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Reluctant Swapper

 — Spouse swap orchestrated by an older couple. by audiodivain  Text With Audio06/01/114.29

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 08

 — Improving communincation basic terminology for a threesome. by roomfor1morein  How To05/05/114.28

What a Deal! Ch. 03

 — I try to return my wife's favor. by deadeye_76in  Erotic Couplings04/05/114.61HOT

Home Not Alone

 — Carrie and Ben share their spouses and each other. by rxstoriesin  Loving Wives04/05/114.32

Dutch & Rosa at the Rourk's

 — Dutch & Rosa get it on with Robert & Alice. by Paris Watermanin  Loving Wives03/14/114.27

Elevator Surprise

 — Sometimes it takes complete strangers to make you open up. by banks111in  Group Sex03/03/114.45

Adam's Journey Pt. 49

 — The boat party gets rolling. by stormdogin  Loving Wives01/28/114.20

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 05

 — Short introduction on how to understand threesome risk. by roomfor1morein  How To01/06/113.46

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 03

 — Selection of the third person - a generic perspective. by roomfor1morein  How To12/27/103.76

We Start Swinging

 — Sexual exchanges with another couple. by shashi_a2010in  Group Sex12/08/104.29

Liz is Willing: I Worship Her Pussy

 — I love my wife's pussy and so does Steven. by lizshusbandin  Loving Wives11/19/104.02

Sister-in-Law Helps Out

 — Sister-in-Law helps melt wife's incest related frigidness. by samslamin  Incest/Taboo09/20/104.79HOT

Hotel Weekend Ch. 02

 — The next day, they play with another couple. by formywifein  Loving Wives09/14/104.29

A Weakness for Shoes Ch. 02

 — My wife develops as a shoe shop tease. by tony090909in  Loving Wives08/27/104.45

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 04

 — Sunita's Fantasy comes to pass. by RedSox04in  Celebrities07/26/104.12

The Horny Wife

 — A middle aged Chinese wife deals with bouts of horniness. by patwongin  Mature07/08/103.61

A Day in Oxford

 — Wife swapping in the woods. by madeirain  Group Sex07/05/103.39

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 07c

 — Joe's idea brings everyone together. by Wind7sailorin  Mind Control06/10/104.61HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 07b

 — The day after: Joe's fun-filled romp. by Wind7sailorin  Mind Control06/09/104.59HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 07a

 — Joe finally gets his chance to have Jill. by Wind7sailorin  Mind Control06/08/104.72HOT

The Smelling of Evelyn’s Arsehole

 — Club members examine the anuses of their friends wives. by hairysurferin  Fetish05/27/104.26

The Fireman and his Wife

 — John and Pam have a new experience at a party. by nighttimestoriesin  Interracial Love05/23/104.40

The Society

 — New couple is initiated into sect of sex connoisseurs. by Martinsin  Group Sex05/10/104.40

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 12

 — Swapping by the lake. by fntsymnin  Group Sex05/08/104.56HOT

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 10

 — Robert and Vanessa return the pleasure. by fntsymnin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/24/104.53HOT

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 09

 — Robert and Vanessa get oral sex from Edward and Pamela. by fntsymnin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/20/104.63HOT

Ziggy The Slut

 — The Preacher's Daughter--A True Slut. by MrDeviantin  Fetish02/03/104.33

Forfeits at the Restaurant

 — A dare leads to their first wife swapping experience. by tony090909in  Loving Wives02/02/104.39

Three Wives Submit

 — Three husbands are overcome with lust. by tony090909in  Loving Wives01/18/104.08

A Chevy Chase Evening Ch. 02

 — Mary Beth & Pete pair up; they listen in on others. by aimztoplzin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/08/104.35

A Chevy Chase Evening Ch. 01

 — Neighborhood ladies organize a swap party. by aimztoplzin  Humor & Satire01/07/103.69

Sis-in-law Incentives Ch. 10

 — Three on one - Four on one - How far will it go? by Tx Tall Talesin  Group Sex10/08/094.77HOT

The Other Side of the Fence

 — Nick finds out just how kinky his neighbors can get. by writeonjdin  Romance09/23/094.39

An Evening with Friends

 — A couple-swap story. by Mr Thickin  Loving Wives08/01/094.03

Obvious, in Retrospect Ch. 02

 — Vacation spouse swapping continues back home. by angstypleasurein  Loving Wives07/14/094.32

The Accidental Nudist Cabin

 — A weekend outing goes awry for three couples. by Tx Tall Talesin  Loving Wives07/09/094.75HOTContest Winner

The Butterfly

 — A long rambling personal story of wives and lovers. by 136219in  Loving Wives07/09/093.94

A Pearl in the Snow Ch. 04

 — The Pearl spreads her magic gift of love to her friends. by Stultusin  Romance07/07/094.72HOT

Janice and Jason Ch. 06

 — Karl gets to fuck Janice. by fntsymnin  Loving Wives04/30/094.29

Janice and Jason Ch. 05

 — Jason takes the girls to dinner and fucks Layla in the car. by fntsymnin  Loving Wives04/08/094.40

Janice and Jason Ch. 04

 — Janice and Jason have a threesome with Layla. by fntsymnin  Loving Wives03/31/094.36

Our First Time Swinging

 — The first time I shared the wife with another couple. by ClosetWriter75in  Loving Wives03/07/093.81

Share and Share Alike Ch. 02

 — A group of guys decide to share their wives. by LordPaulin  Loving Wives02/27/093.79

Our Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

 — Brenda and Jane gamble with a drunken bet. by nighttimestoriesin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/20/094.41

Our Sexual Awakening

 — Jane & Steve's game goes further than ever before. by nighttimestoriesin  Group Sex01/13/094.56HOT

Trick Into Wife Swapping

 — Wife is tricked by husband's boss into swinging. by laddain  Loving Wives11/24/083.75

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 02

 — The story continues with Jason cuckolding Eddie. by bonnietaylorin  Loving Wives11/15/083.34

Indian Wife Becomes a Mistress

 — Indian housewife becomes mistress to a guest. by Simran_Ahluwaliain  Loving Wives10/31/084.39

From My Lover to My Wife

 — She was great in bed, but why did I have to marry her? by The Big Bopperin  Loving Wives10/30/083.68

First Time Swap

 — Two Indian couples unexpectedly end up swapping on a trip. by peelfunin  Loving Wives10/15/084.31

The Foursome Effect

 — Sex with friends and consequences. by texashorrorin  Erotic Horror09/15/083.50

The Right Mood

 — A couple swings for the first time. by BlueboyXXX1878in  Loving Wives09/09/084.05

Crossing the Line Again

 — Cousins continue their passion, but are in for a surprise. by Martinsin  Incest/Taboo08/30/084.41

Jacuzzi Ch. 01

 — From his view. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives08/20/083.97

The First Lesson

 — Her visit to her husband's friend. by bigteddybear10011in  BDSM07/17/083.81

Friends and Neighbors

 — Four neighborly couples become very close. by kenkxin  Group Sex07/13/084.62HOT

The Party Pooper

 — A loving wife is tiring of the swinging scene. by trevormin  Loving Wives06/20/083.65

Under the Table

 — Fellatio and eating out for six in a restaurant. by hiphopchipshopin  Group Sex06/12/084.19

My Wife Faye

 — What happens when an old friend visits. by Don2Duskin  Loving Wives05/27/083.94

Me and "JD"

 — Swinging wife wants sexual power over her partner. by Lillygirlin  Group Sex04/27/083.55

Ibiza Just Arrived

 — Husband & Wife their on first holiday without the kids. by Ping233in  Group Sex04/15/083.95

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 12

 — Trying to get on with the neighbours. by Genderalin  Loving Wives04/14/084.33

Carol's School Tales Ch. 07

 — Carol can't, but Becky can. by SylviaGin  Incest/Taboo02/14/084.43

The First Time

 — A fun tale of a couple's first threesome. by vickiandnormin  Group Sex01/25/083.94

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 03-04

 — Two couples swap partners over a weekend. by bunny3374in  Loving Wives01/17/083.91

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 01-02

 — Two couples swap partners over a weekend. by bunny3374in  Loving Wives01/16/083.94

Night Gal Ch. 01

 — They meet two couples for dinner to join a select group. by Silentman45in  Erotic Couplings12/27/074.07

Dominating Neighbour

 — A mid thirties couple get manipulated by their neighbours. by dirty30sin  Interracial Love12/12/074.47

A Billionaire Strip Golf Foursome Ch. 01

 — Carnal adventures with Amber. by JamesBourenin  Group Sex11/06/074.47

Swinging in Ontario Ch. 02

 — Lori and Harry get an invite after the party. by harryandloriin  Loving Wives10/20/074.23


 — Tony and Leslie go to their first swingers party. by nighttimestoriesin  Group Sex08/31/074.45

Pegging Party

 — Crystal and Tyler meet Amy and Ben. by rckplskyin  Anal08/10/073.79

Holiday Foursome Fun

 — Two couples have fun on holiday. by vitessein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/23/074.07

A Vacation to Remember

 — Wife's fantasy is fulfilled; sloppy seconds are served. by Kinky_Guy39in  Loving Wives03/20/074.15

A New Lifestyle

 — Good friends quickly become even better friends. by jim313in  Group Sex03/08/074.27

Our Sex Vacation Day 4

 — Steve and Lori play a new type of Strip Poker. by nighttimestoriesin  Loving Wives02/05/074.49

Holly's Awakening Ch. 04

 — Holly and Sonya swap partners. by hotdm69in  Erotic Couplings01/17/074.09

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 02

 — The Bishop's wife joins in the orgy at the vicarage. by sarahloveittin  Group Sex01/11/074.64HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 05

 — Joe educates the coeds, but gets schooled himself. by Wind7sailorin  Mind Control12/26/064.65HOT

Christmas Amongst Friends

 — Four couples celebrate Christmas in a unique way. by Von Hauffenin  Erotic Couplings12/02/064.69HOT

Awakening Erica Ch. 03

 — Erica and David come to terms with her new found sexual libe by sxinxs1in  Loving Wives11/22/064.26

Awakening Erica Ch. 01

 — Erica's husband uses her to land a client. by sxinxs1in  Loving Wives11/08/064.26

Helping Linda

 — A husband is coerced into helping sister in law get pregnant. by ickricin  Group Sex10/19/063.78

Lost Wife in Poker Game

 — Couple sets up friend for the fuck of his life. by MrsCanyonin  Group Sex09/11/063.93

A Glory Hole Swinger's Party

 — A new experience form Roxie's party. by nighttimestoriesin  Group Sex07/07/064.32

Sloppy Seconds Ch. 02

 — The plan bears fruit. by Squishypuss_Minerin  Loving Wives05/17/064.68HOT

Adventures: Jet to New Orleans

 — Mark & Jan join older couple for a weekend romp. by kenkxin  Loving Wives04/05/064.48


 — A couple gets involved in hot post-wedding party dare. by Flynn77in  Group Sex03/30/064.73HOT

A Wife-Sharing Tryst

 — Jon directs his wife's encounter with his best friend. by xeema47in  Loving Wives03/02/064.19

Jamaican Jerk

 — Couple hits it off with other couple on cruise ship. by evenstevenin  Interracial Love02/09/064.28

It's My Life: Six

 — Shuffling off to Syracuse for a high class party. by RebeccaBrowningin  Group Sex01/17/064.73HOT

How to Have a Happy... Ch. 01

 — Honesty & openness adds fulfillment to marriage. by LuciousBi-Writes4Uin  How To01/01/064.24

Sexxxmas Party

 — Women at work loosen up holiday party. by randy1in  Group Sex12/01/054.36

Untangling the Web Ch. 03

 — Be careful what you ask for. You might get it. by capecodmercuryin  Humor & Satire11/21/053.91

Untangling the Web Ch. 02

 — Be careful what you ask for. You might get it. by capecodmercuryin  Humor & Satire11/20/054.35

Untangling the Web Ch. 01

 — Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it. by capecodmercuryin  Humor & Satire11/19/054.20

Our Good Neighbor Policy Ch. 01-10

 — Couples become very close. by kenkxin  Novels and Novellas11/13/054.72HOT

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 02

 — Couple's hypnotic-themed cruise continues. by Wind7sailorin  Mind Control10/23/054.60HOT

Neighbors and Friends

 — They're just being neighborly. by OLDER AND BETTERin  Loving Wives10/21/054.24

Sailing Away From Reality Ch. 01

 — Man takes his wife on a hypnosis-themed cruise. by Wind7sailorin  Mind Control10/21/054.58HOT

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