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Fifty Words? How To

Non-erotic version of How To Write a Fifty-Word Story.

How To 01/24/2013

A Quick Burble About Dialogue

If you need help to wrangle your dialogue into shape!

How To 03/23/2012

Creating Believable Characters Ch. 01

Creating believable characters your readers will love.

How To 02/28/2012

Creating Effective Scenes

How to make your writing a more compelling read.

How To 02/25/2012

How I Wrote "Quality Control"

The same approach can work for you.

How To 12/10/2009

The Lexicon of Humorous Erotica

In a word, what's in a word?

Humor & Satire 07/30/2009

Writing Humor Dos and Don'ts

It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

Humor & Satire 07/29/2009

Writing FETISH Fiction

Fetish fiction ISN'T Kink fiction.

How To 07/22/2009

On Writing Celebrity Fantasies

Advice on how to pen the best celebrity stories.

How To 03/23/2009

Story Telling 101

What makes a story believable.

How To 01/20/2009

Writing in Love

Keeping love real for the reader.

How To 01/06/2009

Write a Successful Romance

Tongue-in-cheek tips to the toplists.

How To 05/06/2008

Entering a Themed Literotica Contest

How to decide whether to enter a themed Literotica contest.

How To 05/21/2007

How to Write a Good Sex Scene

Tips on believable written sex.

How To 05/06/2007


Simple grammar, for simple folks.

How To 09/09/2006

Dialogue: The Eternal Problem

Why is dialogue in stories so often real crap?

How To 07/21/2006

Thoughts On Writing Erotica

POVs, plots, pacing, and pudendas.

Reviews & Essays 04/28/2006

How to Write Good Sex Scenes

A brief list of examples and observations for better sex

How To 10/09/2002

How To Write A Character Biography

Guided exercise that lets the character emerge from within.

How To 06/14/2002

A Crash Course in Grammar

A little English Grammar that won't cure your insomnia.

How To 02/19/2002
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