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Cuckold Beginnings Ch. 01

 — How his cuckold lifestyle began. by tehwatcherin  Loving Wives11/13/073.87

Desires Realized Ch. 02

 — Mike wants Eric to fuck his wife. by curiousandkinkyin  Loving Wives11/13/074.17

My Ride with Mila

 — A ride on the lap while carpooling turns to passion. by gizmo52242in  Erotic Couplings11/13/074.42

Blind Love

 — Loving wife aids hurting husband. by Grey Eagle 286in  Romance11/13/074.33

Was Intruder Unwelcome

 — A burglar takes the wife but was she unwilling? by rupanitain  NonConsent/Reluctance11/12/073.98

My Wife's Car Damaged

 — Wife was caught by strangers. by schumi007in  Interracial Love11/11/073.58

Rugby World Cup Group Sex

 — Gary & two friends fuck wife after the Rugby final. by gandj130in  Group Sex11/09/074.16

Training My Wife For Sharing Ch. 01

 — Husband grooms wife for a gangbang. by kabkissin  Loving Wives11/09/074.32

London Swinging Weekend

 — We visit a swingers club and the next night have more fun. by gandj130in  Group Sex11/08/074.41

Betrayed Ch. 06

 — Turning point. by MistressMerryin  BDSM11/08/074.39

Afternoon Delight

 — He finds her home, alone, & waiting for her husband. by Cobbler1023in  Romance11/05/074.46

The Initiation

 — Vicki joins a secret club. by Cespenarin  Group Sex11/02/074.15

Empty Nesting

 — Karen shows off for husband's best friend. by Dr. Bullin  Loving Wives11/02/074.09

Soft Swing Goes Further Ch. 03

 —  The next morning gets interesting. by literalvirginin  Loving Wives11/01/074.37

Keetani and Her Brothers

 — His wife gets hot for her brothers. by Mozagirlin  Incest/Taboo10/30/074.45

First Step Ch. 01

 — Distraught wife takes first step. by MistressMerryin  Non-Erotic10/30/074.23

Cum Vampire Ch. 01

 — She gains immortality with a hitch to suit her slutty ways. by policywankin  NonHuman10/30/074.29

The Ad Ch. 03

 — She wanted a threesome. by Alainnin  Group Sex10/30/073.92

Cock of Ages Ch. 02

 — How he got into his unique line of work. by Creamerin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/29/074.58HOT

Atlantic City Ch. 01

 — A peculiar proposal. by RickTurnerin  Loving Wives10/29/074.35

Damned If You Do

 — Next door neighbor's wife ensnares couple. by curious2cin  Loving Wives10/28/074.11

A Monthly Affair

 — Respectable married man has monthly liaison with his fantasy. by GC10in  Loving Wives10/28/073.92

Krystal Begins Her Adventure

 — A wife discovers exhibitionism. by rufus11in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/28/074.07

Brenda Lets Them Look

 — Wife doesn't see the big deal about showing her pussy. by Marvelmarin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/28/073.80

My Boss's Wife and I

 — He & his boss's wife have a problem the other can fix. by jonnewlynin  Erotic Couplings10/27/074.52HOT

The CD

 — An older woman's obsession with a young man. by MarieCostelloin  Loving Wives10/27/073.90

Brenda Likes Three

 — Wife likes the attention by Marvelmarin  Loving Wives10/26/073.77

Dilemma - Lorelei's Story

 — We all make choices, but do we learn? by Joesephusin  Loving Wives10/24/074.50HOT


 — Young witch women trick judge. by LiffShannonin  Erotic Horror10/21/074.47

"Poke Her" Night

 — Cindy is fucked by Randy's poker buddies. by needastrongmanin  Group Sex10/21/073.55

Dream Pizza Delivery

 — How pizza guys wish it would happen. by Azuldrgonin  Group Sex10/21/074.25

Luv Letters 05

 — Letters to keep you thinking. by yohansenbabein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/18/074.67

Photo Session

 — Author meets Literotica contact for sexy photo session. by wigwam25in  Loving Wives10/17/074.34

A Magic Castle Ch. 01

 — A magic castle, a borrowed wand, and the right man. by Justmyimaginationin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/15/074.04

Me and Mrs. Jones

 — Student teacher meets a classic & refined master. by wigwam25in  Erotic Couplings10/14/074.04

Suburban Style

 — The sequel to Suburban Strip: the next level. by Nottinglyin  Group Sex10/14/074.62HOT

Julie and the Office Bull

 — Married woman gives in to colleague's charms. by Mag58in  Mature10/11/074.41

Masturbating to My Wife

 — Trying to unleash his wife's passion. by Rooster2003in  Loving Wives10/11/073.94

Fucking Trisha

 — She would rather enjoy his beautiful wife - & her lovers. by Cherryblast069in  Loving Wives10/11/073.92

Sharing Sara, My Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 01

 — Sara displays her body to five male strangers in her home. by CalDreamerin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/10/074.47

Crystal Watches Me Get Barebacked

 — Ex-wife watches him bareback. by onelifetolive74in  Loving Wives10/09/073.83

Relighting An Old Flame

 — Katie meets her ex-husband. by sweetsuccubusin  Loving Wives10/09/073.32

Seduction of Young Wives

 — A clothing store owner gets the most from his employees. by cpmls99in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/08/073.41

Kimberly Cums Out

 — Bi-curious wife is taken by three strangers. by pallesin  Lesbian Sex10/07/073.65

Alex in Windsor

 — Hot wife plans a great birthday weekend. by Me_And_Alexin  Loving Wives10/06/073.58

Trading Services Ch. 02

 — Robin pays up on the second part of their deal. by 3fingermojoin  Loving Wives10/05/074.27

Katy's Reluctant New Look Ch. 01

 — Sexy conservative wife is put into uncomfortable situations. by PhilCanyonin  Illustrated10/05/074.27Contest Winner

Afternoon Delight

 — My wife and I are interrupted while having sex. by christianhymenin  Loving Wives10/04/074.23

Long Weekend, Three Couples

 — Each wife a sister to one of the men. by Donna19063in  Incest/Taboo10/04/074.53HOT

An Unexpected Catch

 — Three old ex fisherman get their best catch in an old hotel! by LEATBTin  Group Sex10/04/074.41

My Lady, With Love

 — You husband seduces you after work. by 25yovirginin  Romance10/02/074.75

Stranger In El Paso

 — He and his wife take a business trip. by Playsetin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/01/074.48

Noreen’s a Glutton for Punishment

 — A couple plays a game involving an arrogant friend. by Odeonin  Loving Wives09/29/074.22

The Hot Tub

 — Follow-up to 'Curiosity Laid the Bachelorette'. by Reshbodin  Interracial Love09/29/073.86

Trolling for Vengeance Ch. 03

 — Her Trolling goes bad. by satinlvr_mwfin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/28/073.31


 — New love comes in strange ways. by hotpop_5in  Erotic Couplings09/28/074.27

My Sister in Law

 — He finds comfort and love with sister in law. by hotpop_5in  Incest/Taboo09/28/074.30

Judy Set Up For Gangbang By Husband

 — He sets his wife up for gangbang. by larson67in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/27/074.43

Randy's Slutty TrailerTrash Wife Ch. 07

 — The Gangbang, Part 2. by TeresaJin  Loving Wives09/27/074.05

A Lesson About Denial

 — His wife teaches him about denial. by suede_knightin  BDSM09/27/074.20

Sexual Survey

 — A wife is trained after taking a sexual survey. by photoxtremein  BDSM09/26/072.57

The Wild Time

 — Cheating wife goes wild. by petelin  Erotic Couplings09/26/072.69

My Backseat Fantasy Fuck!

 — My wife and I fuck in the back of a cab. by webs1in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/26/073.14

Getting Even

 — He uses his wife's racial prejudiced to get even. by zipp2in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/24/074.05

Debbie & Boris: 20 Years Later

 — 20 years have passed, will she do him again? by wigwam25in  Loving Wives09/24/072.77

Testing His Wife

 — Husband decides to expose his wife to submission. by mistyrydherin  BDSM09/23/074.50HOT

A Wife Gets Caught

 — He walks in on her and his best friend. by epvitalein  Loving Wives09/23/073.20

Lap Dance

 — Who needs a strip club? by writerzblockedin  Loving Wives09/20/074.30

Prelude to a Cruise

 — They spend an intimate afternoon before a cruise. by fraochin  Erotic Couplings09/18/074.15

Love and Trust Ch. 02

 — A re-affirmation of their feelings for each other. by simplymein  Anal09/18/074.18

Best Served Warm and Buttered

 — When food and sex intersect. by Marshtickledkittyin  Toys & Masturbation09/17/074.33

Sharing Laura

 — She is seduced by the boss and his wife. by luciarochesterin  Group Sex09/17/074.16

In Between

 — Two good men, one hot woman, nothing said. by smysecretin  Loving Wives09/17/073.85

Randy's Slutty TrailerTrash Wife Ch. 06

 — She has a gangbang. by TeresaJin  Loving Wives09/16/074.04

Trading Services

 — Computer tech trades service for a fuck. by 3fingermojoin  Loving Wives09/15/074.34

Where Trouble Lurks

 — Man finds out that absolutes in his life aren't by curious2cin  Loving Wives09/15/074.52HOT

Out at Home!

 — A sexual opus. by Irishdragonin  Loving Wives09/15/073.58

Bad Penny

 — Summer rerun brings revenge. by magmamanin  Loving Wives09/13/074.47

My Best Friend's Wife

 — Husband asks his friend to get his wife pregnant. by lovetocuminuin  Loving Wives09/13/074.48

Young Man for Wife

 — Wife wants a young man in bed, with a twist. by afj69in  Incest/Taboo09/13/073.80

Risking Judy Ch. 05

 — Judy and the boss go to a private island. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives09/13/073.80

Priya: Journey of a Shy Girl Ch. 03

 — Priya's evolution from a shy girl to a slut-wife. by rahul_agrawalin  Loving Wives09/12/074.26

My Wife's Younger Love

 — Wife's relationship with husband's best friend intensifies. by gerardein  Loving Wives09/12/074.06

Coquette and her Cuckold Ch. 04

 — The last betrayal. by Clayton Longin  Loving Wives09/10/074.28

How It All Got Started

 — Man must submit to Master before wife gets pleasured. by weaponxin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/09/074.08


 — Love on an English summer's day. by DeeSobekin  Erotic Couplings09/05/074.09

Mike and Me

 — She lets her husband know he comes first. by SheDevilShayin  Loving Wives09/04/074.03

From Tease to Worse

 — A wife is taken by a stranger. by satinlvr_mwfin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/03/074.00

Sexing the Bride’s Mom Ch. 02

 — Groomsmen take the bride's sexy mom. by DkGyin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/03/074.53HOT

Helping My Colleague After Hours

 — Goes to help solve her problem & fixes another. by jonnewlynin  Erotic Couplings09/01/074.53HOT

Andee Goes Away with Lauren

 — Sexy wife discovers her co-worker likes women, too. by camelin  Lesbian Sex08/31/074.45

Randy's Slutty TrailerTrash Wife Ch. 05

 — Psyching herself up for a gangbang. by TeresaJin  Loving Wives08/30/074.21

The Anniversary Gift

 — You recieve a gift of two men. by ftl_tbgin  Loving Wives08/29/074.32

Our First Threesome

 — Single guy joins a couple for threesome fun. by master3105in  Loving Wives08/29/073.76

Trish's Gangbang

 — Gary helps fullfill wife's gangbang fantasy. by master3105in  Group Sex08/29/074.07

Carol and Kelly Ch. 01

 — Family role-play takes an unexpected twist. by RainierWriterIIin  Incest/Taboo08/28/074.53HOT

The Company Party

 — Wife starts to steam at the company Christmas party. by manofsteel52in  Erotic Couplings08/28/074.01

Andee Get's Ready To Go

 — Sexy wife gets excited about a weekend away. by camelin  Loving Wives08/28/073.82

Andee in Las Vegas

 — Sexy wife comes out of her shell. by camelin  Loving Wives08/28/074.21

Risking Judy Ch. 04

 — Judy begins to enjoy the boss's gifts. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives08/27/074.22

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