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Life and Times of a Priestess Ch. 06 Pt. 02

Priestess dines with General who tries to resist her.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/10/2018

Not Sex!

A man and woman define the word "sex".

Humor & Satire 09/27/2017

Life and Times of a Priestess Ch. 02 Pt. 02

Danella engages in sexual worship and talk with a General.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/18/2017

A Cad Falls to Grace Ch. 06

Beth and Mark get deep, and the case gets deeper.

Romance 08/01/2017

Some Comfort Here Ch. 04

Showbiz is hard. Can Brandon keep Isabel in his life?

Romance 11/12/2016

Some Comfort Here Ch. 02

Memories of the past, hopes of a better future.

Romance 11/06/2016

Bacon Pancakes Ch. 01

Boy meets girl. Boy likes bondage...

Erotic Couplings 04/15/2016

Love in the Age of Chemicals Ch. 07

A few surprises all around.

Romance 04/07/2016

One Star Random Mystery


Celebrities & Fan Fiction 10/15/2015

Will Be Yours Ch. 14

Burning the past for a new future.

Romance 09/03/2015

Will Be Yours Ch. 10

Cynthia shares her secrets as they prepare for the wedding.

Romance 08/19/2015

Will Be Yours Ch. 09

What will the weekend bring for Luke and Cynthia?

Romance 08/15/2015

Will Be Yours Ch. 06

The story of Cynthia's prior life (contd.)

Romance 07/29/2015

Will Be Yours Ch. 04

Cynthia opens up to Luke, bringing them closer...

Romance 07/20/2015

Coffee Break

The conversation is as hot as the coffee.

Loving Wives 06/06/2015

Sweetie Pie

A fun vignette. No cheating wives or husbands.

Loving Wives 05/30/2015

A Brief Conversation

A quick guide to writing dialog.

How To 03/07/2015

Quincunx Ch. 30


Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/03/2015

I Want You, Professor

Professor receives a seductive speech from a college student.

Lesbian Sex 12/30/2014

The Naked Filmmaker Pt. 06

Dana hosts a sex party. Sam and Tom are the entertainment!

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/16/2014

It's How They Say It

Tips for writing conversations!

How To 04/15/2014

TxQ - A Quiet Discussion

After the party discussion back home.

Non-Erotic 01/02/2014

An Older Woman On A Bench

A crazy, older woman strikes up a conversation with a guy.

Mature 07/16/2013

The Bleakest of Seasons

Young woman, older man, kinky fantasies,exploring boundaries.

BDSM 10/19/2012

Just Between Friends

An innocent late-night conversation turns erotic.

Letters & Transcripts 09/27/2012

Watching You

Be careful with your webcam you never know who's watching.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/16/2012

I Love You Dammit

Boredom does lead to love.

Letters & Transcripts 03/09/2012

Fun with Deepak Ch. 02

They have sizzling hot phone sex.

Toys & Masturbation 12/24/2011

Prove It Ch. 03

Kit and Tina have breakfast and discuss the night before.

Gay Male 12/23/2011

Teaching Chantelle Ch. 00

Prologue: it started with just talking in the car.

Toys & Masturbation 09/29/2011

The Taming of the Domme

Showing a dominatrix what she really is.

Lesbian Sex 08/01/2011

A ''Skirted'' Man with Two Assholes

A moment of ultimate truth is coming for Paul.

Fetish 04/13/2011


A spontaneous act of lovemaking, on the first date!

Romance 10/14/2010

The Outsider Ch. 19

Ruthie spends a week at Mike's house.

Novels and Novellas 07/26/2010

A Touching Chat For You

Shy female friend is guided through a teasing touch via chat.

Letters & Transcripts 07/26/2010

Late Night Distractions

He knows how to divert her attention.

Erotic Couplings 04/11/2010

New Roomer

A sexy chat goes from tease to fuck.

Letters & Transcripts 09/26/2009

Full Figured Chic Ch. 05

Jay gets his Mother on side.

Romance 08/21/2009

What's the Most Outrageous Thing You

Real conversations with real women.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/01/2009

David and Abi

On a stop over he unexpectedly finds his true love.

Romance 06/14/2009

Counseling Ch. 01

Various celebrities need help.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/20/2008

IM in Lust

A late-night sexy conversation online.

Letters & Transcripts 10/28/2008

Life Under the Sea Ch. 03

Her old life comes chasing after her.

NonHuman 11/23/2007

Brenda's First Date

Mother and daughter chat in an alternate 1950s.

First Time 09/15/2007

Sexual Nuclear War Ch. 04

The battlefield changes; needed help is gotten.

Group Sex 09/13/2006

Happy Birthday Sir

Actual gift He received from His sub.

BDSM 09/06/2003

The Interview Project Pt. 01

'It's not love I'm looking for.'

Letters & Transcripts 08/23/2003
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