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Messy Ch. 07

One last year in a nonmonogamous life.

BDSM 12/28/2017

Messy Ch. 06

One last year in a nonmonogamous life.

BDSM 12/19/2017

Peacock Palace Ch. 02: Expectations

Jessica and Maria meet the Masters who will train them.

BDSM 12/19/2017

What She Wants Ch. 02 Pt. 01

A long day of femdom and slavery starts with Mini-Wheats.

BDSM 11/10/2017

Housework Incentives

He helps to motivate me...

BDSM 10/20/2017

A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 03

Alex and Zabi begin to Descend.

Lesbian Sex 09/11/2017

Trisha and Tom Ch. 06: Honeymoon

Their femdom sprinkled romance recognised.

BDSM 08/25/2017

Trisha and Tom Ch. 05: Tom's Birthday

Their femdom sprinkled romance intensifies.

BDSM 08/22/2017

Sushi Table - The Appetizer

I get help from his friend to turn my sub into a sushi table.

BDSM 08/20/2017

Chords that Bind Ch. 16

Cecilia and James settle into their new relationship.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/15/2017

Above and Beyond Ch. 03

Jennifer tries to resist, but...

BDSM 08/11/2017

Falling for Stockholm Pt. 05

Lani begins her training with him.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/04/2017

Will You Please Spank Me?

Spanking and toys leads to anal.

BDSM 05/26/2017


He pays her back for her theft.

Erotic Couplings 04/02/2017

A Dom's Best Friend Ch. 02

What happens when the second video is released?

BDSM 03/13/2017

Experiments Ep. 01

A tantalizingly brief interlude in an experimental setting.

BDSM 11/22/2016

48 Hours on Blue Bayou Pt. 30: Julie

Cirque du Esclaves.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/16/2016

Color Change

Knowing when to submit.

BDSM 09/16/2016

Breaking My Own Rules Ch. 04

In which punishment leads to ecstasy.

BDSM 09/03/2016

18 Master Ch. 02: Reprise

My second BDSM gang bang makes me lose control.

BDSM 08/04/2016

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 02

Another trip to mother-i-l for correction & we learn more.

Fetish 07/12/2016

Sink Full of Dishes

A FemSub flash-fiction with accompanying illustration.

Illustrated 05/30/2016

Questions Ch. 02: Answers

A good girl experiments with kink.

BDSM 05/17/2016

Dance with the Devil

Steamy beginnings...

BDSM 04/08/2016

The Haunted Dungeon Ch. 02

The reunion and the first possession.

BDSM 04/07/2016


A night full of Ache & Pain.

BDSM 04/05/2016

The Phoenix of Fa'alak Ch. 03

The Phoenix goes to war, and King Kie'ran is taken captive.

BDSM 04/01/2016

The Phoenix of Fa'alak Ch. 02

Desine'aa's training from Kie'ran and a new complication.

BDSM 03/18/2016

The Headmaster's Indiscretion Pt. 01

Star goes on an undercover investigation.

BDSM 03/17/2016

The Blue Life Ch. 26: Mrs. Bahl

I take my father's new submissive.

Incest/Taboo 03/12/2016

Four Queens Ch. 03

A Second Wife to Punish, Train and Play With.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/23/2016

Detective Sara Delaney

Entering the occult leads to a sexual odyssey.

BDSM 02/02/2016

Untraceable Ch. 02

Dom continues to train new sub in their first night together.

BDSM 01/15/2016

The Blue Life Ch. 25: Amethyst

Fucking my subs in an alley, we are surprised by a stranger.

Incest/Taboo 12/31/2015

Lady Rabine Ch. 01

The slave sale heats up.

Lesbian Sex 12/23/2015

Secret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 35

Alex struggles with wedding plans, Livy with life.

BDSM 10/29/2015

Outside the Comfort Zone

Wife goes to a Dominatrix to connect with her husband.

Loving Wives 08/26/2015

Waking Her Submission Pt. 05

Shawna awakens to a new day and a new beginning.

BDSM 07/22/2015

The Blue Life Ch. 20: Sunny Gets Blue

And Blue gets pissed.

Incest/Taboo 07/13/2015

Age of Exploration - Phase 01

The first sensual steps in a beautiful Domme's journey.

BDSM 06/30/2015

The Lesson Ch. 02: Dinner

Kajira learns more, and gets her second lesson in the study.

BDSM 06/17/2015

Lil One Ch. 04

Another trainer comes to help push Lil's boundaries.

BDSM 05/03/2015

Secret Service

It is wrong. So very, very wrong.

BDSM 04/30/2015

Slave Jemma Ch. 03

Jemma rebels.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/06/2015

Bitsy's Inhuman Submission Ch. 11

Stuart tells us when he first saw Bitsy.

BDSM 03/01/2015

Yours Ch. 06

For Valentine's Day, a walk in the park.

BDSM 02/13/2015

You are Master

A slave is disciplined.

BDSM 01/18/2015

Bent by Gia Ch. 02

A real life journey into deeper submission continues.

BDSM 01/11/2015

Her New Year's Resolution

A wife decides to add more kink to the marriage.

BDSM 01/04/2015

Slut Makes A Choice

How much did she hate the crop?

BDSM 12/22/2014

Lunch Hour

An account of a recent lunchtime rendezvous.

BDSM 12/09/2014

Lucky Me Ch. 02

Online domination leads to becoming a real life slave.

BDSM 10/12/2014

Lucky Me Ch. 01

Online domination leads becoming a real life.

BDSM 10/11/2014

Dueling View Points

A youing man's descent into submission.

BDSM 08/01/2014


Dom lesbian encounter.

Lesbian Sex 05/12/2014

The Temple of Kali

The Awakening Wolf.

BDSM 09/12/2013

The Secret Room

Master reveals a secret room to his pet.

BDSM 08/26/2013

Submit to Me NOW

A sub walks away from her Master, but can she stay away?

BDSM 07/21/2013

Swallowtail Ch. 08

Of consent and submission.

BDSM 07/01/2013

The Haberdasher Ch. 02

In which I discover how domineering older ladies can be.

Mature 06/05/2013

Bound to Please

BDSM, bound gangbang, stranger sex, pain slut, my fantasy!

BDSM 05/13/2013

Amazing Grace Ch. 17-18

Hesitant; Choices.

BDSM 05/05/2013

Amazing Grace Ch. 15-16

Mimi & John; Kiwi.

BDSM 05/01/2013

Red Gloves

Hot little whore gets shared with the Room Service Attendant.

Text With Audio 04/25/2013


A slave endures her Master's punishment.

BDSM 04/23/2013

Two Words

An independent woman reveals her submissive side.

BDSM 02/28/2013

Daddy's Surpise

A nice, soft scene between Daddy and His babygirl.

BDSM 02/14/2013

The Professor & The Ballerina Ch. 02

Ellie tells a classmate about her weekend with The Professor.

BDSM 02/06/2013

Meeting My Master Ch. 02

The Punishments are delivered.

BDSM 01/17/2013

Captured and Conquered Ch. 04

Alex takes it a step too far.

BDSM 12/25/2012

The Gentleman's Club Ch. 02

Girl swallows 20 cum loads, another has her tits whipped.

BDSM 12/22/2012

If I Had You On Your Knees

He submits to her, and she rewards him. Eventually.

BDSM 12/10/2012

A Date with the Past, or the Future?

A woman's adventure with an unknown admirer.

BDSM 11/30/2012

The Switch

A Master is restrained and feels the bite of the crop.

BDSM 11/05/2012

Submissive's Journey 05

Toy collection examined.

BDSM 11/01/2012


Wife gets to take control tonight & finds that she likes it.

BDSM 10/31/2012

Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 10

A virgin receives a lesson in pain and safewords.

BDSM 10/22/2012

Donovan's Door

Kat's first kink play party.

BDSM 09/26/2012

Mr. Towner Ch. 02

The Next Lesson.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/11/2012

Mr. Towner

Annalise's teacher decides he wants her.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/07/2012

Spring Plaza Hotel

Jake and Anna meet for a BDSM playdate at a hotel.

BDSM 09/03/2012

Angies Funishment Ch. 02

The conclusion of Angies night of funishment.

BDSM 08/01/2012

A Painful Test

Eric must prove himself worthy to Miss Julia.

BDSM 07/31/2012

Angies Funishment Ch. 01

A lesbian couple enjoy a night of hardcore play punishment.

BDSM 07/28/2012

Mastering Bella Ch. 06

He gains more control.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/17/2012

A Night in the Playroom

Couple into BD.

BDSM 07/16/2012

Submission Ch. 14

Neither David or Alanna wants to lose the other.

BDSM 06/16/2012

Family Fuck Toy

Nasty little girl services Mom, Dad and Uncle Paul.

Incest/Taboo 05/09/2012

Looking Up

It starts and ends on her knees.

BDSM 03/24/2012

Ace of Spades Ch. 02

A fantasy painfully fulfilled.

BDSM 03/18/2012

A Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 02

Young Sally gets 'detention'.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/15/2012

What a Girl Needs

Bound, teased and punished she makes naughty promises.

BDSM 01/16/2012

My Favourite Fantasy

I was tasked with describing the fantasy I had most often.

Fetish 12/02/2011

Stop Thinking

The learning of a lesson

BDSM 11/20/2011

Tea Service

A sub learns how to serve tea.

BDSM 11/20/2011

Into the Abyss Ch. 05

Innocent sub feels her Dom's cock.

BDSM 11/11/2011

Into the Abyss Ch. 04

Sub experiences punishment for the first time.

BDSM 11/04/2011

Morning Experience

Bondage, cropping, handcuffs, paddling, anal, oral sex.

BDSM 10/27/2011

The Argentine

Submitting to your riding crop.

BDSM 10/23/2011

Little Girl

Master must punish His whiny sub.

BDSM 10/18/2011
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