wants Ch. 03

 — She relocates to a new school and loses her virginity. by AlmostTabbyin  Interracial Love01/05/124.65HOT

Coup de Grace

 — Sometimes, getting even has unexpected rewards. by RejectRealityin  Interracial Love01/05/124.52HOT

Brad and Steph Ch. 02

 — Steph hated New Year's. by rocketgirl2011in  Interracial Love01/02/124.09

Brad and Steph

 — Moments in a new relationship. by rocketgirl2011in  Interracial Love01/01/124.15

Every Year

 — A black woman loses control and gains satisfaction. by aparadisein  Interracial Love12/28/114.27

I Fell Fast and I Fell Hard

 — White girl falls for black man almost instantly. by JimandGarysgirlin  Interracial Love12/26/113.36

Grant and Thelma Ch. 01

 — Historical romance, based in the 1940s. by mich80in  Romance12/25/114.82HOT

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