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Logging Camp Ch. 03

 — Chapter three. by ScarletFrostin  BDSM09/17/144.79HOT

Logging Camp Ch. 02

 — A great start to a steamy BDSM evening. by ScarletFrostin  NonHuman04/18/144.47

Logging Camp Ch. 01

 — A wolverine and husky mutt make the best of a winter storm. by ScarletFrostin  NonHuman03/03/144.28

X-Men: Savage Land Scandal Ch. 04

 — Shanna rewards Logan, while Storm and Jean take a bath. by Zev95in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/22/134.79HOT

Te Amo

 — An inexperienced woman spends a night with Wolverine. by Sabbathain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/08/124.59HOT

X-Men Origins: Simian

 — Wolverine has a sexual encounter with a new mutant. by DarkSimianin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/03/114.25

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 21

 — Uncertainty in the wake of Kelly's rescue. by psyche_b_musedin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/10/114.85HOT

One Night at Xavier's Ch. 01

 — A fiery superhero gets revenge and a lift. by TheProfessorXin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/02/103.62

X-Men: Stolen

 — Jean Grey peeled the synthetic leather costume... by mrwrong972in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/26/094.06

X-Men: Cell Mates

 — A Rogue and Wolverine love story with some twists. by mrwrong972in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/26/092.67

X-men: Bast Ch. 08

 — Logan is dragged on a shopping trip. by Crouching_Buddhain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/13/074.46Contest Winner

X-men: Bast Ch. 07

 — A drunk Rogue prompts an interesting situation. by Crouching_Buddhain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/08/074.57HOT

X-men: Bast Ch. 06

 — The mood is tense at the Mansion. Kia begins extra training. by Crouching_Buddhain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/14/064.46

X-men: Bast Ch. 05

 — Night troubles for everyone at the Mansion. by Crouching_Buddhain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/09/064.37

X-men: Bast Ch. 04

 — Trouble stirs in New York on a Saturday morning. by Crouching_Buddhain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/04/064.43

X-men: Bast Ch. 03

 — Beast and Storm become closer as Kia comforts Rogue. by Crouching_Buddhain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/27/064.51HOT

X-men: Bast Ch. 02

 — Wolverine returns to the Mansion to find a few changes. by Crouching_Buddhain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/21/064.57HOT

X-men: Bast Ch. 01

 — X-men story with an original Mutant. by Crouching_Buddhain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/13/064.34

X-Men 3: Additional Aftermath

 — Scenes that happened after the credits by AchtungNightin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/15/064.05

Wolverine's Enchantment

 — Logan succumbs to the Aura. by 2052Dreamsin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/06/064.64HOT

Summer Heat

 — Ever wondered what happens when you reach one hundred? by RedFenixin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/28/063.22

Wolverine Gets a Little Upset

 — Logan gets more involved. by 2052Dreamsin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/16/064.73HOT

Wolverine's Desire

 — Logan lets go of the past. by 2052Dreamsin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/21/064.77HOT

Greatest Show on Earth

 — Wet Wolverine, what more could Jean ask for? by RedFenixin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/24/034.20

The Cabin

 — Another Jean Grey story with fellow X-Man Wolverine. by griffievin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/18/023.44

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