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A Fucking English Lesson

 — How to choose the right word for your story. by secretsxywriterin  How To10/05/174.81HOTEditor's Pick

The Dangers of Pain Ch. 03

 — Therapy in Olympic Park. by SierraSpritein  Novels and Novellas09/17/174.77HOT

Paved with Cruel Intentions

 — The road to hell is too good to be true. by PanzerFeckin  Reviews & Essays07/24/174.00

The Taylor Family Ch. 08

 — Kristen and Ruth in the aftermath. by Ignoblein  Incest/Taboo06/26/174.32

Write Your Head Around This Pt. 03

 — Creativity through hearing. by PanzerFeckin  How To05/07/173.50

Book Club Bonus

 — Author Terry finds more than he bargained for at a book club. by TerryBeein  Erotic Couplings04/08/174.58HOT

West Valley High Day 29: Art III

 — Susan helps the art class with a writing assignment. by homeboundboyin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/14/174.22

The Rules of the Game, Annotated

 — Rules for a Writing Game by lunellariumin  BDSM02/07/173.85

Style Explained

 — Quick note about my thoughts and level of detail in writing. by rnebularin  Reviews & Essays12/29/164.50HOTContest Winner

The Nurse of His Dreams

 — Wife guides her new husband into a female led relationship. by SimonTheDanein  BDSM10/25/163.89

Feathers on a String

 — Musings about writing (and reading) sex stories. by BuckyDuckmanin  Reviews & Essays09/26/164.48

Save the Cat!? No, Burn the Bitch!

 — A BTB template for aspiring Loving Wives writers. by swingerjoein  How To08/19/164.39

Mom Coaches Me in Writing Erotica

 — With some hands-on practical lessons too. by TheSweeterTheWinein  Incest/Taboo08/09/164.65HOT

Style and Mentality Pt. 03

 — Elements and Conventions of Storytelling by PanzerFeckin  How To07/26/164.80

Improve Your Writing: Summary

 — Avoid common mistakes (1300 Words). by GeneMajorsin  How To07/23/164.82HOTEditor's Pick

Style and Mentality Pt. 02

 — The Code of the Fictional Character. by PanzerFeckin  How To07/19/164.67

Disobeying the Law

 — Nikita gets upgraded on a flight & meets her new master. by tequilaandsnarkin  BDSM07/17/164.33

Writer's Block Ch. 01

 — He provides inspiration after a dry spell. by BeautifulMess0506in  Erotic Couplings04/29/163.46

The English Teacher

 — She Wanted the Great American Novel from Them by SierraSpritein  Incest/Taboo02/02/164.49

Resurrection of Crazy Jane Pt. 07-Epilogue

 — We look 10 years into the future. by GonzoJournalistin  Non-Erotic12/25/153.73

Miss Phillips Takes Dictation 02

 — Master Bedroom. Erotic Confessional. The Opening. by DomNovelin  BDSM11/07/154.45

Miss Phillips Takes Dictation 01

 — Writer dominates/mentors secretary who yearns to write by DomNovelin  BDSM11/01/154.47

Setting as Character in Erotica

 — Not too much, not too little, just… enough. by legerdemerin  How To10/01/154.89HOT

The de Winter's Tale

 — A pool boy's dreams get out of hand. by NaokoSmithin  Romance08/26/154.05

In Search of a Story

 — A writer cannot control his characters, and one gets naked. by electricblue66in  Humor & Satire06/29/154.69HOT


 — She was more than a painter. by SierraSpritein  Romance05/19/154.38

Writing Healthy Relationships

 — Writing respectfully as/about women, cis or trans. by yumekoin  Reviews & Essays04/18/153.90

The Problem: Writing What I Want

 — Musing aloud about my cluttered Lit library by BuckyDuckmanin  Reviews & Essays01/04/154.29

Write Me! Write Me Hard!

 — A quick look inside a smut writer's head. by riverboyin  Humor & Satire01/02/154.64HOT

The Allure of Writing about Incest

 — Musings about writing for the Incest category. by BuckyDuckmanin  Reviews & Essays01/01/154.31

The Muse

 — Life in fiction. by DreamCloudin  Romance12/12/144.89HOT

The Photographer

 — Sometimes things aren't what they seem. by TxRadin  Romance12/06/144.55HOT

"L" Is Not For Love

 — How not to be a lazy writer. by avrgblkgrlin  Reviews & Essays11/21/144.72HOT

Fucking Inspiration

 — Every writer's dream - bending your Muse to your will. by aussie_101in  Erotic Couplings09/28/144.28

The Editor

 — Editing the sexy way. by DreamCloudin  Humor & Satire09/20/144.71HOT

Story Tags - Additional Tips

 — Don't forget the important tags. by DarkUniversein  How To07/21/144.63HOT

Giving and Taking Lit. Feedback

 — Advice tidbits on giving/ taking Literotica writing advice. by sr71pltin  How To03/07/144.67HOT

P. O. V. in Erotica

 — What is P.O.V. and why does it matter? by bgmisfunin  Humor & Satire03/02/144.42

Dig Your Fingernails in Deep

 — A sermon on writing. by MSTarotin  How To12/05/134.59HOT

Ken and Raven - Author Commentary

 — Who they are and why I chose them. by ShyMagpiein  Reviews & Essays11/24/134.12

Love Your Readers: Categories

 — Help Your Readers. Categorized Your Story Correctly. by Tx Tall Talesin  How To11/02/134.76HOT

I Love Butt Sex

 — Why I write anal in my stories - debunking the theories. by Goldeniangelin  Reviews & Essays09/20/134.65HOT

About Writing Sequels

 — A brief essay about my philosophy on writing sequels. by silkstockingsloverin  Reviews & Essays08/02/134.70HOT

FAWC 1: Was It Real?

 — Online cybersex leads to something incredible by NaokoSmithin  Chain Stories06/05/134.35

How to Write Realistic Transsexual Characters

 — A how-to guide for authors writing stories with transsexuals. by TGirlNerdin  How To04/04/134.76HOT

Fair-Weather Friends

 — Man's life takes a left-hand turn, and he wasn't driving. by radkin  Loving Wives03/09/134.62HOT

Ambiguity and Writing

 — How being a bit vague can help your writing. by JagFarlanein  How To02/21/134.54HOT


 — I am...are you? by Tara_Nealein  Reviews & Essays12/29/124.55HOT

Dear Anonymous

 — One writer of stories on Literotica appeals for patience. by Cinnerin  Letters & Transcripts11/15/124.91HOT

Words Can Hurt

 — Think before you type. by elphaba69in  Non-Erotic11/02/123.90

Yes, Sir

 — The benefits of obedience in a D/s relationship. by TigersPetin  Reviews & Essays09/18/123.11

The Writer

 — Two writers explore writing, and each others' bodies. by sun_sea_skyin  Erotic Couplings07/31/124.49

Poets and Fools: On Writing Erotica

 — Why sexual frustration makes better erotica than experience. by javawarriorin  Reviews & Essays07/12/124.29

Why Do I Write?

 — Reflections about an emerging passion and a compulsion. by Cinnerin  Non-Erotic07/03/123.86

Reviewing the 2012 Author Survivor

 — A participant in the 2012 Author Survivor Contest relects. by Cinnerin  Reviews & Essays06/22/124.90HOT

Sex and the Personal Pronoun

 — An essay about words. by estragonin  Reviews & Essays06/09/124.12

Trying to Write a Story

 — I am trying to get myself to think about sex for once. by Rachelein  Reviews & Essays06/09/122.75

Talking Shop

 — Four people meet at a cocktail party. by Cinnerin  Humor & Satire05/05/123.62

Deal With It

 — Your (not so) adoring audience. by VampGirl1991in  How To05/02/124.73HOT

The Right Editor

 — How the right editor can make a good story better. by jehoramin  How To04/30/124.00

Yours Truly

 — A cathartic releasing of emotions. by VampGirl1991in  Gay Male04/26/124.55HOT

Fucking Is for Lovers

 — Two strangers get off together. by lovelikevulturein  Romance04/04/122.60

The Second Person

 — Try it. YOU might like it. by Alessia Brioin  Humor & Satire03/07/124.50HOT

Survivor: A Tool For Writers

 — Using Survivor as a tool - setting goals - expanding skills. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  How To02/22/122.67

What Does Descriptive Writing Mean?

 — A short essay on my views on verbose in a story. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Reviews & Essays02/13/124.21

Making the Chain

 — A "How To" on the makings of a good chain story. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  How To01/25/125.00

Mall Display

 — Abby displays herself as per Tom's instructions. by gab365in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/23/124.23

Welcome Back to Hell

 — How to write draft two of a novel. by Noirain  How To01/17/124.82HOT

How to Write a Novel

 — Getting through the plagues that plague draft one. by Noirain  How To01/16/124.48

The Penis Mightier Than The Sword

 — Beginner erotic writer accidentally shares with his muse. by acleanmachinein  Toys & Masturbation01/02/124.61HOT

Chronicles of Melissa

 — Melissa wants to know how she would read in a story. by aldenbradleyin  Loving Wives11/04/113.96

9 Steps to Sexier Stories

 — A Porn Reader’s Manifesto. by electric1in  How To10/19/114.68HOTEditor's Pick

Southpark's Kyle Literotica Lesson

 — Some reflections upon Literotica and what it taught me. by RacheleRFranzin  Non-Erotic08/29/114.00

A Letter To Mom

 — I needed to tell my mom how I feel. A true letter. by KBM1971in  Incest/Taboo08/03/113.55

How I Overcome the Block

 — Getting rid of that annoyingly persistent brick wall. by NaivelyWanderingin  How To05/31/114.31

Be the Hero

 — Overcoming inhibitions to live out their fantasies. by bunnie1911in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/30/114.47

A Fruitful Exercise

 — Spontaneous writing exercises can produce fruit! by Cal Y. Pygiain  How To02/04/113.69

Doing the PWP One-shot

 — The Quick & Dirty way to write a Porn Without Plot One-shot. by MorganHawkein  How To01/31/114.54HOT

Whipping Your Characters Into Shape

 — Those darn characters insist on having minds of their own! by Noirain  How To01/29/114.62HOT

So, You Want to be a Writer?

 — Blink and you're dead. by RC_of_Doomin  How To01/21/114.62HOT

Violence in Writing

 — I want a hero, not a weapon strapped with pecks. by RC_of_Doomin  Reviews & Essays01/21/114.40

How to Write a Novel

 — From Idea to publishing. Fun. by RC_of_Doomin  Reviews & Essays01/21/114.50

Sex in Novels, What is it Good For?

 — Sex in novels ... what for? by RC_of_Doomin  Reviews & Essays01/16/114.88

Infinite Crisis of Comics

 — You ever think that comics are having one crisis too many? by RC_of_Doomin  Reviews & Essays01/14/113.70

Tips for Better Writing

 — Some notes on helping others improve their writing skills. by Johnboy9in  How To12/31/103.47

Horses in the City

 — Christmas is a time for starting over. by PennLadyin  Romance12/18/104.80HOT

Writing Real Sex

 — The answer to "How Do You Write Such HOT Sex Scenes?" by Selena_Kittin  How To10/29/104.64HOT

Who Could Know

 — An author writes too close to home. by tristanrin  Erotic Couplings10/09/104.48

Some Whys and Hows of E-Publishing

 — Some ideas to consider if you are eyeing e-publishing. by sr71pltin  How To09/07/104.79HOTEditor's Pick

A Few Good Series

 — A few of my personal favorites. by CeliaisAlienain  Reviews & Essays08/12/104.77HOT

Twice-Told Tales

 — In defense of returning to the well. by CeliaisAlienain  Reviews & Essays05/23/104.31

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 47 Postscript

 — EC's thoughts about his novel "The Pledge Mistress". by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas05/02/104.56HOT

The Freshman Ch. 39: Postscript

 — My thoughts on "The Freshman" and its creation. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas04/06/104.70HOT

Friends with Benefits

 — As story of a young writer and her sexy editor. by CandiKanein  Erotic Couplings04/02/104.46

How To Write Fiction

 — How and where fiction writers get their experience. by AzPilotin  How To02/15/103.58

Why I Write Erotica

 — Because it turns me on. by istanbulnoirin  Reviews & Essays01/07/104.00

Writing Horror

 — A brief guide to writing scary stories. by al_Ussain  How To12/31/094.67

Writer's Cramp

 — A work around for writers block... with benefits. by Jaisenin  Erotic Couplings11/28/094.47


 — A new alias for a mysterious drifter. by infructescencein  Letters & Transcripts09/05/094.50

Writing Humor Dos and Don'ts

 — It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Humor & Satire07/29/093.91

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