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Ganging Her

 — Man arranges a gangbang for his wife without her knowledge. by DontJudgeMein  Loving Wives06/16/104.34

Good Girl Gone Better

 — Wife is seduced by husband and friend. by luv2sedcwifein  Loving Wives06/16/104.27

Why Did I Do This?

 — It was so out of character; out of lust, or stupidity? by madneuron1234in  Loving Wives06/15/103.69

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 11

 — Patrick and Francis have anal sex for the first time. by jtufin  Novels and Novellas06/14/103.73

Amanda's Threesome

 — Amanda has sex with close friend in front of husband. by Andy336in  Loving Wives06/13/104.22

Bring Me Lunch

 — Wife surprises her husband with a fantasy during his lunch.. by KymmieQuinnellin  Erotic Couplings06/13/104.36

It's Gone Too Far

 — The first in a series about how my wife got her way. by everso1969in  Loving Wives06/13/103.54

Journey to Another Life Ch. 03

 — Can he accept his exhibitionist girl? by DrPopein  Loving Wives06/11/104.32

Payback's a Bitch Ch. 01

 — A cheating husband is exposed, and the women take revenge. by CheriSMin  Fetish06/11/104.42

The Mechanics Bill

 — A man finds his wife pays the bill in her own way. by lets_experimentin  Group Sex06/10/104.08

Who's Teasing Who Now?

 — He turned the tables on me. by Afrolocksin  Erotic Couplings06/09/104.18

The Art of Sex

 — Wife agrees to model nude. by ps7468in  Erotic Couplings06/09/104.47

Mistress Kimmie Knows Best

 — G gives into the temptations of Mistress Kimmie. by MistressKimmiein  Anal06/09/103.94


 — She explains to husband why she is late. by scdanin  Loving Wives06/08/103.43

Shy Wife Goes Dancing Ch. 04

 — Modest wife is exposed and fingered by stranger. by shywifein  Loving Wives06/08/104.16

Journey to Another Life Ch. 02

 — Is her fiancee really so conservative? by DrPopein  Loving Wives06/07/104.03

Journey to Another Life Ch. 01

 — A conservative man engaged to a wild young woman. by DrPopein  Loving Wives06/07/104.32

Dana - An Offer I Couldn't Refuse Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of the seduction of my sexy married co-worker. by StryTellrin  Loving Wives06/04/104.38

Pudgy Neighbor Gets Dark Fucked

 — My fat little neighbor gets fucked by three black dicks! by dr13bonein  Interracial Love06/01/104.30

In Vegas Always Bet on the Black (Man)

 — A wife takes a gamble on interraical sex. by dr13bonein  Interracial Love06/01/104.25

How My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 02

 — She's tricked and assfucked by my friend. by varunin  Loving Wives06/01/104.02

My Sexy Office Fling

 — A horny wife has fun with a sexy co-worker. by demonsangelin  Lesbian Sex05/31/104.19


 — Our marriage. Her submission. by fishophilein  BDSM05/30/104.26

A Supernatural Fantasy

 — I almost missed her fantasy. by wifelover1in  Celebrities05/29/103.89

Sensual Scavenger Hunt

 — A series of sexual tasks leads to new levels of passion. by Michael_Lanein  Erotic Couplings05/29/104.39

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 18

 — Janet, 12/31/83 & Val's miscarriage. by Paris Watermanin  Group Sex05/29/104.08

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 17

 — Val & Her Sister-Val & Joe do a little cocaine. by Paris Watermanin  Loving Wives05/28/103.61

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 09

 — Cuckold accepts the reality of his role. by Paul Pinesin  Loving Wives05/28/103.85

The Phone Call

 — Man interrupts wife's phone call with a foot rub & more. by Jayzionin  Fetish05/28/104.06

Honey, We Need to Talk

 — Every man hates those words. by magmamanin  Loving Wives05/28/104.08

A Change of Employment Ch. 01

 — Innocent fiancé experiments with new work colleague. by Coops812in  Erotic Couplings05/27/104.08

Shannon's Dilemma

 — Shannon is frustrated in marriage, but has her eye on a man. by AliceShaynein  Erotic Couplings05/27/103.66

Shelly Hates to Wait

 — Shelly teases her husband and herself, but then must wait. by AliceShaynein  Loving Wives05/27/103.90

Bachelorette Party

 — Her friends treat her to what she really wants. by theWIFEWatcherin  Interracial Love05/26/103.93

Vacation Getaway

 — I thought I would just wake up and it was just a bad dream. by dustindoe08in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/26/103.40

Rachel's Wild Night On Holiday

 — Rachel gets drunk on holiday and goes off the rails. by Andy336in  Loving Wives05/25/104.20

Hot Night In The Big Easy

 — New Orleans is a great spot for an adult weekend. by wifelover1in  Erotic Couplings05/25/103.38

Rainy's Day Ch. 01

 — She learns hubby enjoys her exhibitionist tendencies. by docBluein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/25/104.50HOT

Dana - An Offer I Couldn't Refuse

 — A coworker, a snowy night, and an offer I couldn't turn down. by StryTellrin  Loving Wives05/24/104.15

Working Saturday Ch. 02

 — White wife that cheats with Big Black Cocks. by theWIFEWatcherin  Interracial Love05/23/104.10

Humiliating My Wife

 — He arranges sexually embarrassing situations for wife. by a_random_userin  Fetish05/23/103.83

Truck Driver's Lucky Day

 — Cuckold gets a Taste after she's thru with him. by dearhusbandin  Fetish05/23/104.25

Working Saturday Ch. 01

 — White wife that cheats with Big Black Cocks. by theWIFEWatcherin  Interracial Love05/22/103.99

Wanting What She Didn't Have Ch. 01

 — Jill evaluates her life and finds it lacking. by MiandEv2007in  Loving Wives05/22/104.09

Day full of Black Cock Ch. 01

 — Michele gives in to her dark desires with two black studs. by bigrod4u87in  Interracial Love05/18/104.35


 — A couple have fun and games with the young neighbour. by KissingMarriedWomenin  Anal05/16/103.91

My Shy Wife & the Rugby Team Ch. 02

 — The rugby team take advantage of my wife. by dickdancein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/15/104.07

A Pact

 — They both make the most of a pact made in fun. by Wondering_iin  Erotic Couplings05/15/104.30

Mary Returns a Favor

 — A middle-aged widow wants to return her neighbor's kindness. by AliceShaynein  Romance05/15/104.51HOT

Sue, After Twenty Years

 — A wife welcomes home a husband who has been gone 20 years. by AliceShaynein  Loving Wives05/15/104.47

My Shy Wife & the Rugby Team Ch. 01

 — Shy wife's exhibitionist side revealed during old tradition. by dickdancein  Loving Wives05/14/104.27

Picture Show

 — A fun afternoon at the movies. by HisFntsyHerNdulgencein  Loving Wives05/14/104.27

Marriage, Or, The Surprised Wife

 — The perils of no sex education. by KissingMarriedWomenin  First Time05/13/104.38


 — Wife comes home from a night out. by BobNbobbiin  Loving Wives05/12/103.20

Dirty Wife

 — I never knew my wife could be like this... by KissingMarriedWomenin  Loving Wives05/12/104.39

Leaving My Mark on Hannah

 — Spending the night with a friend's 27-year-old wife. by davidnwin  Anal05/10/104.09

Creampie for Husband

 — Husband eats fresh creampie out of wife. by victorgershwinin  Fetish05/10/104.29

Pregnant in Panties

 — Young married couple explore their sexual limits. by Lauries Husbandin  Novels and Novellas05/10/104.19

Savannah's Anniversary Present

 — She plans a powerful, sexy anniversary for her husband. by AliceShaynein  Loving Wives05/10/104.12

Samantha's Visit

 — An old friend's arrival leads to a sexy threesome. by Lemontwistin  Group Sex05/08/103.88

My Fiancee Takes an Older Man Ch. 09

 — He & I join Katie & Victoria in the room. Fiancee elsewhere. by Jackanoryin  Loving Wives05/08/103.68

My Dilemma Ch. 02

 — A housewife becomes a sex object for her husband. by Lemontwistin  Erotic Couplings05/07/104.26

The Lap Dancer

 — Wife decides it is time to spice up their stagnant love life. by Blueboyrobertin  Erotic Couplings05/06/104.42

Trip to New York Ch. 02

 — What Ruth gets up to next. by Tall_Fredin  Interracial Love05/06/104.19

At the Cabin, Final Encounter

 — Wife shows off even more to the neighbor. by showifein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/06/104.18

A Day At The Office

 — Story of passion, sex and kink. by AlexandraRasputinESin  Loving Wives05/05/103.13

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 15

 — Katie visits the hospital. by Freddyj881in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/04/104.51HOT

You're Hired Ch. 02

 — Terry's first special training assignment. by 95_5Switchin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/04/103.55

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 09

 — Patrick gets bad news. by jtufin  Novels and Novellas05/02/103.89

Brenda Breaks Free Ch. 01

 — In 1973 the sexual revolution finds a middle class mom. by Pat_Tomasonin  First Time05/02/104.40

My Dilemma

 — Husband get new sex libido and wife has to cope. by Lemontwistin  Erotic Couplings05/01/104.20

Gulf Coast Condo

 — Great views of my wife. by oculardemoin  Loving Wives05/01/104.02

A Trip to the Cabin - Day 02

 — Wife continues to show off for the old man next door. by showifein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/01/104.19

The Beach House Ch. 07-08

 — Pictures Found – Secrets no longer. by R_Petersonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/28/104.52HOT

A Respectable Lady Like Lauren Ch. 01

 — Beauty and arrogance meet street smarts and opportunity. by urban_legend555in  Loving Wives04/26/104.35

Friend's Husband Ch. 02

 — An unexpected gift for wife and friend. by StoryTeller07in  Loving Wives04/26/104.43

A Trip to the Cabin

 — We go to a lake cabin and do some showing off. by showifein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/26/104.13

Two to One

 — Wife invites her friend into our bed. by Bakebossin  Group Sex04/26/104.06

The Beach House Ch. 06

 — Session in the Dunes -- Love in the dunes is exciting. by R_Petersonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/25/104.43

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 08

 — Patrick considers new options. by jtufin  Non-Erotic04/25/103.38

Why I Love Married Women Ch. 02

 — The mystery-woman's secrets unravelled. by DontJudgeMein  Loving Wives04/24/104.32

Katie on an Adventure

 — A wife fucking alone. by hotnsexy469in  Loving Wives04/24/103.72

Steff Ch. 01

 — Stefanie has trouble with the lawn crew! by chunkyd1in  NonConsent/Reluctance04/23/104.57HOT

First Time Threesome Ch. 02

 — Wife lets loose, second part. by ynotadd1morein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/23/104.34

The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 02

 — The continuation of Erica Bradson's debauchery. by Pervosuxx Marinain  Interracial Love04/23/104.38

Why I Love Married Women Ch. 01

 — A wife-hunter meets a mystery woman. by DontJudgeMein  Loving Wives04/23/104.37

The Beach House Ch. 05

 — Exposing the Wife -- The husband begins to call the shots. by R_Petersonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/22/104.54HOT

The Exhibitionist Next Door Ch. 01

 — A MILF fucks her neighbor on camera. by sandollar04in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/22/104.39

Showing Kate Ch. 04

 — In which a weekend away leads to our dreams being met. by jack4221in  Loving Wives04/21/104.29

Sharing My Wife for the First Time

 — My fantasy of sharing my sexy wife with other men. by LuvShowinHerOffin  Loving Wives04/20/104.36

Her First Time With Two Guys

 — A friend drops by at exactly the right moment. by LeatherAndCassokin  Group Sex04/19/104.29

The Beach House Ch. 04

 — Unexpected Pictures -- Not what he was expecting. by R_Petersonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/18/104.27

Strip Foosball

 — Wife plays strip foosball with her co-workers. by CasualEroticain  Loving Wives04/18/103.85

Cuckold to an Emperor Ch. 02

 — Julia is fucked by the Emperor again, with some help. by cuckoldwriterin  Loving Wives04/16/104.38

First Time Threesome

 — Wife lets loose with best friend and I. by ynotadd1morein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/16/104.04

Donna Earns Her Commission Ch. 01

 — Realtor is tempted. by scoralloverin  Loving Wives04/16/103.96

The Arrangement

 — Wife goes black, with some help from hubby. by Chasanovain  Loving Wives04/15/103.80

Tropical Obsession

 — A native and a tiki head leave a lasting impression. by MKEguyin  Loving Wives04/15/103.20

The Beach House Ch. 03

 — Unaware Model -- Trickery pays off. by R_Petersonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/14/104.38

Saturday Morning

 — It happened one Saturday morning not too long ago. by baddad53in  Loving Wives04/14/103.80

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