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A Mistake Ch. 01

 — Nicole realises how big a mistake it was to let Kevin go. by LittleDirtyStoriesin  Erotic Couplings12/06/164.44

Fallen Poets Pt. 07

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling but now it ends. by sensualwhispersin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/21/164.50

Fallen Poets Pt. 02

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling. by sensualwhispersin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/13/164.00

Fallen Poets

 — A concert leads to the ultimate fling. by sensualwhispersin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/12/164.40


 — A queer man discovers his desire for his best female friend. by litgrrlin  First Time05/21/164.26


 — A tease gets more than she bargained for. by kittenpetin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/04/163.66

A Gentle Push

 — An evening out turns everything inside out. by HunterShamblesin  Incest/Taboo02/26/164.41

Another Saturday Night

 — Just me, a girl, and her perfect ass. by Savage_Henryin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/05/163.81

Animalistic Desire

 — A 'chance' meeting between two lovers spirals into more. by Nikki_Vin  Romance12/31/153.55

Emma's First Day

 — A sensual start to the school year. by Jayce_Ain  Toys & Masturbation12/29/153.43

Happy Thanksgiving

 — Serenity pleases lover. by serenity889in  Erotic Couplings11/10/154.07

Impregnation at a Wedding Pt. 01

 — Jilly's wedding heats up with an encounter with a bridesmaid. by Hyecinth_Bluein  Erotic Couplings08/23/153.92

Into the Sunlight Ch. 04

 — Learn to love again. by Iread2relaxin  Romance07/03/154.74HOT

Flow of Passion Ch. 05

 — Flo and Sav reach the breaking point. by Iread2relaxin  Fetish05/27/154.67

First Kiss Ch. 02

 — Deeper into trouble. by StoryTeller07in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/05/154.58HOT

A Love Story: The Final Story

 — Brett and Isla concludes our journey. by Iread2relaxin  Romance12/06/144.77HOT

A Maid's Tail Ch. 04: Wednesday

 — More catgirl maid. by T_Silverwolfin  Fetish11/12/144.56HOT

A Love Story: Peter and Kim

 — A marriage in crisis. by Iread2relaxin  Romance11/01/144.44

Anal With a Woman: A Guide for Men

 — Some hard won advice on this much loved subject. by HombreAmigoin  How To10/28/144.02

A Love Story: Dina and Daniel

 — Daniel finally gets the girl. by Iread2relaxin  Romance07/28/144.68HOT

Entirely His

 — 2nd part of an affair. by HisDarkQueenin  Erotic Couplings07/16/144.18

Community Involvement Ch. 05

 — The aftermath of a meeting with Clare produces a surprise. by MuffOnManin  Erotic Couplings05/29/144.83HOT

A Discovery Ch. 01

 — She walks into the woods naked - and discovers a new world. by GeorgieHin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/10/144.64HOT

Binding Snow

 — Two lonely souls finally finds the connection they have been. by TheriusTalein  Romance01/22/143.54

Annie's Big Fling Ch. 02

 — The sequel to Damien. by mjar65in  Loving Wives08/07/132.43

How To Make A Woman's Body Sing

 — Touching three hidden spots that lead to amazing orgasms. by celesteandjimin  How To07/15/134.30

Don't Say No

 — Mike believes Julie is a tease and teaches her a lesson. by BiJesus1794in  Erotic Horror09/21/122.83

Going "Down Under"

 — Chris moves countries to be with the one he loves. by BiJesus1794in  Erotic Couplings09/12/123.94

Gone Swimming

 — A new swimming costume has unexpected results. by SamanthaOrangein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/23/114.12

15 Paradise Avenue

 — Sally finds tranquility. by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo09/04/104.17

English 101

 — A lucky student gets with his plump teacher. by dude09in  Erotic Couplings06/23/103.97

All Aboard!

 — Business woman submits to close a deal. by Faded_Tapestryin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/02/103.81

Exhibitionist Flaunts Her Sexy Butt

 — Julie's asshole is displayed for thermometer demo. by Alex_likes_Buttsin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/06/104.57HOT

A Teacher's Help After Class

 — Sexy teacher give student some "extra help" after class.. by PaulyBin  Fetish04/19/104.25

A Beautiful Evening With You and I

 — A vivid stimulating sex scene starring you and I. by Dragonchillin  Erotic Couplings09/02/093.93


 — After art class, a hairy lesbian model drives our hero wild. by hotwriter1in  Fetish09/20/084.12

Cathy Ann

 — Meeting a hairy girl at a New York disco. by hotwriter1in  Fetish09/15/084.23

Blindfold and Handcuffs

 — A chance encounter gets kinky. by wfm1969in  BDSM03/18/084.03

Jenny's Ass Inspires Erotic Writing

 — Writing anal erotica sparks sexual lust between two writers. by Alex_likes_Buttsin  Anal08/11/074.60HOT

Home Sweet Homeland

 — I'm from the government -- and I'm here to fuck you. by shawalphamalein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/09/074.44

A Vaginal Monologue from a Man

 — Exploring the Vagina. by sexygodess06in  Mature03/25/074.50HOT

A Warm Lap

 — Man and woman, hot and getting hotter. by sexy_lil_dollin  Erotic Couplings12/08/064.39

Erika: A Young Woman: Lessons Ch. 02

 — Woman on top and sex in the shower. by PhilMcin  Erotic Couplings11/24/064.37

Friend In Need

 — Harry likes the dreamgirl, but his friend is in need. by euphor1ain  Fetish10/15/064.31

A Deep Sleep

 — She discovers her underlying dirty desires. by metalkroin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/22/063.43

How To Appreciate A Woman

 — What's the real truth about appreciating a woman? by Sex and Deathin  How To06/07/064.64HOT

A Little Respect

 — Seduced by the one she fears the most. by LoveTheSunin  NonHuman12/27/054.66HOT

Hot Romance

 — A young blonde falls for a tall hot butch. by BeautyB52in  Lesbian Sex10/18/054.22

All Grown Up

 — A close family friend teaches him about love. by Bruno1027in  Incest/Taboo06/13/054.23

Check Up!

 — A young woman's exploration of her sexuality. by turtledovein  Novels and Novellas04/06/054.31

Finding Mr. Wrong Ch. 01

 — Finding the man of your dreams is a good thing, right? by peacefulwhisperin  Romance03/10/054.53HOT

Birthday Surprise

 — He brings home friends for his deserving wife. by 21daysagoin  Group Sex02/27/054.20

His Healing Touch Ch. 02

 — Callie is rescued. by ComeBackToMein  Romance02/25/054.66HOT

He Was A She

 — Try to find who you really are. by Mrs Sparkin  Mind Control02/10/052.23

Four Stars for Miss Dabney

 — He finds sexual delights with retired secretary. by redstang98in  Mature01/26/054.36

Captured: The Sheik's Bride

 — Young woman captured and wed to a sheik. by ComeBackToMein  Romance01/24/054.47

Inga Meets Wonder Woman Ch. 02

 — Busty German brings out Wonder Woman's dark side. by lilguyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/02/053.63

Inga Meets Wonder Woman

 — Busty German lady breaks Wonder Woman with sex. by lilguyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/08/043.67


 — Darkly dissociative tale of magic, politics, & horror. by trismegistusin  Non-Erotic10/31/044.80

Hot Tub Swing

 — They have sex with others in a hot tub. by biggun76in  Loving Wives10/27/044.07

Boring Night Gets Better

 — Guy has fun at a gloryhole booth by mfitalianin  Group Sex10/23/044.14

Dear Erica

 — Husband's response to "Torn" gay wife's letter. by Captain Midnightin  Letters & Transcripts09/22/043.83


 — Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. by MrFalkirkin  Erotic Couplings09/16/044.42

Blessed Angel

 — A romantic location and treats from her lover by rob99202in  Group Sex07/29/044.81HOT


 — Three superheroines in captivity. by vargas111in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/13/043.70


 — He tells his doctor about incredible sex-change dream. by SciGuyin  Humor & Satire06/01/044.41

Erotic Tales Of Mythology I

 — Actaeon & Diana: Peeping Tom of ancient myth. by HotScribe2in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/14/044.26

Almost Chance Ch. 02

 — Taking up the woman's offer, Jen faces another choice. by noebodein  Lesbian Sex05/12/044.47


 — Hard-boiled journalist finds she has urgent needs. by ProfessorRin  Mind Control04/22/044.19

Damage Control

 — The aftermath of his choice. by songmasterin  Non-Erotic01/20/044.36

A Dominant's Diary Day 05

 — My favorite sub. by The Hungry Eyein  BDSM12/01/034.26

Dykescapes VII

 — A position discovered. by Katherine-Tin  Lesbian Sex10/18/033.60


 — She wakes with a friend -- she thinks. by PenanceSin  Lesbian Sex08/10/032.79

Fingers Of Fury

 — How to craft the super female orgasm. by Lothario the Greatin  How To07/27/034.53HOT

Fantasy Shower

 — Communal shower leads to new pleasures. by humminbrd30in  Lesbian Sex07/26/033.36

A Philosophical Treatise on Women...

 — Their physical form: one man's thoughts. by ThadeusMinorin  Reviews & Essays06/27/033.80

Human Wheels

 — It's just too freaking weird! by HungryGuyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/03/033.70

Erotic Fables

 — Tribal stories explain sex to the Introits. by theowlandtherosein  Humor & Satire05/03/034.63HOT


 — He finally finds a woman who enjoys sumitting to the cane. by Implacablein  BDSM04/07/034.28

Bathroom Blitz

 — An unexpected encounter in a public restroom by azwildkittyin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/23/034.24

First Time With Another Woman

 — In college she had her first experience with another woman. by dawnw33in  Lesbian Sex12/29/024.16


 — A love affair between two women. by emesangelsin  Lesbian Sex12/10/023.91

Geriatric Lover Ch. 1

 — A 1960s boy's love for old women. by Eliogabaloin  Mature10/16/023.87

Day Trip Act 1

 — Stubborn woman can be a good thing to meet. by Tatewakiin  Erotic Couplings10/08/023.91

A Passing Chance

 — A startling encounter. by n-erasmusin  Romance08/19/023.96

Forgotten Past

 — Werewolves, demons, & one bad-ass babe. by Malhiin  NonHuman07/24/023.70

First Bondage Encounter

 — She submits to a crossdresser. by victors_angelin  BDSM04/22/023.31

Electric Train

 — Forget the washing machine. by Realorgin  Lesbian Sex02/18/024.17

For the Love of Botany: Revolution 3

 — Renae conquers friends. by Athena_e19in  NonHuman12/22/014.32

Does She Know How To Party or What?

 — Trish Stratus sure knows hot to party. by HELLYEAH4WOODin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/30/013.65

A Man, a Woman, & a Girl

 — A man meets a woman in a bookshop and things develop by welshmanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/29/014.46

Agua Caliente (Hot Water)

 — Woman gets more than help from a saleswoman. by lanellguistein  Lesbian Sex08/09/014.07

Her Oral Pleasure

 — Husband gets as pleasure from pleasuring his wife. by Mr_Nebin  Erotic Couplings05/09/014.43


 — Once upon a time there was the end of the world. by Royal_Princein  Non-Erotic03/18/014.10

Joe's Dream

 — His Dream Woman becomes a nightmare. by EuropaSpinsin  NonHuman02/18/014.19

Center of Attention

 — Lover relieves his Mistress's stress. by Jimbowin  BDSM01/09/013.58

Alone in London Ch. 3

 — Adam finds lovely neighbor in midst of self-love. by Crystalin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/11/004.00

Alone in London Ch. 2

 — Man hears strange sounds from downstairs. by Crystalin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/11/003.76

How Did You Know?

 — Misdirected email saves two women. by Seal 6in  Erotic Couplings09/01/004.00

Einstein: Breast, Vagina, Penis

 — He tackles hard questions. by Softlyin  Erotic Couplings09/01/003.27

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