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cheating wife

Charlie's Law

A musician is seduced by a high-society lady bent on revenge.

Erotic Couplings 02/06/2013

It Gets Nasty in Nice

The best tits money can buy can't keep her out of trouble.

Loving Wives 02/05/2013

In the Dark

Is there a penalty for infidelity?

Loving Wives 02/04/2013

Your Husband is Fucking My Wife

That stupid bitch. How the hell did she let you get away?

Loving Wives 02/03/2013

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 01

Vacation starts white couple's journey to being Black-owned .

Interracial Love 02/01/2013


He keeps her from straying too far, by straying.

Loving Wives 01/31/2013

I Was Caught A Second Time

White wife cheats a second time with black lover.

Interracial Love 01/29/2013

You’ve Got Mail Ch. 01

Your wife has a lover. Want to see the pictures?

Loving Wives 01/29/2013

When the Cat is Away

Sarah has extra-marital fun when out of the country for work.

Loving Wives 01/28/2013

My Not So Cheating Wife

Husband finds cheating wife to save marriage.

Erotic Couplings 01/28/2013

Santa's Helper Ch. 05

She goes too far... or does she?

Interracial Love 01/28/2013

Wife Comes Home Full of Cum

Wife comes home full of another man's cum... hubby loves it!

Fetish 01/27/2013

A Dish Best Served Cold

He catches her cheating.

Loving Wives 01/27/2013

Honey, We Have to Talk

Wife drops a bomb.

Loving Wives 01/23/2013

Enrique Ch. 02

Enrique's beauty and potency.

Novels and Novellas 01/21/2013

My Story

Can one chance meeting change your entire life?

Loving Wives 01/14/2013

How I Became Addicted to my Nephew

Mary can't keep her hands off her houseguest nephew.

Incest/Taboo 01/12/2013

Game Day

He's surprised when a co-worker's wife stops by.

Group Sex 01/10/2013

Power Play

Unemployed husband forced to watch his wife being seduced.

Loving Wives 01/03/2013

She Never Fails to Deliver

Beautiful hotwife fulfills hubby's deepest fantasy.

Loving Wives 01/02/2013

Anatomy of an Affair

Wife tries to figure out what and how it happened.

Loving Wives 12/31/2012


When she cheats with her male best friend.

Loving Wives 12/28/2012

She Loves to Cheat on Me

My wife has no idea that I know, but it gets me so hot!

Text With Audio 12/27/2012

Their First Time

She gives in to her lust, and lets a new man fuck her.

Loving Wives 12/26/2012

Mine Series: You Are Mine Now

Wife takes control of husbands affair.

Loving Wives 12/24/2012

Tour of Washington D.C.

A cuckold seduction story.

Interracial Love 12/21/2012

Desires Unfulfilled

A man hungers for his best friend's wife.

Erotic Couplings 12/15/2012

Mother of a Cheerleader

Danica decides to intervene and help her daughter.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/13/2012

A Night Out

A cheating wife plays while hubby works.

Loving Wives 12/07/2012


He catches wife with another man and rage swallows him.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/07/2012

My Busy, Busy Wife

She had no time for me.

Loving Wives 12/01/2012

Lisa's Secret

Lisa tries to keep her cheating ways a secret.

Loving Wives 11/29/2012

I'm So Proud Of My Children

They all have such interesting careers.

Loving Wives 11/28/2012

Encounters with Mrs. Cochran Ch. 03

Sex without consequences always has consequences.

Mature 11/17/2012

Pleasant Conversation

I was the one who fucked your wife.

Loving Wives 11/17/2012

Where the Fuck is She?

A drunk wife returns home late. Where has she been?

Loving Wives 11/17/2012

The Designated Driver Chronicles Ch. 02

Ray's driving job continues to improve.

Erotic Couplings 11/14/2012

Carlos Ch. 01

The Beginning: Devoted wife stops being good & starts giving in.

Loving Wives 11/14/2012

Encounters with Mrs. Cochran Ch. 02

Her new young lover leads to a new secret life.

Mature 11/13/2012

Always Ready

A parody of cheating wives stories.

Humor & Satire 11/10/2012

Watching My Wife

John sees his brother and his wife in a compromised position.

Incest/Taboo 11/09/2012

Cheating Wife's Revenge Ch. 02

A look at the sexual history of Cin, the Cheating Wife.

Erotic Couplings 11/09/2012

Bar Bathroom Babymaking

Wife seduces her husband's best friend at a bar.

Erotic Couplings 11/09/2012

Encounters with Mrs. Cochran

Can't be too careful in an affair with your son's friend.

Mature 11/09/2012

Searching for Sheila Ch. 05

Conclusion: what is found is lost, what was lost is found.

Loving Wives 11/09/2012

Quiet Song

Everything comes to (s)he who waits.

Romance 11/08/2012

Ari Pt. 02

A sequel to Just Plain Bob's classic.

Loving Wives 11/07/2012

Answering My Questions With A Quest

Sometimes Family isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Loving Wives 11/05/2012

Stand Up Comic

He stands up a woman; he reflects why.

Gay Male 11/03/2012

The Professional Ch. 06

The Senator's Wife.

Loving Wives 11/03/2012

Navy Bride

Sailor's wife gets the itch.

Loving Wives 11/03/2012

How Do We Look, Baby?

Brenda puts on a special show for her cheating husband.

Loving Wives 11/02/2012

We Meet Again!

Ex-lover meets her married girlfriend.

Erotic Couplings 11/02/2012

Erasing Julie Ch. 03

Reconciliation? Not a ghost of a chance.

Loving Wives 10/31/2012

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 15A

Snake Eyes, Sexpo, and the BZ Christmas Party.

Interracial Love 10/29/2012

Finding a Full Circle

A young, divorced man tries to find his way.

Loving Wives 10/28/2012

An Average Descent

An average marriage takes a hard fall.

Loving Wives 10/22/2012

Wife's Business Trip Ch. 01

Katie spends a few days in FL and meets a young man.

Loving Wives 10/18/2012

A Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 03

Angela gets involved with her stepsons.

Loving Wives 10/17/2012

Paradise Gained

Disappointment and transference in Indonesia.

Interracial Love 10/16/2012


I wished I could get rid of her.

Loving Wives 10/16/2012

Truth Doesn't Matter

He is accused of an affair, wife tries to get even.

Loving Wives 10/14/2012

The Long Road Details

The details my wife told me.

Loving Wives 10/12/2012

The Silver Anklet Ch. 03

I repay a debt for Uncle Ron.

Loving Wives 10/11/2012

Softball Revenge

I don't get mad - I get even.

Loving Wives 10/11/2012

The Seminar Day 01

Married woman meets black man at seminar.

Interracial Love 10/08/2012

Pool Hall Disaster

Husband discovers wife's affair.

Loving Wives 10/08/2012

She Knew it was Wrong

A wife of 20 years cheats for the first time after drinking.

Mature 10/04/2012

The Chair Game

Revenge on a blackmailer.

BDSM 10/04/2012

Wife Measures Pool Boy

Bored wife on honeymoon in Hawaii takes on pool boy.

Loving Wives 10/01/2012

The Reunion

Reclaiming a long lost love.

Loving Wives 09/26/2012

Pig Roast

An anniversary in paradise.

Loving Wives 09/22/2012

A Vice Admiral's Wife Ch. 03

Sailing with Able Seaman Miller. “Take me.” I invited.

Erotic Couplings 09/20/2012

More Than A Football Game

Wife watches game with me and gets more than she imagined.

Loving Wives 09/18/2012

A Vice Admiral's Wife Ch. 02

Further Adventures with Able Seaman Miller.

Erotic Couplings 09/17/2012

Erasing Julie Ch. 02

What does she want? Decisions, decisions.

Loving Wives 09/12/2012

Splitsville - Alternate Ending

Wife wants to split, I've just won the lottery - do I tell?

Incest/Taboo 09/11/2012

The Perfect Wife

I love my husband but I need to fuck!

Loving Wives 09/09/2012

The Other Men In My Life Ch. 04

Sophie attends a Masquerade Party.

Group Sex 09/06/2012

It Started One Faithful Day Pt. 02

Tim and Karen delve deeper and intensify their relationship.

Incest/Taboo 09/05/2012

Meeting Sir

Online lovers meet at last.

BDSM 09/03/2012


No work, now no wife, do I tell her about the money? No way.

Incest/Taboo 09/03/2012

Lynn Dates a Dominant Man Ch. 01

Submissive man's wife starts dating a dominant man.

Fetish 09/03/2012

Mine Series: He was Mine First

Married woman finally cashes in on the lust of an old friend.

Erotic Couplings 08/31/2012

Sometimes Dark Clouds Do Have Silver Linings

Wife's infidelity spices up marriage.

Loving Wives 08/28/2012

Is That How You Saw It Matt?

There was a few things Matt left out of the story.

Loving Wives 08/27/2012

Erasing Julie Ch. 01

A solid, loving marriage. Or was it?

Loving Wives 08/25/2012

The Talent Scout

She finds a unique way to get even with cheating hubby.

Loving Wives 08/24/2012

Kennywood Picnic

Horny wife has park fun with old gang.

Loving Wives 08/21/2012

Dying Alone

Some times the choices you make, can't be taken back.

Loving Wives 08/18/2012

Avon Calling

Wife's away when Avon comes calling.

Erotic Couplings 08/16/2012

Husband Or Lover Or Why Not Both

Teasing wife or cheating bitch?

Loving Wives 08/14/2012

Moving On

After losing wife in an accident widower moves on with life.

Loving Wives 08/04/2012

His Wife's Gay Boyfriend

Teen cock in little bikini- & she is going to suck it!

Loving Wives 08/04/2012

Emily: Snowbunny Ch. 01

Emily becomes a black cock slut / snowbunny.

Interracial Love 08/03/2012

Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill Ch. 02

Is Love an Asset or Liability?

Loving Wives 07/29/2012

Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill Ch. 01

Is love an asset or a liability?

Loving Wives 07/28/2012


A loving wife's words push a suffering husband to his limit.

Loving Wives 07/23/2012

Driven to the Breaking Point

He was convinced I was fooling around, so...

Erotic Couplings 07/21/2012

Wicked Ch. 02

Neglected wife forces her husband to choose open marriage.

Loving Wives 07/21/2012
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