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passionate kiss (2)set edge (1)neck lightly (1)bent head (1)fire engine (1)bottle champagne (1)back campsite (1)body begins (1)sweet cheeks (1)thrust cock (1)mary told (1)hot core (1)gently suck (1)night air (1)skin making (1)sucking hard (1)stool front (1)chest back (1)proceeded kiss (1)guttural groan (1)nipples palms (1)kiss breaks (1)found mine (1)began caressing (1)romantic dinner (1)hot wet (1)huge grin (1)mountain lake (1)wet pussy (1)start gently (1)lightly stroke (1)slide lips (1)eyes found (1)ass start (1)pussy tighten (1)inside feel (1)sliding slowly (1)hot dog (1)tongue found (1)guys wife (1)nails raking (1)ginny laughed (1)beautiful black (1)hand cupping (1)stood still (1)turned face (1)shirt pocket (1)times linda (1)slide tongue (1)give deep (1)black body (1)hard swollen (1)jenny craig (1)fingers pussy (1)robe open (1)swollen lips (1)vaginal opening (1)deep inside (1)kissing deep (1)ginny asked (1)hand guided (1)nether lips (1)god love (1)cute ass (1)hear whisper (1)rub oil (1)rolling back (1)continued sucking (1)swallow drop (1)hand found (1)start rubbing (1)mouth move (1)bay area (1)top bottom (1)pulling kiss (1)waves orgasm (1)bent forward (1)paused moment (1)ear lobes (1)pulled arms (1)button dress (1)pressed forward (1)sweet breasts (1)mouth sucking (1)lips slide (1)start slowly (1)gave deep (1)sucking harder (1)clit lightly (1)start shooting (1)told linda (1)hot dogs (1)young beautiful (1)gently rolling (1)dark rich (1)sliding hands (1)feel smile (1)daughter friends (1)conservative wife (1)rub cock (1)independence day (1)cock throbbing (1)hands caress (1)fishing trip (1)slide slowly (1)whispered i (1)exploring mouth (1)feel (1)pulled mask (1)time stood (1)head chest (1)dream end (1)ear whispered (1)lips mmmm (1)asks softly (1)rolls side (1)extending hand (1)kiss wife (1)family tree (1)entire evening (1)ginny (1)long drive (1)moon shining (1)leather bench (1)sleeping bag (1)
deep passionate

They Share Justice Ch. 04

Brief courtroom fling takes a turn to serious.

Mature 04/29/2005

A Family Reunion

Reunited with a long lost cousin.

Incest/Taboo 11/29/2004

Awakening The Slut Inside Donna Ch. 1

Husband devises plan to turn conservative wife into his slut.

Loving Wives 10/15/2002

Cute & Pretty

Love of a woman's feet & toes is just the start.

Erotic Couplings 02/12/2002

Campsite Cuisine

A hot time by a river.

Romance 01/25/2002

By Morning's Light

She had a dream about you.

Erotic Couplings 01/22/2002

My Daughter's Friend Ch. 2

One of my daughters' black friends needs my help.

Interracial Love 10/13/2001

A Halloween Treat

Husband gives wife a special treat.

Erotic Couplings 10/10/2001

The Beach

You experience passion on the beach.

Anal 10/06/2001

The Lake

They celebrate Independence Day with their own fireworks.

Lesbian Sex 07/12/2001

The Balcony

A small audience stimulates an encounter.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/17/2001

The Pink Summer Dress

You're wearing his favorite dress when he picks you up.

Erotic Couplings 02/12/2001

The Account Executive

Tina's intrigued by sexy saleswoman.

Lesbian Sex 11/27/2000

Fishing Trip

She sneaks into camp to warm up your sleeping bag.

Erotic Couplings 08/17/2000
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