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The Club

 — Stephanie becomes the group play thing. by NineEnigmain  Group Sex03/25/174.31

DS: The Beginning

 — Making my prudish wife the group slut. by NineEnigmain  Loving Wives03/04/174.25

Jake and Hannah

 — Anniversary dinner night turns into night of debauchery. by Mike2012in  Loving Wives11/22/164.34

What the Fuck? Ch. 02: RebellionBetrayal

 — Couple fights to stop being bisexual slut slaves. by craigoolin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/03/164.31

Watching the Pool Party

 — Daughter and friend watch parents' pool party turn into orgy. by Imstillfunin  Group Sex09/09/154.58HOT

Jamie's Honeymoon Ch. 01

 — Wife discovers husband's pathetic cock and vows to change. by Coto2332in  Loving Wives11/27/133.72

My Little Mistake

 — A young wife makes a Mistake at a singles bar. by Aprillein  Loving Wives07/12/133.74

Swinging Tales Ch. 01

 — Wife gets wet over lesbian story. by auseroticain  Loving Wives03/28/133.88

Wifely Duties

 — She must stay open. by kantala24in  BDSM01/08/133.09

Cavendish a Fine Cut for a Hot Wife

 — Ankle bracelet changes their marriage. by borcumriffin  Loving Wives04/14/123.54

Jack's Story Ch. 02

 — Jack's job ends. Jack's wife does the Bishop. by MormonChicksin  Loving Wives01/25/124.41

The Last Dance

 — Doris dances all night and then is forced into a last dance. by dawn1958in  NonConsent/Reluctance01/06/124.15

Growing Pains & Pleasures Ch. 13

 — Sexual adventures grow more complicated. by SafTman2in  Loving Wives08/07/113.85

Country Hospitality

 — A farmer and his sons give man and his wife a ride. by misterstanin  Loving Wives12/20/103.94

Gobsmacked Ch. 02

 — Coming to grips with our new life. by BigKahunaCat21in  Group Sex05/10/104.48

Shopping Secrets

 — Wife's old college friend turns her into a gang bang slut by MrRobburin  Loving Wives04/08/103.83

Yet another Las Vegas fantasy

 — Dream or reality, who can tell? by dnc_sl_utin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/02/102.96

Can I Get a Witness Ch. 03

 — Shelly's Husband wants a witness. by DarkAngelRiderin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/11/094.25

My Wife's Gangbang

 — A husband's letter home. by BeyondPleasurein  Letters & Transcripts08/25/093.37

A Photo-shoot with a Difference

 — A hot wife poses as a model with racy consequences. by MickNeighborin  Loving Wives08/01/093.90

A Woman's Touch

 — A wife tries to find that spark with a female friend. by JmaHoneyin  Lesbian Sex03/01/094.14

Calli's Interest Payment Ch. 02

 — A farm wife keeps paying. by dirtwrenchin  Loving Wives02/01/094.19

The Candy Kat Peep Show

 — He goes to his local strip club to check on a rumor. by Sean Renaudin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/03/093.92

Wife Willingly Services My Friends

 — Three friends come over for a poker game and go home winners. by skywalkersam777in  Loving Wives10/04/074.18

My Wife, My Friend, and Me

 — Her longtime MMF fantasy comes true. by skywalkersam777in  Loving Wives09/30/074.11

The Outside Beer Party

 — What I saw at the outdoor beer party. by toesmanin  Loving Wives07/02/074.36

Holly's Awakening Ch. 03

 — Holly and Sonya go out for a night on the town. by hotdm69in  Group Sex01/15/074.27

Lust in Bombay

 — Online chat buddies meet in bombay for serious fun. by Rohit_Agarwalin  Loving Wives12/26/063.48

My Wife

 — Man learns of his wife's nymphomania & likes it. by Taboo Junkyin  Loving Wives12/04/063.83

A Special Occasion Ch. 03

 — Their special evening with a friend comes to a close. by showifein  Loving Wives08/20/064.34

A Special Occasion Ch. 02

 — Their night with a friend continues. by showifein  Loving Wives08/19/064.24

A Special Occasion Ch. 01

 — We go out for a very special evening with a friend. by showifein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/18/064.23

After The Party

 — Wife cheats with two guys while husband sleeps. by maxamin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/17/064.06

My Slutty Wife Ch. 02

 — The Hottest Thing I Ever Saw by BeyondPleasurein  Loving Wives01/30/063.99

My Slutty Wife

 — A tale of how we "came" to enjoy it. by BeyondPleasurein  Loving Wives01/29/064.08

Beyond Boundaries

 — His wife was stretched to her limits - and loved it! by BeyondPleasurein  Group Sex01/18/064.21

Planned Affair Ch. 01

 — Bob and Sue plan her affair. by M3PUNCHin  Loving Wives01/09/064.19

Waiting for You

 — Wanton wife pleases her man. by Wanton and wetin  Loving Wives12/11/054.30

She's Doing It For You, Charlie

 — Their bar/motel needs an added attraction. by Softlyin  Loving Wives09/23/054.20

Which is Worse?

 — Which IS worse, the cure or the disease? by cageyteein  Loving Wives06/21/053.93

Twenty Seven Minutes in Heaven

 — Julia sneaks off for nasty fun behind hubby's back. by damonXin  Anal06/12/054.43

Companion Fare Ch. 07

 — Final: The husband responds. by evals22in  Loving Wives02/24/054.23

Austin Ch. 01

 — A wife becomes a slut on a trip to Austin. by Dash05in  Loving Wives02/03/054.17

Carol Becomes A Slut Wife

 — Husband's temper makes his wife become a slut. by gonzi2in  Loving Wives10/11/034.01

A Wife, A Slut, An Addict Ch. 2

 — Joe teaches Shannon more about her Inner Slut. by rickspindriftin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/18/024.64HOT

A Wife, A Slut, An Addict

 — Gardner forces Good Wife to meet her Inner Slut. by rickspindriftin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/27/024.55HOT

Alex Chandler Makes An...

 — Boss blackmails prim married worker. by er0tic4uin  Loving Wives01/08/013.81

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