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panties (3)make feel (2)sucking cock (2)blowjob (2)long legs (2)ran hand (1)handed paper (1)redhead (1)panty fetish (1)sister (1)hands waist (1)motorcycles (1)bent head (1)sex (1)black bush (1)submission (1)inter racial (1)walk store (1)leaned slightly (1)moaning (1)large breasts (1)mrs peacher (1)cyber slut (1)scent blood (1)feeling hot (1)pants started (1)sheer panties (1)sat bed (1)nipple gasp (1)large ass (1)leather dress (1)lips god (1)play tennis (1)eighteen (1)intimate parts (1)senate (1)crack doors (1)mrs white (1)soaking wet (1)time denise (1)moved head (1)thumbs inside (1)feel master (1)hands shoulders (1)red leather (1)dark hair (1)thrust inside (1)asked (1)angel devil (1)poured shot (1)sit chair (1)love kitten (1)tank top (1)short white (1)good make (1)touch rose (1)pale skin (1)moving hips (1)sucked hard (1)hand panties (1)bed woman (1)black hair (1)white t-shirt (1)nipple left (1)began moan (1)knees thighs (1)wife (1)skirt (1)head nipple (1)legs edge (1)punishment (1)hands lap (1)aaron apples (1)breathing deeply (1)head side (1)softcore (1)spanking (1)low moan (1)silky black (1)wrapped hand (1)neatly trimmed (1)knee socks (1)shaved legs (1)licking pussy (1)jane looked (1)penthouse suite (1)tomorrow night (1)justine (1)mary still (1)back jane (1)work sex (1)draw tongue (1)elizabeth (1)lovely girl (1)back neck (1)white knee (1)lowered head (1)telling relax (1)tanned skin (1)cheating wives (1)knew marie (1)rose bud (1)marie looked (1)feel tongue (1)affair (1)foreplay (1)kiss lick (1)kissed naked (1)front boxers (1)wanted grab (1)black bra (1)dress revealing (1)pussy began (1)party (1)theater (1)back floor (1)edge bed (1)risk (1)legs farther (1)sandy continued (1)office (1)cock push (1)hair pulling (1)biting (1)started kissing (1)tied (1)lacy black (1)dress pulled (1)began cry (1)gina (1)slit jane (1)jane hand (1)breath short (1)tight young ass (1)threesome (1)red dress (1)helen (1)breasts pushed (1)garter stockings (1)time helen (1)denim shorts (1)slowly moving (1)wife mary (1)bra less tits (1)virgin (1)watched eyes (1)series moans (1)denise (1)hand mouth (1)black girl (1)leaves room (1)birthday surprise (1)white meat (1)domination (1)female voice (1)fuck sister (1)thigh highs (1)elizabeth answered (1)love whispered (1)pussy suck (1)short skirt (1)stood front (1)pie (1)holding close (1)wet finger (1)tool mouth (1)male dominant (1)car door (1)feel hard (1)older sister (1)silver white (1)work today (1)clasped hands (1)intern (1)man made (1)told story (1)closing door (1)raised head (1)push back (1)young girl (1)master standing (1)early evening (1)white dress (1)beat game (1)tight white (1)slipped felt (1)older man (1)making gasp (1)porno theater (1)freddy (1)hotel room (1)suspense (1)slide finger (1)eyes close (1)stranger started (1)milf (1)aaron knew (1)special friend (1)eyes met (1)spare hand (1)blonde (1)feel (1)high heels (1)stand legs (1)storm (1)tall built (1)corset (1)looked justine (1)cheating (1)open house (1)pretty attractive (1)politics (1)doggystyle (1)dressing room (1)rose petals (1)anal (1)riding alone (1)mrs (1)washing machine (1)sixty seconds (1)chocolate (1)second person pov (1)panty boy (1)laundry (1)hard nipples (1)white box (1)young couple (1)time (1)sophisticated (1)becky (1)virginia (1)panties make (1)female orgasm audio (1)
black panties

The Open House

One innocent stop leads to an erotic episode.

Erotic Couplings 08/18/2015

Tactile Dysfunction

Torie thinks she has everything under control.

Loving Wives 07/23/2014

Christmas is Coming

Will Sara make it to her family's house?

BDSM 12/25/2012

Finally- The Beginning

Cheating spouses get together for first time.

Mind Control 03/10/2012

Getting Ready for Dinner

I masturbate before meeting you for dinner.

Text With Audio 02/09/2012

Becca & Daniel: Dirty Laundry

What starts out as a chore, ends with a new 'experience'.

First Time 11/17/2009

A Washing Line Tale

Caught stealing from a washing line a hard lesson.

Fetish 05/25/2009

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 02

One affair leads to another.

Erotic Couplings 12/15/2005

Jabbing Jessica

First he does Sister, then some panty fun with black coworker.

Incest/Taboo 10/02/2005

A Letter to Annie: The Prequel

Night leading to the seduction of her daughter.

Incest/Taboo 05/13/2005

Life of Riches Eps. 01

J meets Jane.

Erotic Couplings 03/10/2005

Erotic Math

Erotic tutor knows how to teach math.

Erotic Couplings 01/06/2005

Pleasing My Master

They find playmate for she & Master to play with.

BDSM 08/15/2004

Deep Massage

First-time thrills with a Black masseuse.

Lesbian Sex 06/24/2004

Aaron's Apples Ch. 02

Mrs. Peacher tells Aaron's Mom what happened.

Lesbian Sex 06/13/2004

Meeting for a Coffee

Two lovers want more than coffee.

Erotic Couplings 03/07/2004

Politics in Action

Senator gets briefed by his young aide.

Mature 11/11/2003

Angel to Devil in Sixty Seconds

Candi gets bent over in the alley.

Erotic Couplings 10/05/2003

Wolfen Kind

Wolf finds what he's looking for.

NonHuman 09/11/2003

Cyber to Reality Ch. 02

Cyber slut gets real.

Gay Male 08/22/2003

Marie Meets Her Master

Marie willingly faces her master's punishment.

BDSM 07/31/2003

An Ending? Or A Beginning?

Anthony finally allows Anne to know.

BDSM 07/07/2003

Justine: Like Cinnamon Ch. 02

Justine and Freddy continue.

First Time 07/04/2003

Nine Roses

Your first date with Jon.

Romance 05/23/2003

Hidden Talent Ch. 01

A young man realizes he has access to a woman's mind.

Mind Control 02/15/2003

My Naughty Wife At A Porno Theater

Marie lovingly becomes a slut for one afternoon.

Loving Wives 12/31/2002

A Dog In The Woods

A slut outdoors!

Loving Wives 08/23/2002

Surprise Night

Man surprises lover with many gifts, including himself.

Erotic Couplings 06/13/2002

Tennis Anyone?

He & Lisa play tennis, & a whole lot more.

Erotic Couplings 05/23/2002

Threshold of Desire

Panty fetish leads to Femdom exploration.

Fetish 01/10/2002

Burglar's Punishment Ch. 1

Burglar gets what she deserves; and likes it.

NonConsent/Reluctance 11/08/2001

Strip Tease & More

Older sister gives him what he's not so secretly been after.

Incest/Taboo 06/20/2001

The Red Dress

He follows you into a dressing room.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/05/2001

Virgin Teen

Brother's caught with present when sis comes home early.

Incest/Taboo 11/19/2000

The Babysitter

She and Gina console heartbroken teen girl.

Lesbian Sex 10/13/2000


Guy gets down with the school slut.

Erotic Couplings 10/07/2000
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