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Welcome to the Literotica Universe Ch. 02

More differences between the Literotica Universe and our own.

Reviews & Essays 11/04/2018

Welcome to the Literotica Universe

Differences between the Literotica Universe and our own.

Reviews & Essays 08/22/2018

Why do I write, by SusanJillParker?

As if a sudden epiphany, I ask myself, Why do I write? Why?

Reviews & Essays 09/15/2014

Erotica 101

Erotic literature in my life.

Reviews & Essays 07/10/2012

Down, Boy!

Writing the Alpha Male in contemporary fiction.

How To 01/08/2011

Writing Sex Scenes

Elements to consider when writing sex scenes.

How To 12/11/2010

A Few Good Series

A few of my personal favorites.

Reviews & Essays 08/12/2010

Covering Up the Naked Truth

A feminist rant about "cunt".

Reviews & Essays 10/17/2009

A Who's Who of Erotica Stereotypes

Guided Tour through a House of Familiar Stereotypes.

Humor & Satire 06/25/2008

Why I Will Read Your Work

A "catch-all" review for authors about improving writing.

Reviews & Essays 05/19/2008

Elements of Literary Erotica

A discussion of writing the best literary story you can.

How To 05/07/2008

The Art of Writing Smut

It's not as easy as it looks, but is a lot of fun.

How To 05/19/2006

The Writer

Author explains to wife about writing erotica.

Letters & Transcripts 10/27/2005

Where Do We Draw The Line?

One author's opinion on free expression & censorship.

Reviews & Essays 05/19/2005

A Brief Encounter

A relationship between woman and her tutor.

BDSM 07/28/2003

Writing With Your Audience In Mind

Help your audience relate to your characters.

How To 09/21/2002
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