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english accent

Masturbating in the Shower

Wanking in the shower while you watch.

Text With Audio 03/01/2018

Masturbating on a Plane

Joining the Mile-High Club - Solo Flyers division!

Text With Audio 02/01/2018

The Literotica Contributor Visits

You've heard me, we talked, now I'm coming for lunch...

Text With Audio 01/11/2018

Spoiling Xmas Dinner

We spoil Xmas dinner by fucking over/on the counter instead.

Text With Audio 12/21/2017

In The Countryside, Under The Stars

Making love in a field at night.

Text With Audio 12/14/2017

At The Pool

After a swim, will anybody hear us in the shower?

Text With Audio 11/30/2017

You Belong to Me Now

Look who's finally waking up.

Text With Audio 09/07/2017


You are so tense, so stressed out. And I want to help you...

Text With Audio 09/07/2017

Good Girl Instructions Pt. 02

Fuck I need you x

Text With Audio 01/19/2017

Good Girl Instructions Pt. 01

A taste of things to cum x

Text With Audio 12/22/2016

Be a Good Girl and... Wank Me Off

It's one of your many duties sweet honey x

Text With Audio 09/29/2016

An English Master and Two Slaves

Bound and helpless, she watches Sir fuck another woman. (male voice)

Text With Audio 06/17/2016

Daddy's Beard...

Don't be shy, come stroke it my sweet buttercup.

Text With Audio 04/16/2015

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Chance encounter between two anonymous virtual lovers.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/27/2015

Pussy Examination and Inspection

Lie back on the warm towel and let me fully inspect you.

Text With Audio 01/22/2015

Good Girl Requirements

Your application made me fancy you like crazy.

Text With Audio 01/07/2015

Naughty Fun

A audio recording of himself having some naughty solo fun.

Text With Audio 12/31/2014

Interactive Feedback

Reading your sexy feedback turns me on so much!

Text With Audio 12/24/2014

Cocoa Flavored Kisses

A loving pep talk and hug you so richly deserve.

Text With Audio 12/03/2014

A Day at the Expo

Corporate events can be challenging in more ways than one.

Text With Audio 12/03/2014

A Loving Whisper to Help You Sleep

Just drift off to sleep in his arms, in his bed, in his heart...

Text With Audio 10/08/2014

After Midnight: Cock Worship

Let Master teach his special good girl...

Text With Audio 08/06/2014

After Midnight: Cock and Balls

Thinking about you from my cock and balls' perspective.

Text With Audio 08/06/2014

After Midnight: Your (Human) Chair

Sit back in me and let me make you comfortable...

Text With Audio 08/06/2014

After Midnight: Doctor and Patient

Be a good patient and let Doctor inspect your body.

Text With Audio 08/06/2014

After Midnight: Sleeping Beauty

Are you really asleep though?

Text With Audio 07/30/2014

Thinking of You

Let him coax you to orgasm as he watches you play.

Text With Audio 06/24/2014

Bedroom Talk 05: Darling

Clothed male, naked female.

Text With Audio 06/12/2014

The House

Your long quest ends in a perfect climax.

Text With Audio 04/10/2013

Follow Me Follow

You trust me, let me be your guide.

Text With Audio 03/05/2013

Dicky Visits The Library

A fantasy about my favourite librarian.

Text With Audio 02/05/2013

You are Intoxicating

You give yourself to him absolutely .

Text With Audio 02/01/2013

Truck Stop Passion

Our lust boils over whilst driving in the convertible.

Text With Audio 03/19/2012

Dicky Gives Head

How I like to pleasure a woman.

Text With Audio 02/09/2012

The Journey Home Ch. 02

Pleasures continue to come from helping her with the Harley.

Erotic Couplings 10/31/2011

Claire: Cum Over Her Panties

Claire wants you to enjoy her sweet undies.

Text With Audio 05/11/2010

An Erotic Opera

A couple have a little too much fun at the opera.

Text With Audio 09/22/2009

Stroke For Me

Sexy English girl wants you to touch yourself.

Text With Audio 02/03/2009

Cumming Home

A Master comes home to play with his slave.

Text With Audio 10/23/2008

English Sub Boy & Hairbrush Anal

Mistress uses hairbrush handle to penetrate sub boy.

Text With Audio 06/28/2005

English Sub Boy & Oral

Boy pleases Mistress with his tongue after being spanked.

Text With Audio 06/12/2005

English Sub Boy and Your Feet

He wants only to make you feel wonderful.

Text With Audio 06/06/2005


In the beginning, there's always dark.

Erotic Couplings 02/10/2005

A Thanksgiving to Remember

A potentially lonely holiday is saved by two coeds.

Group Sex 11/18/2003

The Virgin East Ch. 02

A bit o' pain and humiliation.

BDSM 07/01/2003

I'm Sure Lessons Will Be Learned

The bathroom of a night club anything can happen.

Erotic Couplings 11/21/2002

Among the Ashes

The end of Love, seen from two sides.

Romance 06/30/2002
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