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Lustful Energy Ep. 08

Derin loses control over his abilities.

Mind Control 07/09/2016

Lustful Energy Ep. 06

Derin catches a ride with Joyce. And she wants a rematch!

Mind Control 07/07/2016

Lustful Energy Ep. 01

Derin discovers some strange new abilities within him.

Mind Control 06/29/2016

Like Old Times

It's wrong and I'm sorry, but please don't stop.

BDSM 06/01/2016

Diary of an Incubus Ch. 06

Descent of a man to demon & the power of the female orgasm.

Novels and Novellas 07/28/2015

Diary of an Incubus Ch. 01

A man's decent to demon and the power of the female orgasm.

Novels and Novellas 11/16/2014

Jim's Legacy Pt. 3 - Ariel 03

Last chapters and Epilogue.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/21/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 3 - Ariel 02

Polyamory!? Middle Chapters.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/19/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 3 Ariel 01

Ariel's story begins.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/16/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 2 Wade 03

Final chapters.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/14/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 2 Wade 02

Rosalia makes a choice.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/12/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 2 Wade 01

Wade's story begins.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/11/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 09

Confrontation and Sanctuary.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/09/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 08

Found out and Trial.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/08/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 07

Charlie and Sara.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/07/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 06

Just visiting.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/07/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 05

First day and sibling visit.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/06/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 04

Three and a new friend.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/05/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 03

Bad Vampire!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/04/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 02

Concert in the Park.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/04/2013

Jim's Legacy Pt. 1 Mina 01

Off to College.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/03/2013

Sharon3003 Ch. 05

A Gynoid Chastises her Owner in 27th Century

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/01/2013

Sharon3003 Ch. 04

Harold and his Gynoid Sharon meet James.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/13/2013

Magic Carriage Ride

Two friends set out on an erotic journey.

Lesbian Sex 01/03/2013

Momoko Ch. 10

Jake and Albert in the swamp; Sandra gets punished.

BDSM 11/19/2012

Momoko Ch. 05

Albert and Momoko on the Run.

BDSM 11/07/2012

Momoko Ch. 04

Albert and Momoko Find Themselves in Danger.

BDSM 11/04/2012

Momoko Ch. 02

Albert gains a slave girl Momoko.

BDSM 11/03/2012

Momoko Ch. 03

Albert punishes Momoko.

BDSM 11/03/2012

Momoko Ch. 01

A retired scientist is tempted by a girl.

BDSM 11/02/2012

Gorgeous Ch. 02

Abducted Sophia meets Toy.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/21/2012

The Four Score Society Ch. 02

Taunus wants a Gynoid.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/15/2012

Novel Ch. 01

A scholar on an asteroid cology and his gynoid.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/17/2012

2025, The Year

Taunus talks with Faustus in the year 2025.

Letters & Transcripts 03/22/2012


The Gynoid Andra picks her master's brain.

Non-Erotic 11/29/2011

F_Cubed Pt. 06

Stan and Jenny meet up with Tom.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/05/2011

F_Cubed Pt. 05

Jenny is Tormented---Stan frees Jenny.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/03/2011

F_Cubed Pt. 04

Jenny is captured and put in the Internet as Anal.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/01/2011

F_Cubed Pt. 03

The Fossile Fuel Fellowship hunts Harry and Jenny.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/31/2011

F_Cubed Pt. 02

Harry and Jenny escape Bob and Stan.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/24/2011

F_Cubed Ch. 01

An Energy Story.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/20/2011

Particle Twins Ch. 03

Dora seduces Roy Hopkins and secures her Master.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/02/2011

Particle Twins Ch. 02

Dora becomes an active gynoid.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/30/2011

Particle Twins Ch. 01

Harry Sloan Acquires a Fembot.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/27/2011

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 09

Faustus has an invention.

Non-Erotic 09/18/2011

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 08

Faustus and the Extended Periodic Table.

Non-Erotic 08/13/2011

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 07

Faustus discusses pi.

Non-Erotic 08/12/2011

Crackpot Spammer Ch. 06

Faustus defends his constant.

Non-Erotic 07/30/2011

Energy Source

Toy begs Faustus for a solution to the energy quagmire.

Letters & Transcripts 03/21/2011

The Inversion of the Spheres

Toy confronts Faustus on his new discovery.

Letters & Transcripts 03/10/2011

Sharon Einstein Ch. 02

Sharon Einstein and Toy Euler chat.

Non-Erotic 02/16/2011

Ching Korobase Ch. 01

Ching meets Toy Euler.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/27/2010

Holiday Love, Healing, and Energy

Messages of love and comfort from those who have gone on.

Reviews & Essays 12/08/2010

Ai Korobase Ch. 01

Ai describes her BDSM experiences.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/26/2010

The Model Ch. 21

Sabrina on the Cybersex Game Grid.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/03/2010

The Model Ch. 20

Toy and Sabrina set up in the Bad Lands.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/31/2010

The Model Ch. 19

Toy Euler hacks e-mail and gains a slave girl.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/29/2010

The Model Ch. 18

Faustus reveals His Model.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/06/2010

The Model Ch. 17

Toy and Sabrina on line; Sabrina has a butt plug.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/03/2010

The Model Ch. 15

Faustus' Model revealed; Crassius is bankrupt.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/25/2010

The Model Ch. 07

Bob Huddlestone wants a gynoid.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/19/2010

The Model Ch. 06

Toy makes Faustus her best & final offer.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/07/2010

The Model Ch. 05

Toy Treats Bob Huddlestone; Crassius feeds Sabrina.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/22/2010

The Model Ch. 04

Toy has an Idea for Crassius, Bob is hot for Toy.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/17/2010

The Model Ch. 03

Sabrina---18 year old captive---is offered to Faustus.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/11/2010

The Model Ch. 02

The 18yo Sabrina gets a collar.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/07/2010

The Model

Toy Euler tries to get Faustus to give up his model.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/03/2010

Sex For Science

Toy Euler tries to seduce Faustus.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/02/2010

Smile Muscles

Love letter and poem combined talking about smile muscles

Letters & Transcripts 12/28/2009

Toy Euler Ch. 04

The best and worst of future worlds and cybersex.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/15/2009

Toy Euler Ch. 02

Toy Euler in Conversation With Faustus Mortal.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 11/18/2009

His Sexytary Ch. 01

She finds first satisfaction with her new "boss."

First Time 09/29/2009

Planck Ch. 03

Home Game and a new theory.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/12/2009

Planck Ch. 02

Home game for Sari Stone.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/04/2009

Planck Ch. 01

Sari Stone asks Faustus about some physics.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/03/2009

Sari in VR Ch. 06

Sari Stone chats with Toy Euler.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 06/28/2009

Sari in VR Ch. 03

Sari Stone investigates sex on a starship.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 06/16/2009

Sari in VR Ch. 01

Sari Stone wants to return to the game grid.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 06/10/2009

Sleepless Ch. 03

Jane Smith gets a chastity belt.

BDSM 05/16/2009


Toy Euler uses Jane Smith to obtain information.

BDSM 05/06/2009


Sari Stone queries Faustus about topology.

Non-Erotic 04/26/2009


Faustus and Sari Stone discuss physics.

Non-Erotic 04/22/2009

Faustus and Sari

Faustus explains his theory of evolution.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/25/2009

Crackpot Spammer

Faustus Mortal is banned forever for being a Crackpot Spammer.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/03/2009

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 09

The avatars of Sari Stone & Faustus meet in cyber.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/20/2008

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 08

The Internet cybersex prison.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/19/2008

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 06

Mephisto arranges for her abduction to cybersex prison.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/15/2008

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 03

A coed discovers the dark side cyberspace.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/03/2008

Sari Stone in Cyberspace

Coed seeks Third Knowledge in cyberspace.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/26/2008

The Dance

Do you know just how badly I want you?

Romance 10/12/2008

Theriacus Ch. 02

Theriacus visits Faustus a second time.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 10/07/2008


Sex is the easiest way to recharge your batteries.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/13/2008

Mephiso and Faustus

Mephisto gives Faustus relief.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 09/06/2008


Faustus the Gorean Scribe is visited by Saint Scholastica.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 08/29/2008


Faustina in Fictitious Dialogues.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 05/13/2008


There is a solution---but the Fossil Fuel Fellowship.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 04/08/2008

How I Managed My Muse!

...and how you might find yours.

Non-Erotic 01/20/2008

The Lab Ch. 03

College guy gets new job as special lab assistant.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/27/2007

Seventh Inning Stretch

She loved baseball - and boys.

Erotic Couplings 12/09/2006

Bewitched, Bothered, Etc. Ch. 01

Young witch casts spells in more ways than one.

Non-Erotic 05/05/2005
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