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Exposing Amy Ch. 03

A couple deepen their humiliation.

Fetish 01/16/2019

Dirty Pool

Seduction was the name of her game.

Loving Wives 01/16/2019

From Fantasy to Reality

When the line between fantasy and reality gets crossed.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/15/2019


Discovery of wife's sexual relationship with her brother.

Incest/Taboo 01/15/2019

Sink or Swim Ch. 03: Asphyxia

Nat receives oral pleasures from her slave.

Loving Wives 01/15/2019

Cuckolding Ch. 02A

Amanda & Eric's Journey.

Loving Wives 01/15/2019

Slave to My Older Sisters Ch. 05

A young man experiences a surprising family reunion.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/15/2019

The Party

Wife's sexual frustration leads to her taking control.

Fetish 01/15/2019

A Lawyer's Wife and Her Black Lover

Maggie and her students explore the world of interracial sex.

Interracial Love 01/15/2019


A husband watches his wife taken by another man.

Fetish 01/14/2019

Community Theater Act 05

Next summer's play offers even more entertainment.

Mature 01/14/2019

Spying on My Bully Fucking My Mom

Son spies on MILF mom worshiping his big cock bully.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 01/14/2019

More Pt. 01

It was supposed to be 'just sex'. Nobody wanted more.

Loving Wives 01/12/2019

Sorry Sissy You Lose Pt. 01

Mistress teases sissy slave while choosing hung Gentleman.

Fetish 01/11/2019

Jeff & Nichole Go Camping Ch. 01

Nichole does the in-laws/Labor Day Camping Family Reunion.

Incest/Taboo 01/11/2019

Slave to My Older Sisters Ch. 04

Young man has an unwanted date and loses his virginity.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/11/2019

Paige's Journey Pt. 04

Paige and James experience a new sense of ecstasy.

Loving Wives 01/11/2019

House of Cards Pt. 02

Kyle and Mary's relationship progresses...

Loving Wives 01/11/2019

Hashtag No Makeup

A son convinces his Mother that she is sexy. (short and hot)

Incest/Taboo 01/11/2019

Slave Court Ch. 02

Courtroom drama in a future with legal slavery.

BDSM 01/11/2019

A Crimson Domme Ch. 03

A young woman discovers she gets wet when she's the boss.

Fetish 01/10/2019

Jim's Genie Ch. 04

Genie takes wife dancing.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/10/2019

A "Lush in Lace" New Year's Eve

The perfect 'Lush in Lace' New Year's Eve.

Text With Audio 01/10/2019

Catherine Ch. 08

Assumptions --- don't!

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 01/09/2019

Jailed Cuckold & Bullied BETA Son

Jailed dad cuckolded by MILF stepmom & buddy's younger bro.

Loving Wives 01/09/2019

House of Cards Pt. 01

Mary's new job, and her new boss, change her life forever.

Loving Wives 01/09/2019


A story about voyeurism and cuckolding.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 01/09/2019

Our Story Ch. 01

A couple's beginning into exploring swinging, cuckoldry...

Loving Wives 01/09/2019

A Crimson Domme Ch. 02

A young woman's fling as another watches on.

Fetish 01/09/2019

Slave to My Older Sisters Ch. 03

A young man is blackmailed into stripping for his teachers.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/08/2019

Cuck has Two for the Price of One

Cuck has enough, confrontation ensues.

Loving Wives 01/08/2019

Size Matters...

Girlfriend decides who has the biggest dick...

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/08/2019

Conjoined Twins - Two in One Ch. 06

Conjoined female twins and mother fall for same man.

Fetish 01/08/2019

A Crimson Domme Ch. 01

A young woman discovers her half hidden dominant side.

Fetish 01/08/2019

Hotwife and Cuckold Ch. 02

Tanya and David take the next step in their relationship.

Loving Wives 01/06/2019

Accidental Awakening Pt. 01

Girlfriend's sexual awakening and journey to bisexuality.

First Time 01/06/2019

Kidnapped by Aliens

Wife is kidnapped and held for ransom by aliens.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/06/2019

Petite Wife Fucked Again by Many

Husband and wife stranded in blizzard and gang banged in bar.

Loving Wives 01/05/2019

Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 12

Chapter 12 - The Morning After.

Fetish 01/05/2019

Muscle Man Alpha Male in The House

Weightlifting strongman moves in with my MILF mom and I.

Mature 01/05/2019

Austin Sucks Pt. 02 - Austin Shaves

Man finds our exactly how much his fiancé is a slut.

Incest/Taboo 01/05/2019

Neacee's Pets

A married couple and their Dom.

Interracial Love 01/05/2019

Weight of Authority: A Reyna Story

Reyna gifts a couple the gift of freedom and submission.

Mind Control 01/04/2019

Letter from Newark

Mariah is a dominant wife, mother and Grandma!

BDSM 01/04/2019

A Slippery Slope

He couldn't stop now, even if he wanted to.

Fetish 01/04/2019

Revenge in Advance: Pat

Pat pays the price.

Loving Wives 01/04/2019

I am a Cuckold

Understanding a cuckold relationship.

Reviews & Essays 01/04/2019

I Get Bullied, My Mom Gets Fucked

College football player fucks MILF after pissing on her son.

Mature 01/04/2019

Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 11

Chapter 11 - Consummation of a cuckold marriage.

Fetish 01/04/2019

Going the Extra Mile

Elaine finally got the job her family desperately need.

Loving Wives 01/03/2019

Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 10

Chapter 10 Maid.

Fetish 01/03/2019

My Wife The Hooker Ch. 01

Misadventures with my wife the prostitute.

Fetish 01/01/2019

Hotwife and Cuckold Ch. 01

A wife experiences another man, and changes the relationship.

Loving Wives 01/01/2019

Fun at the B&B

Husband and wife let go at the B&B with the owner's son.

Loving Wives 12/31/2018

In Brazil Ch. 02

Pedro heads to Studio 3, where soap opera Dinastia is filmed.

Interracial Love 12/31/2018

My Wife Shares Me W/Family Ch. 12.2

Aunt Janet gets Thumper twice as Tony's week continues.

Incest/Taboo 12/30/2018

The Amazon Queen

A couple is captured by a tribe in the Amazon forest.

Gay Male 12/30/2018

The Two Succubi

Cuckolding story.

Loving Wives 12/29/2018

So Sophomoric Ch. 02

A cock-sucking cuckold spends Valentine's Day with Mom.

Incest/Taboo 12/29/2018

My Wife Passed Away Ch. 02

My struggles with a girlfriend.

Fetish 12/29/2018

A Navy Buddy and My Wife

Me and my buddy plan my wife's seduction and my cuckoldry.

Erotic Couplings 12/29/2018

Bringing the Boytoy to a Sexshop

Mistress cuckolding pussyboy with female sex shop employee.

BDSM 12/29/2018

My Road to Femdom and Cuckolding

How I started on my path to enjoying femdom and cuckolding.

Fetish 12/28/2018

Seduced by Her Coworkers

My wife calls me in the middle of the night.

Loving Wives 12/28/2018

My VideoChat Error Ch 21

Miranda continues Shaun(a)'s training.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/27/2018

The Story of Shiloh Cash Ch. 02

Shiloh's addiction is growing, but how far will she go?

Interracial Love 12/27/2018

How It Began

A story of how I became a cuckold to my first wife.

Loving Wives 12/27/2018

A Cuckold by Birth Ch. 06

Welcome yet another beast!

Loving Wives 12/27/2018

Indian Wife Becomes Model Ch. 01

Smita signs up for modeling.

Loving Wives 12/27/2018

Zoe's Tale

Zoe tells her husband about something she heard at work.

Fetish 12/27/2018

First Time at the Club

Husband can only watch while wife makes new friend.

Interracial Love 12/26/2018

Splint's Humiliation

Cure your sub of gambling by humiliating him!

BDSM 12/25/2018

Queen of Spades Ch. 02 - Inked

Angela makes good on getting her Queen of Spades tattoo.

BDSM 12/24/2018

Do You Understand Cuckolding?

Understanding the Cuckold Lifestyle.

Reviews & Essays 12/23/2018

A Housewife and her Maid

A maid introduces her miss to some interesting kitchen prep.

Lesbian Sex 12/23/2018

A Voyage of Discovery Ch. 09

The bandages come off and puppy learns a new trick.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/22/2018

Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 08

Finale. Divya slips again, but everyone walks away happy.

Loving Wives 12/22/2018

Fair Trade

Husband is made to watch bikers force themselves on his wife.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/22/2018

Banging The Critic's Plump Wife

An internet troll gets cuckolded by the writer he despises.

Mature 12/22/2018

Slutwife for an Aggressive Bull Ch. 03

My wife turned into a slut by aggressive Bull.

Loving Wives 12/21/2018

Tricked into Being Used

Cuckold and wife sharing.

Loving Wives 12/21/2018

Projects to Produce

Parolee discovers the farmer's market for hotwives.

Interracial Love 12/21/2018

Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 07

Divya manages self-control but Mayank faces temptation.

Loving Wives 12/21/2018

Finding My Way Back Home Ch. 02

Ex-husband rents a room and assumes clean up duty.

Fetish 12/20/2018

Becoming a Bull Ch. 04 - Vacation

I find a woman who is a closet slut and go on vacation.

Group Sex 12/20/2018

The Physical Therapy Student

Simon convinces his girlfriend to have sex with other guys.

Fetish 12/20/2018

There Goes the Neighborhood Ch. 07

The Saga Continues...

Group Sex 12/20/2018

Fatal Misunderstanding

He comes home and hears suspicious noises.

Loving Wives 12/19/2018

Things Her Husband Won't Do

Older woman, younger man, tired feet, and too much wine.

Mature 12/19/2018

The Story of Shiloh Cash Ch. 01

Pushed to the edge, Shiloh reaches out to find satisfaction.

Interracial Love 12/19/2018

Cucking It to the Next Level Pt. 01

Lexi returns to Ross.

Erotic Couplings 12/19/2018

Lost Luggage

Lost luggage ends up in first time cross dressing.

Fetish 12/18/2018

Wife Does Porn Pt. 01

An ordinary housewife finds herself doing porn.

Loving Wives 12/18/2018

Angela's Second Time

Wife dominated as hubby's friend visits again.

Loving Wives 12/18/2018

Anniversary in Paradise Ch. 01

A married couple decide to spice up their relationship.

Loving Wives 12/18/2018

In for a Penny, In for a Pounding

Good Guy, Cheating Wife, Big Cocks.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/18/2018

Devoted Cuck Ch. 03

How things have changed.

BDSM 12/15/2018

My First Hotwife

My first experience with an incredibly sexy hotwife.

First Time 12/14/2018

Fucking Mrs. Smith

Servicing a hot wife at the hotel pool.

Loving Wives 12/14/2018

Craving More

I need something bigger than your tiny cock.

Text With Audio 12/14/2018
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