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BCW Pt. 02: War Games

 — A six-month feud gets more than just a blow-off match. by litcalurker1in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/22/165.00

BCW Pt. 01: RAW Roulette

 — The RAW GM chooses a unique stipulation for a Women's match. by litcalurker1in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/05/164.50HOT

Drug Trials Ch. 06.75: Divas

 — Who wants to be one? by Grobnarin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/19/163.30


 — WWE Diva needs to shut someone up. by Ha275in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/26/162.81

Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass Ch. 03

 — Candice and Torrie share Mickie and Victoria. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/21/165.00

Like a Boss Ch. 04

 — Sasha Banks tops Emma, like a boss. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/22/164.25

Debra's Meeting with New Agent

 — Celebrity wrestling manager gets person with new agent. by dfg1980in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/03/164.43

Big Booty Bitches Ch. 06

 — Maria Menounos seeks Tony out for an interview. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/02/164.67HOT

Like a Boss Ch. 03

 — Sasha Banks bottoms for Paige, like a boss. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/29/164.50HOT

Backstage WWE Ch. 02: Twin Magic

 — While looking for Stephanie he runs into the Bellas. by TheLustWriterin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/08/164.69HOT

Like a Boss Ch. 02

 — Sasha Banks tops Alexa Bliss, like a boss. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/10/154.62HOT

Debra's Sin City Sexcapade

 — WWE diva comes to Vegas for some fun. by dfg1980in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/17/154.31

Like a Boss

 — Sasha celebrates another win, with mixed results. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/25/154.55HOT

Doctor of Huganomics

 — John Cena discovers a different side of Bayley. by manboydudeguyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/24/153.76

Backstage at the Royal Rumble Ch. 02

 — Velvet Sky has even more fun backstage at the Royal Rumble. by AdamDZ7in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/23/154.42

Lust for Power Pt. 02

 — Eve finally gets to have her way with Kaitlyn's ass. by manboydudeguyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/14/154.54HOT

Backstage at the Royal Rumble

 — Velvet Sky enjoys herself backstage at the 2015 Royal Rumble. by AdamDZ7in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/08/154.21

Becky Lynch's St. Patrick's Day Wish

 — Becky Lynch finally gets her wish with her crush Hornswoggle. by wrestleroticain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/14/154.40

Lust for Power Pt. 01

 — Eve Torres celebrates with Layla El's ass. by manboydudeguyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/06/154.21

Butt Busting Chick Busters

 — Beth and Natalya turn AJ and Kaitlyn into their bitches. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/27/154.76HOT

Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass Ch. 02

 — Candice wants more of Mickie's ass. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/26/154.53HOT


 — Brooke Tessmacher becomes Brooke Assmacher. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/11/154.65HOT

Can You Dance The Fandango

 — How WWE's Fandango picked Summer Rae as his dance partner. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/16/143.75

Khali's Christmas Surprise

 — WWE fan fic with The Great Khali and Mickie James. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/14/144.43

AJ & Paige: The Winner is...

 — Paige beats AJ for the title, but who is the real winner? by slipfold62in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/06/144.28

Consolation Prize Velvet Sky Style

 — Former WWE hunk Trent Barreta has a night to remember in TNA. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/28/144.92HOT

Drew’s Scottish Homecumming

 — Kay Lee Ray gives the former WWE hunk a return to remeber. by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/23/143.60

Hardcore Amazing

 — Mickie James celebrates her TNA title win with Amazing Red by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/23/144.22

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

 — Dressed like rival AJ, Kaitlyn gets some of Dolph Ziggler by daxg2001in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/18/144.00

Candice Loves Mickie's Fat Ass

 — Candice Michelle makes Mickie James her bitch. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/31/144.51HOT

Candy Holes Ch. 04

 — Candice has a surprise for Lita. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/01/144.38

Backstage at SummerSlam Ch. 01

 — Anna Kendrick meets AJ Lee backstage at SummerSlam 2014. by TheBigLove126in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/02/144.02

Candy Holes Ch. 03

 — Candice has her way with Trish's ass. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/24/144.66HOT

Candy Holes Ch. 02

 — Candice has her way with Torrie's ass. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/17/144.56HOT

Candy Holes

 — Candice has her way with Victoria's ass. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/25/144.36

Kaitlyn’s Admiring Investigation

 — Kaitlyn wants to know who is her secrete admirer. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/14/134.29

F2: The Golden Ring

 — A square ring comes full circle. by MSTarotin  Chain Stories08/07/134.57HOT

It's a Lustache

 — The awkwardness between Kaitlyn and Cody hits its peak. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/03/133.80

Kaitlyn's Ultimate Fucking Encounter

 — Kaitlyn blows off steam with the beast known as Brock Lesnar. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/03/134.07

Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 03

 — Maryse remembers conquering Mickie's fat ass. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/27/134.73HOT

GI Ho Bang

 — Adrianne Palicki experiences her GIJoe 2 costar's other job. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/09/133.60

CR.A.J. Shows Off

 — Dolph Ziggler apologizes to RAW GM AJ. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/25/134.53HOT

Best In The World... Right?

 — CM Punk is the best in the world... isn't he? by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/25/133.30

Apologetic Pipe Bombin'

 — Eve Torres wants CM Punk to apologize for his comments. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/21/134.20

Be a Super-Star

 — Celebs and WWE Stars hook up. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/21/134.83

Fuck The WWE

 — CM punk drops his 'pipe bomb' in Stephanie McMahon. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/20/124.18

Deep In Her End Zone

 — Mickie James Tackles Big Ben Roethlisberger. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/20/124.36

Best of Both Worlds

 — Some of the most unique bisexual smut that the WWE can offer. by Elextrixin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/02/123.50

Look How Far We've Come

 — AJ congratulates Kaitlyn. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/21/124.64HOT

Divas Spellbound Ch. 01

 — After a pay-per-view, A.J's life changes forever. by TheArcticWolfin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/17/123.12

He Spears... He Scores!

 — NJ lost to LA in game 1, but Edge scores with Beth afterward. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/16/124.00

ECW First Cum Match

 — A WWE Divas match featuring Kelly Kelly, Layla and Brooke. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/26/124.25

Hot In Miami

 — Lita and CM Punk have some fun in the rain while in Miami. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/08/123.75

Embracing The Hate?

 — It was all so that Eve could land Cena & it worked perfectly by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/05/124.04

Hands On Management

 — A young worker makes his debut & earns his benefits. by dfg1980in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/14/114.24

Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass Ch. 02

 — Maryse fucks Fat Ass. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/29/114.14

Celebrity Downfalls Ch. 04

 — Rachel Bilson guest hosts WWE Raw, enters Divas locker room. by TheBigLove126in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/24/114.50HOT

Celebrity Downfalls Ch. 03

 — Stacy Keibler goes from WWE Diva to car salesperson. by TheBigLove126in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/17/114.43

Locker Room Divas: Hart DyNASTY

 — Foursome with Mickie James in Diva's Locker Room by Gundamite127in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/14/104.11

Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass

 — Maryse adores Melina's big round bubble butt. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/06/104.25

Christy Loves Them Dicks

 — Christy Hemme just loves to be tag teamed. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/02/104.00

Asking The Tough Questions

 — Kristial has some tough question for the US Champ by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/29/094.14

All Mine... Oh Yeah!

 — Tyson Kidd 'belongs' to Natalya... yeah baby! by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/29/094.24

All Hail Queen Sharmell

 — Queen Sharmell knows how to get things to go her way by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/28/093.25

All American Muscle

 — John Cena with Hiroko Suzuki by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/27/093.43

All About Talent

 — Jillian Hall shows Mr. Kennedy her real talents. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/24/093.08

Ain't No Stopping Her

 — Lena Yada with Shelton Benjamin. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/23/093.00

Ain't No Kidd

 — Tyson Kidd with Tiffany. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/23/093.44

Alyssa Milano: Wrestlemania

 — Alyssa Milano is special guest at the next Wrestlemania. by pheonixstar82in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/07/094.03

Legacy Ch. 02

 — Randy Orton gets revenge after losing his WWE title to her. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/07/092.67

Legacy Ch. 01

 — She takes Randy Orton's WWE Championship and his pride. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/30/093.12

Maria Loves Mickie's Thongs

 — Maria is caught sniffing Mickie's thong. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/22/094.54HOT

Hey Mickie, Your So Fine

 — Matt Hardy and Mickie James Have fun before Wrestlemania 25 by darkdefender85in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/05/094.69HOT

Hollywood Scene: Life On The A-List

 — Johnny Nitro and Melina hook up with K-Fed and Paris Hilton. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/07/094.73HOT

Brooding Ch. 01

 — WWF's Christian takes a slave to satisfy his need for blood. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/24/094.25

An Interesting PPV Match

 — Mickie, Melina, Beth and Orton have an orgy in the showers. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/29/094.18

Christy Cleans Up For Orton

 — GM for the night meets Christy to help clean him up. by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/15/093.94

Jericho Gets Stephanie

 — Y2J finally gets Steph and takes her in the ring by wwekillerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/09/084.48

Club Candy

 — The fun continues from Elevator Ecstacy. by luvjdr29in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/05/084.67HOT

Just Another Day In Paradise Ch. 02

 — John Cena ad Randy Orton bring her a WWE surprise. by zaceveryda98in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/03/084.05

Just Another Day In Paradise Ch. 01

 — She has fun with WWE's Randy Orton & John Cena. by zaceveryda98in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/03/084.42

Elevator Ecstasy

 — Wrestling fan has fun with 3 of her favorite stars. by luvjdr29in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/19/084.31

From The Top To The Bottom

 — Trish and Mickie are changing clothes and changing roles. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/07/084.73HOT

Helping Melina

 — Melina wants Kyle's help. by Rapaxein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/17/074.40

A Hot Threesome

 — A lucky fan meets two former WWE divas. by demon_hunterin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/25/070.00

Getting Fixed Up

 — WWE Jillian Hall hooks up with a camera guy. by dfg1980in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/27/073.88

Helping Stephanie McMahon

 — He has the Billion Dollar Princess a mile high! by Rapaxein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/03/074.40

Hellion and Brimstone

 — Micky James gets some help from the Big Red Monster. by Darlantanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/15/064.57HOT

Helping Himself Ch. 02

 — Limo ride with three WWE divas turns tasty. by Rapaxein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/18/064.31

Lita Meets Ashley

 — WWE Diva Amy 'Lita' Dumas meets Ashley Massaro. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/05/064.02

Baby It's Cold Outside

 — Victoria and Molly Holly stay warm during a snow storm. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/26/064.28

How Matt Found Out

 — Matt Hardy finds out about Amy Dumas's affair with Edge. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/26/063.76

Debra the Horny Housewife

 — Housewife seeks the comfort of an employee. by dfg1980in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/17/064.33

Chris-Crossed Ch. 02

 — A kiss is never just a kiss, when it comes from Chris. by darkphoenix1in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/15/064.50HOT

Helping Himself

 — Kyle flirts with a nurse; Amy Weber pays him a visit. by Rapaxein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/09/064.67HOT

Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

 — Non-erotic look at the late Eddie Guerrero. by Venus_in_Fursin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/20/054.57HOT

Dead Man Rising

 — Why is the Undertaker in Janelle's dreams? by Venus_in_Fursin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/16/054.45

Come to Me Ch. 02

 — Great sex with HHH turns into something better. by touchein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/07/054.21

Come to Me

 — A note from WWE superstar Triple H leads to so much more. by touchein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/19/054.00

Debra's Late Night Workout

 — WWF diva gets a workout from black fitness trainer. by Sin_Cityin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/06/024.38

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