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cheating wife 

The Evisceration

Dearest, I don't like the only choice you think you left me.

Loving Wives 10/20/2018

Laura's Glory Ch. 04

Laura starts to go off the rails and has to make a choice.

Loving Wives 10/19/2018

The Big Short

It's never as simple as it looks.

Loving Wives 10/18/2018

High Society Pt. 03

High School stud fucks black Principals wife.

Mature 10/13/2018

A Really Big Mistake

I cheated on Blaine, and I paid for it.

Loving Wives 10/12/2018

Letters to Michelle Ch. 01

Steamy emails exchanged between co workers.

Letters & Transcripts 10/12/2018

My Wife Fucked Who?

And what will it cost?

Loving Wives 10/11/2018

Swati Strays Ch. 02

Swati succumbs at work. Twice.

Loving Wives 10/11/2018

Sharon's Return Pt. 03

First time with Mr. Bruan.

Erotic Couplings 10/11/2018

Unfaithful Alicia Ch. 01

A Spinoff of Alicia's Story.

Group Sex 10/11/2018

Now What?

Wife taken by dark shadow.

Loving Wives 10/10/2018

Julie and the Guys

Surely I'd be safe around gay guys!

Loving Wives 10/09/2018

Taking a Bite Out of Halloween

Sometimes an opportunity is too good to pass up.

Loving Wives 10/07/2018

Summer at the Beach

A wife and friend spend summer at a beach house she cheats.

Loving Wives 10/04/2018

Thomas Hunter

A nightmare experience off the beaten track.

Loving Wives 10/02/2018

No Good Deed...

He returns a lost wallet, and gets a memorable reward.

Interracial Love 09/30/2018

The Peregrination

First stop of his journey is cuckold two men.

Loving Wives 09/28/2018

My Slut Diary: the Lap Dance Pt. 02

Movie nights in our house were pretty exciting...

Interracial Love 09/27/2018

Changing Times

A stranger-than-fiction event changes Ryan's life.

Loving Wives 09/27/2018

How to Destroy a Perfect Marriage Ch. 03

The insanity begins...

Loving Wives 09/25/2018

Alpha Asian Homewrecker's DVD

Man learns the who, what & why of his destroyed marriage.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/23/2018

Christi and James

Former lover makes a surprise visit.

Erotic Couplings 09/21/2018
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